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  1. In case it hasn't been posted already (too many pages to check!)
  2. It's heartbreaking to lose in that way mate but we've given one of the big boys a big scare so let's not go hard on the players.
  3. True but making the quarter finals is more than we expected this season.
  4. And as if by magic, Ackerman gets out to probably the worst ball he's ever faced.
  5. Leics 7-2 already after 3 overs. Delany and Lilley gone. Jeez.
  6. Quite happy for Maddison to miss it. Needs to be eased back after injury.
  7. Seems to have developed into a very good player and best of luck to him. Not sure we made a mistake though. He never really got going with us. And without him we won the PL, reached CL quarter finals, got the highest ever top flight away win and qualified again for Europe through league position. I suppose we've done okay in his absence...
  8. King, Simpson, Silva and Slimani are all training with the U23s. PS. My nephew, a GK in the U11 academy, met King and Simpson at the training ground over the weekend. They were amazing with the kids (who were all understandably buzzing meeting football heroes) and Simpson even followed my nephew on Instagram (but don't ask me why an 11yo has Insta!!) I text both players to thank them and they replied how nice and respectful all the kids were. Doesn't take much to do these things but not all in football do. King and Simpson are genuine blokes and respect to them
  9. Whatever the Govt (or any Govt) do, there'll be millions screaming for something different. They try and help X - they're accused of not doing enough for Y There's risks in whatever they choose and they'll be hammered either way. Locking down to reduce deaths, the economy suffers and that's wrong. Try and re-energise the economy, deaths rise and that's wrong. Just seems impossible to find something to please the masses.
  10. That's a reasonable shout. You might be right.
  11. Mate of mine (he's 50 so not a recent-success-spoilt kid) is just not having Rodgers. In a text after the Man C game: "The capitulation under his 'guidance' indicates he just hasn't got what it takes, he hasn't got the mettle. The capitulation when we are faffing about in the second rate euro league will hurt even more. A great manager will deliver for the full season." Fair to say I think he's being a bit harsh!
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