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  1. MPH


    i always thought Slim was a bit shady myself..
  2. MPH


    so we get Tielemans and they get slimani... we’ve played a blinder there! Arise Sir Jon of Rudkin!
  3. it’s possible we were seeking a replacement for schmeichel... isn’t this around the time we were offering him a new contract?
  4. i wasn’t morning about anything... besides, there was an instant change today against chelsea, straight after half time when chelsea had just had 15 minutes rest so no way can you account that to them being tired because we had been passing it around.
  5. In fairness it could be argued that our first two games against Wolves and Chelsea we were not quite set up right. However both times he’s adjusted it at half time and brought the right players on at the right time and it could be argued we had the chances to win both games so credit where credit is due.
  6. Not sure if anyone saw but towards the end when we had a free kick about 30 yards out, Youri was organizing everyone, shouting at Caglar and Evans to come forward for it. Was nice to see. Reminded me of Cambiasso.
  7. story is probably going round old trafford that he would have preferred man city... agent probably released this story to save face at United.
  8. Not me, Mate. it was clear to me that Kante was world class for us and I just feel privileged to have seen him in a Leicester shirt. I think we were lucky even for just that. Drinky was a likeable chap and fit in well to what we played but his limitations were there for all to see. how their careers have gone since is a clear indication that Kante was destined for a bigger stage and Drinky wasn’t. In other words, drinky thought more highly of himself than he should have whilst Kante had every right to believe he belonged at a higher lvl.
  9. i used to collect old Noritake chinaware. the hand painted stuff from the 30s, 40s era. some of the pieces were absolutely beautiful. I had to sell it all when i left England. Surprisingly, there was quite a lot of it around in England and the states as soldiers stationed in Japan brought it back over after the war. Stuff like this:
  10. Andy is our King! Got that from Bernie.
  11. that’s a cracking move for him. richly deserved to. he’ll score a fair few i’m sure.
  12. on away days, the numerous times i’d pass his uncle driving a minibus of family members down to the game... the car horns, the waves, fist pumps... and that was mostly from his excited uncle!!
  13. I don’t think people need to worry about the fact we had two DMs. i think Praet was signed a bit too late to be fully involved, but i’m sure he will be next game.
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