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  1. Praet making his full debut for Belgium today against Kazakhstan.
  2. A new side from Melbourne. Their first season in. They've signed a lot of players with experience but unsure on how they'll do!
  3. In case people missed it today
  4. StanSP

    Instant Karma

    I think it just brushes his forehead. Went down like Sadio Mane.
  5. It's beautiful, isn't it?
  6. It's in November so definitely 3pm Saturday.
  7. You just said he's ready for the move up (why?) and now say never going to know if you don't try. Which is it? Is he ready? Or do you still need to take the gamble?
  8. Announcement delayed til Monday apparently. Poor from the Premier League considering they said at the start of the season what the dates would be for fixture change announcements.
  9. As long as they keep the goals show I don't mind.
  10. I was creasing at Ryan-Mark's reaction when he thought how audacious it was for Sugar to ask him a question in the boardroom
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