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  1. This isn't the SPL where Celtic just went out and bought Dundee United's best players in January one year when they were threatening. We're a credible top 4 contender and we will not be selling our players under any circumstances. Why would they want to leave? Sky just rolling out their bi annual transfer window merry go round. They're beyond parody these days and best avoided and ignored.
  2. All right Captain Hindsight.
  3. If Maddison doesn't get on against this lot second half, I'll really begin to wonder whether Southgate has a problem. Give the lad a chance.
  4. Switched over to the FA Cup highlights as soon as the final whistle went.
  5. Great finish from Silva. Liverpool wobbling?
  6. Liverpool have so much luck, Henderson's howler at Sheff Utd, multiple VAR calls going in their favour. Annoying.
  7. Looks like it's up to us to stop them then.
  8. From Arsenal Mania: That Leicester midfield is something else. No stray passes, quick to move the ball on, and very fast to close down. Like a sleek Ferrari against our Ford Focus.
  9. What a team! Never gave them a sniff after we went in front. Great result, we go onwards and upwards!
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