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  1. We turn around and go back into the room we came from. Easy.
  2. What has she done that’s treasonous?
  3. Poll suggests one in five ‘private majority’ voters have changed their mind over Brexit: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/nov/13/poll-one-in-five-private-voters-have-changed-their-mind-on-brexit
  4. It was stated in the article that Matt posted that Brits will no longer be covered by the EHC. Whilst you may not be left to die on the streets, you will be liable for the costs as is true in any other country outside the EHC now.
  5. The lack of free health care provision is a major difference, particularly if applied to UK nationals who are resident there.
  6. Not true. A) It’s dependant on there being a reciprocal arrangement. B) It’s only up to 90 days travel in a 180 day period. C) No free health care. Considerably less than we have now.
  7. Buce

    Places in the UK you'd erase off the map

    I wouldn’t worry, CF, I think the Lutterworth area is pretty safe.
  8. Buce

    An outsider's view on LCFC

    I think I know your Sikh cousin, Turban Spaceman.
  9. Buce

    Places in the UK you'd erase off the map

    This is exactly how my Dad described how Leicester was when he was growing up in the 1920s.
  10. Buce

    The joke thread

    I can empathise with that. One of my exes said, “Give me twelve inches and make me scream”. So I fvcked her four times then took the bag off my head.
  11. I see Neil Young lost his house in the California fires: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/nov/12/neil-young-donald-trump-california-fires-climate-change
  12. Buce

    Interesting news topics.

    You know that Morocco isn't in Scandinavia, yeah?
  13. That's a very idealistic viewpoint, Matt, but totally naive. The immigrant communities seldom look to the police for justice, they look to their own.
  14. I doubt that very much. I didn't know who the couple was, but I do now. I'm familiar with the family by reputation and I'll be surprised if it hasn't already been sorted.
  15. On the car park behind The Parade in Oadby.