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  1. Sh it. We have a hot tub and 5 people in the family. Better bloody hope no one gets the wrong end of the stick and sends the police round.
  2. Bit of an injury concern but he'd immediately be our best bowler if he signed IMO. And yeah that Sainsburys is terrible, but its very easy to go in and buy a few bottles of wine and then walk in to the ground. KCCC must wonder why the bar sales are so low.
  3. Ivan Thomas is a super shout. Nice bloke and really just needs regular cricket and I think he'd be great for us.
  4. Players have come back from ACL... but Pereira is so rapid and dynamic and full blooded in everything he does that a 10% reduction anywhere, even if its in his own conviction, will be hugely damaging. Fingers crossed.
  5. The two players I watched at various points yesterday who genuinely looked a cut above were James Maddison and James Rodriguez. Both just have the time and the quickness of thought. Lovely touches. That's high praise.
  6. The plan was to sign a RB and a LB, but I knew from way before the signing that the first (and possibly only) in would be a RB. Justin and Castagne can both play either side. Ricardo's injury might mean he's never the same player again. We shall see.
  7. Wouldn't be the first time we'd asked, but I've heard nothing about it this time round. Guy has got the potential to be brilliant; or to be another Demarai Gray.
  8. Is there DLC for it already or did I imagine that? I'm imagining a complete edition might come at some point and maybe that would be a better, more fleshed out proposition.
  9. That took them a while to think up There will be NDAs and privacy clauses around the whole thing but yeah this is bullsh1t. I’d file this particular club ‘line’ alongside Elvis Hammond’s (ankle) ‘injury’.
  10. Brooks or McNeil would certainly be more expensive. English tax.
  11. I'm in agreement. Shame I just sit at home all the time.
  12. Good to have the chebs thread back
  13. Having a bit of a sort out and I have a bunch of Steam Keys someone may want. Hope they work - they are duplicates where I must have picked stuff up in bundles. 2 I spotted for definite are Vampyr and The Forager. Anyone keen give me in a DM.
  14. My work day is quiet and I am gravitating toward some gaming. CK3 looks unreal but I think I'm going to go for a new FM save. You lot have inspired me.
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