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  1. I recognise it but can't recall the name?!
  2. Very ironic tweet by Stringer there. Should probably heed his own advice at some point.
  3. I feel so sorry for Kante there but not so much sympathy for Chelsea as a whole...
  4. Let me know how you get on. Staying in same area in September too.
  5. @EnderbyFox ever come across him?
  6. He didn't like Babylon bad-mouthing him. Yet is okay with the following: That's all within last few days. Will Twitter do the equivalent of taking his licence away Watch him delete these tweets now...
  7. It makes me a bit uneasy that Wilf could be able to play tomorrow?! On the flip side it's great to have him back but I hope we haven't rushed him back and he ends up with a more severe or long term injury later on in the season. Mind games from Brendan?
  8. Was on the tills at work yesterday and some guy was buying some gaffer tape, rope, cable ties and scissors. All I did was jokingly ask him what it was for and he gave me the dirtiest and rudest look! As if he was planning to use it on me!
  9. Due to personal reasons though which has been accepted by the club. Personal reasons that the players may have asked to keep secret and Brendan has obliged. If what @Abrasive fox says is true (and I see no reason why he'd lie or make it up) that one of the players in question wife is heavily pregnant then I can totally understand why he may have been late to training. I think, as is normal now with any club or manager and their press conferences, things will get blown out of proportion. Stringer going on his gut instinct and making Rodgers out to be a bad person for 'choosing' to keep it secret doesn't help the situation. I get the holding to account stuff but it seems they (journalists/reporters) become blinded by their own egos and lose sight of what's going on. Too eager to create something out of nothing and it leads to situations like we have here in this thread and negative publicity.
  10. I'm guessing he 'chose' to create mystery because he knew journos would sensationalise and overreact to literally anything that was said otherwise.
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