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  1. Im doing Odyssey instead. Trying to convince myself I don't need a PS5
  2. Many thanks. I'm very tempted by it, but not sure I want to spend the money. I'm just so bored today.
  3. If I buy it digitally for PS4, then I buy a PS5, how does that work? Can I just re-download the PS5 version for free? What about my progress?
  4. Relax guys, workstreams have been mobilised. Whatever that means. Sounds bloody impressive.
  5. When we stop reducing every issue and challenge to being about money, we might get somewhere. If you ever stop to speak to actual nurses; I doubt you'll find the entered the profession out of greed, or want of money and I also see from your post that you understand this entirely, so whilst I'm quoting you, I agree with you. The point I'm making is that I think the constant talk of money within the NHS completely obfuscates the issue which is more likely around working conditions, which I know for fact has alienated caring nurses from the NHS.
  6. You have to accept in life that there are no definitive answers. You just have to have trust in some higher being that it was done for the right reasons. Faith I think they call it.
  7. I don't know quite what to make of that, but its a resounding yes from me.
  8. Community effort wasn't it? I do feel like its meandering its way to a close now, but perhaps there is a second coming, another dawn, an indian summer, a Nampalys Mendy, a slightly ashen covered phoenix? I think I've ever drunk too much coffee or I'm taking my coffee too strong these days.
  9. That's an extremely weak recovery; but thanks for trying.
  10. He's a brilliant player. If the attitude is there and he wants it enough, then lets do it.
  11. Found the guy who can't read.
  12. Maybe we should set up some social games against each other. That could be cool. It'd be great if Foxestalk had some Chess functionality. @Mark ? Possible? Did I dream that this sort of thing existed on here once? Why am I dreaming about Foxestalk?
  13. The notation thing is a huge challenge to me as well; I just can't visualise it and it takes me ages to work it out.
  14. Done. Been trying to shake you for a while!
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