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  1. TfL will not renew Uber's licence

    literally just a google search, calm yourselves
  2. European Football 17/18

    yeah, so, a central defender for Levante just scored this belter
  3. yep, 4th biggest in the world at the weekend.
  4. How Was Your Day?

    this is actually you
  5. he's allowed to train with the club. not allowed to play before January.
  6. yep. Watched Atlanta vs Galaxy and it looked absolutely sensational. Probably one of the most modern stadiums out there. There's a huge LED screen at the top. Apparently there's a Budweiser bar that runs the whole length of one of the stands. From the outside it looks ridiculous as well pretty cool timelapse of the stadium roof closing as well
  7. What grinds my gears...

    hate when this happens at train stations and then there being no guy on the train checking for tickets. could have saved £20 ffs.
  8. Carabao 4th round draw - Leeds (H)

    tottenham vs west ham & chelsea vs everton to be on TV I'd guess.
  9. Carabao 4th round draw - Leeds (H)

    we have Swansea and Everton either side of the tie. Leeds have Bristol City away and more notably, Sheff Utd at home on the Friday. Given how well they're doing in the league, I can't imagine they'll play their strongest squad for the game against us. Bristol and Sheff Utd doing quite well in the league so they won't be easy games.
  10. were you the Liverpool defender?