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  1. If Tielemans Doesn’t join the new breakaway political party, then you have to question the advice Puel is giving him... Can Puel be trusted? I think not. BIN
  2. if tielemans doesn’t score a hattrick and set up 5 more, i expect Puel to fall on his sword.
  3. Jamie Vardy is having a mardy he wants his car but now it’s tardy.
  4. kg itxeyitcotxitxitxoyxiyxtixitxkt ky itxitxitx!!!!!!!!! SIGN HIM UP NOW!!!!!!!!
  5. just ignore him. why let someone bother you so much?
  6. surely players having that hunger to be ambitious is the kind of player we want anyway? if someone spends three seasons and had that ambition to play champions league footy is going to mean they are giving 100% with us to get there. Not sure i want anting playing with us who is just content with a bottom half finish as surely that means they won’t be fully committed? now skill is relative to the player but ambition should be universal...
  7. nothing wrong with trying to motivate others.
  8. this was the statement intended for last season so, no, it might not as well be years ago..
  9. that would definitely be our best chance of retaining the likes of tielemans... we would really need to pay whatever is needed to get him. id also expect there to be a champions league team release clause that would come into effect 18-24 months down the line.
  10. it was said in July which would have been the target for last season..
  11. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/leicester-city-target-european-qualification-182484 a season and a half ago. hardly what i would call ‘years ago’
  12. what are are you talking about? That’s been the owners target ever since they came here- to have us challenging for a European spot. Is it attainable? that’s a different matter, but it’s always been the target. id be surprised if Maguire doesn’t go at the end of the season and we already have the CBs in place to replace him, so we have that money coming in...
  13. our ambition or lack of it will be laid bare for all to see with this one signing in the summer. it will be epitomized with what we do with tielemans. if we truly want top 6,and we have a chance of signing him, we will need to pay whatever it takes to get him.
  14. Dont be so defensive. I wasnt implying you said anything to the contrary
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