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  1. Has to be 3 at the back again doesn't it? Same back 3 that finished against Palace. Justin RWB. Don't mind if Albrighton or Fuchs play LWB. Ndidi, Praet Tielemans in middle. Vardy and Kelechi up front. Press Arsenal high and they don't like it, especially Luiz if he plays. It'll all result in Aubameyang getting a dodgy penalty in the 96th minute anyway. Who's the ref tonight?
  2. What's the deal with Boris 'blaming' care homes? Any truth?
  3. Another low number, creeping closer to 0 which is good. Understandablw weekend lag but still coming down which is good. Why are they stopping this though?
  4. I agree with some of the names but Cutrone has been on loan to Fiorentina since January and Ighalo could only play for Utd at start of March.
  5. Gutted Albon didn't finish. Unfortunate.
  6. Luton vs Barnsley on Tuesday. Both got thrashed yesterday. 24th vs 23rd. Loser definitely down? I mean, they probably both are but if one loses on Tuesday that's probably the final nail...
  7. Yep. All the protests, scenes on the beach, yesterday in London (and probably amongst other cities?) just makes a mockery of everything. People are responsible. Government are responsible. Total shit show.
  8. The scenes from London are ridiculous. Crowds gathering in the street, no masks, no social distancing, drinks in hand. Oh man I hope they are all negative for COVID otherwise it does not look good.
  9. Oh come on. Look at the post. Clear as day it's a dig at Chilwell.
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