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  1. I'm not allowed in gen chat, I guess because I upset a few of the emboldened racists with my use of the term snowflake So I'll just say this one thing as diplomatically as possible: The argument that slavery was legal and therefore it wasn't immoral for the statue man to partake in it is utter crock. Slavery is slavery, if we view it as barbaric now then it was no less barbaric back then, being years in the rearview mirror doesn't soften the blow of millions of human lives that suffered under it. I'd been thinking of taking a break from FT for a bit anyway because this past week has been eye opening in a terrible way and it saddens me to see how bold the unsavory elements of our community have become, but if challenging that isn't welcome then this place is just going to fill me with depression every time I log in to see the growing stream of dogwhistles which can't be disagreed with for fear of upsetting some old out of touch user. @Mark please ban me completely for a month at least, go nuts with it.
  2. You mean this sort of thing?: The exciting violence will gain more attention and bad actors will use that to make people forget that the staggering majority of protesters have been doing so peacefully.
  3. If you aren't sure then you probably shouldn't be spreading it as though it's real. But it really couldn't be more obvious. If you could explain how you think any of them are what it's all about that would make it easier for me to address your misconceptions, I can't picture the argument for any of those examples being things the BLM protesters want to see happen.
  4. No you just need to stop falling for obvious smear campaigns. I mean come on, what part of that makes you think it's genuine? I'm honestly curious because if I had to design a poorly made false-flag propaganda attempt from the perspective of a pale-skinned Scotsman who's spent too long staring at 4-chan message boards I would cheat and use that picture.
  5. Everybody just needs to jam out and chill out.
  6. It's fvcking disgusting and not at all what BLM is about. We're still waiting for a reliable source then.
  7. Sure, but they don't need blackface to get that point across. Dee's latina presenter was never funny anyway so I doubt anyone will miss that character, but I do agree it feels like a missed point to remove the Lethal Weapon 5 stuff. I'd say the joke plays out much ilke RDJ's character in Tropic Thunder and to my understanding that was never considered offensive, though I suppose in that case they had the mitigating factor of the script including a black co-star who repeatedly calls it out. Here's a weird thing though: The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6 is still up with Mac & Dee in their full-body blackface (s9e9, I'm watching it now). I'll survive if it also gets removed though, there's a clear and understandable motive even if you could argue for it missing the point so I don't feel like this is a slippery slope scenario where blackface provides a launchpad for increasingly arbitrary media policing.
  8. You mean you're reading about it in a newspaper or on a website that you made the decision to read, a decision I would imagine you've made many times, rarely opting for the choice of not picking up that specific newspaper/visiting that website. Then those articles suggested you should be outraged by all this harassment and you obliged. Tbf I'm assuming that, I suppose it's possible you've lived 70 years having people stop you on the street, in the shops, at your place of work and tell you to be more empathetic towards the plight of minorities and that would be annoying but you'd also be the first genuine case of having these issues rammed down your throat that I've heard of. Now think about this: If you feel so harassed by these articles that you're exercising the freedom of choice to consume, how do you think it must feel for the people who frequently live these issues? I'm talking about the ones who have law enforcement arbitrarily pull them over or look through their bags, or those who see their likeness used repeatedly as a negative stimulus by mainstream political campaigns, or even those who have simply logged on to the forum of their favourite football team from a city famed for its multicultural population only to read a bunch of old white guys complaining that their fight for equal treatment is a nuisance? Bet that feels a bit more oppressive than choosing to be outraged by the media you choose to consume.
  9. But it's not just one psycho, that's exactly the problem. What about Breonne Taylor's death? Was that just one team of psychos?
  10. We can only hope you're a man of your word.
  11. Maybe they called themselves BLM but they sure weren't acting on behalf of the people fighting to highlight inequality. You can help eradicate their influence by joining @Finnaldo's blm chapter to champion the cause
  12. What has socialism got to do with it? Who convinced you there's a socialist plot to remove your rights by extending the same privileges you currently enjoy to all races? Do you ever use the nhs?
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