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  1. VAR worked well then pretty much yesterday. Not much controversy, if any at all? Bournemouth's goal adjudged offside was overruled correctly. The Liverpool offside decisions were correct (Mane was offside and Salah was onside in the same manner/margins)
  2. I think this is a great season to push for silverware. Without Europe we don't have to worry about as much fixture congestion as our top 4 rivals. Really hope we push for League Cup and/or FA Cup. All the Premier League teams in Europe have qualified for latter rounds so that's more games for them then. My worry is that we looked a bit leggy in the last few games. Hope that doesn't show much against a somewhat revived Everton under new management...
  3. Weirdly mine was really good today...
  4. we're not in the Champions League?
  5. All I've heard for the last 3 and a half years so not holding out any hope that it may get done any time soon or even how it will be done to please everyone...
  6. Apparently Pukki played with a broken toe in the 2nd half!
  7. Ndidi was the standout player by a mile today. Normal game for him but plenty of others underwhelming. We didn't do well today in general. Some of the final balls weren't good enough and we seemed to be trying too hard. Probably our worst game for a very long time - just didn't seem to be in sync across the park. One of those bad days at the office and I don't think we should look in to it too much as if we're gonna be going on some terrible run of form now (not read the thread but hope that's not been the case). We looked leggy after about 70-75 mins and we weren't winning the second balls. Was quite frustrating seeing their midfield get acres of space at times and it wasn't just when we started pushing forward. I wouldn't even put our poor play today down to how Norwich played. Norwich were still there for the taking and on another day we're bagging the winner. Some of the play in the box just didn't fall our way - the main one being where their defender miskicked the clearance and was able to clear it properly. Another day Vardy is in the middle and smashes that in pouncing on that mistake. Or when Krul inadvertently touches Maddison's shot on to the post. I'm surprised there wasn't a red card for the Iheanacho thing. As in not for him, but for Norwich players' reactions - not seen replays on MOTD but he gets hacked down and from where we were sat (other end of stadium admittedly), it looked like Norwich players got overly physical with Iheanacho as he lay on the floor. Should have been more bookings after the whole fiasco for their players. Main point for me today was the referee - utterly woeful for how he fell for Norwich players falling so easily. Ridiculously soft free-kicks in their favour. It's a point today. Should be putting these kinds of teams away when at home but it's not the worst thing to happen in the world to not win this. Our second half record of not conceding continues and although 10 points away from Liverpool, we're one point further away from Chelsea and therefore cementing 2nd place for now. I fancy Arsenal to turn up against Man City. On to Everton in the Cup and then a crunch game against Man City on Saturday!
  8. Cheers Alf! Suppose could be worse! Chuka can go first. I'll try and hold out
  9. Sorry just seen it's been posted. Point still stands though!
  10. This is the kind of shit that worries me even more than it did before. Yes we can all say 'it's Hopkins, ignore her, don't pay attention, don't give her airtime'. But the trouble is she has the audience and a supportive one at that. She has people who believe in to the vile racism on show here. You just know for sure she sees any non-White person as non-British. And there's people who seriously invest in to that and take it out in to the public. Look at the state of that tweet to a Muslim person in the Tory party. It's disgusting.
  11. Wow. Politics affects people's lives way more than football ever does and will. Politics goes way beyond 90 minutes on a Saturday or in midweek. Look at us on a Matchday. We lose and we move on to the next game fairly quickly. Lose an election and we're 'stuck' for the next 5 years or so under a government you may not have voted for. It's not as if we lose a match and then dictated by the side that beat us are we ?! More fool you for making such a weak analogy. Saw it coming from a lot of Tories though. More willing to rub it in and feed on the 'lefty tears' in a smug 'told you so' attitude as opposed to being gracious and showing some kind of humility or progress. It's what a lot of the Tory campaign was based on (not all of it) - perceived lack of empathy and lack of care.
  12. Think this is worth a topic of its own given the magnitude of Corbyn's loss and how badly the party lost. Losing seats that have never been Tories. Losing seats they'd never lost in decades. The huge swings from Labour to Tory in key seats and also strongholds in the past. So who will take over in a way that will provide a decent strong opposition to the Tories because let's face it, it's been severely lacking for several months. Starmer, Long-Bailey? McDonnell? Rayner or Phillips?
  13. Just seen Kensington voted Tory. That's fvcking mad considering what happened with Grenfell.
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