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  1. Billy Kee

    Wow. That actually made me well up a bit. As someone who's seen what depression can do to people, the lad is mega brave for doing this to help raise awareness and that about depression. One of them things the world would be better off without. Massive respect to him and anyone who's going through depression.
  2. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    That does sound depressing for Stoke fans.
  3. Championship 2017/18

    Have you signed Jota permanently now? Or is it a loan off Atletico?
  4. League Cup 2017/2018

    Strong Man City team, Sane, Sterling and KDB all start, but no striker...
  5. Championship 2017/18

    Best business Derby could do this transfer window! Also what even is FFP? How can Wolves be spending/willing to spend £40m?! Especially as they've already spent lots... I suppose if they get promoted (which they definitely will) all the money they've spent doesn't even matter?
  6. Vardy reference on Peaky Blinders !!

    Didn't Roy used to reference us quite a bit back in the day?
  7. Championship 2017/18

    I've not read the last few pages. Where did this debate start? Surely there's no point comparing a defender who's slowly on the decline to one who is approaching his prime? Half a season playing pretty good doesn't make him better than Morgan though.
  8. FIFA 18

    That Gnabry looks awesome!
  9. Aiming for 6th or 7th realistic now?

    I definitely think 7th should be a target, as I believe that apart from the obvious top 6, I think we're the next best team in the league.
  10. Call Of Duty : WW2

    Amazing how quick I go from dominating one game to getting dominated the next not really bothered with FIFA because I'm enjoying this COD
  11. European Football 17/18

    All the European leagues seem to be more competitive and interesting this season, massive jump from a seasons ago.
  12. Right-back

    Good shout.
  13. Call Of Duty : WW2

    I usually had a k.d of around 1.6 on previous CODs (except the last 2, I didn't bother with them because of all the futuristic sh*t) but this one I'm at 1.1, I do enjoy it though, even if I am getting worse as well.
  14. Call Of Duty : WW2

    Is this game worth it? I said I wouldnt be buying it, but I've only read good things about it. How does it compare to BF1 also?
  15. Boxing

    I read somewhere that Eddie Hearn said AJ wants all the belts, so expecting him to fight Parker and Wilder next year. He also mentioned Fury, but I can't see that.