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  1. My all time favourite group, up until manifesto anyhow.
  2. I did c25k back end of last year, after not getting of my arse for 20 odd years, I quite enjoyed it, and am still running.
  3. Music For Enophiles, cover the first 4 Eno albums, this is so good, just look at the set list wow.
  4. masterg59


    coincidentally heard this on the radmac under the cover show yesterday morning.
  5. just heard this on the radio, were my go to band for years.
  6. announced 2 new albums next year, 1st one in Jan.
  7. haven't heard that dennis wilson one before, made me dig pacific ocean blue out, so cant be a bad thing
  8. Love the Four Tops, could listen to Levi Stubbs voice all day long.
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