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  1. means you've won some matches and lost some matches instead.
  2. StanSP

    Have You Ever Had One Of Them Moments

    cool @craigadams22
  3. StanSP

    Have You Ever Had One Of Them Moments

    Sorry @Mikel
  4. StanSP

    The World Football Thread

    Vissel Kobe are also owned by Rakuten, club sponsor of Barcelona. I'm sure this is no coincidence!
  5. StanSP

    The Tinder Thread

    can confirm she's now got a kid and another on the way. Well done @Des.
  6. StanSP

    Cricket 2018

    who'd you have instead as captain?
  7. he was mates with Gavin Ward?
  8. wtf. that's shocking.
  9. StanSP

    Most expensive right backs or full backs.

    Zappacosta moved to Chelsea in August 2017 for roughly £25m.
  10. StanSP

    Most expensive right backs or full backs.

    Luke Shaw to Utd for £30m a few years ago.
  11. StanSP

    Most expensive right backs or full backs.

    Benjamin Mendy moved to Man City last summer for £52m! And Kyle Walker for £50m if I remember correctly. Danilo moved to them for £26m.
  12. StanSP

    Club Shop Revamp

    so they're moving the replica kits to closer to the Tills (POS). What's the brown shaded area before you get to the Changing Rooms? Looks like something new. Revolving doors though by looks of it? We're massive.
  13. StanSP

    World Cup Betting Thread.

    Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain all to score 6 or more goals each - 5/2 Panama to score 0 goals - 11/2 Nigeria to qualify from their group - 5/2 not sure if this is realistic or really good odds... Uruguay, France, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, England and Colombia each to score 4+ group goals - 5/1 And a couple of more hopeful bets Exactly 152 goals scored - 22/1 Exactly 159 goals scored - 20/1
  14. StanSP

    Club Shop Revamp

    what's it mean when it says 'application to discharge conditions'?