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  1. grobyfox1990

    Burnley away

    Will be on general sale on Friday, loads of tickets left. Just buy your own
  2. grobyfox1990

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Vertongen was unbelivable yesterday, outstanding.
  3. grobyfox1990

    Formula One 2019

    Looking forward to this season, Leclerc in a competitive car and Verstappen as the main man at Red Bull as well as a potential surprise with Ricciardo at Renault. Shaping up to be a humdinger, Hamilton and Vettel will have their work cut out.
  4. grobyfox1990

    If only...

    Sounds like a bunch of excited man utd Twitter kids on their phones for the whole match posting how good the 'sceeeeeenes' were wrote this. Condescending rats. Didn't make a difference either, could only hear the French all game. Agree with the above comment too. Any time anything remotely 'wild ' happens at a game these days there's 100s of teenagers filming it instantly
  5. grobyfox1990

    Barnes coming back

    Thought he had a very poor game yesterday, Apart from the obvious misses, he was nowhere near brave enough. Didn't want to make runs to support Chilwell or stretch the play. Also backed out of a few 50/50s. Not having an overt go at him or saying he should be banished to the stands, he's young, will need a lot of time and patience.
  6. grobyfox1990

    Tottenham away

    Thanks both,just fear that both will be full...
  7. grobyfox1990

    Tottenham away

    Any cheap/free parking recommendations please? Ideally at Stanmore, Harrow on the hill or anywhere off the M1 on the met or jubilee line
  8. Clickbait, deserves no attention. Also entirely hypothetical, Spurs aren't anywhere near realistically winning it.
  9. grobyfox1990

    Travelling in London

    Would recommend having a look at the bus from Stansted to London. Way cheaper than the train and quick. National express do a frequent service with stops all over London
  10. Also think wolves are playing some great stuff,and fully deserved the win yesterday
  11. grobyfox1990

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    For 5 days you'll see every nook and cranny. I went for an overnight trip from Warsaw. Day trip to Auschwitz and the salt mines, went out in the old town and Jewish quarter in the evening, then that's it. Nothing to do the next day apart from eat and drink again. I don't think the place is much bigger than Leicester.
  12. grobyfox1990


    Full Allocation: 2,100 (includes 22 Wheelchair Spaces) Tickets go on sale at 8am online and 9am in person and over the phone Prices* Adult: £30, Seniors 65+: £22, Students: £18**, Under 19: £5 *Restricted view seats are discounted by £3, Under 19 tickets remain £5 even if they are restricted view. **Student tickets only available over the phone or in person. Supporters with a disability must select two seats, amend the age band to the relevant one and assign them to their main Supporter Number in order to get their free companion. Wheelchair spaces available in both blocks. Ticket Information 3 Mar 2019 Sun 12:00 More Info Buy Sale Dates Away Priority Scheme (ONLINE ONLY) | Sunday 3 February Away Priority Scheme** | Monday 4 February Season Ticket Holders with 330+ Points | Tuesday 5 February Season Ticket Holders with 300+ Points | Wednesday 6 February Season Ticket Holders with 280+ Points | Thursday 7 February Season Ticket Holders with 265+ Points | Friday 8 February Season Ticket Holders with 250+ Points | Monday 11 February Season Ticket Holders with 200+ Points | Tuesday 12 February All Season Ticket Holders | Wednesday 13 February All Fox Members | Thursday 14 February Away Priority Scheme Members will be given a 48 hour window to buy match tickets but must purchase them online or via the Foxes Fanstore or calling the City Sales Centre during the dates above. Tickets will not be processed and sent out automatically. Members Ballot Please see Members Ticket Ballot page for dates of which you can enter the ballot.Succesful applicants will be able to purchase their tickets from Tuesday 5 February until Monday 11 February. Please note the kick off time and date change for this fixture
  13. grobyfox1990

    This loan

    Correct. And finishing 8th instead of 12th actually will make a financial difference, if anyone was in any doubt. It's a bit more complicated then 'well we won't get relegated so it doesn't matter!!'
  14. grobyfox1990

    Palace Game Moved to 5.30pm on 23rd Feb

    Lol - i don't understand at all, how does a delay of 2.5 hours mean you can't go out? You'll be out the ground at 7.30pm. Quite a lot of the evening still to go!
  15. grobyfox1990

    The OH Leuven Thread

    They've only been in charge since June 2017! Not going to be an instant success, where were we 1.5 years after KP took over? Losing to Doncaster and sitting mid-table in the champo from what i remember. Then look what happened. I'm in no way defending how badly Leuven seem to be doing this season, but all good things take time.