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  1. Indeed, I lacked clarity - I meant it now sounds hollow even to them.
  2. He's probably finally realized that we're not getting the Empire back.
  3. BS. That's just your cop out for not being able to justify your support for leaving. Of all the Leave voters on here, you in particular are a fraud.
  4. That's because the Leave camp have nothing left to say; even, 'Brexit means Brexit' sounds hollow now. Leaving the EU - especially without a deal - is going to be an unmitigated disaster for all but the rich. Are we supposed to ignore that just because some of the country want to shut up now and just be content to gaze at their blue passport and dream about a life without immigrants?
  5. It was on Sky Sports and it is a direct quote. Even in my decaffeinated state it's clear to me what he said. Maybe trying reading before you start talking bollox.
  6. Are you new to FT?
  7. Has anyone watched 'Another Life' on Netflix? The trailer made it look good but it's just a poor man's Star Trek, imo.
  8. Yes, I agree. But it's also a long way from saying everything in the garden is lovely. Fact is, there are too many imponderables for even the experts to say with any certainty what will happen post Brexit, but personally, I fear the worst, both economically and socially.
  9. It was an avid proponent of Leave, Jacob Rees-Smug who said it in an interview on Channel 4: He said, "We won’t know the full economic consequences for a very long time” and that “the overwhelming opportunity for Brexit is over the next 50 years”.
  10. Why is it then? Genuine question, I have no interest in and minimal knowledge of the Royals.
  11. Yet another bizarre claim from a Leaver - they really do live in a different reality: EU to blame for football's new handball rule, claims Ian Holloway: The European Union has been blamed for many of the serious problems in British society, including the power of vacuum cleaners and the shape of bananas, and a new charge must now be added: football’s handball rule. The former Queens Park Rangers manager Ian Holloway has bizarrely claimed that the EU is responsible for Gabriel Jesus’s late goal for Manchester City against Tottenham being disallowed. The strike was dramatically chalked off after a VAR check established that City’s Aymeric Laporte had handled the ball. Holloway, seemingly unaware of the law changes instituted by Ifab, the International Football Association Board, has no doubt where responsibility lies. “I don’t think that’s our boys making up that new change of law,” he told The Debate on Sky Sports. “I think that’s people telling us what we should do with our game. Now, they should stop doing that. I hope we get out of Brexit, because that’s what we all voted for, and sort that out, because you cannot have someone telling us how to do our own game.” Ifab’s five members comprise the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish FAs and Fifa, which represents its other football associations. The Premier League’s VAR hub in Stockley Park is not – or at least not yet – being controlled from Brussels.
  12. Trump cancels Denmark trip after PM says Greenland is not for sale: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/aug/20/trump-greenland-denmark-mette-frederiksen He really is just a petulant child.
  13. I'm sorry, I know all you guys are opposed to violence in politics (and I'l hang my head in shame and admit what a horrible human being I am) but if that smug-faced twat Farage doesn't deserve a kicking...
  14. Buce


    Because you give it to them, mate. Without your consent they are powerless.
  15. More so than some family members.
  16. Buce

    Retirement age

    That’s up to us - it’s not a fait accompli. This needs to be remembered at election time. The working class need to wake up and stop voting for our oppressors.
  17. It's not a change of subject, it's relevant because it's precisely what you are saying - I'm sorry if the idea of racism makes you feel uncomfortable or defensive but that's the elephant in the room here. You said a joke shouldn't be scrapped if only one child in 200 is offended - an absolute - you didn't make any exceptions.
  18. So, by that reckoning, a racist joke at school is fine if only one student is black?
  19. To you and I, yes, but we don't have Tourette's, so we're not really the best placed to judge.
  20. It was but it was just dismissed as ‘Project Fear’. A lot of people heard what they wanted to hear and nothing else.
  21. Well, the joke references shouting out random words in public, so it actually does rely on a negative stereotype to work.
  22. Yeah, I see your point, mate, but then I don't have Tourettes. Shouldn't we respect the fact that it's clearly offensive to someone with Tourettes, without needing to understand why?
  23. How I wish that were true. Not even everyone on here is.
  24. Tourettes is a disability. How is making fun of someone's disability substantially different from making fun of their sexuality or race?
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