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  1. Given they're nearest, I tend to think Coventry ought to be our natural rivals. But I know most of our fans view Forest as the main irritant. While I feel there is more bite to our contests against the other East Midlands clubs, I don't think those fixtures really compare to other rivalries in this country.
  2. If a survey were held among STHs it would be a mistake to view it as a sort of referendum. Suppose the club found only 5% of STHs wanted Safe Standing. That result would NOT provide a good argument against Safe Standing. It would actually support the case for converting 5% of the home end into rail seating. Standing is a minority preference but that does not mean the club shouldn't cater for it.
  3. Because it technically isn't Safe Standing. Safe Standing, as it's officially defined, means rail seats that are locked into position. What Wolves and Spurs have are flip-down seats with barriers on each row. These are allowed and indeed recommend by the Safety Advisory Group.
  4. Terrific news for the campaign. The club cannot justify sitting on the fence anymore. Safe Standing should be present at the KP for the 20/21 season.
  5. All very unlikely still. We're needing a few odd results. It can happen but I'm not hopeful.
  6. It was announced before kick off and/or at half time. I think fans knew it was happening but left in annoyance at the performance.
  7. Always when the atmosphere is criticised there will be several responses dryly stating "But people have a right not to sing if they don't want to." And yes, they do. But part of what I think it is to be a 'supporter' is to try and offer support for your team. We should all want to support. As passionate fans, we should see it as a role that we're eager to take on.
  8. I think you rightly identify the problem that the people who are likely to sing are often spread out. Much better if those fans are concentrated in one area. Difficult for us to organise ourselves, though not impossible I would add. The club could assist by designating an area as you suggest.
  9. Better than I was expecting!
  10. Point well made Ben. I think the manner we play, more than the results gives me reason for optimism. Our passers getting on the ball often and utilising Vardy's strengths are things we failed to do enough of before. If we can continue to do this I hope consistent results will follow.
  11. I think this is the best response to those wanting to 'postpone' qualification for Europe. The fact is it's unlikely we'll reach the ideal position of strength that some posters want before competing in Europe. We also don't even know for certain we'll be stronger next year either!
  12. It seems to me that the current green movement sees the solution to climate change in reducing consumption. Suggested personal changes always involve doing less of something - eating less meat, driving and flying less, consuming less electricity. At the macro-level, you'll hear individuals like George Monbiot, Naomi Klein and various Green Parties use terms like "de-growth" and "de-industrialisation." Again, the intention is to lower carbon emissions by radically reducing human consumption. This simply won't work in my view. For it to be effective would require those of us in rich countries to accept a significant reduction in our standard of living, which I think very few of us would be. Of course, policy programmes like 'de-growth' or capped-growth are going to be even less popular elsewhere in the world. The way to solve the climate change crisis, I think, is to find ways of reducing carbon emissions while increasing, or at least maintaining, our standard of living. Technological breakthroughs such as artificial meat, self-driving cars, carbon capture storage and nuclear fusion should be drawing our attention. The path towards lower emissions must remember the value of human prosperity to be successful.
  13. This is the best response to those wanting to 'postpone' qualification until next year. The fact is we don't know what situation we or our rivals will find ourselves in next season. You can end up wanting to wait for an ideal position of strength that's never likely to come.
  14. I had expected Watford to win tonight, making our chances remote. Arsenal are mediocre away from home so it isn't done yet, but as things stand you can't rule us out of this race.
  15. "Who do you want as our next manager?" #PlayerPower #Snakes
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