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  1. Just a con. Will be sending friends or relatives to the ticket office in person now to buy tickets, assume that won't incur the £1 charge. Little things like this get me, more than happy to pay good money for a good product, but if you're blatantly skimming money from me for no reason, be it 1p, £1 or £100, it annoys me.
  2. Actually dreamt last night city lost the first game against wolves 5-1 and jurgen klopp came out in defence of the team. No idea why
  3. So much fun though. Especially Friday brunch
  4. Steer clear of the boy racers in their super cars and anyone with a Saudi number plate. They are maniacs. And pray to god you don't get in an incident with a local as it will DEFINITELY be your fault. Have your wits about you, a city that is so much easier if you drive.
  5. Good point. The agents are there to be heavily negotiated with. Best if you play 2 or 3 off against each other. 'haart offered me 1.1%, so if you offer me 1% and a free video I'll go with you now...'
  6. A good agent will lie, cheat and steal on your behalf and back the seller/buyer into a corner with fear tactics. 'no this is their final offer, you have to accept it now, the market is dead....' Etc etc. They will hurry the process along. The sellers agent on my house told me I had to exchange a week earlier than agreed otherwise the seller would drop out. I could see how that blatant lie could panic many people if buying their 'Dream' house. But likewise I discovered the agent told the seller my first offer was final and I already had two offers accepted. Total lie, but worked in my favour
  7. Yes. Enjoyed it. So much more to do than sit on the Copacabana. Great people and food. Highlights were a favela night time drive (not for the faint hearted) and a game at the maracana
  8. Haha ok... Here's a match report from a match where no trouble occurred - https://www.skysports.com/football/leicester-vs-chelsea/391131 Does that make me right? Or should i find another match where no trouble happened? Because i reckon i can
  9. I don't understand this at all, what have you done wrong...
  10. To be fair this is a tiny minority not even worthy of a percentage, and was also about 10 years ago. Football, especially the premier league, is an unbelievably safe, clean and sanitised place more than fit for family entertainment, which is a good thing.
  11. Stayed in airbnbs all over the world. Hit and miss, some great value but some where I wish I'd just forked out for a hotel. I prefer hotels as I like the trappings, room cleaning, privacy etc. Personally I wouldn't trust airbnb reviews, even mediocre places with normal hosts seem to have five star 'sooooo awesome Cara a was a great host love it!!!' type reviews
  12. So likely no subs made in either game I imagine? Full 90 minutes for both XIs. Good idea. Be weird seeing away fans going to two different grounds, don't get on the wrong fox travel bus!
  13. That is the most Stephen merchant thing I've heard in a long time
  14. Backstage IPA from a can, from the signature brewery. Not bad at all for a can. Beavertown is doing a free giveaway of one of its new brews this weekend at its brewery, will likely go down and have a look.
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