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  1. Mate of mine has got a ring doorbell, captures everything.
  2. Alone together https://jeanmicheljarre.com/ 9.15 tonight on YouTube.
  3. Led Zeppelin 2007 reunion gig, on official led Zeppelin YouTube channel, available for 3 days from now.
  4. masterg59


    Haven't got the bass, but I've got the carpet.😄
  5. Downloaded Chicago 2017 today, not got around to listening yet, there's too much music.
  6. Dub hour on the gidion Coe show, headphones on, volume max, loving it
  7. heard this on he radio today, new one on me, awesome.
  8. My all time favourite group, up until manifesto anyhow.
  9. I did c25k back end of last year, after not getting of my arse for 20 odd years, I quite enjoyed it, and am still running.
  10. Music For Enophiles, cover the first 4 Eno albums, this is so good, just look at the set list wow.
  11. I can see the red tail lights heading for Fulham.
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