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  1. Can't the club just 'mutually terminate' their contracts? Allowing the club to free up their wage costs, and these individuals to start a new chapter elsewhere.
  2. Am just hoping Mourinho doesn't do too well; he just doesn't sit right with me as a coach/manager now compared to his Chelsea time.
  3. Wymsey


    Fair play, Billy. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54189703 Hope this is the start of a happier life.
  4. Top three. Perhaps wouldn't have been if the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United weren't in 'transitional' phrases.
  5. That, at times, felt like the 'old' Arsenal under their more successful periods under Wenger. Have to admit, the way that Arteta wants them to play can be quite good on the eye sff times.
  6. Like when he was when he was one of the heads of the consortium that helped as he LCFC all of those years ago, him and financial greed aren't a good match.. Imagine if he refused a salary deduction, the salary was kept as it was before and he continued to be on-air at the BBC? - There'd be critics left, right and centre; let alone some of the reaction from some on this forum. To be fair, he needs an ego to host and follow-through such a highly-popular football show well in order to keep the audience entertained - look at Jeff Stelling on Gillette Soccer Special; he can both be humorous and other things to keep the 'banter' etc flowing during the programme.
  7. Motorcyclists who rev their engines down town/village roads late in the night.
  8. Can see him helping the under-21 forwards developing, with the aim of getting any of them into the first-team squad. If Vardy was to go into management, wouldn't feel he'd do well - as he will probably lack the ability of managing others and getting all players on his side etc. Can imagine Evans, Praet, Castagne and Fuchs having the right personalities to have a good go at football management.
  9. Fair play to Gary. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54119758
  10. Potentially, he's going to be some player.. Looks so confident on the ball and has a strong desire to help forward.
  11. 4-0. Press like today and the team will have the right keys to open and move the parked bus in Burnley easily.
  12. Tottenham just look so average whenever watching them. They lack quite a bit of flair often.
  13. Has anyone been to the Richard III Museum and, if so, would you recommend it for a casual tour?
  14. He'd be definitely turning in his grave now, if he knows what such a state it is in now/has been for ages..
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