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  1. Weird isn't it? I mean look at the available players (the squads today) and you just can't see how they might have pulled that off?
  2. We are having an unbelievable season. We need to grind out results now with what is left. Vardy needs a rest. He needs to be allowed to recover and come back as himself. But seriously, we are still having a brilliant season. Still chance of top 4 and FA Cup; but we absolutely must just show mental strength now. Anyone expecting buccaneering and high pressing football; please please just re-adjust your expectations. These guys are human and whilst other teams can rotate, we no longer can. This is now a 'hanging in there' job.
  3. Evans is on the list with Vardy, Maddison and Ndidi who ideally would have played less (I say this with 'insight' but can say no more). Barnes and Justin injuries were rotten luck.
  4. Its a bit more complicated than that, and the departures did help, but you have to think about what King Power do......
  5. Think he'd benefit from a rest. Assuming Mendy isn't still carrying a knock, I'd be inclined to play Mendy v Burnley.
  6. You realise Vardy is injured and probably needs a week or so of not playing at all and that we've picked up 2 x more injuries today. Look at our bench. This is the strongest we can be. Nacho and Under will be playing.
  7. I bet the likes of Arlott-John and the 13 year old Pennant can't wait to be on the bench vs Burnley. 'Dream come true' etc etc.
  8. Ok - which one was available and good enough and within budget ? I assumed you were talking Eduoard and that was my assumption so I apologise.
  9. If Celtic and Eduoard had really wanted a deal to happen in January then yeah it would have been and he'd be playing now. But perhaps in a different colour shirt than you might think
  10. Spot on. You can have an invite to the 'IQ controlled' Foxestalk-Elite once its launched.
  11. Let's be clear here, the company is almost zero to do with these commentators and I imagine they don't approve of it either.
  12. Eh? You know how it feels to have a couple of centre backs injured?
  13. 88th minute: Jamie Vardy goes down, banging the turf, clutching his knee. Looks like his career is over as he is stretchered off, but not before the referee issues him with a yellow card for simulation, grinning whilst doing so and physically ticking it from the bucket list he carries with him at all times.
  14. Correct; but I reckon Rotherham wouldn't be upset to send Hirst back! Maybe we've blocked their number though!
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