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  1. Ex-Leicester City player news

    I think it would be a good move for him. I think alot of defenders dont fully mature into the responsibility/ positional awareness needed until their mid/ late 20s Shaw/ stone... both seem to have been bogged down by the expectation that was upon them and i think a move to celtic would be great for Liam to mature....
  2. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    Sounds like a masterplan to me!
  3. Coup under way in Zimbabwe?

    So would a transparent and democratic election. Otherwise it could just be out of the fryingpan into the fire.
  4. Ex-Leicester City player news

    Is it April the 1st or something?
  5. Transfer Window - January

    one more wouldn't hurt.... besides, it very possible both ulloa AND slimani will leave this january... Musa out on loan too, maybe?
  6. this thread would be 100 pages long if schlupp was still here.....
  7. Too early in the year for ba humbug comments...
  8. Vardy in the jungle

    I think those days are gone mate where you will get what you want when you want on telly... so many channels to choose from too, just one having a crap show on shouldn't make a difference... besides I usually record stuff on the dvr and watch it when the telly is crap
  9. Vardy in the jungle

    here here. non-plussed about her personally..... But You cant tell me that there's anyone who would tell their gf/wife to stop putting on their best duck face for a few quid or turn down a 6 figure offer to appear on i'm a celebrity just because it makes them look like they are ' attention seeking' or a bit daft. personally i want to earn what money i can when i can. Don't want to spend my retirement watching corrie and feeding the ducks in the afternoon.... vardy's career will be short and what will she be left with once he retires? Earn it whilst you can, i say.
  10. a few seem to think so....
  11. Or maybe at the end of the day they could of closed the doors to the shop with rudkin arriving 14 seconds too late..
  12. but but but they have a Muslim in it how dare they!!!!!!!! #commericalwarriors
  13. What's your view? Justice or murder?

    it's clearer, but still wrong
  14. What's your view? Justice or murder?

    but the reason you stated.. about being human... thats like saying.. i see a tree in front of me... but maybe thats not a tree, becase after all im human and maybe my eye sight is failing, or im seeing a mirage or having some kind of seizure/ dream so maybe its not really a tree. Thats pretty much the lvl you are talking about when it comes to being 'absolute' Besides, making the statement that as a human that there are no absolutes is contradictory in of itself - thats an absolute! and you're a human!