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  1. Playing devil's advocate. here.... But what happens to Vardy when he gets no service?
  2. We all know who our most skillful player is.. but is he the one who is the most important to our team? Would we be where we are without kaspers saves? Ndidi's ball-winning? Maguire's blocks/tackles? Vardy's pressure and goals? I'm just interested who people think is the most important to us? Our title-winning captin!?
  3. Ndidi to Liverpool

    Both Maguire and Ndidi would be foolish to move in the summer. They are both at the stage of their career where they need to be playing every game to continue their growth, Expect new contracts for both in the summer.. There's no reason why they shouldn't be included with our 'best players'
  4. The OH Leuven Thread

    In fairness, Walsh has never captained a premier league winning side.. But let's leave that there as thats a whole new discussion that could take this thread wildly off course...
  5. The OH Leuven Thread

    Not patronising... He's had a whole lot of serious injuries to deal with.... nothing to do with his legs going or age...
  6. The OH Leuven Thread

    I think we would let them take more if they got promoted... but thats a really tough call this year partly to do with who else is running away with the title.... and only one club gets promoted anyway...
  7. The OH Leuven Thread

    It would be an interesting Semi-retirement project for Morgan next year....
  8. Loan Watch 2017/18

    Well, like you said... This was Coventry they played...
  9. Loan Watch 2017/18

    Age always seems to catch up with the big guys first....
  10. Boxing

    Valid point!
  11. Boxing

    Its really no different to someone using his muscle to get to the ball first in football...
  12. Boxing

    Well I could not of been more wrong about this fight. Great tactics by Groves and terrible tactics by Jr. gulf in experience. How good does this make Carl Froch look though? there will be a Rematch down the line somehwere... Eubank needs to fight at this weight more often. Eubank Jr said this will finally be the fight in which he steps out of his father’s shadow and he was absolutely right- he’s absolutely no where near the same class and is not even close to being in his shadow now...
  13. Boxing

    I like groves. He’s always been aggressive and somewhat fun to watch.... but I havnt often looked at him and thought... “ wow, that was a touch of quality that was..” yet I find myself doing that often for Eubank... plus his granite chin.. and he’s got a mean body shot... it’s really hard for me to see Groves winning this... yet I’m not 100% convinced Eubank can either... it’s going to be interesting for sure...
  14. V The Blades - Match thread

    Strong side and a strong statement, Also its actually the perfect game to Bring Wes back... rather do that than a heated prem back for his first game back. that could kill him off for good...
  15. Boxing

    The thing that makes this interesting is that Eubank has a granite chin and groves does not. There's every possibility for me thatGroves will be on top for most of the fight but will get frustrated and careless around round 9-10