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  1. UpTheLeagueFox

    Cricket 2018

    Buttler and Bess - sounds like a make of cheese - with a decent fightback, unbroken stand of 125 to avoid an innings defeat.
  2. UpTheLeagueFox

    Championship 2017/18

    Feel for Steve Bruce after a very tough few months personally but Fulham totally deserve it over the course of the season. Really pleasing on the eye more often than not.
  3. UpTheLeagueFox

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    We keep taking one step forward and two back. Nicko's got his work seriously cut out.
  4. UpTheLeagueFox

    How Was Your Day?

    Shocking news - today I discovered I didn't score in a World Cup Final in the two decades before I was born...
  5. UpTheLeagueFox

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    Ranieri wanted to push the boat out on Slimani and we ended up paying about double what he was probably worth. Love Claudio but blimey he didn't half tarnish his legacy in that second season with this and many other things.
  6. UpTheLeagueFox

    Let's have a films thread.

    Watched a few films on flights to and from Seattle. Not a massive choice and I'm not a massive film buff but... -Night At The Museum Secret Tomb Silly but funny, laughed out loud a fair bit -Enough Said Sweet, warm, enjoyable -Eddie The Eagle Better than expected, respect to him for his commitment, seems a good bloke -Three Billboards Outside Ebbing A difficult watch in places but totally compelling, best of the lot
  7. UpTheLeagueFox

    How Was Your Day?

    Walked around earlier in my LCFC away shirt. Got stopped by an American bloke, never been to England, but has the Tottenham crest tattooed on his leg. He was a nice fella so I didn't do the 'third in a two horse race' material. Think I might wear the shirt to baseball tomorrow.
  8. UpTheLeagueFox

    How Was Your Day?

    Flew to Seattle on Monday, doing some sightseeing for a few days. Baseball game tomorrow. No idea of the rules but they sell beer...
  9. UpTheLeagueFox


    Half decent end to a pretty poor and underwhelming season. Still young but needs to work harder on the pitch.
  10. UpTheLeagueFox

    Jamie Vardy

    At his age, he's got one big move left in him. Let's hope he doesn't take it this summer.
  11. UpTheLeagueFox

    Spurs 5 (FIVE) - Leicester 4 (FOUR)

    Agreed. Although I suppose the "celebs" would say they have to make a living and by charging it probably reduces people flogging signed merchandise etc.
  12. UpTheLeagueFox

    End of season Puel poll

    Nothing cryptic. I just want a change. I hope the owners do too.
  13. UpTheLeagueFox

    Spurs 5 (FIVE) - Leicester 4 (FOUR)

    Supply and demand, mate. Depends how desperate you want a signature/photo. Don't be annoyed! As for the game today, was fun to report on from a work perspective - I was earning my money with the goal updates - but the result was obviously mehhhhhh.
  14. UpTheLeagueFox

    End of season Puel poll

    He can go and go now. Thanks.
  15. UpTheLeagueFox

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    Leics 119/2, lead by 132