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  1. Sad to hear about Boris, but I'm optimistic he'll pull through, he's at an age where he's still more likely to survive than not and he'll be getting the best assistance available. Fingers crossed for him anyway.
  2. Cheers but I was just being daft, one of the local trees gave me all the oxygen I could ask for and don't ask me why but for some reason I'd thought I couldn't zap trees. Once you've got a few components put together it all clicks into place nicely, now I'm building a stockpile of key energy sources for that first interstellar jump. That's going to be tomorrow though, I've just bought a 2nd ship for storage and I'm taking a rest after the heart attack of thinking it deleted my first ship with all the supplies on it when really it was just hiding in a context specific menu.
  3. State mandated exemptions on religious gatherings... because Churches aren't regularly packed out by the most at-risk demographic. Wow.
  4. No Man's Sky. Is this game meant to be super challenging? Because I've been spawned on an ice planet which is constantly draining the suit's shields about as fast as I can find sodium above ground and there's no oxygen plants at all that I can find (apart from 3 by the ship which I've already had to use) so now I can't figure out how to complete the first proper fetch quest without my life support draining to zero before I even reach the object let alone return to the ship with it... I feel like I have to be missing something obvious that's making my life harder.
  5. Public service announcement: Don't eat ice cream in bed. Or if you do don't leave the half-eaten open tub sitting next to you while you 'rest your eyes'. Thank Jesus for mattress protectors.
  6. Been taking advantage of all this spare time to delve back into the DOS games, I'm onto the 2nd one now. I figured I'd give tactician a go but I made some bad decisions levelling up party members and allocating their abilities so combat became a proper slog. I think my biggest problem was trying to make my main a pure metamorph to try something new, not a great plan as it turns out because he was easily the weakest of the bunch. Anyway I've started a new campaign in classic to brush up on my skills, rolled an undead Dwarf summoner with just Fane and his wizarding skills tagging along so they can use the lone wolf perk - another feature I'd never really explored before - and what a difference it makes! Probably the most fun I've had with a Divinity build, not least because the combination of summoner and lone wolf allows you to stack into constitution and not get squished at the slightest brush of a melee weapon early doors, I've never had such a beefy magic user before.
  7. Toddy probably could have done better tbf, it wouldn't have been hard to see what was happening and apply social restrictions earlier and with more enthusiasm, lots of us were asking for exactly that. Take Cheltenham, it should never have gone ahead, it was well after the point at which society's benefit of the doubt should have run dry.
  8. Wow he's even going after Fox reporters now. I'd say he's lost it but, ya know. Also I hate and love in equal measure that the following will now forever be an accurate quote: Bloke's a living meme.
  9. Mario Maker 2 is class. Never had a game that I dip back into so often.
  10. Did you mean to say fascism? And why do you feel that way?
  11. I appreciate the concern but it's ok. The fact that pointing out the context of a benign tweet (calling someone out on their hateful use of scripture to back up their prejudices) then calling out the Islamophobia for what it is (taking the tweet out of context and misinterpreting it to portray her in the alt-right trope of a violent Muslim) has led to a declaration of concern for that word's strict dictionary definition before unironically declaring me a "pro-Islamist" says it all. I'm losing no sleep.
  12. Your comment didn't come across to me as saying there's nothing wrong with her tweeting a Koran verse but on an unrelated note here's some murky stuff about her. It reads a lot more as though you think tweeting Koran quotes is intrinsically murky behaviour and here's some corroborating murkiness to further enforce her bad character. Apologies if that's a misinterpretation.
  13. I don't think it's selfishness, anyone who's had to restrict an elderly relative's freedom in some way for their own well-being (taking them off the road, putting them in a home, restricting their diet, etc.) knows how difficult it can be getting them to understand and then adapt to a new routine. If Stan and Linda have been going to Tesco every day for the last twenty years without doing anyone any harm then they're not going to understand why the virus changes that unless somebody sits down with them and painstakingly lays it all out. A lot of old people don't have someone to do that and even for the ones that do the necessary travel restrictions make it harder for family members to police them and make sure it's sunk in.
  14. Sadly true. To add to that here's another Trump quote: "I’ve always known this is a real—this is a pandemic. I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic." He said that in one of his press interviews earlier this week. Even for something this monumental in scope he's going to continue throwing out the same easily disprovable lies like he's always done and even for something this monumental in scope his fans will continue to turn a blind eye and hold it up as gospel then, like you say, turn their attention to trivial matters in the other party and try stirring up a shit storm. I struggle to see how he avoids accountability once this is all over but he will, I think we've seen enough evidence of that already.
  15. This is some stellar propaganda lads, not as great as Trump yesterday claiming he 'inherited bad tests' from Obama for a virus that didn't exist until 3 years after he left office, but still pretty good, so apologies for raining on your parade when you're having so much fun but being on lock down allowed me the few seconds it takes to find the context behind that tweet: So basically some randomer quoted scripture at her accusing her of being an adulterous slut and she's highlighted that person's hypocrisy by pointing out that the same book harshly forbids making baseless accusation of sluttiness. It's no different to people quoting contradictory bible verses at Christians who pick and choose scripture to justify their prejudices. Let me know when you find a new outlet for that thinly veiled Islamophobia lads. Edit: And btw Matt that line doesn't promote "flogging women", you may want to read it over again.
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