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  1. Thanks. He needs a 'friend' for a current challenge. Can someone please send us a request?
  2. Hi All, Been meaning to jump in this thread for a while. Friend of mine had managed to get this son (12) interested in walking and exercise with pokemon go. I do a hell of a lot of walking and I've been trying to get my son (7) involved with me to get him away from just sitting on the ipad all day. Pokemon go seemed a great distraction and so we've started playing pokemon go. What I mean by that really is that I know where some of the basic station or gyms or whatever are and he's happy to come on a walk with me providing we stop at the park, stop at the lake to feed the ducks, and visit some pokestops and also catch some pokemon as and when we stop walking for a rest. So far so good, but he's now asking me questions I can't answer... please can you help me with following: We have loads of pidgeys etc. I know you can get rid for candy... should I be doing this? How do we decide which one to keep? Trial and error we put a Mr Mime in a local gym our team (YELLOW!) holds. What is the point of this? Any benefit? Can the pokemon get stronger as a result? We had to choose a buddy - he loved the crab so our buddy is a crab. Does it really matter which pokemon is your buddy? Whats it all about? At pokestops we get razzberries or gifts. My boy often throws the fruit before the ball to catch... should he? What are the 'gifts' for? Incubators... are they multi-use or do they get 'used up'? How do you make your pokemon stronger other than spending candies on them? Is there another way or not? Any point in battling? Any other tips you can give us? I don't know how long he'll continue wanting to walk with me; but its really got him even enjoying the outdoors; so its been a great benefit already. Our trainer code is 3675 7786 2888 - Dylan would be delighted if you'd become a friend ! James
  3. Nico likes those with dedication to improve their game who he considers to be 'coachable'. Not a huge fan of Dearden myself. Perhaps he will come good. Very pleased to see Swindells getting some games. There is a definite player in there.
  4. Is this because I live down in the SE? How's things anyway mate?
  5. Jofra Archer batting with no arm guard and wearing his flash watch!!
  6. Make no mistake about it, Hazelwood is a top drawer bowler and very effective in English conditions.
  7. I'm quite envious of your username there, foxheadfoxheadfoxhead.
  8. Even the President of the United States must sometimes stand naked.
  9. Might be buying a Skoda Superb L&K estate. Anyone had one? Any advice? (Aside from the 20 year old schtick of don't buy a skoda?)
  10. Not convinced. Brilliant player though in all forms of the game. Always guaranteed figures like 50/6 if he bowls against us, and a quick 80 or so.
  11. I agree but my comment was based on the FACT that any show of dissent and you’re on dangerous ground. LCCC supporters should know that more than most. I completely understand the reaction since it clearly wasn’t out, but various cricketing authorities have been known to overreact or not show common sense in the past. Ive been given out when not out loads of times but also probably had a few decisions go my way. I reserved the moaning for the pavilion or pub. That said, I never played a World Cup semi final. I also never got to 85. Anyway. Bring on NZ.
  12. Reckon Bairstow might have gone for a long walk round the boundary a few times when Roy was on his way back!
  13. Wonder if they'll suspend him for the final. I can understand his reaction, but it was a bit disgusting. Hope no young players go on to emulate it. If you're given, you're out (review aside).
  14. They are getting increasingly desperate. Time to put out a story Morgan has a release clause of £25million we've been trying to keep quiet.
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