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  1. Moncada are doing a big do at their brewery in cricklewood on 29 Nov
  2. Pelham arms is brilliant, Lewes is great really. Will be going after the game, anywhere off the top of your head near the station showing football? Would like to watch Man City v Chelsea (two fellow title rivals)
  3. Little green Dragon, winchmore hill
  4. Sharing baggage weight on a flight. I'm in despair when i'm checking a bag in at an airport and i'm 10kg over and trying every trick in the book such as going to the overweight counter, standing on the scales or only putting half of the bag on the scale, then i see someone swanning in checking in a 5kg back pack. Let's share the weight and i'll pay you for it. All sorts of security issues involved in this, obviously.
  5. Great food and consistent, but yes, without doubt in Indigo and anywhere further down on Melton Road you have to be pushy with the staff. No British manners or niceties, otherwise you will get left behind
  6. Went through the aldi range last Thursday. Ghost dance, Wild Bills and Medusa red stood out.
  7. That's true. I suppose my malaise with media has more to do than just football. BBC has been reduced to clickbait headline grabbing. Even the ft is now a waste of time. Propaganda machine for the Qatari owners to bash Saudi and a few select firms. The ft was my last hope
  8. They are a bunch of idiots playing their audience and hitting the right buttons. But so are the mainstream media. Can't bear reading or watching the big news outlets these days, it's all so twisted and biased. I just want to know the news, not your corrupted view on it based on where your paymasters' puppet strings are. Football 'journalism' is basically the same these days. the likes of Chris Sutton, Goldstein and Cundy et al just whipping up a storm for likes and comments. How Ian Wright gets continuous media gigs is beyond me, he can barely speak coherently. Nothing professional whatsoever about the established media.
  9. Is pricing out the next generation of potentially lifelong customers your idea of how business works? Pretty much every ticketed event in this country has more than a 20% discount for children, do all these businesses have no idea either?
  10. Make the clappers generic, not game specific, and any left over can be used in the next match. Wider point is, don't need to be be producing individual designs for each game. Personally, I don't really care what Tielemans favourite food is.
  11. Absolute class. This man and his family deserve nothing but the best.
  12. I don't think you have much to worry about, they'll be knocked out in the quarter finals amidst a hail of excuses playing awful football, but Captain Kane will still get a heroes welcome
  13. Your group took the table in front of the tv we had our eye on! Nice jacket though, did notice that
  14. Wow well done for finding that! I was going round in circles finding nothing. Thanks.
  15. No, apologies, not leuven related, belgian football related. Can't find any info online, and this is the only place I know where people exist who are aware of belgian football!
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