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  1. This can't be put down to formation, heads are all over the place out there.
  2. We got well and truly Vardy'd there. Soyuncu completely switched off.
  3. Bookies must be making bank off Rodgers right now.
  4. They've been doing the green and yellow thing for about a decade and a half if my memory serves me correctly. FC United been a thing for quite some time now too, don't let your jealousy of their success cloud your opinion.
  5. You miss the point by quite some distance. Or are you actually arguing that people should meekly accept every decision made against our interests by those with greater power/finances?
  6. Really proud of the Man Utd fans, funny how Sky's tune changes when it directly affects their product.
  7. I would love to know how people like Farage, Trump or Boris make it look so easy...
  8. Fvck fvck fvck fvck I've just seen Lawro predicted a 0-2 win for us, not good.
  9. Got it, bastard kept catching me out with the quick attack speed in the latter half so I just ground out the first phase with the gun, having clocks on all the platforms made light work of phase 2. Feel a bit cheated that the toughest fight so far only bags you 3 measly ability points
  10. They don't have the money to bring in Rodgers, not without ESL and not if they want to make the signings that Brendan would require to get their team back into shape. Every new rejection isn't a step closer to desperately buying Brendan out, it's a step closer to settling for a mediocre replacement.
  11. Funny you say that, haven't been into the game for about a week but when I last left it I'd found an (I think) optional object, the one which shoots clocks at you, which I think I can beat with my current abilities but I keep getting mobbed with explodey guys before I can deal enough damage. Going to make it my objective for today. The optional time-sensitive missions are often a bit beyond me, but storyline stuff has been well within the capacity of the tools made available up until that point so far. Same, got about halfway through the Egypt one but the games just stretch on
  12. They have been looking elsewhere, if they haven't fully dropped the Brendan chase it will be one of a few possible reasons: - He's their number 1 candidate and each time someone new gets ruled out they can't help glancing back at Brendan. - Having rumours around our manager might unsettle our squad "whilst they and us lock horns for the final CL spot" (according to one of their posters). - It's all clickbait bollocks. Whatever the truth is he's not going to Spurs.
  13. It's still pretty stunning though, even with all the previous mismanagement from Levy they probably could have attracted at least one of the better managers in Europe this summer regardless of whether Mourinho won them the trophy or got them into Europe. But then they had that bizarre 24h which has pretty much sealed their fate for the next couple of years with Levy cashing in all his chips thinking he could use ESL status to secure Spurs' financial future and attract the best managers. Any of their fans that supported the pigheaded ESL move (and from what I've seen Spurs had mor
  14. We all knew he'd have something to say about that bit of vernacular.
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