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  1. Think he mentioned shortly before/after West Brom game that he left Atalanta because Gasperini kept changing the position he was being played in, and wanted some regularity and consistency.
  2. I think Rodgers has identified if we need to get goals and not rely on Vardy too much, but still keeping him involved, it's important to get players in to the box as often as possible when we attack.
  3. Castagne's run is under-rated here. Not taking anything away from the finish, it was class. But Castagne's little burst drags McNeil away and gives Praet time to pick his spot and line up an absolute thunderbolt.
  4. Kasper Justin - Soyuncu - Ndidi - Fuchs Hamza Praet - Maddison Albrighton - Iheanacho - Gray
  5. Some of the shouts in here make me think some of those fans just will never be pleased. No doubt thought we should have won the title by a bigger margin in 2016
  6. Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers recorded his 100th victory in the Premier League, becoming the 23rd different manager to do that. It took him 210 games. Three British managers did it quicker - Alex Ferguson (162), Kenny Dalglish (197) and Kevin Keegan (209).
  7. Southampton? Isn't Redmond out injured for a while? Or I might have misheard that in their game earlier.
  8. Mendy/Praet look like the players we wanted when we first signed for them. Running midfields and leave Youri to be the creator for the team. Got a good blend there.
  9. Burnley guy gets his first goal for the club against us
  10. I love that he's settled in so quickly. At least it shows last week wasn't a fluke by any means. Looks so comfortable and as if he's been playing for us for a good few years.
  11. Not to get ahead of ourselves (but let's do it for a few minutes). In the Euros squad next summer...?
  12. Get Ricardo on further up the pitch. That right hand side if so
  13. I could watch that pass all day. Heavenly. Sexy as fvck.
  14. Keep getting in the right positions and the goals will come. Like today and still could have even had a couple more. Enjoy his runs at defence and it's what we need to take pressure off sometimes at the defence. He won't always find space on the wing but likes to find it just inside for defenders/midfielders to find. Must frighten defenders seeing him run at you.
  15. Love it. Saw the game out eventually and looked very comfortable at times. Not many sides score 4 against Burnley! Castagne is like Pereira with the touches around the the right hand side and with the midfield. Bursting up the flank. Same for Justin and they both played their part in the 4 goals. Midfield again looked dominant albeit a bit sloppy at times in 2nd half. Like that we're scoring all kinds of goals and from different areas of the pitch. We look seriously good at times.
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