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  1. Sounds like he's still not learning lessons from past mistakes.
  2. It's easy done, he's only been on the team sheet for nine years and made over 350 appearances for us (Tbf, I have to check every time I write it!!)
  3. On my recent jogs/walks I've found most people to be pretty decent - they or I have moved wider, the other person generally acknowledging the situation with a smile or nod. There will always be a-holes but it's been good in my experience. Another benefit is seeing parts of local villages I didn't know existed, even though I've lived all my life in surrounding areas.
  4. Which team won the Premier League in 2015/16? Who were the League Cup winners in 1997 and 2000? Danny Drinkwater won a PL medal with which club? Which PL team won 9-0 earlier this season? Pontus Kamark played PL football for which club?
  5. When I had a season ticket in the late 90s, lower tier, Carling Stand, towards the kop end, there was a guy or two who spent every game slagging off Steve Guppy. He was definitely underrated by some of our fans.
  6. Aint no sunshine in your humour...
  7. For some people, it's not a lovely day.
  8. You can make a good case for a number of sporting things being 'the greatest achievement'. Equally you can do the same for 'the greatest story'. LCFC fall into both categories. Whether it's the greatest achievement or greatest story doesn't hugely matter. The fact we did what we did over eight years in the modern era (from Div3 to CL quarters) we should be massively proud.
  9. I was once in a band called Prevention. We were better than Robert Smith's band.
  10. Loads of great sports documentaries on BT, including the ESPN 30x30 series. Among those I've enjoyed - The Marinovich Project - Once Brothers - Tommy - Team Of the Eighties - I Believe In Miracles - Shoulder To Shoulder - One Day In May
  11. Went on a long walk, instead of further damaging my calf by running, managed 10k, which was 1,170 calories. Loving the Strava app giving loads of info. (Keeping it private for the time being)
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