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  1. He's a perfectly adequate back up, but don't think he'll ever be no.1 here and a new deal means we can sell him if necessary.
  2. You're right - I'd forgotten about that.
  3. Also the solicitor in Line Of Duty is without a doubt the thickest character to appear on the show.
  4. Web sleuths have deduced there are only 14 years age difference between the characters. Could still be a blood relation of course - uncle? I'm starting to wonder whether Hunter could still be alive - we never actually saw him in s2. Disagree. One twist too many!
  5. You have to laugh at the absurdity of it all hiding in the dark from the cops complete and utter idiots the lot of them.
  6. Mark Cooper sacked by Forest Green Rovers.
  7. Season would be over by now had it not been for Kel, he's now a huge player for us.
  8. Shocking performance but we were a whisker away from drawing. Nice to see Kelechi bag a brace.
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