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  1. MPH

    The 10 stages of a Leicester City transfer deal

    That was quite a boring article really... nothing juicy in it! Nothing we didn’t really already know!
  2. MPH

    Demari Gray. Keep or sell?

  3. MPH

    Patrick Roberts

    Probably more to do with him wanting more game time...
  4. MPH


    You could ask that about anyone, (including the names you have mentioned) other than perhaps Messi and Ronaldo...
  5. MPH


    If he thought he was great he wouldn’t of gone from Man United to West Brom. i get the building a team.. I really do, but Not to the extent of compromising the teams ability for the up coming season... that’s what makes no sense..
  6. MPH


    Some peoplw you buy for the fact they are dirt cheap, have great leadership skills and are very good players, not for their sell on value. Gibson and Mawson might have a sell-on value if they progress ( Musa and slimani havnt progressed and likely do not have a sell on value) but can they offer right now What Evans can?
  7. MPH

    Vardy to Atletico

    In context, sure. Otherwise it just mkes you look a bit weird!
  8. MPH

    Vardy to Atletico

    Thats not what he said... this particular discussion is about wether there is genuine interest or not..
  9. MPH


    With Huth and benalouene (sp!?) leaving and Morgan perhaps coming to the end of his career, we will need some more quality AND some back up...
  10. ? Riyad is a Winger and Pareira is a RB. Not fair to compare them.
  11. This Is an absolutely outrageous signing. Couple more of this standard and happy days...
  12. MPH


    Wasn’t he a purely Ranieri signing?
  13. MPH

    Ricardo Pereira

    Didnt like the cheese display at Morrisons
  14. MPH


    My concern is that any club interested in him will of instructed any players that are in the England world cup squad to 'remind' Harry of how great it is at their club and we won't be around to protect his delicate ears...
  15. Is that a type of red-ish kit just behind it?