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  1. Don’t forget Nicky Platnauer!
  2. it really is part of North America.
  3. MPH

    Ryan Bertrand

    it’s probably about now people will start regretting slagging Chillwell off...
  4. he Should take over from the Birch when he retires!
  5. What about Nigerian age jokes? can we do them again?
  6. i’m so watching out for Huddersfield’s results now! Really want them to do well now. Thats the kind of impact Kingy and Simpson has on the Leicester fans.
  7. he was back in training after his injury if i’m not mistaken... besides, i don’t think it was an ACL as he didn’t require surgery- just a few weeks out.
  8. Actually they’ll struggle to get insurance on a player with no medical documentation proving he is fit and able to play. but my point is simple- no one who has just torn their ACL will be put through a medical as there’s no 100 % guarentee it can be recovered from.
  9. too painful reading these tenuous links! Anything less than an apollo creed entrance into the ring to fight Rocky, when we sign him, will be unacceptable now.
  10. no one is going to put someone with an ACL tear through a medical
  11. Potentially? ” Right, Merih, hop on this treadmill for us and we’ll hook you up to the Heart monitor..... umm... you can leave the crutches behind......” MEDICAL OVER.
  12. i have been all over this guy for a long time! Would absolutely love it if he came to us.
  13. MPH

    Ndidi to Arsenal!

    please excuse me whilst I gouge my eyes out after reading that..
  14. MPH

    Ndidi to Arsenal!

    probably the best timed injury we’ve ever had. should be back just after the transfer window closes.
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