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  1. Are they the ones who went to Madrid on the Coaches in '97?
  2. Tom Sweenie in a 3-2 loss at Leeds 12th Sept 1964.
  3. Oh imagine if they don't get Champions League spot for their new stadium
  4. Yes no excuses they are a poor side.It really should be 0-4.
  5. I would say they don't want anything that may detract from their King Power advertising.
  6. Totally,I can't believe that we have people (c**ts) who would even think of treating him this way.He deserves a Testimonial not for the money as I'm sure it would go to charity but just as a Thanks from us,he has won the League 1 Title,Championship Title & Premier League Title,surely that deserves more than a pat on the back and on your way son!
  7. Hmm lets weigh it up for him Monte Carlo Casino v Annabelles Casino,Grand Prix v Mallory Park,Fine French Cuisine v The Akash,Monte Carlo Beach v Rutland Water,The Royal Palace v Old John,Gucci,Prada,Versace Shops v High Cross,The Weather.Don't get me wrong its Leicester every time for me but I reckon it might be a hard sell to him mate.
  8. They get the booking for removing the shirt,i don't know why they don't just pull it up to reveal the tribute we'd all see it just the same.
  9. Where was that done,on B Wing!
  10. Not sure that Brendan needs the distraction of Europa Cup at this stage of his job. I'm sure he will want to concentrate on getting his squad sorted and playing his way.Look what it did to Everton & Burnley!
  11. Whilst Vardy is here we have no option but to play to his strengths as he is our only Centre Forward,something that Puel just wasn't having and something that Brendan realises.He probably also realises that if you don't have Vardy on your side as a Manager then you are F***ed.
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