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  1. Must have thought he was at Twickenham.
  2. Did Pearce just say "brattitude"?
  3. 2 brilliant penalties from Millwall.
  4. What an idiot. He lost it.
  5. No idea what Lossl was doing for the West Ham winner.
  6. Today's idiot has turned up I see.
  7. It's only at Premier League grounds.
  8. Just pay Monaco whatever they want, get it done ASAP !!!
  9. Found this gem on the Burnley forum From Olympiakos to Luton in the space of a season. Absolutely appalling stuff.
  10. Burnley's run in...huge game against Cardiff coming up. Wolves H Bournemouth A Cardiff H Chelsea A Man City H Everton A Arsenal H.
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