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  1. And I wish you the best of luck, Jon. But your opinions ring hollow when your kids won’t grow up to suffer the consequences of them.
  2. ...or go to Australia, eh, Jon?
  3. The rich and powerful rarely fail to escape justice and it’s naive to think otherwise.
  4. Buce

    The joke thread

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  5. Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence. He’s still cvnt, regardless.
  6. So, I’m pushing my trolley around Tesco today, when this young bloke - mid to late twenties, I’d guess - walked straight in front of the trolley, just as I received a text message from the handicapped child I was shopping for. I stopped to read it but the drunken fvcker kept straight on and crashed into the trolley, then staggered off without so much as an apology. Bloody young ‘uns have no manners at all.
  7. Nah. What you are is apparent in every post you make in every thread.
  8. Make it vegan instead and I guarantee your body will love you for it.
  9. The Peoples' March Farage's 'March for Brexit'
  10. You seem uncommonly pleased by that, Carl. I guess it's something you don't get to experience very often...
  11. English is more commonly used, no doubt. According to this though, Irish is recognised in the constitution as the first and national language, whilst English is seen as an official language.
  12. I can see how it looks but I plead not guilty on this occasion. I didn’t know the answer either and was sufficiently curious to check. But I was on my phone and the webpage was barely legible, so I didn’t read past the first sentence. It does say Gaelic is the first official language, though, which implies a hierarchy...
  13. Buce

    The joke thread

    Open a thread and give us your evidence.
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