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  1. You're lucky I don't have your number because I could send you some really 'hilarious' covid based memes.
  2. I wish someone would whatsapp me that thing about putting the vaccine in beer. I feel like I need to see it for a 200th time.
  3. It probably is only you and any other edgelords! The guy is hugely frustrating but there's no denying his quality
  4. Essentially the boiled water is purer water, without any impurities decreasing its freezing point/preventing freezing. In practice, I'm not entirely sure its bears out. It will depend on the shape of the container, what the container is made of, how cold the environment is that you're using to freeze it, and what level of impurities are in the tap water (as well as what impurities are on the glass and reintroduced to the boiling water as it cools). Hope this wasn't too dull.
  5. I don't think its 'one that got away'. Palace offered him staying at home in London and starting every week.
  6. A couple of days ago in Tesco (other supermarkets are available) a woman in a checkout queue (who I was about 3 metres from and there were even marks on the floor) started shouting at me, and then took off her mask and marched up to me shouting 'two metres! two metres! ****ing two metres you idiot!)" it was very bizarre. I got to the checkout and started talking to the cashier who told me that the customer was known to them and does this sort of thing often. I did 2 x shops; one being for a foodbank and I heard someone remark 'bloody panic buyers! Stockpiling' or somet
  7. Proper off-spinner's Michelle that is!
  8. Milik is a funny one. I just don't know what to think. Edouard feels like it will happen as others have commented; the stars seem to be aligning. I really expected Benkovic to go there (with us paying the wages) as part of any deal though. That obviously didn't happen.
  9. All PL Brazilians should be sent home immediately.
  10. Two can play this game; we just need to also mutate in response. I want a third arm.
  11. Depends if you have a home-made badge that you believe makes you immune to the rules
  12. And despite everyone being dead and everything, I think we can all agree that its super duper news that the death rate is now nil. We have finally triumphed over this most deadly of viruses whilst unemployment AND furlough are at an all time low of zero. Well done us!
  13. The death rate will really drop off once we're all dead.
  14. That's a big accumulation of cum; what happens when we hit 100,000? And is it ml? Or ejaculation?
  15. Need to turn it on second half and remind these losers of their semi-final play off pain all those years ago. Oh and the cup final defeat too.
  16. Just actually read the thread and found out that yes, you have, of course you have.
  17. Where are you watching it, mate? You've never paid the tenner?
  18. Kiev doesn't need beans mate. You know that. The filling IS the beans.
  19. Little bit gutted I missed these yesterday.
  20. He didn't even 'not bother' though; he actively voted against it! What a plum.
  21. Piers Morgan is a piece of work; but you have to agree with him here. This is comedy gold.
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