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  1. RdL has a PL winners medal and a Championship promotion medal from the same season. Bet not many others have managed that.
  2. Reach out if you need anything bud
  3. I know Faye fairly well, worked alongside her at Forest last week, never spotted the James Blunt thing until now! Will definitely mention this next time!!
  4. Managing in the goldfish bowl of Glasgow would certainly be filed under "Intensity" He really really didn't.
  5. That's a good read. I'm meant to be interviewing him next week (ahead of SheffU away which is a talkSPORT commentary game) and that will help with background prep.
  6. What a mess at Bury. One of the players (who used to be with us) calls out the owner on air. Compelling listen.
  7. "Apart from that, Mrs Lincoln, what did you think of the play.?"
  8. In the past few days I've spoken to a pal of mine and to a broadcaster - two very sensible people as it goes - who both work very closely with Sutton. They reckon he's as good a bloke as you'd wish to meet. I don't know what to think now!
  9. He's right about that bit! But his original tweet was totally unnecessary.
  10. Thanks Tommy. Funnily enough, a mate recommended them too. Will give them a call.
  11. Peter Johnson is one of the official scorers at Lord's for the second test He's the second XI scorer for Leics and a massive lcfc fan Top bloke too, great honour for him
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