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  1. Yes in the article it says it happened in 2011. Does that justify it in your eyes? The point you're missing is that these camps were not run like this nor were they so overcrowded before and ICE have not always operated as indiscriminately as they do now. Under Obama the focus was on incarcerating criminal gangs, not a scattergun approach which victimises people who have been living in the country peacefully, productively and legally for years but now for whatever reason find themselves without a valid visa. I imagine they mean something like the aforementioned Obama policy where those productive humans I mentioned were allowed to deal with ICE by post and by attending regularly scheduled follow-up meetings instead of being arrested and detained like criminals. That's exactly the effect of a blanket policy that fails to differentiate between a productive member of society and an actual criminal. There are people who have lived in the USA legally for years who have now fallen on hard times and find themselves in very real fear of having their family torn apart by deportations. You'd be pretty terrified if the government was determined to drag people like you out of your home with no consideration for your situation only to dump you on a concrete floor in a cold, overcrowded room all for the crime of having the wrong paperwork. By all means deal with the issue of illegal immigration, I don't think people are saying to ignore it altogether and invite the entire world over to fill up every available square centimetre of land mass, but deal with it humanely and in a manner that befits a civilised, advanced, rich nation, like Obama was doing. Of course they want to cut enforcement money when it's being spent on blanket raids that aren't helping anything and only add to the overcrowding at detention camps. On anything like this scale? No. Obviously he had to have these mechanisms but as has already been said he employed his resources far more humanely. Am I? You may want to have another look at my comment, specifically the paragraph where I move on from presenting some facts of the case to offering my own opinion that I wouldn't do what they're doing. I feel like you just want to disagree with me on this. I think you should at least understand my position before you start insulting it.
  2. @AlloverthefloorYesNdidi So I've finally watched that Tim Pool video and here are my impressions: The first point he makes about the 4 Dems saying "not one dollar" and refusing to approve any funding nor offering any alternative is demonstrably false just by reading the article behind him. For one thing those words are taken out of context, here's the tweet that he means: See how she specifies exactly what shouldn't receive further funding and see how the embedded AOC tweet is also explicit about wanting to stop something specific and have more say on how funds are allocated because she doesn't trust the current approach. And here's the full joint statement cited in the article: Whether you agree with them or not they've clearly explained their grievances. As for offering alternatives, it's hardly a detailed manifesto but they do say in very broad strokes what they want to do and how they'd like the money to be spent. You would hope they provide finer details in due course. For another thing Tim repeatedly talks about the Dems being uncooperative despite Trump's magnanimity in calling off the raids. Trump's tweet says it's only a 2 week amnesty so obviously that's unlikely to sway anybody with long term concerns about the program, I'm surprised that Tim doesn't seem to consider that possibiilty. For what it's worth I think the 4 Dems here are being unrealistic but not sadistic which Tim to his credit seems to appreciate. We are not seeing the sort of petty stalling that the GOP are so good at but given the details I'm not sure this action is objectively much better. They're never going to get ICE or the detention centres shut down. The focus should instead be on insisting upon vastly improved conditions and a more stringent code of standards for detainees, even if that means providing funds to build more centres to accommodate the numbers, but also on making the process more efficient in the first place and absolutely on refocusing ICE back onto criminal elements as in the Obama era instead of arresting 55 year old chemistry teachers who can be dealt with peaceably. From what I understand the proposed emergency bill works to address the first part of that so I'd agree to it for now and get to work on defining the further required changes in policy in time for the next funding bill. But at least they're stating their case instead of running away and hiding from the cops. As for the Eric Swalwell tweet in the latter half of the video: It's the sort of dumb, pandering hyperbole I hate to see from any politician. The bit about Portland just refers to how the votes are spread throughout the state, it's like saying the government shouldn't pass a law because of the people who didn't vote to elect that government into power, it's populist pandering and ignores the point of elections. They'd be crying bloody murder if the shoe was on the other foot but my aunt would also be my uncle if she had bollocks.
  3. For once, no, honestly I thought saying 52% of votes constitutes the largest mandate in history was the shitpost... Because it is and I'm sure you're well aware of that
  4. I'd be very surprised if no vote in human history has ever been won by a margin higher than 4%, in fact I'd assume that a 52-48 split constitutes one of the smallest margins of victory we've seen. Are you sure you're thinking about it properly?
  5. I've provided a link to the bbc article on it on the previous page, that would be a good place to start Anyway gotta dash, I'll look at your video when I can.
  6. I don't have time to watch and get back to you right now but I'll try to sometime later or tomorrow, in the meantime perhaps you could see if youtube will give you an opinion on the gop senators playing hide and seek.
  7. Behavioural demonstrations on a par with young children has become a bit of a hallmark of this administration.
  8. At least it sounds like you can admit that you've put a lot of spin on the story in your previous comment. The article states that they want to find a compromise but they're not willing to sign off on the deal without taking time to address cruel practices covered by it. Meanwhile some republicans go into hiding to actually stall progress on an environmental policy and everybody right-of-centre zips their lips in unison. I wish I could pretend to be surprised.
  9. This is the first I'm hearing. I can't find any articles on it, do you have a source?
  10. Worth watching that video too, trigger warning for any fans of Trump's insane border policies.
  11. Oregon senators go into hiding to block progress on a climate change bill. Democracy in action ladies and gentlemen.
  12. Ah yes but he says he's never met that person so it's fake news like the picture of the 2 of them together.
  13. I have another candidate and honestly I'm surprised none of us have mentioned it already. I guess one reason is because it may not necessarily be the most enjoyable watch, not just on account of being a grim, sci-fi depiction of a dystopian future but also because watching it now you can't help but realise how many of those dystopian elements have already become reality... but I think that's what makes it such a great film. The level of existential dread it forces you to confront is something special, I'd even argue that it's up there with the best pieces of art full stop, let alone films. So yeah, if you haven't seen it already I think you all owe it to yourselves to watch Idiocracy.
  14. I literally wasn't even watching this match until about 75 mins in, picked the right time to tune in
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