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  1. Harry - LCFC

    Club Shop Revamp

    I think we can pretty confidently say the West Stand won't be the site of expansion. The glass, the offices, restaurant make it awkward. Far fewer obstacles elsewhere. It'll be the East Stand, I'm sure.
  2. Harry - LCFC

    Winter break 2019/20 season

    The problem with last season is that we played 7 games in 19 days. As Donut said, the solution to that is to move 2 of those games not 6.
  3. I agree. The pattern isn't so bad. I think blue would be even better.
  4. Harry - LCFC

    England world cup poll.

    Given the way the draw is set I we'll be able to get to the quarters without having to play fantastically.
  5. Harry - LCFC

    Jakupovic last night...

    A lot of us thought it was odd when Hamer was picked over Jakupovic earlier in the season. I feel we've been vindicated by that performance. If that's the sort of level he can perform at, or even perform close to, then I think he's good enough to challenge Schmeichel for a starting position. It is only one game of course and we don't know whether he can replicate that.
  6. Harry - LCFC

    Puel - what about now

    The recent poor run has put me in the 'unsure' camp and I remain there after tonight.
  7. Found a buyer
  8. Harry - LCFC

    West Ham-Saturday 5th May

    Now sold.
  9. Harry - LCFC

    Define Potential

    They're right though. The second line from Gerard is probably the most succinct way one could put it. That's what I had in mind when I read your title but I wouldn't have been able to articulate it as well as that.
  10. Harry - LCFC

    Champions League 2017/18

    That goalkeeper mistake is the worst I've seen I think. And when it's that bad you do wonder....
  11. Harry - LCFC


    Where are they available in person?
  12. Harry - LCFC

    West Ham-Saturday 5th May

    Selling one ticket for £18 It's an adult ticket in SK1
  13. Selling one ticket for West Ham for £18 It's an adult ticket in SK1
  14. Harry - LCFC

    UK County Outline Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 76 seconds  
  15. Harry - LCFC

    Things that WILL happen next season

    The atmosphere's going to improve? Result!