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  1. Lionheart10

    Puel- Neck out!!

  2. Lionheart10

    Gordon Banks RIP

    RIP Gordon, sadly another of the boys of 66 gone.
  3. Lionheart10


    He's only got himself to blame though hasn't he,when has he seized the chance when given to show what he can do?He hasn't ,he couldn't even show for Newport!Surely he's gone in the Summer.
  4. Lionheart10


    I know he missed a couple but it is the fact that he got into those scoring positions that we should be happy with,the finishing will come with experience,keep with him.
  5. Lionheart10


    True,like Col City said he is the type of player we should of signed immediately after winning the League,he won't want to sign for a mid table side as he knows he's better than that.Hopefully we'll get the best out of him till the end of the season as he will be trying to impress the bigger clubs.
  6. Lionheart10


    The most sensible thing i've ever seen on this forum.
  7. Lionheart10

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Yes,I just wish the Tigers lot would stick to their own forum.
  8. Lionheart10

    James Maddison Confirmed

  9. Lionheart10

    Are we stagnating?

    Very True we don't know exactly how much this has affected all parts of the club not just the players.
  10. I fear this is exactly what will happen,we won't get the chance for this group to get better together as the big boys will definitely come after them if they are good enough.Good Defenders in particular are in high demand so not sure we'll hang on to Maguire,Chilwell & Ricardo long,in fact expect Maguire to go this summer.
  11. Brazil & McCoist and H & J are excellent and Durham & Goughie are ok. Anyway just got to grab a sausage & bean melt before I fix this dripping tap.
  12. He is an absolute c**t,I quite like the Jim White Show when he isn't on it.
  13. Lionheart10

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    What a Clown!
  14. Lionheart10

    Gray ??

    Spot on mate,that intelligence is what seperates the Top players from the rest,they all have the technical skills just not that vision and quick thinking.He could learn a bit in time but most of it is natural.
  15. Lionheart10

    Liverpool 1-1 Leicester - Post Match Thread

    They looked a bit Spursy last night,not sure they've got the bottle like we had to win the League!