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  1. yeah pretty much. but if it’s an explanation you’re after as to why you are a melt... These are people who most likely would have spent that money on a season ticket, or a match day out with friends so instead of using that extra money to buy a few more beers they don’t need or a new game or more downloads they give it to charity. The fact you can find anything negative about this shows more about you that them.
  2. you can be a real melt sometimes..
  3. then you don’t get the nostalgia then!
  4. Hopefully he comes back with out that terrible Coastworth tash....
  5. Flair and technique? He’s a CDM. i’m just happy he appears to be able to pass straight.
  6. Barnes scored some absolute crackers on loan at West Brom. Enough to make it more than a coincidence. he’s got it in him but I think his problem is psychological... he’s just so desperate to do well, you can see that in his style, that he’s snatching at chances now... if he can get over that barrier in the prem he can as you say be top class.
  7. I know Liverpool just got absolutely mullered and everything but he’d need to work extra hard that game so i’d go for something slightly less demanding for his first game..
  8. the part i found interesting was the top 6 could each veto/ approve anyone wanting to own a team in the prem. That part is completly open to bribary and corruption.. it allows for outside buisness deals: interests to influence a vote for ownership of a prem team. Or Abramovic could block a rich businessman ( after pressure from the Russian government) from Ukraine from ownership. its just a no no no all over for me.
  9. Watched a baby die. There was nothing we could do. Police came in straight after and arrested the dad for murder. Had to be polite and professional to the dad for over a week even though we all knew what he had done..
  10. He must have done more than be on his way... he’s not gone he’s still here... must have upset the boss?
  11. think we signed him when he was young and still quite rough around the edges.. he’d definitely improved..
  12. 4-5 loans, couple of free transfers and only spent money on a couple of others i think..
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