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  1. Great weather and atmosphere here at Old Trafford! Enjoy the game everyone if you're watching...
  2. Very good total from NZ considering the position they were in (80 for 5?). Fancy them to defend it as well given their attack of Boult and Ferguson. Pakistan might feel a bit low on the other hand as they were in such a strong position.
  3. That'd be great. Would love Afghanistan to get a win.
  4. State of the pitch at the start, weather conditions later on in the game or days if test match, how the pitch might change over course of the day(s), whether your team is stronger setting target or chasing depending on players in team...
  5. Depends who has won the most games. Then it goes on net run rate. Then if that is remarkably and almost impossibly the same, it goes on head to head.
  6. That's nice. I'm willing to pay less than the asking price for a car, doesn't mean I'm going to get it...
  7. StanSP

    Love Island

    WOW Amber and Anna are so CHILDISH. Grow the fvck up.
  8. Anyone else see Pakistan giving NZ a big test and possibly winning tomorrow?
  9. It's a real account (as in it's hers) but the tweet itself is probably photo-shopped.
  10. Same. I had Finch, Starc, Woakes and Buttler. Starc and Woakes got a couple each so a Buttler ton wouldn't go amiss either!
  11. Vince is shite ain't he. How is he playing at a World Cup? Sad news about Lara. Good luck in his recovery and hope it's not too serious.
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