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  1. Because it's still a better use of an evening than sitting on a couch watching trash TV, eating processed garbage food whilst flicking through some pointless social media feeds
  2. No way UEFA will do that, they are just waiting to confirm which game is Tues and which is Weds. These spivs and their broadcast partners rule football
  3. You two are assuming Sky and BT have a shred of decency and would like to minimise disruption for fans whilst still making immense profits. Unfortunately they don't and it will surely be Monday 8pm, get far more viewers at that time than 5pm. Best way to stop these mongrels is by turning off, don't pay for their packages.
  4. They're all home fans only. Go Liverpool st to drink then one stop on tfl rail to Stratford
  5. Cancel contract, sign up again under a different name, this used to work back in the day, not sure about now though. Or just phone them and haggle, demand they put you on the above mentioned contract or you will leave, probably the easiest option
  6. I'm 50/50 on this. Whilst climate change is undoubtedly a huge threat to all life on this planet and something urgently needs to be done (or is it too late already?) not sure this is the right way to go about it. Change is usually achieved gradually and by grinding your 'opponent' down by little and frequent actions, such as the charge on plastic bags as an example. Then again, this is such a dramatic cause, maybe hardcore and unprecedented action is needed to make people take notice? What i am certainly very much enjoying is all the arrogant, self-important Londoners prancing around huffing and puffing about how they're being delayed to their pointless meetings and useless engagements. Brilliant. However i do feel sorry for tradespeople, cleaners, freelancers etc who cannot get to work and are as such losing money.
  7. So hold off on booking travel then lol. Reckon i prefer 16.30 Sunday
  8. This is so true. Someone at work buys the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday, and chucks away around a third of both meals. EVERYDAY. Just ridiculous, why are you buying what you know you can't eat everyday, then just chucking it away!! Think how many bone-headed cretins like this exist all over the world, and you have a serious food waste pile, for no reason. So disrespectful.
  9. Very nice gesture, I'm sure there would be some City fans based in Sheffield on here, maybe try the Supporters club section of the forum or putting your offer on Twitter.
  10. grobyfox1990

    The gym

    I go 4-5 times a week, three weights session targeting muscle groups, yoga once a week and if i go a 5th time, 10k bike ride whilst watching tv. Had no idea about anything when i first started going to the gym around 10 years ago, but it's so easy to pick up tips and hints on new exercises just be watching what other people are doing, if you like me are too shy to ask. I probably change my routines once a fortnight just by looking at what other people are doing with the equipment and copying them. Failing that, Google is incredible for anything gym related if you are uncertain.
  11. Fantastic from Watford. I like wolves tho. Decent team, excellent manager and some great buys. Moutinho cost £4m!!!
  12. Wasn't too impressed by arcade. Found a great pub opposite where most of the city fans were and had the best Sierra Nevada I've had in a while.
  13. That's a shame. Wanted to check out tonne but I hate recruiters. Had a great stout at the Wetherspoons real ale festival
  14. It's on general sale on lcfc.com. There's enough tickets near/next to each other
  15. Planning on magic rock and the sportsman
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