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  1. Chalobah 12/13 season. One of the most powerful strikes I've seen. Devastated and shocked when it went in..
  2. It isn't an officially designated standing area, but I think the club expect fans to understand that the rule against persistent standing won't be enforced there.
  3. "Not all heroes wear capes"
  4. Ease. It's easier to copy a chant than to start one from scratch. Easier because there's little creative thought needed, and easier because fans will grasp it quicker. Not that that's a good enough reason of course. We should want to create our own fan culture, rather than have it handed down to us from a few big clubs.
  5. My thoughts too. A moderate improvement in league position would satisfy me this season. And yeah, weirdly, Europa League qualification looks doable again. Certainly not expecting it though.
  6. If we can't get a manager we want then we wait. There's no urgent need to make a long-term appointment.
  7. Something I admired Spurs for was that the slogan "The Game Is About Glory" could be seen plastered around WHL. We absolutely should be targeting European qualification. Mid-table finishes on their own aren't glorious, playing in Europe can be.
  8. A willingness and ability to play good forward passes from midfield. Simple but vital for us. Makes me confident we'll beat Palace and Brighton, where I wouldn't have been before.
  9. Foster Doherty Coady Maguire Chillwell Zaha Neves Doucore Anderson Wilson Jimenez
  10. Maybe the warm-up should be looked at. Not sure what else to suggest.
  11. Seems it was absolutely the correct decision to recall him. He's our most threatening winger.
  12. We're three points off of that atm. Looks pretty achievable to me.
  13. Union FS have the commendable feature that they do actually take responsibility for trying to improve the atmosphere. If more did as they do - not necessarily join them btw - we'd have a much better atmosphere at home games.
  14. As a few others have said, I'm not all that pessimistic because it's a game where we'll be able counterattack
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