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  1. Beg to differ!. Not uncommon to have temperatures 35c for a whole month over here and very little rain. Gets miserable! kills the grass, the flowers, everything. Give me 26c any day!
  2. Do Penalties count?
  3. What a joke of a poster you are!
  4. Just out of interest, is there anyone in the premier league that you'd describe as world class?
  5. I like Brighton. I like how they do business. Hope they get him ( as long as we don't want him!) and i hope they do well this year...
  6. fascinating..... he'll probably get longer then spend a month in jail at the end of next season.... Or do a runner to the chinese league and get a million poiunds a week or something!
  7. No for when he was at United...
  8. In Spain people with a jail term of less than 2 years hardly ever spend time behind bars, no matter what the crime is...
  9. Do be careful about trying to drive so much in one day though.... youd need to take into account roadworks as there always seems to be so much of it going on aswell as peak hour traffic aswell.... The speedlimit on most motorways is 65 mph too
  10. bare in mind that most state parks have camp sites that have RV hook ups... In fact pretty much all campsites here do...
  11. we're assuming its a player..... maybe its a manager!!!
  12. I'd give Pearson 2 days if he gets the gig there.
  13. You must have your mind on ripe bananas....
  14. I think it also depends on other options available . Hopefully there's more now.. but if we balls up this window like we seem quite good at doing recently then I'd rather have him than go without