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  1. No surprises here, money and power talks
  2. Given what was at stake (champions league and the unlimited riches of), how comfortable we were against a team who were resigned to their fate and the manner of what happened, i can't recall a more shocking performance in my lifetime of watching Leicester. Bournemouth did not do anything for 90 mins and won 4-1. Deeney day was different, things like that happen sometimes and Watford played well that day, the game could've gone either way. We had this game absolutely in both hands and Bournemouth were not interested in it.
  3. If you follow all the rules HMOs are not worth the hassle at all. The 1 or 2 bed flat market is much easier for rental overall.
  4. Do a co-ownership form, you can decide if you want to be joint tenants, tenants in common (both 50/50) or tenants in common with unequal shares (i.e you get 70 she gets 30 or whatever). I did this, i don't see an awkward conversation as a barrier towards potentially unmitigated disaster later down the track if the worst may to occur.
  5. Can empathise with that entirety. However I take solace in the fact I'm going to make 2021mental. For this year, I'm using summer leave to go to places I never would have bothered with, Belfast, Jersey and Guernsey. Overnight trip to each
  6. I've found them good during lockdown, otherwise i don't normally drink from home, or drink very slowly like you, and from Saturday onwards i likely will go back to this norm. However they have had so many free box offers on, i've managed to drain them to get 4 months' worth for free. I also find them excellent to haggle with, two of my boxes came a few days late, and they gave me credit to spend in the store (hence the weird beers above which i'd otherwise never have got). If you're bothered about the £4, give them a call and have a go at them, i bet they'll increase it to c.£10 if you ask.
  7. Had some credit on Beer52 so bought some weird stuff: Cake imperial stout Smeerolie Mexicake imperial pastry stout Peanut butter caramel crisp imperial stout Rain shadow 2019 imperial stout Sounds mental and at prices i'd never spend my own money on
  8. 100% yes, time to try and salvage some jobs in the sector
  9. Re-read Anne Frank's diary and Animal farm, both excellent and timeless. Just finished Homo Deus which had an explosive start then petered off. Started Narconomics which is very informative so far
  10. Weekend in NYC, 14 days in Nepal, Euro 2020 game in Amsterdam, 4 days in Ibiza, Oktoberfest, a weekend in Margate (!!!). Three gigs (not too bothered about the other two, just Kasabian), two theatre shows, Eng v Aus t20 match. And of course the possibility of watching Leicester in Europe. Annoying, but will have to really go all out in 2021 to make up for it.
  11. No need to quarantine, govt have made it clear we can interpret the rules as we wish. A fair interpretation is don't bother with it
  12. Flavourly are doing a good deal here - https://www.flavourly.com/l/OFFER22FBPB/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=UK_Prospecting_LAL-5-5%2B Orders _Autoplacements_M_20-65%2B_Cans-On-Grass-£29.95-1x1_square-image_PC-Reward_All_OptP_OFFER22FBPB_oCPM_Beer&fbclid=IwAR0_Zqadd3NuDi1k5iHg7QNSYYYO-m_AFo2q-nKB4Bd8Lad5AsKxNw0o210 Likesiwse, there's new free beer52 code out. Beer52.com/xexec3 Beer 52 are good for haggling with, ring them up and threaten to leave and squeeze offers out of them. After my free box i got down to 12 beers for £16 inc delivery for my next box
  13. wrong thread!! clearly booze has overtaken holidays in my mind's priority list
  14. Watford will surely have all the ticket money given it was called off a few hours before kick off with all tickets sold out. I want my penny back from Watford
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