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  1. Awful news, sorry to hear it Webbo.
  2. One of my American friends tells me they were initially pulled over for having something dangling from their rearview mirror. Just another spurious law to justify spurious stops. That puts the victim blaming into perspective I should think.
  3. So I've clearly had a very successful time escaping the claws of tv because I'm only just hearing about this. Rip Phil.
  4. Please read your source's sources, specifically the 2 scholarly articles they link. Hopefully you will understand what is written better than they do.
  5. Can you link the actual context? I find it hard to believe only 300 asymptomatic cases were found from a pool of >10m when it's fairly common knowledge that asymptomatic infection makes up a significant number of cases. I can source that for you too before you ask. I'm not going to take the word of an out of context paragraph over a sourced study which shows its methodology then concludes that: It's obviously something that happens, this is a pointless side discussion akin to arguing the earth is flat.
  6. Honestly shocked you need a source but ok. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2774707?utm_source=For_The_Media&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=ftm_links&utm_term=010721
  7. Believe it when I see it. The government have carried out plenty enough studies, but only so they can say they're acting on the science when they ignore it.
  8. That's the quote given to CFM by the University. That the article has given a very different impression to you proves my point.
  9. No because it's a nothing term used to trick you into rubbishing any socially positive action without applying critical thought.
  10. This is actually what I'm getting out so thanks for saving me the time. There's no logic to the complaints, it's just people with no vested interest in the courses in question acting on instinct because of an article worded to fuel their outrage and gain clicks. It's very possible that somebody who is of a mind to study music at University would appreciate the course offering a broader education.
  11. I didn't realise we had so many keen classical music enthusiasts.
  12. Oh ok, yeah that sounds like a better idea let's do that.
  13. Spot on, the big boys should be looking at Rice very closely, Tielemans isn't worth their time.
  14. Because it's not their birthday?
  15. I only installed it on my phone to get the 5IV, 0 speed Melmetal and the HA starters it gets you on Home for use in SwSh. But if he plays real pokemon and wants one of my 0 speed Ferrothorns for SwSh tell him to hit me up, I have hundreds of the buggers from an ongoing shiny hunt.
  16. I didn't even know there was an England match on today, only just found out after visiting the BBC page and having a laugh at the difference in tone between McNulty's take on the match (inspired, positive, class) and the comments section which sounded much more like how I imagine any England game (boring, negative, lifeless). As others have touched on though it's an apathy borne out of the big-6 sycophancy. For a brief spell I thought Southgate might be breaking the status quo, but after the Croatia match where the game was crying out for Vardy at half time and he didn't get throw
  17. Of course not, those who will speak up to defend it wouldn't want it stopping there anyway
  18. Hang on, if the people stringing that narrative are on the left is there not a good chance they're talking from personal experience? I mean if it was a Tory saying it then fair enough that you might assume they're trying to poison the well, but when you have the people who will have seriously considered voting Lib Dem/might even have done so saying it that's not something you should so easily dismiss.
  19. So I just looked at this on steam and it's apparently a free game? Am I missing something?
  20. Typical Lahndahn football fan suckered in by the big names and bright lights. Looks at the names up the top and assumes we must be the weakest one because it's Leicester.
  21. Apologies if already posted but this little anecdote touched me. Imagine that happening today! RIP Frank
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