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  1. that’s wonderful. always wanted to see the northern lights from norway!
  2. once someone decides to stay somewhere it’s always down to a woman! ( guilty of that myself- live in the United states)
  3. MPH

    Adam Lallana

    Should it then fade to Gray?
  4. MPH

    Adam Lallana

    Lallana.... Lallana...HEYYY EYY EYY Lallana!! Took me ages.
  5. i have just started a game with colchester in the 2nd. they’re in quite a mess. about 45 professionals most of them useless and 10 k over their wage budget. once this is done i’ll try your suggestion!
  6. I think it will be easier for managers to get their instructions across to the players, players on the pitch to shout instructions to each other. I consider Brendan to be a bit of a master traction so I feel like we could benefit well from it...
  7. I’d say the majority of articles on transfers have been fed to journalists by agents. Whether it is to get a new contract or to get a move I’m not sure
  8. It’s been 657 years Since I last missed a home game.
  9. I just want us to sign someone anyone.
  10. The FM20 mobile is too easy. I have literally won the premier every season with every club. Went to arsenal as a challenge after they got relegated and got them promoted and won the league and FA cup first season back in the premier. Bit of a killer formation/ tactics set up..
  11. Bonedog, is that you?!?!
  12. Glad you are feeling better!
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