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  1. After West Ham and Watford's results today they are as good as down, desperate times for Bournemouth they simply have to win and so do we. We have to win this, absolutely. Get an early goal and they'll capitulate like they did against Newcastle.
  2. Chelsea have Norwich at home next up, IE an easy 3 points. We MUST beat Bournemouth tomorrow and I think we must beat Sheff Utd as well, certainly need to avoid defeat. I think we can get something at Spurs as well if we are up for it. It's about time we got something away at a top 6 side (I'm aware we drew 1-1 at Arsenal). Great opportunity for us, it is in our own hands and we have to take it.
  3. We'll need to be at our best to beat them.
  4. Chelsea imploding hilariously, now we need to take the advantage.
  5. Poor reactions from Chelsea defenders, good reaction from McGoldrick.
  6. "When you compare you're resources to everyone else's". Do Burnley get a smaller share of TV money than everyone else, then? Dyche has done a great job convincing everyone Burnley haven't got a pot to piss in.
  7. I didn't even know the "golden gloves" were a thing.
  8. Burnley certainly know how to make use of set pieces to their credit.
  9. McManaman desperate for a penalty now. Can't be arsed with biased pundits.
  10. Good technique there from Rodriguez. **** off McManaman begging for the offside!
  11. I expect he'll end up at a Championship side on a pay as you play deal or at a lower down Premier League side looking for squad players.
  12. Typical Man United mind games directed at a current rival. If Burnley were in our position it would be an article about McNeil, or if it were Southampton it would be about Ings. Ignore.
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