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  1. StanSP

    Christmas 2018

    Be another year older.
  2. StanSP

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Goal! Back in the lead
  3. It's on the Champions League site 12 Feb/6 Mar: Man. United-Paris, Roma-Porto 13 Feb/5 Mar: Spurs-Dortmund, Ajax-Madrid 19 Feb/13 Mar: Lyon-Barcelona, Liverpool-Bayern 20 Feb/12 Mar: Schalke-Man. City, Atl├ętico-Juventus
  4. Had a look, there's no other games in Premier League or Championship before ours on that Sunday. Only the mighty St Johnstone vs Celtic at 12.30pm.
  5. With the way both sides defend these days, it could happen
  6. Think that's been confirmed for Wednesday 13th Feb.
  7. Fair enough, didn't see that.
  8. Man Utd game now Sunday 3rd Feb, 2.05pm Spurs game now Sunday 10th Feb, 1.30pm Got a feeling that may be Spurs first game at the new stadium.
  9. Regardless of our own team's/manager's inadequacies and ineptitude right now, their 2nd-string side is still ridiculously good. They could drop so many of their players and still have a better side than most in the league. Take out Mahrez, Sane, Sterling, Laporte, Otamendi, Fernandinho, Walker and they could bring in Aguero, Jesus, De Bruyne, Stones, Kompany, Gundogan, Mendy. And then you have youngsters like Zinchenko, Diaz and Foden who could get in to most teams as well in this league. Got a feeling they'll start with Aguero and De Bruyne though to give them more match fitness after their injuries. Mahrez will definitely play either this game or the league game. It sounds rather defeatist but I'm not even bothered about what side we put out. It's like we've got an impossible task to beat these.
  10. StanSP

    What Would You Give Other FTers For Christmas

    I wanna know what it was now
  11. StanSP

    The Apprentice 2018

    Get in Sian!
  12. StanSP

    The Apprentice 2018

    This is what I didn't understand about Daniel making it so far. He would have known what his business plan was and one of the reasons (he said) for not investing was that he didn't want to endorse a drinking culture.
  13. StanSP

    The Apprentice 2018

    as much as I'd love that to happen it's make an absolute mockery of the whole 'process'
  14. StanSP

    The Apprentice 2018

    I know the standard of the programme has gone down but this is one of the worst finals ever. Both sides let down by the teams they've chosen. Utterly inept.
  15. StanSP

    What Would You Give Other FTers For Christmas

    For @Kitchandro