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  1. StanSP

    Corona Virus

    Nice to see she went out and took her own videos of Thursday's clapping and pictures of rainbows
  2. Stick with it. I watch in Spanish with subtitles. Helps me learn the language too
  3. Imagine having a subjective opinion about something you like ! I love it. Started it earlier today. Will probably finish it later.
  4. Maybe Grealish had an orgy with Capaldi and McCormack
  5. It gets better. I thought first episode was slow as well.
  6. David Vance. Using the death of an NHS nurse to show his prejudices. Disgusting.
  7. They're paid about £40k/a, not including match fees (read that somewhere recently) so I doubt it. They're nowhere near in the same position as players to take significant pay cuts.
  8. StanSP

    Corona Virus

  9. He's definitely gone to the directors and producers saying he wants his 15 mins of fame on top of any other airtime. GET ME ON A JET SKI BOYS!!
  10. The club is definitely reading the forum
  11. StanSP

    Corona Virus

    Encountered similar on Friday! Some guy was on a narrow pavement, looked to have been dropping something off to a friend. Stayed on the pavement (could have gone on the grass a little) to chat to that friend. As I approached where he was standing, he saw and didn't even budge Thank god the roads are empty otherwise there'd be literally nowhere else to go to pass him.
  12. StanSP

    Corona Virus

    Just saw reports that USA diverted several hundred thousand masks from Canada. Illegal?
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