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  1. that's Brexit for you.
  2. 'Marlon Brandao' is genius
  3. ended up phoning and being on hold for half an hour to get a ticket.
  4. Ha, Brighton is on the list now but, despite having 31 points, the option to Buy is still greyed out
  5. still nothing with a few minutes to go. Ballot page has the fixtures listed but greyed out option where 'Buy' would be.
  6. Still coming to terms with his death waking up this morning and seeing all the pictures and reports and ultimately confirmation You can tell how many demons he was trying to battle in virtually every song Linkin Park ever did whether it was released or not. I just hope he's at peace now.
  7. Bloody love that song.
  8. I can't believe it and almost refuse to believe it They were one of the bands I saw at my first gig when I went to watch Projekt Revolution and to this day it was one the best I have seen because of them and consequently because of Chester. Absolutely terrible news and as above, Hybrid Theory was massive. They opened me up to the music I listen to now. Truly shocked at this news . RIP.
  9. is there an expiry date for it? I've signed in and 'paid' for the pass (it says £0.00 before anyone gets curious/skeptical).
  10. read the website and other threads on here. clear explanations on there
  11. i'm unsure about Milner at LB now that Liverpool have signed a proper one. Decent side otherwise though.
  12. you said the buy back clause is what's dragging this deal out. that's not the case. All those terms have been agreed.