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  1. During the BT commentary Chris Sutton said words to the effect of "during this performance today Gray has been the one player to have shown he is capable of stepping up to the full set up out of everyone playing today " It is deserved .
  2. Gforce19


    Playing for Celtic , Auld Firm derbies , 55000 passionate fans , Europa league games as well as excellent management and coaching is going to keep him motivated this year . It looks like he would have ended up playing U23's for us this season in front of a handful of people in games that lets be honest we don't lose any sleep over losing ,I think he would have ended up being thoroughly frustrated and demotivated had that been what happened to him , especially after playing so many games in a title winning team last year . This is a good option for all parties at this point in time .
  3. Gforce19

    Best City keepers...

    Ian Andrews had a good year and ousted Wallington !!!!!! Before we sold him . Must be somewhere in the list
  4. Gforce19

    Safe standing - time to act

    For me , the issue is around safety as well as enjoying the game more . if I am seated in an area where everyone is sitting I will respect that and sit also however despite people such as yourself asking me to stay seated , I can't help myself from standing up and cheering at various points throughout the game and if a goal is scored I will be out of my seat celebrating the goal.I am sorry but I can't help that moment . I feel this constant standing up and sitting down is dangerous and in fact after the Leeds game last year I had a bad cut down my shin from the celebrations after we scored and banging my leg on the seat in front of me . i always try to get a seat in SK1 near the top so I can stand and sing which I find more comfortable but as I am not an ST holder I can't guarantee where I will be In the stadium , however after we equalised against Chelsea in the FA cup I found myself upside down on the floor as I had fallen over the chair behind me after we scored. Again an incident that would not have happened with safe standing . Safe standing would eliminate the dangers of standing in seating areas . Singing and cheering is always easier to do when standing up . Have you ever seen a choir singing while sitting down ? This means like minded people can freely stand together singing and improving the game atmosphere while people like your good self can sit in the stadium next to like minded fellow spectators and watch the game in the knowledge that no "idiot" is going to block your view .
  5. Gforce19


    Might explain why Puel felt he slowed the game down too much
  6. Gforce19


    Has Iborra just given birth himself , wow , that explains him not playing for a considerable time , or is it paternity leave for a few days !!!!
  7. Gforce19

    Thank you Riyad

    I remember the wise old Ranieri saying "be careful what you wish for "to the players who's heads might be turned . Kante obviously succeeded and is world class . Drinky obviously regrets leaving. RM is we all know world class but with so many similar players at Man City will he end up a bit part player looking on from the bench !! Vardy said turning down Arsenal to stay at Leicester was an easy decision, Kasper has often said he knows where he is better off . HM says he respects the club for keeping him !!! I still think Ryad has outside influences advising him !!! We move on as does he but certainly interesting watching him coming on against Wolves for 5 mins of a game where Man City need a goal !!!
  8. Gforce19


    And if my Auntie had balls she'd be my uncle
  9. Gforce19

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    Arrive late , leave early , go down to the concourse 5 mins before half time then arrive back from half time 5 mins late , add into this not singing , not cheering , staring at people trying to get behind the team, and then refusing to allow people in front of them to stand up when we attack let alone during the game. Making holes in flags to see through them despite knowing they have taken hours of large amounts of people to make , the list goes on !!!!! Why can't everyone go to the game and watch from start to finish , cheer and get behind the team , sing and clap at the moments where the lads need it to help us get a result and applaud the lads off after a good win , WTF is up with people .
  10. Gforce19

    Mobile data at KP Stadium?

    Can't remember the game , in the 80's and the announcement on the tannoy went something like ...."A message to the away fans , ....... ..........., your wife has just given birth to a baby boy " ,
  11. Gforce19

    N’Didi signs new deal

    Absolute class in everything he does
  12. Gforce19

    Union FS tifo display

    Great effort.UnIon FS , You all make a difference and I am sure the players appreciate it .
  13. Gforce19

    Union FS tifo display

    Guaranteed no standing in front of her as well !!!!
  14. Gforce19

    Söyüncü Signs

    Just watched the best of posted on page 3 of this thread .it looks like we have a real player on our hands here . Great signing and with his hair and his position on the pitch reminds me of Russell Osman !!! For those old enough to remember him!!
  15. Gforce19

    Movie quiz for oldies

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 84 seconds