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  1. He is unbelieveable ,he's becoming a freak of nature the way he keeps going and even getting better!!
  2. If he was offered the Man Utd job tomorrow he'd be gone like a shot.
  3. It will end in tears just like it did at Man U & Chelsea last time round.
  4. Scousers eating dead rats out of there bins is a personal favourite of mine.
  5. Pity we didn't let him go to Arsenal he'd have wasted the 2 years there and be in a sh*t team now!
  6. Allardyce making up a story to get himself some publicity,if it were true he'd have mentioned it well before now!
  7. They are good up front but it isn't consistant,they are poor at the back and it is consistant.We are consistantly good all over so can't see anything other than a win.
  8. Next to the magazine,that old castle type building just before you go under the underpass.
  9. Things weren't too bad till Norman Leet got his call up!
  10. Yes you can bet people will come for him next summer!
  11. The atmosphere is improving each home game due to the performances,unfortunately (it should really be good when we aren't playing well,ie. Newcastle fans) it is directly linked to how well the team is playing,if we continue like we are you can bet it will get louder and louder as the season goes on.
  12. Just had a quick look at the Fighting Cock forum,it is brilliant,loads of them calling for Poch out and Allegri in.
  13. I'm sure there was a third just can't think of his name!!
  14. What atmosphere do they think they'll get drowning out any singing that maybe going on pre match!
  15. This is definitely the right idea so everyone knows what its for and they could put up all names on the screen,it would be hugely successful I believe.
  16. 100% I think this has helped give him confidence and I reckon he'll get better and better.
  17. Getting Vardy on side is biggest difference,had Puel done it he may still be here.
  18. As sad as it is to see clubs that have been around over a hundred years go under it is just a reflection of todays economic climate.Football Clubs are businesses and look what is happening , businesses all over going bust big names as well.I'm afraid this may just be the start of a lot of smaller clubs going out of existence!
  19. It was a privilege to watch someone like him live,proper footballing brain.
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