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  1. My wife would like to use your snow shovel, Dave..
  2. So, now UKRAP has lost its raison d'etre, Paul Nutter has a brainwave - let's morph into the EDF: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/apr/23/ukip-to-campaign-to-ban-burka-and-sharia-courts-says-paul-nuttall
  3. You remind me of someone, Foxxed. Can't think who, though.
  4. You've been back five minutes and already you're picking on Rince. Don't let it go to your head that some people welcomed you back - this forum was friendlier and more civilised without you, imo.
  5. A complete non-story. Nothing new at all, just re-hashed speculation.
  6. Yeah. But virus free autism..
  7. Is it on a flagpole? Maybe planning permission or some such is required.
  8. If you'd seen my missus drive, you wouldn't ask..
  9. Life cycle complete..
  10. They out-thought you, Jatt..
  11. What was the outcome?
  12. SNP 68% Green 67% Labour 57% Lib Dem 57% Plaid Cymru 51% Sinn Fein 46% UKIP 46% Tory 36% BNP 32% Dem Unionist 30%
  13. Yeah, I get that, MC. However, it was topical, and I thought it warranted discussion. And I don't feel we should avoid it just because it brings out the pond life - that way they win.