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  1. i swear i seen it with my own eyes!!!
  2. MIGHT HAVE been out last point of the season. never said it with a defeatist attitude or scared or anything. we have been mediocre last couple of games. you've over reacted a bit here. time to move on.
  3. of course i know the difference. just didn’t read it properly. Never made a mistake in your life then?
  4. He reminds me of Max Gradel in so much as he can turn a game, he clearly has it in him, but he’s just so inconsistent. there’s no point believing in yourself if you can’t bring it out of yourself. id sell and get both of the young guys we have been linked with recently as it’s probable we are already going to get one of them.
  5. Cracking stuff. Pleased for all the Leuven fans! One thing that has to be said about The King Power owners- they are not afraid to make a change in management should they feel the need - they put sentiments to one side!
  6. obviously had a bit of a ‘mare here! only reading the word ‘funny’ and putting a joke here instead of the joke thread!
  7. bizare post. don’t know how you can compare being scared and thinking we might lose to chelsea arsenal and man city. - two different things. theres a reason they are all in the european places and we struggled to ( luckily) draw against a very average West Ham side. They have all been better than us this season, that’s all. No shame in admitting that. No one is quaking in their boots about it.
  8. MPH

    Papy Mendy

    the trouble is if we are likely to get 10 million plus offers for people who are not even in the starting line up and about to enter the last year of his contract.. it would be difficult to turn down... especially as we can all remember how well hamza did when he came in...
  9. do you fantasize about murder often?
  10. who mentioned anything about being scared? our last two games we have been very ordinary to be honest- tougher opposition to come.
  11. Might have just got out last point of the season!
  12. Would have been difficult to look more rusty..
  13. i expect rodgers to fall on his sword if he starts Gray ahead of Barnes next game!
  14. Talking ourselves out of 7th place. Good last 20 but awful first half.
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