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  1. Bonucci to AC confirmed. Great signing!
  2. When we was first linked with Benny, I mistakes him for this guy
  3. Just read a piece on Iain Huuuuuuumme. Finished second top goal scorer and won a few awards over in India.
  4. That's outrageous. I've lost in those circumstances but never 5 goals from 5 shots. Fvck that! Controllers would be getting launched.
  5. Hoping I'm gonna be able to make it to division 1 now. Been in division 2 for 3 seasons...
  6. Fulham have agreed a £5m deal for Diego Rolan. Thought he was better than that level.
  7. Pleased for him. Played well, yeah. What a summer for England...
  8. I reckon they're on target for top 3 definitely.
  9. Just got him. First game played he felt really good to use. Also gets back in position so quick because of his pace. Also just packed a standard Aguero kicking Vardy out my first team, scored 3 on his debut. My first time in division 2, currently 7 points from 3 games. Still never qualified for that damned weekend league though!
  10. Just seen that. Going after Aubameyang still too.
  11. Maybe I'm missing something obvious. Brighton and gay?
  12. Apparently PSG offered Dani Alves twice as much as Man City to hijack that deal.
  13. Any idea how much they're paying for the loan itself?