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  1. Good stuff, chap! I used to play in goal for my church football team. I was nicknamed the Flyingpotato. Never the most.. aerodynamic of looking keepers.. a young Conrad Logan..
  2. with a dodgy tash that’s got to be Amartey...
  3. got asked if I wanted a piece of cake today and I said NO. ( I quite like cake).
  4. we probably need to take a couple of stone off of his official weight to compensate for his head, bless him..
  5. 30 mins compulsory session per week with a psychologist should be part of every premier league footballers contract. Young, with all the worlds trappings being thrown at them. Better support needed.
  6. Daunte Wright shooting: Officer Kim Potter to be charged over killing https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-56752821 An appropriate charge to which the ( ex) officer will have a chance to defend themselves against..
  7. id love to be a fly on the wall when Kasper and Morgan have a chat about it...
  8. I’m shaking mine from side to side in disgust, does that count? There’s copious amounts of tutting included too.
  9. a lot of them have Twitter/ Facebook and quite a few people do little video messages..
  10. bit of both, really... once there’s a (genuine) apology, there’s likely to be less of a toxic environment on social media and in general. Even this thread might die down a bit
  11. personally, I think that an apology would help everyone to focus on the semi final..
  12. Well first you have to determine if a crime has been committed. I would argue that being negligent and in possession of a firearm IS a crime, in which case a punishment would be the only reasonable outcome.
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