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  1. Yeah they were because Mansfield and MK Dons play each other on final day so that's one of the auto spaces filled up.
  2. Had a great first day of the long weekend. This weather really is the best on a day off. Woke up late, good breakfast, then looking after my baby neice all day and going to the park with her, seeing her in her element on the swings and sharing ice cream. Now back at home watching IPL while she sleeps. Doesn't get much better than this right now
  3. Think you're clutching a bit there, to be honest. Still not sure what the connection of pink, women and cancer research would have as any association to our Thai chairman who didn't die of cancer...? Also in a lot of Asian cultures, white is a colour of mourning as opposed to black.
  4. One thing I love about the football league. The general unpredictability of it all but I would hate to be one of those teams in that pack that could go down!
  5. Derby screwing up their playoff push. EVERY SEASON.
  6. StanSP


    Always found this account to be ridiculously genuine and reliable...
  7. The stuff about Kane looking like a horse and speaking oddly is really boring and old, somewhat childish as well
  8. Those Frankfurt fans sounded immense all game. Then the roar at the end when the final whistle went reminded me of some atmospheres we had in our title win, and the CL matches we experienced.
  9. Nah, natural reaction is to celebrate, for me. And it won't be 'finding a stupid reason' to disallow it, really, will it? It's quite obviously only for offsides or handballs. Not exactly gonna look at VAR and then just think of another reason on the spot to disallow it.
  10. Really quite surprised actually that the home one doesn't have more variation than what we have now. The only difference I can visibly see is the white stripes now being gold on the shoulder. I do still quite like it but perhaps just expected more.
  11. Looks same style as this season's home one?
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