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  1. Latest official bootleg and oh boy its fantastic.
  2. Both right Here I Go Again" B-side of "A World Without Music" Recorded May 16, 1969, in Philadelphia With Leon Huffand Thom Bell's Orchestra When re-released as a UK single in October 1972, this song became a surprise hit.
  3. My music to walk to atm, hardly a bad song on it.
  4. Unreal to think Neal Casal has died, The Cardinals Ryan Adams best band by a a country mile.Loved them Should of been bigger
  5. The Passions were a new wave band, saw them supporting The Cure 79/80 (memories rubbish) you probably know but i prefered the Micheal and Miranda album
  6. Heard this on the Gid Coe show last night EP out today. Reminds me of The Passions when they were good.
  7. Woo hoo, new Wilco album "Ode To Joy" October 4th, can't wait.
  8. https://betteryetpodcast.bandcamp.com/album/all-of-gods-money-a-tribute-to-wilcos-yankee-hotel-foxtrot
  9. Art brut summer sundae 2005 on 6 music.
  10. Just watched Wings rock show dvd, Jimmy Mccouloch what a guitarist, such a shame.
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