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  1. I've been looking to get one of these. If anybody at Burnley doesn't fancy theirs, I'd appreciate taking it off their hands at the Chelsea home match?
  2. It's the hospitality section that would bring money in. In an expansion i'm sure there would be a large amount of hospitality, which would sell out every game at far far more than £30 a game. This is why Chelsea are so desperate to expand and why Spurs have expanded (with a huge amount of corporate seats). Looking at the analysis, Spurs will stay at the top table for a long time, even if they don't qualify for the champions league, because of the huge boost in matchday revenue they now get. To me, expanding the ground must be a priority to take the next step. Also this table is based on revenue, not profitability, so wages, transfer fees etc don't come into it when looking at this table alone.
  3. Players must surely be getting more than a pair each, think of all the hangers-on they have in the modern game. I'd imagine 5 or 6 tickets, just a guess, but i'd be shocked if Vardy only got two tickets for an away game, his agent alone must get two.
  4. I quite like it, few drinks in Birmingham then easy tram over. Plus where they put away fans now is amazing. Last year i was oppposite the dugouts, bang middle of the pitch, perfect view. Considering they have a section of one stand which has no roof and is chucked on the end in a corner, quite fortunate to be where we are.
  5. Sorry my fault, I missed all if this, can i still donate cash to the above details to help the foodbank? Ignore - just found the Leicester Bridge website and will donate directly to them, thanks
  6. Haha, you probably don't want to get to grips with driving for the first time in a jet!
  7. Aren't those greyed out seats the ones that are held back to sell at the fan store in person?
  8. Absolutely no chance, not in a million years, never. The club are on the cusp of achieving very good things, take a summer off and rest to maximise the last few years of your career. Why be a part of a sub standard management team getting knocked out in the quarters or semis.
  9. Non-alcoholic options are exceptional these days. I was drinking most days, not a lot of volume but the frequency was not good, but now only drink on Friday's and Saturday's. Was fairly difficult at first and I still go out a lot during the week, but now so used to it I wouldn't even think to have a beer on a Tuesday night, and makes a few pints on Friday after work that much sweeter
  10. Depends what you like on a plane though. I can't sleep on planes and order a special meal (veg) so tend to use the in flight services a lot. BA consistently never have my meal and don't even try to apologise or find a replacement. Every time I go to the back and ask for more food or drink, it never really happens. Of course if you can get on a plane and nod off none of this matters. Full disclosure by the way, I'm a BA silver member as I have to use them for work travel....just never use them for personal travel!
  11. Just not BA! In my experience, so rude and arrogant, really is worth paying a bit extra for decent service, especially as there's so much competition on routes to the US
  12. Oh yeh agreed, i was more astounded at the fact a word for word quote went through my head seconds before reading it from another human being. Those Holmesdale 'ultras' are a bunch of spotty virgins from Croydon with no friends. They went on strike when the club didn't move them to a central section, what a way to support your club.. I can't imagine our fans ever resorting to anything like this, and overall certainly can not be compared to Crystal Palace.
  13. I am driving from Borehamwood, leaving around 2.30pm if that helps. Driving back to Borehamwood about 10.30/11pm after the match
  14. Incredible - that exact quote went through my mind when I saw it!! As in word for word
  15. Blackpool or Oxford away. Either would be a fun day out. I think Rodgers will play a weakened side whatever the draw, this competition is surely way down his priority list given how the season is going
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