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  1. £40 for unlimited pizza and prosecco (and unlimited was availed of on this occasion...). Better value than you can get in every other palce in SW London!
  2. No idea on any of these crypto coins, but equities just keep going up. The value trade may last well into summer, at a guess
  3. Yeh did quite a few many years back. The best one was Bunga Bunga in Battersea. Loads of booze and pizza, and then they turn the lights down, shut all the blinds and turn the clocks to 2.33am and you go mental like you're in a nightclub for a few hours. Then you exit the place at 5pm in bright daylight, checking the football scores on BBC wondering what world you are in
  4. Horrible tastng and flat Moretti at Lane 7 ordered on my phone and served by a mongy 14 year old in a plastic glass. The world is gone
  5. Best post on Foxestalk ever. Couldn't agree more, or put it better, myself
  6. That was a terrible night. My friend got stuck in traffic so I was alone. I was too much of a wimp to drink in the spoons alone so got 5 cans from the Morrisons and stood outside drinking them, before that terrible performance
  7. Damn it you already amde that joke....
  8. Ha ha, wildly over the top to compare potential Covid to carrying a knife, but you've made your point in a sharp and sure manner
  9. Didn't like it at all. Tasted like flat lemon flavoured water, waste of a fiver. Oh well, was worth a gamble!
  10. I bought this from tesco yesterday!! What a strange coincidence, I usually browse the funny beers section at tesco and occasioanlly purchase one or two, got this one and a tiramisu stout. At £5 for the can, it better be worth it.
  11. Yeh, I've done it multiple times, easy to get out of. If you stay o..their mailing list after cancelling they often send you deals
  12. Cheers, already bought into that and the Invesco Solar ETF
  13. Anyone haveany commodities tips for 2021? I'm thinking of dabbling in more markets this year aside from equities
  14. Went to the offie in Knighton and got one of these, amongst others, yesterday. Such a good beer, still my favourite bottled beer i have ever tasted. My first ever time going to the offie, it's certainly overpriced but i will be going regularly from now on, every time i'm in Leicester I imagine. Much prefer to spend a few quid extra in a local store than buy online.
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