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  1. Who plugs the Daleks in at night so they can charge and be ready for the next day?
  2. I looked in the Sky where Kelechi's fat thigh Was looking at me In Spion kop three And all that i knew His image right dues Cost Top a few bob ( a few bob) Away to hudddersfield We saw he was real with a shot like a soldier Ball flew past my shoulder And all that i knew His image right dues Cost Top a few Bob ( a few bob) Has to be a slow day at work to try and make a football song out of ' hole in my shoe' I'm really just trying to pass time! sorry everyone!
  3. To a certain degree. but i think you are splitting hairs of the difference between fed up ( which is a postpositive adjective) and unhappy.
  4. I dont think the Mods main point is to pass judgement on a photo but to maintain a certain degree of harmony- if that involves removing a photo that may or may not be offensive then so be it...
  5. My guess will be that the photo and following comments were removed not because it was deemed offensive as such ( not saying it was or wasn't) but because it was a silly argument and going tit for tat on a funny photos page isnt really funny or a photo..
  6. Is this a joke? had his head down so often....
  7. Looked a picture of happiness last season didnt he...
  8. Playing international football in Africa in July sounds hot to me! Haha * don't worry everyone there's cold parts and rainy parts in Africa in July
  9. Good news. Now let's see him!
  10. I'm really not sure how i will cope or what i will do when we do actually sign him....
  11. I wonder who it was who Ranieri claimed was working behind the scenes to get rid of him....
  12. You're partly right... But the bottom line is if he doesn't want to be sold then we cant force him to sign for someone. I very much doubt we would just let him rot in the reserves either as that's just a waste of money and our owners are shrewd business people and i very much doubt they would allow that situation to develop. I would imagine a compromise will be forged where he'll go out on loan but will be taking less money rather than us footing part of the bill or at least much less of the bill than is normal in a loan situation like this...
  13. I wouldnt contact them, i think you have done lots of contacting. If they want their stuff then they know where they are.
  14. Dont be that boblet!
  15. Id imagine the problem with the loan is that he wont want to take a drop in wages and some of the french clubs want us to pay a portion...