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  1. Stokes to the rescue again somewhat! Can't see 10 wickets taken in next few hours. Can't see Australia getting 266 in next few hours.
  2. No goals after that though. Boring.
  3. Sorry but if you mean every single player then that's nonsense. Warner is better than Roy. Smith is the best player out of the two squads anyway. Not seen Leach much but I presume he's not as good as Lyon. Arguably Cummins better than Woakes - debatable mind and would accept that this can swing either way. If we're doing an Ashes XI so to speak, yes the majority of England players are better but not all of them.
  4. Steve Dale sounds like a right knob head after listening to that.
  5. On Sunday we were served fairly quickly. The queue went down quickly so it's not all bad all the time.
  6. They do churn them out quickly now. Last few years have seen 2 series each I think.
  7. I don't get Nuno's point about us celebrating the goal being disallowed. Would Wolves fans not do the same? Is the spirit of the game not to cheer when your opponent has something go against them and wanting your own team to do well? That spirit of the game crap is just a cop-out anyway. Shite excuse. So much other stuff in football that's worse than VAR yet doesn't get half as much attention.
  8. What match is this going to be used for?
  9. Absolute banger for Portsmouth at the weekend.
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