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  1. thats right. all the clubs obey the rules at all times...
  2. think Tanner has already called that one rubbish..
  3. 65 million and a player maybe...
  4. MPH


    i refuse to answer on the grounds that it could incriminate me.
  5. MPH


    yes. unless it’s your telly. Or your mobile. or a radio. that could be a problem.
  6. MPH


    they should definitely buy him over tielemans
  7. MPH


    What about if your BMI goes down?
  8. did you say a draft system or a daft system? Wasnt sure if it was a typo.... " oh well... doesnt matter if we have a bad season... we'll be able to pick up a couple of good players at the end of it... Go easy end of season lads, we could do with some good young 'uns....'
  9. agree completely. we are no mugs and United riskfinding that out the hard way.
  10. i think United are trying to force him to show discontent/ hand in a request..
  11. If Man City don’t offer us an acceptable amount then he won’t have that option. If Man United want to turn their team around then, from their point of view, Maguire ( and a few others) is the sort of player to aim for.
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