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  1. Sure, it's official name is the Carabao Cup, I don't doubt that, but we don't have to use the name that officialdom gives us. We know that the sponsors listed don't have any meaningful relation to the competition itself, so lets not use them.
  2. How the fvck can mistakes be made? Running a draw is not that hard. Also, call it the League Cup. It's the trophy that members of the Football League compete for so that's the name that fits it best.
  3. Safe Standing and individuals being more proactive in taking part. If you're someone who wants to improve the atmosphere then you should consider moving to one of the areas in the stadium where there are like-minded people. There must be plenty of 'wasted' voices who would contribute to noise levels but don't because no-one around them does. Formally allowing people to stand and therefore having designated singing sections would help this along.
  4. Correct
  5. It'll get to the point where they just keep the booths out so we can vote every day. Sod's law that eventually someone will get a majority.
  6. All-nighter it is then. Look forward to a night of uncertainty, strange developments and ranting with the rest of you oddballs. I'll get the biscuits in.
  7. I edited my answer to Question 1 based on Alf's post defining what an overall majority is. Had put down 1-40, then realised I actually meant 41-80 having predicted the Conservatives to take 361 seats. I was late but that's the only thing I changed, promise!
  8. Thanks for the quiz, @Alf Bentley. I recall being amused by the one you did for the 2015 election! Two corrections though: Firstly, Vince Cable isn't currently an MP so he can't lose his seat, and also Lewes is held by the Conservatives at present! Look forward to totting up the scores on Friday.
  9. Ahaha, most entertaining! My answers: 1) What will be the election result? Conservative Majority 41-80 2) How many seats will be won by Con and Lab: 361, 218 3) How many seats will be won by Lib Dems and SNP: 4, 50 4) Which of the following will FAIL to win their seat: Amber Rudd; Vince Cable; Denis Skinner; Caroline Flint; Nick Clegg; Tim Farron; Tom Watson Vince Cable, Caroline Flint, Nick Clegg 5) How many seats will each of Con, Lab & LD win in Scotland: 5, 3, 1 6) Name any Westminster party leaders who will have lost their seat or resigned by midnight on Friday 9th June: None Who will win each of these seats? Leicester West (Lab); Nuneaton (Con); Coventry South (Lab); Thanet South (Con); Grimsby (Con); Lewes (Con); Brighton Kemptown (Con); Hartlepool (Con); Brighton Pavilion (Green), Birmingham Edgbaston (Lab), Croydon Central (Lab), Dumfries & Galloway (SNP)
  10. I think that would be the best outcome. What does practicality mean here? Basically it's the ability of the government to get things done. Well, if you don't think either major party has a positive policy agenda then you'd want them to be limited in what they can do.
  11. Fvck Real. Lets have one of the not-so-elite win it.
  12. As has been mentioned above, Morgan isn't saying the club need to pay more in wages. "We need to recruit" is the closest he comes to saying that.
  13. I support the UK having nuclear weapons. It struck me, however, that the questioners in the audience didn't really understand how the nuclear deterrent works. It is not necessary to fire nuclear missiles in order for them to serve their purpose. That may seem weird, everything else we buy we have an intention of using, but not here. For the nuclear deterrent to be effective an enemy needs to be sufficiently concerned about the possibility of being hit so that he doesn't start a conflict in the first place. Again, achieving this doesn't require us to fire any missiles. They just have to be there and visible.
  14. I'd be delighted to still have him here at the end of the window.
  15. Terrible debate as expected. Little to be learnt from it. There's too much incentive to interrupt. When someone criticises your policies it makes tactical sense to cut them off. Plus, in a format of seven candidates, there's limited time to speak so candidates try to gain more time by speaking over others. They can do this because the moderator ultimately isn't able to stop them. Decency and respect for others gets thrown out the window because of the stakes involved.