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  1. Good stuff yesterday evening. It was bouncing a bit towards the end.
  2. A home tie against Football League opposition. Not just because it gives us the best chance of getting through, but it should allow for another singing section!
  3. I know, what a wacky idea it is that if you identify as a 'supporter' then you should support your team! As you say, whatever will these people think of next?
  4. The singing section is actually in SK1 not SK2. There's been a small mistake somewhere but not that important.
  5. This is exactly the sort of thing we need. Get the people inclined to sing stood together and we have a platform for a good atmosphere. Well done to the club and Union FS for organising. I've emailed to grab my ticket!
  6. Atmosphere is fostered by the concentration of those inclined to sing in a compact area. The predominance of STHs means that the current seating arrangement is relatively fixed, so that the fans themselves are limited in their ability to organise this kind of set-up. Therefore, to see the kind of boost in atmosphere that we want, the club must be prepared to reorganise the stadium with the above objective in mind. This will mean upsetting some STHs in the short term - perhaps compensating them with a reduced ST price for one season might alleviate this to some extent. I haven't said anything especially new here - a lot of us understand our fanbase and the situation on matchdays well enough - it's just disappointing that the club are uninterested in taking meaningful action on such an important issue.
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