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  1. Hope Iversen being recalled by Leicester doesn’t come back to Haunt Leuven... will be difficult to see anyone blocking an easy path straight to first team football for Benkovic now...
  2. thats cracking news! onwards and upwards!
  3. i was about to say... no way i’m having that with the length of time you’ve been a member on here
  4. How are you doing, @tom27111 ?
  5. Tielemans isn’t that quick either... Edit: ah yes that would be the Youri part...
  6. I meant as an agreement between the clubs. That we would pay them an extra fee after a set amount of LEAGUE appearances. It’s probably a load of rubbish of course but that would free him up for cup games..
  7. Unless of course it’s LEAGUE appearances...
  8. He’ll go to Chelsea. Their last roll for the dice before sacking Lampard...
  9. That’s got to be nacho on his way out. If you can’t even get in a much changed FA cup game against lower league opposition then it’s almost like walking round with a noose around your neck...
  10. he’ll need a replacement eventually... we seem to know how to bring a player in a year before they are needed so seems a perfect time to get a loan in... do they show the potential to replace him? Sign him permanently!
  11. i really hope you’re joking... it would be everything wrong with football in my opinion to treat Leuven so badly... we really need to get our own cover and not take their best player and leave them in a hole mid-season.. Edit: it’s very possible i’ve had a ‘mare here and missed some humor..
  12. Surely they know that no one is going to pay his full wages. 300k. Are they really going to let him stay in their reserves, pay his full 300k a week whilst he decreases in value? that’s the sort of stupid decision that ruins clubs. They’ll end up paying some of his wages whilst he gets a shop window and they get a chance of recouping some money back. we all know it will end up that way, it’s just it probably won’t be sanctioned until the last day or two of the transfer window after clubs have called their bluff. on
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