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  1. MPH


    You’d think so wouldn’t you? however apparently Gray up front as the lone striker is a better option.
  2. MPH

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Or if he sends a message to the wrong manager....
  3. Well look on the bright side... at least we are being forced to play without Morgan for a few games...
  4. Come back, big Nige! all is forgiven!!!
  5. MPH

    Primitive technology

    Well i suppose he could stand in the middle of his land and shout for people to come watch him next time...
  6. MPH

    Primitive technology

    I must admit with the hurricane set to hit North Carolina later this week, just the idea of losing power makes me want to know how to start a fire and do the basics at least..
  7. MPH

    Primitive technology

    Think he does actually! lives in a regular house and leads a normal life. Used to do an office job I think but does all this full time now
  8. MPH

    Primitive technology

    Yes he started out just doing it as a hobby... evenings and weekends but these videos are his full time job now.. he makes that much money from the advertising in them.
  9. MPH

    Primitive technology

    Now I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but what is? haha primitive technology basically means making everyday homes, tools and items without using any modern technology whatsoever. Kind of like doing things the way our ancestors used to do it. I find it absolutely fascinating and maybe if I was a few years younger and I had the time I’d like to have a go at some of it myself. In this video, this chap makes the entire hut with his hands- including the roof tiles. He makes it all. He’s got 8.5 million subscribers and this video has had 55 million views!
  10. It has always annoyed me In the past when other managers have picked players on reputation rather than form. This season, Gray has actually been consistently good.
  11. Anyone know the last time we had 3 players in the England team?
  12. I’d love him to come back but it really should only be done last home game of the season...
  13. MPH

    The King's reign seems over.

    Not the way I wanted his career to end with us at all....
  14. MPH


    A git?
  15. MPH

    The OH Leuven Thread

    MPH are my initials. I don’t play games mate. But let’s not get personal just because you don’t believe what I say, yeah?