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  1. What are they nicking you for?
  2. I'm sure not everyone will get your Daft Limmy reference
  3. I refuse to believe any "leftie" might be a hypocrite !!!!
  4. UpTheLeagueFox


    Amazing there some who do
  5. If people want to gamble in casinos or on horses or whatever, that's up to them. I'm not saying JM did a 'bad thing' - I just think it would've been wiser to keep a lower profile this weekend. This.
  6. Very little matters in life, that's true. Of course he doesn't have to quarantine himself. But it would've been wiser IMHO to not go to a casino that weekend.
  7. Going out to a casino, after he withdrew from an England squad due to illness, isn't the smartest move though.
  8. This is one theory which is doing the rounds. Another theory is that CR and RV have cooked this up to smoke someone else out but not sure I'm buying that. FWIW, I find it really hard to believe that Mrs V would flog stories for a few measly quid on the quiet when she can make some serious money herself and her OH is pretty wealthy anyway. Having spent a small amount of time in her company, my personal opinion - possibly an unpopular one - is that she's really down to earth and lovely.
  9. Anyone with experience of flying economy on Air France? (Legroom-wise, free booze etc)
  10. So the referendum would be: Deal vs No Deal Yes?
  11. Not enough Hinge and Bracket references on FT. Good work Bear!
  12. I am an individual then. Hurrah! #TattFree
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