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  1. NFFC Chris

    What gigs are you going?

    Bastard .Bloodstock will do me,should be a good line up as always.May go to see Napalm Death as they are coming back to Birmingham for a one off gig this month.Also possibly will go to see Defenders of the Faith II with Lamb Of God and Dimmu Borgir headlining in February
  2. NFFC Chris

    Guilty pleasures

    I like a lot of 80's synthpop,which really goes against the norm of my usual music tastes and is very much a guilty pleasure!
  3. NFFC Chris

    How Was Your Day?

    Just your average day really,lust is in the air for me,I have a strong chemistry with this girl at college and hopefully it will only be a matter of time before something materilises!
  4. NFFC Chris

    How Was Your Day?

    Well went to Cheltenham to watch the mighty reds win 3-0.Could'nt ask for any more really
  5. NFFC Chris

    How Was Your Day?

    Throughly miserable,argument after argument with the most annoying person I've ever met at college today,who tries his best to distract me through lesson.And to top it off I've come home to a not so happy household with a row erupting between my mother and brother with me caught in the crossfire.This tops my week off where I'm really worried about a close friend who could have a sexually transmitted disease and another friend who is possibly being cheated on.Glad to have got that off my chest!