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  1. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink. Milan Mandaric wanted him, but Martin Allen didn't agree to signing him (iirc). https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/mandaric-backs-allen-over-hasselbaink-move-to-leicester-6605930.html
  2. Can see it from I am, on the border of Queniborough and Syston.
  3. Wymsey

    Corona Virus

    Agree entirely. Some are quite possibly doing more potential harm, than good, in using these gloves all the time. I'd rather use proven hand sanitiser throughout the day when in the house, before getting in and out the car etc. - I had to use one of these PPE today on a ward at LRI - which was quite uncomfortable for a while around the ears, and it got in the way at times when bending as it got caught against a service here and there.
  4. Alan Birchenall lives only up the road from you, in Mountsorrel.
  5. Try translating the page to something like Arabic and then see how you get on..
  6. What advice would you, personally, give to those that are battling depression?
  7. Wymsey

    Corona Virus

    Saw a lot of people around very close to each other today in the surrounding local areas, Think it's safe to assume that some think this period is some sort of holiday with the kids etc..
  8. A Leicester City quiz (not the hardest): https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52094862 10/10!! Congratulations you are the ULTIMATE Leicester City fan!!! There's no stopping you now... wear that shirt, wave that scarf and show your favourite football team off to the world!
  9. There's one in Barrow-Upon-Soar, next to the Co-op, but not sure if it's open currently.
  10. Wymsey

    Corona Virus

    I read earlier on the BBC website that the government dismissed claims from Russia that he was on one today. How would the latter know about his situation?
  11. Wymsey

    Corona Virus

    It's really not the right time to discuss what he's like, politically. As a nation, we should all root for him and hope he pulls through. Politics means **** all, at the moment.
  12. Wymsey

    Corona Virus

    Wasn't expecting this, especially he was apparently initially taken in as a precautionary measure (advised to go to hospital by his doctor).
  13. Wymsey

    Corona Virus

    Am lost for words.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-52183888
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