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  1. Was that the season we beat Pompey at the City Ground in the playoff semi? Joachim scored I think 1-0? While we were busy erecting the Carling Stand of course.
  2. Turns out one of the ladies killed in the terror incident in Manchester is the wife of Mark Taylor ex Blackpool player, good mate of Big Sam worked with him at Blackpool, Bolton, Newcastle and Sunderland. I guess Sam's revaluated his life and decided to focus on what's important in his life.
  3. Hartlepool appoint ex Middlesbrough and Palace defender Craig Harrison as their new manager, he was previously manager of the all conquering welsh premier side TNS.
  4. Petrol stations that have delicatessens or mini supermarkets inside. I'm pissed off, I'm in a hurry I want to pay for my petrol and get home and there is a queue of about 29 people wanting to buy bloody bagels and toothpaste. Can we please have a kiosk for people who want to buy Fuel !!!
  5. Had to let one of the sales team go today...bloke was an idiot.
  6. Was about to post exactly that! 12 month rolling contract suggests their not really that keen on Shakey long term.
  7. 35 million for Deeney Here's a few other valuations, Watford style. Andy King - 29 million. Leo Ulloa - 37 million. Molla Wague - 59 million.
  8. What on earth were the Champions Of England doing signing a centre half deemed not good enough by a mid table serie a side? It beggars belief that we even signed him in the first place. Complete desperation. It's a no, by the way.
  9. Fine here.
  10. What stats, isn't everybody a new manager at some point?
  11. Don't let twitter gossip fool you, I'm sure the 130K a week is complete bullshit.