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  1. Tbf I have strongly considered him, but I've just removed Azpilicueta for Alonso so trying to fit him into my team results in this: Which I'm not convinced is better than having Matic and King (instead of McArthur and Firmino). I dunno, I'm bound to make more changes before it all kicks off anyway
  2. Cheap, not povo: King came 5th for fantasy points from strikers last year and Jesus is a goal a game player. Gayle admittedly is a bit of a risk but he tore up the Championship last year and I'm expecting him to be Newcastle's chief source of goals this one, besides at £6.5m if he does perform as I hope then I'll be making easy money on him.
  3. Tbh I'm a bit wary of posting my squad because I fully expect some of you bad eggs make a run on my line up now that I've basically given you the blueprint for a proper team but oh well, mimicry and flattery and all that:
  4. Oh wow you just said something sensible. I'd call it a clear sign of the end times if it wasn't clearly borne of the same old bitter, childish "I hate lefties" bullshit. On the bright side the clear similarities between this scandal and, say, the numerous banking bonuses/regulation debacles could be the epiphany that you needed to finally start approaching political issues on a more non-partisan, egalitarian basis.
  5. Tbf I know what you mean. It's quite galling seeing the usual suspects who defend private sector profligacy elsewhere suddenly turning into closet communists the moment the BBC releases its figures. I'm glad they've had the epiphany that pay should be fair and make some attempt to reflect the person's contribution to the company and I look eagerly forward to seeing them champion legislative changes to give workers more power to stand up to unfair employment practices, mandatory pay transparency would be a great place to start.
  6. This year their 'other income' (sales of goods, royalties, grants, rental, exchange gains) was a bit over a quarter of what the licence fee brings them.
  7. Fair enough, I'm not against the TV license or the BBC at all but when most of the nation is struggling under austerity it doesn't exactly send a great message to their viewers that they've run so far over budget while paying such ridiculous wages. Let's hope they make more sales next year then...
  8. But we're talking one organisation, not an entire country, and surely it defeats the purpose of TV licencing if they can't keep spending broadly within what it raises? They really shouldn't be paying such gross sums to certain 'talents' if they're going that far over budget.
  9. Don't you mean Tannen?
  10. If I'm reading page 126 correctly they're operating at a loss of £355m
  11. How's your swimming?
  12. And how are you planning on implementing the change in trajectory at the centre?
  13. Ah, but if you account for air resistance and terminal velocity, the momentum you have when you pass the centre won't be nearly enough to carry you back to the surface so you'll fall back towards the middle and so on until you eventually come to a halt at the centre of the core. The point is it wouldn't take you 38 minutes to get to the other side because you'd never reach it. Oh and you'd probably die.
  14. Wouldn't you get stuck in the middle because of gravity?