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  1. The Apprentice 2017

    nah Karren and Claude got the boot mate
  2. The Apprentice 2017

    woohoo triple firing! About time!!!
  3. The Apprentice 2017

    Bullshit Bushra fvcked the photography. Idiot
  4. The Apprentice 2017

    what the fvck is the point in Charles?!
  5. Betting Thread

    it has to be 2 cos De Bruyne had only been booked once before last night?
  6. Diving

    no, but it's the first time someone's been punished. An Alli incident and a Richarlison incident were both reviewed by the panel and they were deemed not to have dived.
  7. Diving

    points deduction
  8. What grinds my gears...

    Hangnails. Fvcking annoying painful bastards.
  9. my posts are fvcking legendary. on your own pal.
  10. Champions League 2017/18

    what you want in a striker though, no? Yeah sometimes he makes the wrong decision but he's great in the air, got a decent strike on him from distance and is prolific in the box. What more could you want in a striker ?
  11. Champions League 2017/18

    well, until 20 seconds ago...
  12. Champions League 2017/18

    of all the games to be 0-0, I did not think it'd be at the Etihad tonight
  13. The joke thread

    not a joke, per se. But good wit in response Tommy!
  14. Football Manager 2018

    not easier simply because there's so much to take in and so many things to consider in all aspects of the game, from scouting to tactics to in-game instructions to contracts. I love it because of how challenging it is compared to all the previous versions but hate it at the same time!