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  1. It surprised me reading that because we've always been taught that you can't assume someone's disabled status just by looking at them, so surely disabled individuals are more used than anybody to 'normal' looking people legitimately using their loos and parking bays, right? Apparently wrong, literally just witnessed a bloke struggling who was struggling to walk with a cane have a go at the person leaving the bogs because they didn't look disabled enough to him. It's not a competition.
  2. I am partial to a good turn based strategy game, I've been cautious with getting this one because - at the risk of sounding like a smug twat - I worry there isn't enough of a challenge. Is that a fair concern?
  3. Absolutely, but unfortunately that's not the path of least resistance.
  4. Re freedom to choose: Is continuing with the status quo not inhibiting their freedom to choose not to leave the planet inhospitable to future generations?
  5. But that would push the price back up defeating the purpose of the exercise, as would developing a new custom housing to reflect the smaller space required by the physical components when they already have production lines running with that current design.
  6. This sale is killing me, so many titles I want but I can't possibly justify getting them all so hopefully you chaps can help here. The ones on my watch list are: LA Noire - £14.99 (down from £44.99) Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - £28.99 (down from £49.99) Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - £33.29 (down from £49.99) Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition - £24.99 (down from £49.99) Dark Souls Remastered - £24.49 (down from £34.99) (I have DS2 Scholar of the First Sin on PC which I've never completed because I'm an idiot who didn't realise they were buying the hard edition of apparently the hardest game in the series... I'm wondering if going back to the start will teach me how to git gud ) LA Noire's obviously the best saving but that's not the only criteria I'm interested in so if anybody's played at least a couple of those listed and can offer comparisons on play time/replayability/value for money I'd be grateful for the advice.
  7. Why's it a con? They've taken a piece out and dropped the rrp accordingly. I wouldn't buy one because I like the option to have physical discs/cartridges so you're not as reliant on internal storage but it's not like they're pulling some shady trick here... unless I'm missing something?
  8. I'm not sure but the image is clearly fake: There were only 4 Beatles, not 5.
  9. Because sometimes you just want a good fondle without shaking a forest loose in your pants. Plus it makes you more aerodynamic.
  10. Or just accept that it can't realistically be treated as a single-issue ballot, now if only there were some way we could have a 'vote' of sorts that would signify how 'people' feel... Crazy I know, it'll never happen.
  11. The what? It wasn't confined to one location, Wymse. He'll have a pretty hectic schedule if you want to send him around pretty much all of Europe.
  12. I hope they'll have spare gear to hand for the Singapore lot, their shinpads are going to be far too large... and the less said about that Notts entry the better. "Mobsters"
  13. You've convinced me. If UKIP and Brexit don't pull in a cumulative >50% of the vote then we should treat it as a democratic mandate to rescind A50 immediately.
  14. ...or Corbyn's labour... or May's "democratic mandate" tories. Assuming you don't want to vote like an extremist nutjob
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