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  1. It diverted the ball to Jesus, I'd call that pretty advantageous.
  2. Moz, fly or spider probably. Wouldn't worry about an insect bite in this country.
  3. They voted for Donald Trump believing it was rebellion against the elites, much like we did with Brexit. I don't agree that the UK's working class is uniquely misled, most western populaces have recently lurched to the right following similar propaganda about taking back control, regaining greatness, fighting back against the oppressive demands of minority groups etc.
  4. I find it hard to blame companies entirely when consumers have repeatedly proven willing to put up with their practices. For my part I've refused to pick up anything other than single-purchase games and the odd dlc if it genuinely adds to the game, the only exception being a brief few months of a WOW subscription on special offer. People are capable of making informed choices. That said we absolute should improve the laws around video games for two very critical reasons: 1. Children play a lot of these games. Impressionable kids who don't necessarily possess the common sense not to drain mum & dad's credit card gambling on finding strong characters/weapons with randomised purchases. 2. Video games can be addictive for adults too, especially when you introduce pay to gamble to win mechanics. There's no easy way to protect people from this if our laws won't stop video game companies putting this 'content' into their games. FUT is a great example of this: Take a look at the FIFA threads each year and you'll see a few posters who don't seem to be having any actual fun with the game but they keep playing anyway hoping for better 'pack luck'.
  5. In terms of on-pitch contribution I'd say that's probably fair. In terms of overall contribution to the club though there aren't many above King.
  6. I only mention it because the picture you posted doesn't show any soft ground where a cat would be able to bury its business and that will be what's putting her off if that's the case for the whole garden. If there's a spot you can develop into a flower bed then that will solve the problem I imagine (and obviously cat shit is a very good fertiliser so it's a win win if you're into gardening). In the meantime Buce's post is a good shout to keep her doing her thing outside until she starts exploring a bit more and finds a few good toilet spots.
  7. I hope you're right, in the meantime we have to endure people blaming VAR for interfering as though there's no merit in having a clearly defined and fairly applied set of rules.
  8. If anything it's the older generation who get most easily triggered by small things. Queues at cafes and supermarkets are a great place to witness this in action. Can't remember the last time I've seen a young person asked to see the manager over a small mistake instead of simply having a quick word and resolving the issue.
  9. Megan I don't mind so much and your Ronaldo analogy kind of explains it: He's a brilliant sportsperson who happens to be an annoying, self-obsessed narcissist, but that goes for a lot of sports stars and famous personalities in general so although I appreciate her talent I'm ambivalent to Megan as a person in the same way I am towards all the other egomaniac sportspeople I witness. I'll probably have a quick whine if she does something particularly newsworthy (like the whole "I deserve this" me me me moment) and move on with my life. What grinds my gears about the Rapinoe situation is the sheer amount of people who elevate her to godhood and seem to think that any and all criticism of her is purely chauvinism when really they're the sexists who are only defending her because she's a woman, they don't have any complaints when people direct the same complaints towards men like Ronaldo and Slimani.
  10. It's on a knife edge right now, we could be seeing Tienanmen Sq. mk. II in the very near future the way things are going...
  11. You should typically keep cats inside for a week or 2 when you move homes anyway just to allow them to familiarise themselves with their new base. She'll eventually get bored of her new surroundings and start exploring further afield in her own time, the toilet business is a bit unusual though, maybe your garden doesn't have any areas with soft enough soil? It's mostly a myth that cats shit on lawns, they go for the easily displaceable ground in flowerbeds. One last thing to note: If there are any other cats in the neighbourhood then until they've ascertained each other's threat level and developed their daily routines for peacefully sharing territory then this could be another cause for hesitance to explore.
  12. I still have nightmares about the video of that woman in Burnley who the BBC followed over the course of the Brexit vote, the one who went from door to door in a vote leave shirt handing out leaflets and encourage people to vote to leave, getting emotional talking about the subject and eventually breaking down in tears when the result came in, saying how great it was for our country. Over the course of the video she didn't make a single factual argument for her position.
  13. That would be the USA imo. We're stepping strongly in their direction but we aren't quite there yet, our workers still have universal healthcare for one thing. That cartoon sums it up brilliantly though.
  14. I really struggle to understand the disdain so many grown adults openly express for a young girl trying to improve the planet she's inheriting from them.
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