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  1. Two poor decisions against Derby tonight including this one
  2. They've doubled it to 40% today (Hurrah!) It was 80% for the first lot and 70% for the second.
  3. Have we ever had a player who's looked this good in his first two appearances for the club? (Apart from Junior Lewis, obviously)
  4. I am indeed of the same vintage. It's quite staggering how many younger lasses - late 20s, early 30s - who show interest. What is wrong with them?
  5. Sadly not, Stan. Very occasionally you can get a +1 for matches but in this Covid era not a chance. I know how lucky we are to do what we do and be able to see these matches.
  6. We were 12th when Puel was sacked and we finished 9th that season. We finished 5th in his first full season and made a cup semi and cup quarter. His overall PL stats are: P53 W26 D10 L17 (avg 1.66ppg) scoring 96 and conceding 58 so GD of +38 Probably sound like a broken record but BR is a good fit for us. He might not take us into the top four. He might not win a trophy with us. But that doesn't mean he'll be some kind of failure - unless you think we should be ripping it up every season. PS He's not beyond criticism and he has some stubborn tr
  7. First experience of it (and the worst one of the lot) was five years ago, been sporadic since, not that often to be fair. Old age I guess.
  8. Decided to shave my head completely when I was 30. No regrets at all. A lot of blokes though think it somehow makes them less of a man which is absolute bollox.
  9. Was working at Notts Forest last night Today I'm suffering severe lower back pain I don't think these things are related but fookin struggling to move
  10. I'm extremely lucky that I'll be there working but my mum wants to watch it and she's old and can't work hooky streams so she's got PPV set up.
  11. I've got one. It's... quality. If anything, I think a lot of fans went too easy on him for too long. Plenty didn't want to believe the stories of the absolute destruction he was causing in the club, with players, backroom members and general club staff. When you've got the most mild-mannered bloke in Andy King going properly two-footed in that Times article it's worth taking a listen. Of course we're going over old ground and I will always be a vocal critic but within the inner sanctums it really was a toxic environment which he created. Any good th
  12. For when the numbers come up on Euromillions....... wow. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-85869571.html
  13. I've worked with a lot of people in the football media over the past 30 years and I can safely say if I was picking a handful of them for a dinner party, Chris Kamara would definitely be in there. Only really got to know him since the tragic events of two years ago when he was very kind to me in the immediate aftermath. Genuinely warm and funny - one of those people who nobody says a bad word about.
  14. Haha now that's a blast from the past !!
  15. The EU want to be as difficult as possible to show other countries who are thinking of leaving that it won't be easy, I get what they're doing. The UK's job is to look after us and not have the EU taking the p*** in any way.
  16. It was the back camera so about £60 to fix so having not had to pay that, it felt like I was actually paying £199 for a new phone
  17. Went to Highcross Apple store to get my iPhone 8 camera fixed, ended up trading it in and got a 2020 SE for £249 Happy with the deal.
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