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  1. Exactly my point, sir. Some fans don't "get it" though.
  2. Some fans demand to know your source(s) or they won't believe you.
  3. This thread inspired me to tweet about him today...
  4. Well done to Brendan Rodgers for the #TrebleTreble #CelticFC
  5. Football fans often boo their ex players / those who played for rival clubs / those who scored key goals against them / those who have criticised us It's all fairly pantomime stuff really.
  6. Done that occasionally myself. Feel a touch guilty yes (as it's cheeky) but it's not illegal.
  7. Dark glasses and a stick ... insert your own jokes!
  8. Always gave 100% and a genuine, lovely bloke too.
  9. "Leicester had not finished ninth or higher in consecutive top-flight seasons since 1967." While that is true we did finish 9th, 10th, 10th, 8th under MON which is pretty damn close and was a superb achievement at the time, along with the 2 League Cups.
  10. You clearly have an anti-Puel agenda, time to let it go mate
  11. @murphy - Don't worry, I can handle a wee bit of grief on a football forum And I'm sure @Buce is a real charmer in real life, unlike the stuff he posts on here.
  12. Quality from the Derby social media team, aimed at the anti-Lampard Leeds fans
  13. Interviewed him the day he arrived at Derby, across the season after games, and ahead of both legs in the play offs. Never ducked a question, always been polite, spoke well, plenty of smiles. Seems properly genuine to me.
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