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  1. Harry - LCFC

    Fans selling Vichai memorabilia on eBay

    I'm not sure it's such a bad thing actually. Many fans weren't able to go to the game who desperately wanted to. It's nice that they can have something meaningful from the occasion.
  2. Harry - LCFC

    Fulham Away

    Looking for one or two tickets for this. Made my mind up to go a bit late it seems!
  3. Looking for one or two Fulham tickets.
  4. Would love Burton at home.
  5. Harry - LCFC

    Cardiff Pre Match Thread

    I hope they don't. It's not a proper game if the opposition feel bad about trying to win. When the players gave confirmation that they wanted to play they were saying that they weren't a broken team, and that they were ready for the challenge. I expect consideration from Cardiff before kick off, I don't expect it during the match.
  6. Harry - LCFC

    Cardiff City match to go ahead.

    Not an easy decision to make I'm sure, but I'm pleased the club have chosen to play.
  7. Nice, simple tribute. I'll be delighted to participate Fitting also that the club have chosen to hand out free scarves at this game, the sort of gesture we saw so often from during Vichai's time as chairman. That ought to make this easier, so I hope the club don't forget about it in the trauma of this week.
  8. Harry - LCFC

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    I strongly approve
  9. Harry - LCFC

    Carabao Cup Fourth Round draw. At home to Soton.

    Can't complain about the draw in the end then. A home time against a team we're better than. Let's take it seriously and earn ourselves another opportunity at a quarter final.
  10. Harry - LCFC

    Everton Home Pre Match 06/10

    Big game for taking 7th spot.
  11. Harry - LCFC

    Carabao Cup Fourth Round draw. At home to Soton.

    I'd say we're favourites against either of those two, so it's a satisfactory draw for me.
  12. Harry - LCFC

    Safe standing - time to act

    It's such an easy thing to do, but well done to Spurs all the same. Other clubs can act on this if they want to.
  13. Harry - LCFC

    EFL Cup - Wolves (A) - Tues 25th Sept

    Eager to get through. We'll be fine in the league, this competition should be a priority for a club in our position.
  14. Harry - LCFC

    Cardiff City away

    I think it's a decent solution to the standers/sitters conflict that can crop up. The flip side of the designated 'sitting area' is that everywhere else is a understood to be a 'standing area'. They don't say that, but that's what they mean.