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  1. If he'd been £15 million would that have changed your thinking? ie is it purely his pricetag which shapes your thinking on him? [Not spoiling for a fight mate, you know that! ha]
  2. PL: 9 goals, 4 assists. Yeah we want better numbers ideally but it's unfair to suggest he's done fook all positive for us.
  3. If our players do well - which we all hope they do - then they'll get linked with other clubs. It's never "the media trying to sell them" though. It's just the way the football press works.
  4. Barnes up top, Ricardo on the wing Or bring in Odsonne Edouard.......
  5. "Man on radio station which relies on people calling in for debates says something controversial (as he does every day) and gets loads of reactions." #shock
  6. There are plenty of "biggish" clubs who go down with players who are "too good for League One" but fanny about there for several years - Leeds, Forest, Ipswich, Sunderland etc. Let's never downplay that season - Pearson got them by the scruff and set us on a fantastic journey.
  7. Brendan Rodgers PL Record @ Leicester P 67 W.35 D.12 L.20 F.119 A.71 GD +48 Points = 117 I don't think anyone is Rodgers Out on FT - even if we (for example) lost the next 4 games I think those who can't warm to him would realise he's got some decent credit in the bank.
  8. Given what's gone on since, we often forget just how enjoyable the 13/14 Championship winning season was. The 4-1 win over Derby that year was as slick as anything.
  9. I spent the summer there working in 1996 as a holiday rep. Gave up the Radio Leicester gig for that. No regrets. It was worth it
  10. Same again today, marginally quicker, horrible out though. I like to think if I had a decent treadmill in my house I'd use it a lot. But like most things the novelty would probably soon wear off! Any recommendations for treadmills...?
  11. Exactly. The Moon landings were faked. So what? JFK's assassination was an inside job. So what? Deffo a waste of energy for me all that. Had a look over on Bentley's Roof recently and it's seriously paranoid, loony bin central in some of the threads. I think Gazza was mates with them #BucketOfKFC #FishingRod
  12. Great song. So much 90s quality in the dance arena Bucketheads, 2 Can Play That Game, Nightcrawlers, N Trance, Baby D, Ultra Nate, Show Me Love, Finally, The Shamen, Missing, U Sure Do, Livin Joy, Renegade Master etc
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