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  1. Some days it goes for you, some days it doesn’t. “Ifs and buts”, With VAR, Maradona’s hand of God goal would have been disallowed. No point worrying about it now. It is what it is. Have to take the good with the bad. Even if it has taken out the spontaneous joy of scoring.
  2. Just had a peek at a LFC fan forum. Amazing how incensed they are at a dodgy VAR offside decision without recognising that VAR overturned the referee’s penalty decision, changing it to a free kick in the first place! Accept ALL of VAR or none of it, not just the bits that benefit you. Remember the Evans tackle versus Chelsea? penalty decision overturned to a free kick outside the box...
  3. By comparing this offer to the offer that is open to the English Football League teams, the EPL put a 50% (ok 49.5%) higher value on their “superior product”. Don’t tell me that English football league fans are less committed to their teams then Premier League fans are to theirs and watching their team doesn’t matter to them as much. And don’t tell me that Premier League fans have more money to spend on watching matches then their football league colleagues, you won’t get many nonpartisan fans signing up to this offer. Parity at £10 would be more reasonable, but not this.
  4. Jon Moss would’ve given 3 yellows for diving and had Vardy off. But we all know what Moss is like.
  5. Agreed, hence my comment about playing with ten and a half men. One of those players who needs time to settle in, hopefully he will.
  6. Like playing with 10 and a half men at present
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