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  1. UpTheLeagueFox

    No Vardy No party

    The manager runs the team. Always. A good manager (in any business) listens to his staff and takes on board other views. The players are not downing tools, players rarely do. They raise concerns and if they're not listened to there's an understandable frustration.
  2. UpTheLeagueFox

    Robert Huth on the LCFC 2015/16 fairytale

    This takes you to my Facebook page where I originally posted it >>> https://www.facebook.com/mrgeoffpeters/
  3. UpTheLeagueFox

    Robert Huth on the LCFC 2015/16 fairytale

    Good shout that.
  4. UpTheLeagueFox

    No Vardy No party

    What would you class as 'definitive and authoritative' then ... A played directly quoted saying the training should be changed and the manager doesn't listen to their concerns? That isn't how the media works. Players don't come out publicly but they let it be known through various channels. Nigel Pearson, for all his various faults, would listen to the big voices in the dressing room. There was a level of respect both ways. He would have the final say of course but if Wes/Kasper/King/Vardy etc had concerns he would always be open to acting on it. The bottom line is that there's an issue with training, it's slow and boring for a number of them, especially the day before a game. Instead of being fired up, they say it's the opposite. Puel, sadly, is not much of an inspirational figure. That shows in the training and, quite often, in matches.
  5. UpTheLeagueFox

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Yeah but but but you're just "cherry picking" a date to start from... we were sizzling before that in Puel's honeymoon period. You can't use a 10 month period to judge the manager. Well you can use the first three months of his tenure - but not the more recent 10 months
  6. UpTheLeagueFox

    No Vardy No party

    Long and slow apparently. And the amount they do the day before the game doesn't impress everyone either.
  7. UpTheLeagueFox

    No Vardy No party

    There's a frustration in the camp about training. That's it, pretty much. They can say what they like but it's up to the manager and coaches as to how they do it.
  8. UpTheLeagueFox

    No Vardy No party

    There is a balance to be struck between over training and under training. And when they train and for how long in those sessions. There is an issue which needs addressing quickly.
  9. UpTheLeagueFox

    No Vardy No party

    The way they train - how much and when etc - is a bone of contention in the dressing room.
  10. UpTheLeagueFox

    Premier League Home Form Since February

    Plenty of apathy last night. Fans much quieter than usual. The home form for much of 2018 has to be a concern. As Jordan Blackwell wrote for the Mercury today: "Puel cannot afford for boredom to set in, particularly at home, where City have won just four of their last 15 in the league. Supporters crave victory, but if that’s not achievable, they will accept excitement as a next-best option. If there’s neither, then there’s a problem."
  11. UpTheLeagueFox

    No Vardy No party

    I'm sure Puel will eventually realise how important Vardy is to us in the here and now, rather than fretting over what we might be in two years time, and he'll modify training accordingly for certain players.
  12. UpTheLeagueFox

    Puel’s arrogance (or blindness).

    The training regime needs looking at. No wonder we look so ponderous at times and pick up injuries.
  13. UpTheLeagueFox

    Premier League Home Form Since February

    If you don't think 15 home league games, more than three quarters of a home programme, over a 10 month period, is a reasonable amount of time to see where we are then that's up to you. If you think that, given the standard of opposition (only 3 of those 15 were against the big six), averaging a smidge over a goal a game and a smidge over a point a game, is more than acceptable at home then that's up to you. Stats are always cherry picked. They have to start somewhere. Okay, let's look at one whole home season, the last 19 home games. W6 D7 L6. F24 A21. 25pts. Average 1.31 pts per game. Average 1.2 goals per game. Hardly thrilling... and it's not even weighted properly as we only played four of the big six in that 19 game period. Okay, let's look at the last 38 league matches, home and away, one full season (or is that still cherry picking???) We have taken 45 points which is 1.18 points per game. Again that's not weighted properly either as we only played 10 times against the big six rather than 12 in that period. I'm not 'Puel out' as some think. I just want him to be better - if he is and results/performances improve then I'm a very happy Leicester fan.
  14. D Swansea 1-1 D Stoke 1-1 D Bournemouth 1-1 L Newcastle 1-2 D Southampton 0-0 L West Ham 0-2 W Arsenal 3-1 ------ W Wolves 2-0 L Liverpool 1-2 W Huddersfield 3-1 L Everton 1-2 D West Ham 1-1 D Burnley 0-0 W Watford 2-0 L Spurs 0-2