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  1. it’s just really cringeworthy that he’s come up with an excuse like that. i can just imagine him saying after 3 rounds of sparring that he needs a nice sit down as he’s getting a bit tired.
  2. they must have massive calf muscles the way they keep dancing around...
  3. yeah the same people who put the money up for AJs Waltz with Ruiz in Saudi Arabia were ringside for the Fury Wilder fight
  4. It was to be a safety Director of a wound care department- specifically several hyperbaric chambers. much more boring that mcdonald’s!
  5. i did get the job actually 😁
  6. I really wish him all the best!!
  7. I get so bored in interviews. i was once asked ” what are your listening skills like?” i replied with ” i’m sorry could you repeat the question”? True story.
  8. i reckon the 3rd fight will be in Saudi Arabia. they’ll offer money that can’t be refused.
  9. forgot to add that i think it would have been very costly to postpone the fight- a lot of money would have had to be refunded ( over $200 million to PPV viewers in the states alone) which i’m sure the boxers have to compensate the promoters/ PPV somewhat should they pull out. It just would have been too costly to postpone..
  10. he’ll take the third fight but i don’t think he has much chance of winning- a punchers chance only. There’s nothing about boxing that Wilder is better at than Fury. he’s just stronger .
  11. to be fair, he wasn’t moaning.
  12. He did an excellent Job. Fury was clearly well trained with an attacking mindset.. so impressive!
  13. There’s a little doubt from me, actually.... Not with regards to Fury’s ability, that’s unquestionable now, but if What Wilder said is true that he was carrying a leg injury going into the fight... and well i have bust my eardrum before and it’s a horrible, dizzy, disorientating experience.... take those both away and you can’t take awake his punchers chance. I did think in the first couple of rounds he looked very flat footed.. so maybe he really was carrying an injury Id still back Fury to win any further contest though...
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