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  1. I think this is the problem. Has something like that randomly happened to you? Has it happened to anyone? Or are we getting defensive and casting aspersions on an entire movement for no reason?
  2. Imagine being so gammon that you think attention being called to racial inequalities is the same thing as causing tension
  3. Alternatively they have this article going into a bit more detail explaining why it isn't quite as simple as that.
  4. I closed the stream after they cleared that corner in the final minute of injury time. You're all welcome
  5. Happy holidays, we understand there are fewer job vacancies as a result of covid so to help you find one we're going to threaten you with destitution. Peace and love this festive season, The Tories xX
  6. I hope not, I'm always dropping my gay card.
  7. Isn't that to be expected though? Schools are self explanatory I hope, whereas supermarkets are the one place everyone physically has to go to keep their kitchen stocked up, so it gets visited by more people than anywhere else, so of course we get more cases from them, but I'm not sure we can conclude that supermarkets are inherently more dangerous than other place where you can't help being fairly close to people... But yes, if something's essential then the risk is less of a factor in the decision making for restrictions on it than for non-essential practices.
  8. You must be able to see an epidemiological difference between sitting maskless in a closed environment and walking around an airy shopping centre with your mask on?
  9. I think you're using a false definition because that's perfectly valid use. I'm assuming you think pandemic means "global epidemic" which isn't quite accurate, it's an epidemic that's crossed borders. I'm not sure how many countries an illness needs to hit before it gains pandemic status but it doesn't need to be worldwide, so when one is worldwide it's fair to specify that it's global.
  10. 2012? We had them around the turn of the millennium where I grew up, maybe you shouldn't be so quick to cast stones
  11. Underrated game but you're so wrong. Not that the soundtrack's bad (I really liked the future mixes in particular) but if I'm being honest I'd probably struggle to recognise it if I heard it playing randomly.
  12. Nah, it's all about that choir work for me. It really makes you feel like Skyrim.
  13. Honourable mention: And basically every other Nintendo game let's be real.
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