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  1. StanSP

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    just gotta hope clubs give us gifts for goals, eh?!
  2. StanSP

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Regarding the Vardy red card, in the heat of the moment I'm thinking the referee is a cvnt and has made the wrong decision. Having seen the replays, it's reckless, he's flown in and by the laws of the game he's 'lost control of his body'. Can totally understand Dean brandishing the red card. Yes Vardy got the ball but the momentum and recklessness of it has taken him in to the player at shin height. If Doherty is making that challenge on Vardy we're baying for his blood so we can't have it both ways. I do agree with a poster above saying Vardy didn't need to make the challenge though. He was more likely to get the ball cleanly and probably be fouled himself anyway if he stayed on his feet or wasn't as reckless.
  3. StanSP

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    got annoyed by some fans near me. The woman next to me kept thinking Maddison was Jonny Evans . When Maddison misplaced a pass she exclaimed, 'oh come on Jonny Evans!'. I can understand if they looked similar or played in same positions but they don't on either part! And too many people around me got far too frustrated that we kept possession or didn't move the ball forward quickly enough. Still going with the 'too negative' comments yet 10-15 seconds later there's a forward pass and a chance or opening created for the forwards. And more comments like 'the old Leicester didn't play like this!' or 'we attacked more a few years ago!' Yes, we did. But that was a different manager with different players. We don't play like that and haven't for a while - that style of play isn't sustainable and we're a much patient side now. The sooner most fans accept it the more they'll hopefully be able to understand and maybe enjoy the game instead of moaning. After 15 minutes, there was a guy behind me who said 'Jonny Evans was a decent defender, he's not any more. I don't know why we signed him'. Yeah he was a bit slow and got done a couple of times but to write him off so soon is just pathetic.
  4. StanSP


    Pleasantly surprised by Mendy today. Shock and surprise in a different way that he was picked but certainly a very good decision by Puel as it was a move that paid off. For a small player he certainly made his presence felt - tenacious and good tackling, good passing and fairly composed on the ball. I enjoyed his performance today and was just as influential as Maddison was but for different reasons. If he churns out more performances like that and stays injury-free, it'll be like a brand new signing and give solid competition to Iborra/Silva.
  5. StanSP

    Cricket 2018

    pleasantly surprised, I'd say! Was at the game while Kohli and Rahane put their stand on so missed their innings. Got back to the car and Kohli gets out before his ton . Shame we lost another wicket before close of play as well. Pant hitting his 2nd ever test ball for six . I'd hope for at least 350. Would have hoped for 400 if Pandya was still in with Pant but we'll see how tomorrow goes! At least it's set to be a good game with us putting on a competitive total for now.
  6. StanSP

    Cricket 2018

    What's the point, Pujara?!
  7. StanSP

    Cricket 2018

    Woakes with the breakthrough. Dhawan was looking good as well. Just hope we don't collapse now.
  8. StanSP

    Cricket 2018

    yeah if I was winning the toss I'd be bowling first today as well. Especially given confidence might have been fairly low after the last test in similar conditions.
  9. StanSP

    Cricket 2018

    Atherton needs to stop fvcking interrupting him!
  10. StanSP

    Cricket 2018

    I think I could listen to Kumar Sangakkara all day about cricket
  11. StanSP

    Cricket 2018

    Good to see Bumrah back. Hopefully he can make a bit of a difference.
  12. StanSP

    Cricket 2018

    I badly miss the likes of Dravid and Tendulkar Yeah, definitely. I remember in the last few years a phrase commonly used to describe England would be for them to 'clutch defeat from the jaws of victory' .
  13. StanSP

    Cricket 2018

    Pretty much!
  14. StanSP

    Cricket 2018

    yeah we're quite poor when not playing in India. Everyone before this test series kept saying how England will be playing the best team in the world. I don't know if that was some kind of reverse psychology so when England do win the series they can say the beat the best - but in recent history India have been so poor playing in England. We have better records elsewhere but England has always been difficult to play in. And I wouldn't even blame it all on the pitches... As above, the preparation was terrible. We played some pointless games to benefit the shorter format and not getting us prepared for tests or longer matches. Our squad though relates to that point about the shorter format - there's too many players who just don't have the discipline to play a game out for 4/5 days. They're far too focussed on hitting big shots, big swing-and-a-miss usually. Only Kohli seems to be able to adapt to any kind of pitch, any kind of bowler and get success out of it*. A joy to watch but whoever he's batting with doesn't even have half the discipline he has. The influence of T20/IPL is clear for me in our squad. It's a shame because some players in the test squad are obviously very talented in their own way but when it comes to tests, there's little to shout about. EDIT: And Ashwin when it comes to bowling as well.
  15. StanSP

    Cricket 2018

    further emphasising the point of how bad we can be