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  1. The People's Hero


    The day Alex learns to keep his hands to himself at these sort of events, is the day I stop attending!
  2. Benitez will be back at some point, surely? I know he's earning a fortune, but he must wonder what he's doing out there? And you can earn a huge wedge getting your contract paid up by Watford 3 months in to a managerial stint. Sod it - I'll do it.
  3. Quique Flores would be best advised not to move far. He'll be back in charge by March.
  4. I felt the same sort of way about Michael Carrick who was either being raved about or slagged off; I felt he was quite down to earth and talked some sense and always rated him in an under-stated sort of way. You don't get too many of these characters at United, but I liked Carrick. Think a night out with say Phil Jones, Michael Carrick, Steve Guppy and Marc Albrighton and any one of us would manage to be the life of the party. Wonder if any of them would put their hands in the pocket to cover it all?
  5. The People's Hero


    I did agree on the shirts, but I saw a fella on Only Connect recently (I'm an intellectual type - I was waiting for University Challenge to start)... anyway this fella had an absolute shocker on.
  6. I quite like Phil Jones. I saw a hilarious compilation of his defending recently, including his various 'front crawls'. I do enjoy his realism though and lack of airs and graces. He seems to accept his limitations and always gives his all. He didn't offer himself the big contracts or the England caps and he'd be a fool not to accept them. Refreshingly self-aware and one of not many premier league footballers who I reckon you could have a decent beer and chat with. This is the cue for news stories next week about drink driving, adultery, burning £50 notes or something like that.
  7. Is failing England Cricket XI coming to the Switch? Awesome.
  8. The People's Hero


    ps Excellent inner circle night out last night; thanks especially to Manwell Pablo for getting me home safely! xxx
  9. The People's Hero


    Not been banned in ages. Must up my posting activity.
  10. The People's Hero


    Ah! FIF is gone! That's it. I had been finding the forum strangely readable. Thanks.
  11. The People's Hero


  12. Not going to be the boring insurance guy (oh go on then!).... there are many different types, grades, composites etc of cladding, each with its own uses and profile. Cladding does not automatically equal bonfire. That's better. Thanks for indulging me.
  13. There's no success like failure; and failure's really no success at all.
  14. I got myself a bit stuck in a hugely well paid job, with loads of people I hated, loads of politics, loads of people promoted to positions they were incapable of (and perhaps not interested in) doing properly. It was a good salary (around 3x the salary of my previous job) and it was provincial in that it was close to where I and my family lived and not in London. I'm now running my own thing and obviously earning a huge amount less, but I'm much happier. The money side is tough to swallow but at some point you have to ask yourself what you want from life.
  15. Torreira is a decent player, but Ndidi is far better. I do rate Torreira though.
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