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  1. Sorry but a govt with a majority as large as they've got have no excuse if they fail to deliver on key election pledges, surely even hard line Tories will be unimpressed if 5 years from now we're still hearing that the EU and/or remoaners and/or labour are to blame for x, y and z. You could be forgiven for forgetting it lately but personal responsibility is normally the mantra of conservative voters.
  2. I think you just haven't been noticing it to be honest, I can't recall many election cycles where FPTP vs PR wasn't a widely discussed issue. It's not been a regular talking point lately, just add it to the pile of important topics drowned out by the Brexit debacle. Is there any other purpose for an election?
  3. If it's the same bit I heard on the drive to work they said they're looking to go 17 clear "of champions man city".
  4. It's not especially wet or icy in Cambridge yet every other vehicle seems to be stuck around the 20 mark tonight, getting home once off the M11 and then later driving to the shops and back was needlessly painful. I even saw one person step on their brakes approaching a speed camera when they and the column of traffic behind them weren't even close to 30 let alone enough fast enough to set off a camera. Beggars belief.
  5. Fully agreed, more conservative posters pointing out that Hopkins is a vile stain on our country would be lovely. Also ohh Tommy Tommy.
  6. I'm not voting for either of them, they both promise to harm the nation in one way or another so I can't justify backing either one.
  7. Mate you don't even have the conviction to protest against your cowardly party leader despite giving out all that bravado, you're walking evidence that there are Tory voters incapable of doing anything other than ticking the blue box regardless of what their politicians do or say so I'm not fussed what you have to say on the matter.
  8. The same people who apparently want "strong and stable" leadership. Yeah, sure.
  9. I've just finished headbanging to a bit of Rage Against and we still have an unhealthy amount of respect for men like Johnson, Farage et al.
  10. Because apparently as a nation we've lost all interest in credibility to the point that we now actively revere compulsive liars who are only in politics out of self-interest.
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