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  1. Could the first part be 'sweet notions...'
  2. Here comes the ECB's long awaited excuse to chuck us out. Who's going to develop Nottingham's first team of 5 year's time now though?
  3. Listening to the album now for the first time.
  4. Moths to a flame mate! (ps did I miss something? I just jumped straight in)
  5. Found my new favourite thread.
  6. Top one - Dead in the water. Second one - Acid Test.
  7. Hi M, hope you're well mate. Your recollection is spot on. He was an absolutely top bloke as well.
  8. Soyuncu very likely to see red if he puts a single foot out of place. Mike Dean show.
  9. How has Rudiger actually got away with that? Textbook. Basically a professional foul.
  10. I’m one of those filthy ref apologists but mike dean is an absolute melon
  11. Sensible reffing Bound to be eating my words at some point as ref takes centre stage. Noticed they’ve not been so desperate to do so with no stage tho !
  12. Or buy chilwell at halftime and sub him on.
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