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  1. May 2nd 2016

    Brilliant video. I'm somewhere at the back, hugging someone I hadn't met before - who later recognised me on the train to Leicester on the morning of the Everton match. I've spent many a good night in the Stags Head (the champions league away games have been brilliant). Later that evening I got my first ever Uber and accidentally clicked the Pool feature. The driver picked up a guy who turned out to be a Chelsea fan on his way back from the game, we had a great laugh talking about Spurs.
  2. May 2nd 2016

    Was anyone at the Stag's Head in London? Mayhem as Chelsea equalised and the full time whistle went, which was followed by free shots being passed around and Kasabian, Queen and Jersey Budd songs being played. Getting texts from people I hadn't spoken to in years. Staggered on the train for work a few hours later wearing my city scarf (stained in red wine). Seeing the headline about Leicester on both the front and back page of the metro is something I won't forget.
  3. Sunderland (H) Match Thread

    What don't you understand? We've had less time to recover from the Stoke match.
  4. Sunderland (H) Match Thread

    Feels like we're purposely playing with less intensity tonight, understandable since it's a midweek game.
  5. Reminds me of the names Pro Evo gave players when they couldn't license them. Neil Lennon was Neil Lemon, and Ryan Giggs was Ryan Greggs.
  6. Player Theme Songs

    Subbing Mahrez off in the 88th minute when we're hanging on to a win.
  7. Comedy sketch for Leicester fans

    (And excuse the geordie accent)
  8. I mostly lurk on here to read post-match threads, food world cups and the tinder thread, but I thought I'd share a short sketch which Leicester fans might enjoy and can probably relate to (give it time).
  9. Season Highlights Film

    I honestly don't mind seeing that now, when you look at how far we've come and where Watford finished this season
  10. Season Highlights Film

    There's only one way Nigel would react to knowing that smiley was on here.
  11. Hi everyone! I've always been one of those lurkers/stalkers on the forum that doesn't post anything, but I've made a little compilation of highlights I thought I'd share with you all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vyw7JUDPkg And also I wanted an excuse to use this