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  1. Chilwell vs Schlupp

    Chilwell has faults at the moment but will learn and become a decent player,Schlupp is one of the worst footballers i've ever seen for us.
  2. Underdogs poster

    £20 for A3 size!!
  3. Morgan or Dragovic?

    Unfortunately I don't think he will still be here in a few years time!
  4. Vardy showing no signs of slowing down, apparently.

    This is true,Shiltons honours were won elsewhere.If you go on that criteria then Cambiasso would be the most successful Leicester player.
  5. Morgan or Dragovic?

    We need to move forward so unfortunately Wes has to go,same for Simpson he just isn't good enough going forward.
  6. What retains Leicester from becoming top 6

    Money. If you look at which teams finish where in the league and look at their spend,apart from us winning it, you will find that in general the two are linked ie. the teams that spend most on players finish higher than those who spend less.
  7. Why are people clapping Mahrez?

    Over everything that has happened and been said,this is what matters above all else We are Leicester.I personally will be forever grateful for Mahrez contribution to winning the League,can't fault him for his footballing ability and every time he plays in our colours I will support him, but now for me as a person I think he's a T*sser. I think we forget sometimes that these lads who play for us have no emotional link to Leicester,where We are Leicester 100% of the time,they are only Leicester for the 90 mins they are on the pitch. All that matters is what is best for our team Leicester City FC so if he is chosen (whether you agree or not) to put that shirt on and play in our team we've got to get behind him surely?
  8. People should be cheering if he scores,not because he has scored but because Leicester have scored.He is a W***er now and he will still be a W***er after he has scored.
  9. Yes understand that,I was just going from a legal stance ie. Passport states nationality as place of birth,but I get the identity thing as if I were born in France by English parents I would probably consider myself English.
  10. Appreciate that,if he does play I will not be booing him and I would get behind him as he would be part of the team I support as the team is always above any individual.
  11. I appreciate what you are saying but i'm afraid i'm big on loyalty and he had his one chance with me last summer camped out at an Airport.This is second time now and he can go F**k himself.
  12. He's made it pretty clear he don't want to be in our family any more.
  13. Is Demarai Gray an enigma?

    Has the potential to be a good player but not the attitude or brain.