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  1. Mat Ryan to Arsenal seems an odd one for me, must have fallen out of favour with Potter. Can't say I pay too much attention to Brighton to be honest.
  2. It's the stock answer from the pundits whenever we're in the title conversation "...but Vardy getting an injury" etc.
  3. No doubt the fountains of knowledge in the media will be writing off our title challenge now.
  4. Look it's a big blow, there's no sugar coating it, he hasn't looked 100% lately so it's best he gets the issue sorted ahead of the run in. I've confidence though in other areas of the side to contribute goals and it's a big opportunity for Perez to show what he can do.
  5. Can't see owt on Percy's twitter?
  6. It just beggars belief to me that that would be someone's priority in a pandemic.
  7. Why must we endure endless questions on booking summer holidays from journos at these press conferences?
  8. Stockport sack Jim Gannon; it's at least the second if not third time! They're 4th with games in hand on Torquay.
  9. Great interview speaks so eloquently.
  10. Brilliant win and performance some of the football we played was sublime. Top of the league !!!
  11. Fortunate. STOP GIVING AWAY SET PIECES !!!
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