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  1. Speaks volumes that instead of enjoying a brilliant win that puts us 7 points clear in the top four you’re straight on here jumping on the back of a 19 year old kid for misplacing a couple of passes. Clown.
  2. Not a pen for me. Would be fuming if that was given the other way
  3. This lot look far more up for it than West Brom did
  4. The chief execs resigning is not enough. The owners need to go.
  5. Not having that. You don’t know what has happened behind the scenes but I’m sure he has been speaking up internally and has played a large part in them backtracking.
  6. Bayern’s statement officially rejecting it feels big. Without Bayern, Dortmund and PSG they cannot market it as the best clubs in Europe. It starts to become a joke with spurs and Arsenal and no Bayern or PSG.
  7. I honestly think the super league has something to do with his sacking. Probably in his contract that he only gets his payout if he keeps his mouth shut.
  8. Kasper is the perfect representative for this. He will speak as eloquently and passionately as Gary Neville has been on sky.
  9. I believe his criticism was more coming from the position - “don’t aim your anger at the club, this is the owner and only the owner” . I felt there was a sense that they are against it just as much as everyone else and to have the criticism aimed directly at them as players/management was completely unjust. To be fair it sort of made sense to me but did feel a bit like deflection tactics.
  10. Can we start a thread that is dedicated to broadcasting any calls to action? E.g link petitions, contact points for MP, contact points for the club etc It feels like we need to maintain the momentum and pressure - and everything helps.
  11. I think you are looking at it from the perspective of a Leicester fan. And I agree with you that the idea of the prem without those 6 clubs actually looks very palatable from most English football fans perspective. However, the premier league is currently a massively globalised product and English fans make up a small percentage of the viewership. Who is going to watch a Leicester vs Seville champions league final, on the same day Real Madrid play Man City in the super league final? The reality is the prem & the champions league will loose out hugely. Because of this
  12. They are proposing a closed system whereby no one else has a chance to join them or ever hope to compete on their level. Imagine the premier league now - Liverpool wouldn’t have needed to try against Leeds last night because they are already in the super league by default. In fact as Man City have already wrapped up the prem, none of the super league teams have any incentive to compete in their domestic leagues anymore. They will just field their reserve team and focus on their super league clash vs Real Madrid mid week. The non-super league teams meanwhile have no way of brea
  13. The unity it has provoked among people from every single walk of life is really quite remarkable. No matter club allegiances, political views, geographical location, class background every single person in the European football community (except the 6 vile billionaire families ofc) has been completely united against this.
  14. I don’t think it’s comparable at all. The premier league didn’t try to re-write one of the most fundamental and important aspects of football - sporting merit. The super league will be a closed system whereby no club outside of, what they believe to be the “elite clubs” (read marketable), can ever hope to climb the ladder and compete on that same level. The hypocrisy of Chelsea and Man City is most disgusting as they are now burning the very ladder they themselves scaled a few years ago. This closed system is what makes the whole plan so abhorrent to every single pe
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