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  1. This thread is great. I was mascot for Derby away when Peter Taylor was in charge and all my family wanted photos with the new record signing Akinbiyi. We lost 2-0. Getting relegated at Charlton in 2004 and Di Canio losing his sh*t because we were singing ‘**** off Di Canio’. He may have thrown his bib on the ground or I might have imagined that. Getting home from school and watching pre-match press conferences in full on player. Mandaric used the word ‘stability’ every time there was a conference introducing a new manager. On family holidays to France we used to try and see the local team in a match. When I was 13 or 14 there was a pretty impressive young centre midfielder and I wrote to Leicester with a scouting report. They wrote back saying they were going to take a look at him. I later found out he was 36.😂 I live in London and I started seeing a bloke on my road recently, and I couldn’t work out why I recognised him. The third time I saw him I realised it was Elvis bloody Hammond. One day I’ll speak to him.
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