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  1. This is trending on Twitter so might be classed as "news"
  2. Really pleased to see him doing so well. Will continue to support him and his smart analysis.
  3. Look, I'm not going to post the political polls from the past week which showed leads for Conservatives over Labour of: +9 +9 +7 +8 +7 ...because this would be totally the wrong thread for it.
  4. If we abolish the rich that's all MPs, all top level footballers, all film stars, job creating businesses and loads more. It's almost like she hasn't thought it through! And posting political polls in a politics thread which some didn't like because the results didn't suit them FWIW, nobody was trolling anyone. Cheers, Jeff x
  5. Kemy Agustien played under Rodgers at Swansea.
  6. These are excellent points, Jon. I'm a big fan of 'wider perspective' and I think most of our fans have that. The noisier minority on social media / forums are generally more outspoken / angry.
  7. House is over 18 years old. I've been here almost 16 of them. Time to change the carpet. Is it the done thing these days to have the same colour carpet on the stairs, landings and bedrooms? Planning on some mid grey colour throughout. (Downstairs plus lounge, on middle floor, all have similar-ish colour vinyl/laminate flooring. Bathrooms have their own flooring.)
  8. Takes us into the top five once, maybe twice, maybe even top four. Takes us into quarter finals and semi finals, maybe also a final and potentially a trophy. He'll do for me.
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