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  1. Is Croft on for his usual stack of runs against us?
  2. Just a reminder to everyone to be very careful here since a) Its only an allegation at this stage b) The list of names that fit the criteria will include names not even actually being accused, and mud can stick. c) Potential issues for Mark/Foxestalk etc I should think.
  3. Excellent start from Slater. He is an interesting sort of example of the cricketers I think Leics should be looking to sign on permanently. He has always been an excellent performer in the shorter form of the game; but in the longer format he's been inconsistent and has been moved around the order and in and out of the side accordingly. We only have him for a couple of weeks, but if he believes there is a place for him in the side here (perhaps that opening berth) then maybe we do have a chance of signing him and playing him in all formats. Otherwise; I know Hill is a little way off due to injury and I'd love to see Swindells given a real good go at making that berth his.
  4. Maddison is superb and will prove this when back to full fitness ( which may not actually be that soon ) hope this op clears the issue as it’s affected him for quite a while
  5. I’ve made my points. They are considered and informed and I stand by them. I’m not trying to convince anyone or change minds so it’s all faintly pointless anyway.
  6. Most of you simply don’t ( maybe can’t? ) understand my position. Yes, he generally did well for this club. Not perfect but a good base to build from. Let’s be honest though we were a good club with a few quid and should never have found ourselves in league one. But yes, he did a good job for us overall. here’s the points you simply cannot get your heads around. I’ll make them this one more time and please try to understand them. If you cannot, then remove yourself from your echo chamber and go and watch some other football and educate yourselves and come back to it 1) he has failed in pretty much every other managerial spell. Some of you have tried to frame his Derby spell as something other than failure. ( and yet criticise a manager who has us 5th in the PL !!!) 2) his non footballing manner and behaviour have at times been disgusting and brought disrepute on the club. 3) he should never return to this club. I imagine we agree on this since those of us who actually think about it realise he’d be disastrous for us. Those of you who idolise the man are concerned that the legacy of the best football manager ( who was simply been unlucky in all his other failed adventures) might ruin his sparkling legacy. it’s now time to agree to disagree. I see him as a deeply flawed character but accept he achieved success here ( but arguably nowhere else), you all see something in him that I don’t, many football club boards don’t, neutrals don’t and that’s the stats simply don’t support.
  7. Dunno; I doubt they'll lose much fitness in that time, but maybe you're right. How are the clubs with ongoing European commitments coping? Will the Wolves lot, for example, get any time off?
  8. Here's a question for you then.. do you think he'd have been suspended and then sacked/mutually consented out if Derby weren't 20th and IIRC within not many points of rock bottom? Would you concede that his performance as manager probably did feed in to the parting of ways and that we probably can describe that reign as a failure? If not then I simply give up and you win, he's brilliant and everything bad that happens to clubs he manages is definitely nothing to do with him. No siree!
  9. Starting Pillars of Eternity - but on PS4. Am I mad? Gone for MEDIUM difficulty. Don't know if I should have gone for hard?
  10. Obvious troll is obvious. Well done for keeping me on the hook for so long.
  11. You don't get to speak for the entire fan base. To be honest you sound more like a Pearson fan than a Leicester fan, so suggest you'd be happier following him to whatever Championship club hires him next, where he will last about 8 months and get sacked and you'll then claim it was the club, not him, that failed. Rinse and repeat. Cheerio.
  12. I suspect that IF he stays injury free and IF he still has the heart, then this is a decent acquisition for Brighton. If either of those things aren't true though, its a big financial outlay
  13. Tell me the unbalanced part. He's succeeded here. He's done okay but unremarkably in my view at Carlisle and his stint at Southampton. He's failed everywhere else. Lots of you are making excuses ie 'but HULL are rubbish or but DERBY are rubbish,' well, he was their manager and he took the jobs! I've spared you the absolute car crash of his tenure at Leuven! Failure is failure. I don't see my few as unbalanced at all. I don't even think he's a terrible manager, but the fact that after he's shown his mental instability, failure to ever adapt, tactical rigidity and his notorious, inexcusable long barren runs, its absolutely embarrassing that some of you lot yearn for his return when we are 5th in the PL! If that's unbalanced then yeah, I'm unbalanced. Rather be that than a fanboy zealot who ignores the facts though! But hey, he all make our choices. I go for reason and the evidence I see. You go for the Pearson/Leicester love-in narrative. Fine. Let's agree to disagree.
  14. Dodgy United penalty, like the play off heartbreaks? Or last minute shinned winner, ala Claridge, a very tired Tielemans hitting this one?
  15. Spot on. Enjoy it mate. Cheers!
  16. I'm looking forward to it as an event, because I've managed to hopefully make it more about a barbecue and lots of beer and a day of football... but I know during the actual matches I'll be terrible. Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. I wish all directly involved at the club courage to get the job done and I wish all supporters serenity!
  17. I'm just not in your cosy little Leicester /NP echo chamber. Living outside of the area and talking with other intelligent football (non-Leicester) fans can really widen your horizons. There's a whole world out there!
  18. I'm wondering about the number of households now and the current rules, so for any 'rona-police reading, I'm not in Maidstone at all; I live in a little village at the base of Mt Everest.
  19. I'm quietly dreading it, but all are good mates of mine and I just hope to try to wring some enjoyment out of it. I've actually come to terms with all eventualities regardless and I think the most likely is Chelsea and United make the CL, but we and Wolves have had great seasons (so there will be some solace there). I'll be able to toast the success of the teams and celebrate with the winning fans at the end regardless. I know that sounds magnanimous etc now, but its a bit like 15/16 in that the most palpable feeling might just be relief when its done and who knows, I might end up feeling bitter about it all and just throwing them out!
  20. Haha; no mate. Maidstone. Which is why its so bizarre I have 4 Wolves fans coming.. I play at a bowls club down here with 120 adult members. 6 of them are Wolves fans it turns out. I have no idea how. In happier times, we all go together to watch Maidstone United so it'll be good to be back together watching some football
  21. Watching it at home tomorrow with three tvs set up and three sky boxes; got 4 wolves fans (I know, how in gods name do i know 4 wolves fans), 2 Leicester, 2 United and 2 Chelsea fans coming over. Our match and the wolves match on the TV as well as SSN to keep an eye on the relegation picture. Plenty of beer... and then try to enjoy it for what it is, knowing we as fans can't affect it.
  22. I 100% agree, but maybe we are just getting old.
  23. Yeah, much better to just choose to give credit for the good bits and excuses for the bad bits. He did positive things for this club overall; but I don't understand the bloody Messiah complex some of you have. I am able to take a balanced view; he did well here but has been awful in most other jobs. You prefer to ignore all the negatives as he's your precious NP. Both are absolutely fine, but if you can't see that one is partisan and flawed, then there's no point me discussing it any further with you. (But I do think you're a bit old for the posters on the wall) Have a great weekend.
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