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  1. Had to laugh on Sunday,when it came up on screen about checking goal everyone round me was singing F**k VAR,F**k VAR.When it was overturned everyone started singing We Love VAR say WE Love VAR!! Its one of those thing like before it came in some will go against us some will go for us and by end of season it will even out.
  2. Chilwell and Ricardo are not Full Backs.They just are not as effective they look like they have the brakes on,need them as Wing Backs bombing forward hope he brings Benkovic in to a back 3 and lose one of the defensive midfielders at Home at least.
  3. I wouldn't even mind if he had a Wednesday shirt on under his Leicester one and showed it if he scored.
  4. He's got a chip on his shoulder about living in Shearers shadow,tried his luck at Chelsea and never made it ended up playing in mickey mouse scottish league where he did well and got recognition from Celtic fans so feels some sort of allegiance with them hence he slags off Brendan. Like others have said on here he is irrelevant ignore him.
  5. I reckon Ashley has taken him on knowing that they will get relegated and he has got teams out of Championship.
  6. Apparently they are parading it at the first Home Game.
  7. Man Utd I reckon,by the time they get rid of Ole it will be too late.
  8. Thanks for the memories Shinji and making everyone smile,The Whole World Smiles With You.
  9. He really does epitomise everything that is good about our Club.
  10. Got to be one of the best ever bargain buys along with Vardy & Mahrez.
  11. Derby,it will be good to have an East Mids derby game again.Would like Forest up as well at some point, no point in having rivals if we never get to embaras them!
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