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  1. Getting in early for Brugge game. Can remember running up the stairs with a bunch of flags, sweating by the time I got to the top and then thinking "we've arrived".
  2. People say this often and it's not really correct. If we'd been in it the pre-draw chat would've gone on a bit longer (or a bit shorter), they'd have wobbled the balls slightly differently and they could have picked them out in a different order.
  3. My first thought when I saw this thread: Will DT be supporting Le Pen or not? Too far even for him I thought.
  4. The Europa League is on my mind too. I'd love to be in it.
  5. Well done to McLeod. Will try and catch his match in the next round.
  6. I watched a fair bit of the Trump v McLeod match too. Interested to see the finish later even though it's not been the best quality match. I knew McLeod was a safety-conscious player but I was surprised by how much he struggled with good openings. You just assume that a player is gonna bang 'em all in when the reds are out in the open. Trump was way off of course.
  7. Yet again we see that the common denominator is the Spanish Police. Neither Leicester nor Bayern have been attacked with batons anywhere else in Europe this season.
  8. Qualifying for the Europa League could be a target for us next season. That (wrongly) gets sniffed at by some and would be another huge stage to play on. Plus, we could win it.
  9. I say you are being too unambitious sir, and propose we cheer even louder than you are suggesting
  10. The fifth minute needs to be spent supporting the team. They should find some other way to do something for her.
  11. I agree!
  12. The Prime Minister has called an early general election, justifying it by saying that the government which prosecutes the Brexit negotiations should have a mandate from the electorate.
  13. Yellow cards are wiped for the semi finals i.e. all players have their bookings reduced to zero as soon as the next round starts. However if a player picks up a suspension now they will be unable to play in the first leg of the SF.
  14. Good line. Lets not ask for a reason to believe, lets just believe.
  15. Drink the blood of a Spaniard from it at kick off. That sounds like it should work.