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  1. http://liveonscore.tv/soccer-streams/premier-league/arsenal-vs-leicester-city/
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/education/2020/oct/24/englands-schools-to-receive-fewer-laptops-for-distance-learning https://www.theguardian.com/education/2020/oct/24/ben-bradley-under-pressure-to-apologise-over-free-school-meals-tweets And they object to being labelled as 'Tory scum'? Some might say, 'if the cap fits...'
  3. False economy. Making PPE more expensive will inevitably lead to more cases, more deaths, more lockdowns, more debt.
  4. VAT to be introduced for PPE. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/oct/23/treasury-confirms-it-is-to-end-vat-waiver-on-ppe-in-uk Have we ever had a more dysfunctional govt?
  5. Something like that; I particularly remember he scored a hat trick in a 3-2 win against Wolves. Saved us from relegation pretty much single handed that year. I know we've done some wonderful things at the KP, but Filbo holds so many precious memories for me.
  6. Just Google 'food banks Leicester' - there are more than I can be bothered to link.
  7. They are not called The Nasty Party for nothing. It'll be interesting to see how the resident Tories defend this, though I can hazard a guess: They will begin with an apocyphal tale of feckless parents living the life of Riley on benefits, followed by the claim that they never claimed a penny on benefits, and that they did three jobs to fund their studies and still fed their kids on healthy, nutritious food on a fiver a week. It will then be pointed out that having children is a choice, one which should be made on the basis that you can afford them and not expect the taxpayer to do
  8. Yeah, kinda tongue in cheek, Nick. I find it extra funny that someone handed it to him ("Oh, fvck, there's shit going off here... quick, hand this to the murderer!!)
  9. Murderer who tackled London Bridge attacker with narwhal tusk pardoned https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/oct/18/murderer-who-tackled-london-bridge-attacker-with-narwhal-tusk-pardoned So, this guy is doing 17 years for murder, and on his very first Day Release he sees a ruck, and his first thought is, "I'm having some of that", and tries to kill someone with a fvcking 5' narwal tusk... Hmm.
  10. I disagree. Their decision is purely based on economics. A note from their GP would suffice. Not in my experience. The maskless ones appear more 'Trumpian' in their righteous indignation, by the day. The social divide feels almost as polorised as it was over Brexit.
  11. Fewer than half the customers in Oadby Sainsburys wearing masks when I shopped today. I asked at customer services what company policy is, and they replied that 'we request that customers wear a mask but we can't make them if they claim to have a medical condition that exempts them'. I asked if proof of a medical condition is required, and they answered no. Farcical.
  12. "Rumours surfaced that Arphexad turned to making pornographic content after a failed career in acting. However, in an interview with the Leicester Mercury ,[10] he denied it, saying that he works in sports insurance." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pegguy_Arphexad#After_Football
  13. https://factcheckni.org/articles/has-the-suicide-rate-increased-200-during-the-covid-19-lockdown-period/
  14. Like driving 30 miles to see if you're fit to drive?
  15. Buce


    Not me. I'm a twat in real life as well...
  16. It's all about context. I think the anger was because of the manner in which we finished fifth, having looked nailed-on for top four for so long; if the two halves of the season had been reversed, our climb to fifth would have been seen as an overwhelming success. As it is, though, I think it's undeniable that it was a spectacularly disappointing capitulation.
  17. According to Wiki, he gets a basic MP's salary of circa £81,000, plus a similar amount for his additional duties as PM. Various other allowances for staff, accomodation etc. Poor chap.
  18. Don't hold your breath - Bozo is already bleating that he can't manage on his PM's salary. He can't even afford a nanny to look after his latest sprog.
  19. MPs in self-serving behaviour shock...
  20. Should be easy enough - I just need to avoid politics, Trump, and responding to idiots... See you in another year then.
  21. Ta. Ah, but I'm discussing the politics of the Covid response; is that not relevant in a thread about Covid? Or do I need to refamiliarise myself with the forum rules lest I get another ban?
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