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  1. That is quite shocking. How do we have a squad with only 4 fully fit players?
  2. Yeah I really enjoyed 1 + 2 back when they were out as the originals, but could never get into 3. I heard that 1 wasn’t really a remaster, more built from new game engine wise. 2 was a remaster and 3 didn’t get much changed if anything. Could be wrong though.
  3. Agreed. I think that the additional/extended cutscenes (coupled with the improved graphics) improve this version tenfold against the original. I think the combat part of the gameplay could’ve been improved on, but doesn’t affect my rating of the game too much at all.
  4. A favourite of mine from my childhood, remade came out yesterday. I just wondered if anyone else has played it and what they thought about it. If I’ve missed a thread about it, I apologise and feel free to delete.
  5. Probably not. I’m not saying he should, I’m saying I think he will when Evans is back.
  6. Played really well in the first two games, will lose his place to Ndidi but a great player to have in the squad, and proved he can deputise quite comfortably. Really glad he stayed with us.
  7. Looking very good, unplayable against Burnley last night. Looks like he’s worked on his final ball and decision making. He looked faster too.
  8. So has anything been said as to whether he’ll be out injured because of this? He seemed fine and was immense even after the injury.
  9. Very happy with this signing, low risk high reward. Think he’ll be great for us. If we get a centre back which does seem likely, I don’t think anyone can complain too much. Think Rudkin is doing a very good job of late.
  10. Is the shirt available in the fan store now? Or still only online?
  11. Hi folks, I was wondering if this is a thing we have going on, I’m quite new so apologies if I’ve missed a thread about this already. I would definitely be interested in joining a league if there is one or going to be one. Thanks.
  12. I think there’s an argument for any of our players to be made scapegoat bar maybe Ricardo, Vardy & Soyuncu. But Barnes or Tielemans for me.
  13. I’ve just been on the website to see how many tickets are left, and there was a notice about Birmingham fans in the home end. Expecting trouble? I imagine with so many on general sale, that’s a possibility.
  14. Mitchell Clark has joined Leicester from Aston Villa. Played on loan at Port Vale last season. Just seen it on Sky Sports News app, I don’t know anything about him to be fair, except he’s a youth international for Wales and a centre back.
  15. I really enjoyed playing this game, and the LMA games before it. I have no idea why they stopped making the series, as it seemed popular, would love it if they made an updated version of this. I dug my ps2 out and this game A few weeks back. Took East Stirling from one of the worst teams on the game to the SPL title, then moved to Middlesbrough where I've built the best squad on the game. I spent a lot of time on this when I was younger, brings back many happy memories, anyone else ever play this game? Any memorable saves? Any ideas why they stopped it?
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