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  1. UKIP may well try for it, I don't think the other parties will.
  2. Just be sure you send it to the right guy when you do. If in doubt mail it to the club.
  3. Fans Performance of the Season - Brugge away was arguably superior to Sevilla (H) as it was basically non-stop for 90 minutes, however you do expect more from away ends so I am going to give this one to Sevilla (H) Team Performance of the Season - Sevilla at home Individual Performance of the Season - This should produce some varied answers! I'll go for Schmeichel away at Sevilla Ranieri/Shakespeare Performance of the Season - Atletico at home. Don't think it matters that we didn't get the result, it was a magnificent turnaround in performance. Absolute Scenes of the Season - Love this question! Brings back some great moments! Morgan v Sevilla for me Understated Hero of the Season - Like last season, Okazaki again I feel
  4. As Jon says, this would not be at all good for society. We'd all be living in fear knowing that any moderate suspicion against us would lead to us being locked away.
  5. One of our best ever managers. Set us up for our greatest season ever.
  6. Well said that man
  7. An outstanding contribution if I may say, sir.
  8. As with recent seasons I feel the need to point out that they've picked the wrong colour to mark the shoulders and the shorts. Our secondary colour is white so we should have had white in those spots.
  9. Yes
  10. First hour was fine. They were clearly on top but we competed at a reasonable standard. Heads dropped after their third went in. That was disappointing, I didn't expect that. Taking Benalouane and then Vardy off helped turn it into an atrocious night. I'm prepared to mark this down as a one off. Expect we'll beat Bournemouth at the weekend.
  11. Despite tonight I'm fairly confident we'll win
  12. Even if we keep all our best players (tough) I don't think we'd have enough to break in again. My target is 7th, and I'd be ecstatic with that.
  13. Just had a look at the play off odds myself. Reading are 4/1 to go up and Fulham are 2/1. Someone's made a mistake there.
  14. The foul was outside the box so we can't complain about the penalty
  15. Fvck off, cvnt (I joke)