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  1. Klopp's bringing on the reinforcements.
  2. Come on Shrewsbury get your act together. Can't hit a barn door this lot.
  3. Well that's the half time teamtalk gone to shit.
  4. "And the fifth round draw will take place during The One Show".
  5. As if Hamza's playing for Grenada! Gonna play for England for sure.
  6. Same. I think we need to be getting these guys out playing competitive mens football from 18 / 19, not waiting until they are 21. I mean Tielemans is only 22 and has played nearly 300 games!
  7. Be surprised if they get more than 8 points in that run and that's probably being generous!
  8. Heath hasn't been at Tadcaster for a few years now.
  9. Dannie Bulman for Wycombe. Simon Royce, if he counts as he is registered as a player with Gillingham.
  10. Is he any good with the ball at his feet?
  11. Stunk the place out today. I've previously defended him but I've seen enough. Not good enough and never will be.
  12. Terrible second half and were clinging on a bit towards the end. Should have been out of sight in the first half. We're through and that's what's important.
  13. What an awful second half of football but you know what **** it we're through and that's all that matters.
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