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  1. Stoke seem to have the toughest run-in, but we know the Championship is can be very unpredictable.
  2. Think this guy would need advice on pronouncing it..
  3. Why has Bale been silly recently, with Champions League titles under his belt and knowing that he's at the peak of his career? Alleged to be messing about in the stands At least it'll wind Real Madrid more, now, considering how harshly treated he's apparently experienced at the club. Karma, etc?
  4. They'll probably likely to get relegated, sadly, but am really pleased for Wigan today. Even if they won 1-0, would still be chuffed for them.
  5. Wymsey


    Males Hair Salon, Syston.
  6. You're probably right, given that it may appear likely now the Premier League will approve their new prospective owners.
  7. This'll give Solskjaer a lesson in that no matter how effective your forwards can be, other things can costly let you down in just a few seconds. - Whenever I see Ole, he reminds me off this fella off Goosebumps..
  8. He'd be an upgrade on Joelinton, who I'm not sure why they purchased him for a reported £40 million.. But, he's better off here where he has developed him game under Rodgers and seems to be doing thriving quite.
  9. Just like he is in being very analytical and studious in his game plans, just hope he analyses his managerial mistakes yesterday and understand why the certain decisions yesterday led to a performance collapse.
  10. Serge Aurier's brother reported to have been shot dead in France.
  11. Think they'll actually be quite happy to sit back and try and be more defensive. They've got Everton and Southampton afterwards, who have botheven been more dodgy than we have this season, so will probably think - after our Bournemouth defeat - we'll be looking for a strong reaction against them.
  12. Drink-driving arrest after police incident on St. Nicholas Road earlier. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/live-updates-police-incident-st-4321184
  13. So, Oxford or Wycombe for promotion later on? Don't mind either, personally, but am going for Oxford - it would be a very fitting end of the season after the death of their legend, Jim Smith, who won promotion twice with them.
  14. Used to like Guardiola a few years back, but it seems the money he has at his disposal - the more, as others have said, the more arrogant he's become along with an annoying 'holier than thou' attitude. Wouldn't be missed if he left English football, now.
  15. This image only springs to mind with this decision..
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