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  1. If you watched the game you'd agree they are useless. Only problem is so were we today. An awful spectacle
  2. Always loads of free parking on the streets surrounding various metro stations, then get a metro in to Trafford bar. So easy. £7 is a total rip off.
  3. The Lehman trilogy Book of mormon in second, but the production, cast, props, budget etc are massive so it's always going to be good entertainment. Lehman on the other hand is three actors performing out of their skins in multiple different roles, over three hours with only one stage set up. Superb
  4. Luton are a small club, unlike PL clubs they rely on match day income, more than happy to help smaller clubs prosper. When we played them in a friendly a few years ago it was £15 a ticket, I agree for the PL, twenty is more than plenty
  5. I went last year. So many fantastic beers in Brussels then a very quick and easy train to leuven. whole city was easy to walk. Of course a good few stellas too! Very easy and cheap weekend trip, would highly recommend
  6. Copy and paste from somewhere?!? Baffling either way
  7. I really hope this does not happen. Would kill many lower league teams.
  8. Newcastle game will be moved to sunday. Man city are playing on the Tuesday
  9. I like a load of beers and I'm young. My 'obsession ' is more with the health implications of living that kind of life into middle age(beers, burgers etc) for years on end. Surely a slow and painful death is coming. But yes, would prefer these types then being surrounded by arsenal fans drinking wine and filming the ''sceneees ' for social media
  10. Had a great day out sampling many great beers. Thought atmosphere was ok, was absolutely belting before kick off with the Maguire song. But then yes, inconsistent with loads of middle aged drunk men. I see many of them at most away games always hammered. How do they handle it?! Surely multiple illnesses are awaitng
  11. Just had a Paulaner at old fountain in old st. Nice, great line up as well. Shame about all the preening London millennial losers inside though
  12. Hahaha brilliant. Absurd that it received numerous complaints!
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