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  1. They've got the choice to buy a Mans one surely.
  2. Lionheart10

    Danny Simpson

  3. Lionheart10

    Jamie Vardy

    He's a Racing Snake.
  4. Lionheart10

    Name an option you would not replace Puel with

    Jimmy Krankie.
  5. Lionheart10


    I reckon 4 losses on the trot would get most Premier League Managers the boot.
  6. Lionheart10

    Arsenal... Score prediction thread :

    Can't see anything but heavy defeat!
  7. Lionheart10

    Fans frustration

    My concern is with the Great escape we took that form into the new season,we don't want this form going into the start of next season!
  8. Lionheart10


    He lost my respect after the Klitchko fight when he decided he didn't want to fight,since then he has behaved like the Clown he is,imagine if he had had the bottle to fight Fury!
  9. Lionheart10

    Puel In or Out poll 5/5/18.

  10. Lionheart10

    West Ham... Score prediction thread.

    Andy Carroll to terrorise defence we lose 2-1.
  11. Sorry mate didn't realise there was a certain criteria to what you can or can't say on here.I would also swap the word "unkind" for "like a bit of a c**t".
  12. He has become my all time favourite player because of the way he plays and puts everything in,having said that I have a horrible feeling (without any particular evidence) that he is the poison in the side,I reckon he has a massive say in what goes on.Maybe he recognises his own strengths and wants the team built around him so he looks good,not that that is a bad thing but I think it might be causing all the unrest.
  13. Lionheart10

    Who should be the next Leicester City manager?

    You just know that the list will have Allardyce,Pardew & Coleman on it!
  14. Lionheart10

    Who should be the next Leicester City manager?

    Welcome back Mr Nigel Pearson!
  15. Lionheart10

    When did it all go wrong under Puel?

    Totally,we could have won that Cup and it would have saved his job,another strange decision!