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  1. Would rather have amartey cb rather than ndidi. We lost control of the midfield as soon as ndidi dropped back.
  2. Ah well, I’m off to rewatch the FA cup final again. Would have taken winning on sat and losing today in a heartbeat!!
  3. Maddison has quality he is just out of form. At least there is a potential upside to playing Maddison. But I really fail to see what Perez offers
  4. Slightly baffling decisions from Rodgers. Would love to know the logic behind starting Perez and shunting Maddison out to the left. He was always going to be ineffective there when we have no possession. Nacho has to start in his current form.
  5. I don’t think Maddison misses that chance. That’s why he’s got to play.
  6. Nacho He always seems to look slightly off the boil in games but then pops up with a stunner out of nowhere. Would have kept him in
  7. I get the question. But I hope we never forget where we came from. We are the people’s champions, the underdogs, Leicester. I feel like the moment we start proclaiming to be one of the elites we lose a bit of what it means to be Leicester.
  8. For me, football is in my life to bring a little joy and distract from the trials and tribulations of "real life" - not add to them! I get the point we should be striving for improvement blah blah blah. However realistically, as fans, we have zero impact on proceedings on the pitch. What does striving for improvement even look like from a fans perspective? Just seems like an excuse to have a good old moan to me. I'm 100% convinced everyone involved in the club is doing everything in their power to improve performances on the pitch and finish the season as strongly as possible. As is
  9. I have the exact same mentality towards it mate. I was going home and away when we were in league one and the championship. The thought that in a few years we would be competing consistently at the top of the prem (having won the bastard!) was frankly an absurd fantasy in those days. Now here we are, watching some of the best players that have ever worn the shirt play some of the best football the club has seen. I can’t justify getting too down or upset about any results. This whole ride is bloody amazing however this season ends. I know some people will shout “sma
  10. Thank god he was in our 1st team tonight eh
  11. Madders every day of the week. Perez offers absolutely nothing. At least you know Maddison has got a bit magic in there somewhere, even if he is struggling for form at the moment.
  12. It wasn’t that bad reading this thread you would think we’re derby fans in 07-08. 1-1 at half time, we still got every chance to go on and nick it!! Come on you foxes!!
  13. I would take an out of form maddison over perez every day of the week. Swear Perez has negative XG
  14. Who’s gonna quote all the moaning morons in here first
  15. Speaks volumes that instead of enjoying a brilliant win that puts us 7 points clear in the top four you’re straight on here jumping on the back of a 19 year old kid for misplacing a couple of passes. Clown.
  16. Not a pen for me. Would be fuming if that was given the other way
  17. This lot look far more up for it than West Brom did
  18. The chief execs resigning is not enough. The owners need to go.
  19. Not having that. You don’t know what has happened behind the scenes but I’m sure he has been speaking up internally and has played a large part in them backtracking.
  20. Bayern’s statement officially rejecting it feels big. Without Bayern, Dortmund and PSG they cannot market it as the best clubs in Europe. It starts to become a joke with spurs and Arsenal and no Bayern or PSG.
  21. I honestly think the super league has something to do with his sacking. Probably in his contract that he only gets his payout if he keeps his mouth shut.
  22. Kasper is the perfect representative for this. He will speak as eloquently and passionately as Gary Neville has been on sky.
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