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  1. StanSP


    permanently in the Premier League, not necessarily with us.
  2. StanSP

    NYT's British-Irish Dialect Quiz

    or a poorly-educacted posh boy.
  3. StanSP

    NYT's British-Irish Dialect Quiz

    I'm from Cambridge or Penzance.
  4. StanSP


    I meant the onward journey from Green Park only being a few stops
  5. StanSP


    Good shout. Did a boat cruise on the Thames once from Westminster all the way to Greenwich and we get a couple hours to roam around that area (meridian line, Cutty Sark etc). Better to do in summer if you choose the cruise though!
  6. StanSP


    Not particularly. Just that whenever we've driven around Wembley, event or not, it's just rubbish either with volume of traffic or just impolite drivers (not too dissimilar to Leicester in that respect actually, no offence ) They're my most enjoyable museums I've been to. Could spend hours there and not get bored. Free entry as well unless there's special events you really want to see, so can't complain! Apparently the V&A Museum is good too but not experienced that yet.
  7. StanSP


    Done Stanmore before. Might hit a bit of traffic getting there but parking should be fine at that time. Wembley is worse, traffic-wise in my experience. Easy to get Jubilee line from there in to all parts of London, changing lines or not. What museums you thinking of getting to? If History/Science Museum, it's a tube to Green Park on Jubilee then short change to Piccadilly to South Kensington.
  8. This means we're getting a red card against Palace. Nailed on.
  9. StanSP

    Championship 2018-2019

    I had no idea Richard Stearman was 1) still playing football and 2) was at Sheff Utd. Just scored vs Boro.
  10. StanSP

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Quality cross from Vertonghen for the goal.
  11. StanSP

    Is it time to reconfigure the stadium ??

    Have a mixed zone like Fulham and let away fans sit in with L1 or in the Kop
  12. StanSP

    Betting Thread

    Nah, Italian Daniele Orsato. Sent off Nasri at our place.
  13. StanSP

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Disgusting from Pogba. Not sure what happened there with the ref and Young etc. Not even sure what he's going to do apart from injure Alves there. Not even close to the ball.