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  1. Thought we won the Charity Shield in the 70's?
  2. You can get it back, by clicking on the cross next to the emoji you used for the original post - although that wouldn't be fair on him..
  3. This triumph shows that he's improved as a manager, become more-rounded, whilst the club is still continually growing.
  4. Great, well-deserved. A testament to the 'project'.
  5. It just shows you the sheer spectrum length of proper v poor club ownership (Vichai/Top compared to Mel Morris etc). There should be big fan protests about this from them really, considering that football can do a lot for the local economy.
  6. And @Ian Stringer and @Alan Young.
  7. Imagine the best way possible to restart the local pub etc economy with a massive FA celebration next month.
  8. Am sure The Birch will be attending? Wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Vaz is going as well..
  9. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/local-news/callous-driver-left-student-die-5412499
  10. I've never personally met him but, from the numerous tributes left for him, he seemed a sound young man. RIP. Also, @Rincewind.
  11. Bet some Derby fans are quite relieved the Spanish guy isn't going to buy them. He very much seemed to be in cuckooland with his ideas and targets for the club.
  12. It was a privilege to see him play, and who knew what would happen the season after. Convinced it was a marquee signing made by Top/Vichai, but it certainly paid off.
  13. Looks decent. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/couple-make-leicester-city-fc-5401369
  14. If it was Rangers v Celtic, there'd be around 10,000 available.
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