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  1. I think finishing fifth or even sixth would not even be close to a sacking offence. That would really smack of entitlement. We're a young team by and large and there'll be peaks and troughs.
  2. I would say being in a title race and then finishing 11 points behind the champions and being third in a two horse race is worse but each to their own.
  3. As I've said on here a few times, if we fall away and don't make top four it'll be hugely disappointing given where we were at one point. However, it's a constant learning curve - like life in general. We've made massive progress from when Rodgers arrived notwithstanding the obvious frustrations since just before Christmas. I know our fans don't really care what any other fans think but I think we have to a be a little careful of appearing entitled like some of the other clubs we often mock. Third place is in our hands but I won't overly lose my shiit if we don't end up there.
  4. FWIW here are this weeks opinion polls. Not sure what we can read into them aside from the Tory vote being fairly stable.
  5. Someone said the cut off point between Glen Parva and Blaby is the railway line. New Bridge Road is included in lockdown yet Woodbank isn't ... which is where local Lib Dem councillor Geoff Welsh lives. Just a coincidence I'm sure...
  6. Agreed. Even if we don't make top four, it's been a bloody enjoyable season overall. If you can't enjoy a season which has produced some of the best quality football in our history and some incredible results, then you're probably the kind of person who struggles to find happiness in many things.
  7. The aim was to win the league obviously. Not a realistic aim, admittedly. I would've said 6th-8th would've been a more reasonable target at the start of the season. I think we sometimes forget that other teams are pretty good too. A helicopter crash is a disaster. If we finish fifth it would very disappointing in the context of the season but not a disaster.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1968_Olympics_Black_Power_salute
  9. Plenty of this being discussed in football circles. People say 12-15 points looking likely for Sheff Wed. With Wigan's deduction the relegation mix is even more fascinating. Even without Wigan/SW, just six points cover the bottom seven with 4 to play. Even eighth bottom Birmingham (10 without a win) are only 4pts above the drop zone.
  10. I assume too. Can't say it would probably float the boat of normal grown ups (of which I loosely class myself) but there's clearly something in the youth market for guff like this if he keeps doing it.
  11. Positive thought process, I like it. Could inspire us in the longer run, who knows. That certainly puts this season into some context if we don't make the CL. There's one extra round compared to the CL. Not exactly horribly long winded! What's playing on a Thursday got to do with anything? Do you think home games will be half empty? And if away games are half empty isn't that better for us ie less home support? It's not as jazzy or lucrative as the CL but let's try and keep a modicum of perspective. Imagine if we won the UEL - it would be bloody sensational, although some of our less than joyful fans would no doubt say: "Yeah but it's not the Champions League." It's like us winning the League Cup and saying: "Yeah but it's not as good as winning the FA Cup." Can't please some folk I suspect.
  12. I quoted two people in the post, yours to highlight the issue and then someone else who said they hated it, so it was aimed at them, not you.
  13. WTF?! Have we really become an entitled set of fans !?!?! Thank you for my gold star, my life is now worth something I did say our form has been poor since that Villa game. It would be a huge shame, given where we were, to miss out on CL. Not sure I'd call it "horrific" though. A "big disappointment" yes.
  14. Wow. It's not ideal at the moment but hate?
  15. Not sure I'd call Capoue a clogger. Why are they turning on him? Look where they were compared to where they are!
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