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  1. Lovely idea that I'm happy to support. A shame there can't be any foodbank this year but this isn't a bad alternative.
  2. Good stuff yesterday evening. It was bouncing a bit towards the end.
  3. A home tie against Football League opposition. Not just because it gives us the best chance of getting through, but it should allow for another singing section!
  4. I know, what a wacky idea it is that if you identify as a 'supporter' then you should support your team! As you say, whatever will these people think of next?
  5. The singing section is actually in SK1 not SK2. There's been a small mistake somewhere but not that important.
  6. This is exactly the sort of thing we need. Get the people inclined to sing stood together and we have a platform for a good atmosphere. Well done to the club and Union FS for organising. I've emailed to grab my ticket!
  7. Atmosphere is fostered by the concentration of those inclined to sing in a compact area. The predominance of STHs means that the current seating arrangement is relatively fixed, so that the fans themselves are limited in their ability to organise this kind of set-up. Therefore, to see the kind of boost in atmosphere that we want, the club must be prepared to reorganise the stadium with the above objective in mind. This will mean upsetting some STHs in the short term - perhaps compensating them with a reduced ST price for one season might alleviate this to some extent.
  8. Frankly we're very unlikely to finish 15th. Winning a cup wouldn't harm our league campaign to that extent. But even in that contrived hypothetical I think we should still prefer silverware to none.
  9. 7th leads to qualifiers (as long as teams from the top six win both the cups). 6th puts you straight through to the group stage (as long as a team from the top six wins one of the cups). Winning either cup also leads to automatic qualification for the group stage.
  10. So could the League Cup. Both lead to European qualification. Which is a good thing of course.
  11. Given you qualify for Europe by winning the League Cup there's really no justification for preferring a 6th place finish. I'd still have chosen the League Cup anyway.
  12. I wouldn't be tempted to alter the title winning team. Ricardo over Simpson is the only possible exception. The 15/16 squad fitted together into an effective unit. I'd be concerned about disrupting things by inserting individual talents - good as they are - like Maddison and Tielemans.
  13. Given they're nearest, I tend to think Coventry ought to be our natural rivals. But I know most of our fans view Forest as the main irritant. While I feel there is more bite to our contests against the other East Midlands clubs, I don't think those fixtures really compare to other rivalries in this country.
  14. If a survey were held among STHs it would be a mistake to view it as a sort of referendum. Suppose the club found only 5% of STHs wanted Safe Standing. That result would NOT provide a good argument against Safe Standing. It would actually support the case for converting 5% of the home end into rail seating. Standing is a minority preference but that does not mean the club shouldn't cater for it.
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