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  1. Because we barely got back in to games with Puel and showed very little beyond the starts anyway. Puel regressed us. At least Rodgers has taken us forward despite several setbacks. The two aren't comparable really.
  2. Bookmarking some of these comments for when we do actually end up top 4...
  3. I'm confident he'll be back to normal, or as close can possibly be, by the start of next season. Fingers crossed, if not for our benefit then at least for himself individually.
  4. Bit late for some divine intervention
  5. If he's carrying an injury, and if so for a long time, I'm willing to cut him some slack before casting him off to become a bench player. Knowing what he's like he's probably just forcing himself through the pain barrier as well as just generally wanting to play and get out of this form. I don't think he's finished. I think, like a lot of our players, they just need a proper refresh over the summer.
  6. We'll lose to their vastly weakened side. Then they'll play their strongest side and lose to Liverpool and really shit us up
  7. One silly mistake and his head went. Only thing he's learnt is not get sent off in the process Genuinely think Evans next to him helps him a lot.
  8. Don't need a thread for every thought
  9. It does work. Just doesn't without Evans. Changes should have been made earlier in the game when 2 down though.
  10. Don't get why only Maddison would or should get any hate today. Everyone was fvcking doggo today
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