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  1. Is Slimani of premier league quality

    Yes he is Premier League - in Scotland.
  2. The Udders v City score prediction

    Do you get to see much of our games in Prague!
  3. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    Woeful yet again today,needs to be dropped.He doesn't want to be here and it shows.Thanks for that fantastic season, no-one can ever take that away but time to go mate.
  4. City v Chelsea score line prediction

    They will boss the midfield and win 3-1
  5. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    It will go one of two ways won't it,he will either have a positive attitude and up his game to get his move next window or he will sulk and we'll get the mardy poor displays of last season.Hope its the first but reckon it will be second.
  6. Mahrez to .......................?

    Just heard Durham on Talksport say we had accepted an offer of £45m for Mahrez from Chelsea.
  7. Are our owners ambitious?

    They do have ambition it is just that i believe it has now changed,they wanted top five and champions league and got it winning title in the process which must have been unbelievable for them.Now I think they have seen they can't compete with the big boys money so have lowered ambition to staying in Premier League and possibly try for Europa League/English Cups but even that 7th place looks out of reach now with Evertons spending.The fact that Krychowiak has chosen WBA over us says something.
  8. BHA pre match

    Careful that could be classed as Homophobic!!
  9. BHA pre match

    He isn't in any of them.
  10. Alan Young in hospital

    Get Well soon mate.
  11. Add a Leicester City fact in each post

    We have Bernie.
  12. Union FS Safe Standing Survey

  13. Mendy, Hit or miss?

    From the small amount of time we have seen him,i'm going to say I reckon he can come good.
  14. Stand up if you love Leicester

    Email sent.
  15. And low and behold we get Brighton for our first home game!!I bet there are Stewards rubbing their hands together at the prospect of putting their new training to use