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  1. For all we know he could of refused to sign for us without the release clause...
  2. Falling over easily and getting knocked off the ball easily are two different things..... And anyone of similar speed and strength as knocky is either playing for a relegation threatened team or has the skill to compensate for it. I think people have french tinted glasses when it comes to Knocky... or man-love tinted glasses or whatever it is.. I think people are confusing a great character for being a great player...
  3. The problem is that when he is sitting on the bench he most often has a face that looks like a slapped arse. People take that as having a poor attitude. Personally im delighted we have players sitting on the bench who are desperate to play. It means when they do they will most often give it their all.
  4. Yes im 100% sure on that. That was his problem for us- his lack of pace and being knocked off the ball far too easily... I'm glad he won players of the season for the championship but my concern is that he will be found out again..
  5. Im going to stick my neck out and say that around this time next year, Kante will become the world most expensive midfielder ever....
  6. Err what? no pace, no strength and im sorry but i would disagree that he is on a par with the work rate needed for a number 10 Rated him when he was here but he is no where near a no 10!
  7. Other than when he refuses to play for the club again, of course....
  8. I dont care if its the terraced house next door.. there is no excuse for leaving your children in a house by themselves. It's unforgivable IMHO I'm however not of the opinion that they should be charged with neglect as there is absolutely nothing that anyone could say or do that would make them more sorry, or regret their actions even more...
  9. I found the fox and the hound quite traumatic.. " why cant they all just be friends?" i would ask my mum every time i saw it..
  10. Oh i grew up watching disney but the ones i watched were around much earlier than those you mentioned!!
  11. Thats just what i needed on a Monday... A reality check with regards to how old i feel!
  12. I'd be surprised if that was the only offer actually...
  13. Hope he remembered his Tescos bag to take the trophy home in....
  14. A simple DNA test will solve that problem...