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  1. MPH

    Keith Vaz

    One of the reasons i support photo ID, given for Free, with a unique number, to vote.
  2. You might have misunderstood what people mean by ‘cover’. They don’t mean ‘replacement’ People are concerned what will happen if he gets injured.
  3. if perez’s form suffers then i would say Gray has done more than enough to get a few games... Barnes? i would say we are lacking in cover for him. that’s probably the position we’ll buy in Jan. wouldn’t say that’s Lingards position.
  4. so he doesn’t play regularly for Man United but you’d have him in our side? to replace who?
  5. MPH

    Keith Vaz

    General election 2019: Labour's Keith Vaz will not stand for re-election https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50369905 well would you adam and eve it. Labour's Keith Vaz, who was suspended from the Commons after he was found to have "expressed willingness" to purchase cocaine for others, will not be standing for re-election. Mr Vaz, who has been MP for Leicester East for 32 years, said in a statement he was retiring from Parliament.
  6. except when we take them on loan, of course...
  7. want liverpool to win so we can keep second. they have 13 games in 27 days coming up soon. they will have their time to drop points.
  8. I think in previous years we have had some great games against Arsenal However today i felt the game was totally ours... there was no roar of the crowd to spur the team on for some pressure play ( the crowed were great) there was no “20 minutes of passionate play” to win us the game. it was totally ours. we played them on a level par and outplayed them because we have A BETTER TEAM than they do. that’s why we won. We have a better team than Arsenal and Spurs. Just let that sink in for a while.
  9. is the Belgian beer flowing!?!?!
  10. the equivalent of “ guess who i had in the back of my taxi!”
  11. she actually exists. Wonder how many times people have asked her if Tresa Green
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