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  1. Sure, but in a capitalist economy employers are always going to offer as little as they can to whoever will take it and still do a good job and beyond a certain point it falls to our government to regulate the market so that those their labour aren't being taken advantage of. If the regulations are causing foreign workers to undercut the market by default simply because they face little competition from locals willing to do the work in question for the wages offered then that's not a fault of FOM in my eyes, if anything it's an example of how FOM keeps those industries ticking over despite the government's lack of support for the workers in these roles. If the government enforced wages that made them more attractive to locals then it would be a lot harder for foreign workers to out-compete them.
  2. Agreed, but it's our government letting them get away with low wages in the first place. It's just one more thing on the long list of reasons to demonise the EU despite being entirely within our control in the first place.
  3. Making it through the 2 terms is a valid concern but I would always prioritise having the best candidate first and putting age aside for one second none of the other candidates come close.
  4. If a doctor ran a check up and declared Bernie fit to run would that sway your opinion? Because that has actually happened. It's absolutely fair to question his health on the basis of his age, but once that question has been answered by a qualified professional continuing to question it moves from fair to vindictive imo.
  5. Yeah there's been a lot of new jobs but wages haven't followed and the number of these new jobs classed as low paid is disproportionately high, widening the wealth inequality gap and leading to a sharp rise in the number of people with 2nd jobs just to get by. Hardly utopian, is it? Just the other day you were telling me you wanted to see our government address the plight of those earning poverty wages, do you not share the same compassion for Americans?
  6. What are you talking about? I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy of the arguments above that comment claiming to have concern for Bernie's fitness for the role. It's pretty obviously a fall back argument because these people have no legitimate argument against Sanders.
  7. Their economy has grown under Trump, given how well it was doing when he took office it's not surprising that the momentum has carried on somewhat, but it's been slowing since he took office and as you say he's been exploding their debt levels, all the while engaging in pointless trade wars which are exacerbating the slowdown and leaving lots of his own citizens out of pocket. The only people seeing tangible benefits from Trumpism were already doing very well.
  8. If tbe USA would rather vote back in a man who spends more time golfing than in the oval office (despite criticising his predecessor for taking a handful of golfing holidays and claiming on the campaign trail that he'd be too busy working to ever leave the Whitehouse) because of fears that the alternative option isn't suited to the rigors of public work then they'll get what they deserve (a corrupt, unfit president instead of one who actually does want to improve their country).
  9. Why wouldn't they want him to be president? Everybody loves Bernie. I presume that failing having a puppet in the chair they view him as the easiest candidate to have a diplomatic relationship with.
  10. A challenge for you: One of these quotes is Bernie Sanders responding to reports of Russian interference on his behalf, one is Trump responding to reports that Russian hackers broke into Democratic Party computers.
  11. I'm all for a higher living wage if that's what you're suggesting. We're due a hike soon with the "people's payrise" as they like to call it but it's not nearly enough, especially for the 18-20 bracket who are being absolutely screwed by the arbitrary living wage definitions to the tune of nearly a full £2/h compared to their marginally older colleagues. It's embarrassing.
  12. Dreamt vividly that I woke up at 5am, then actually woke up to the sound of my housemate closing a door at 7:30, exactly the time I was due in at work. Then when I got there I had to reprimand a Polish colleague because I overheard her calling the full English breakfast disgusting because "English sausages are tasteless" and "beans shouldn't go in tomato sauce" before unironically recommending a breakfast of white yoghurt and dried sausage. Unacceptable behaviour.
  13. I think it's more about who actually wants the job. I've been doing a bit of hiring recently and the UK is very disproportionately underrepresented in my applications inbox (5/18), I'm simply not getting as much interest from British candidates. If I didn't have the option of hiring the young EU citizens I wouldn't have been able to fill the role because the only one of those 5 who answered my phone calls turned out to be too young to work for us.
  14. Yeah nah, in keeping with rightists the world over they don't give a shit about truth and facts as long as they win.
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