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  1. Most skilful centre forward I’ve ever seen RIP Frankie Wortho🦊💙
  2. I didn't think it was an option to buy thought it was a loan with compulsory buy at end?
  3. Born in Leicester.Support the City/Town you were born in not the Team that was winning everything when you were 6 years old.
  4. Just imagine if he could finish,what a player he would be!!Hope it comes to him.
  5. The death rate for the whole period now stands at 0.063% ( 42,000 people have died out of a population of 66 million.) They estimate about treble that amount will die from other illnesses not treated during the last 6 months!!
  6. don't really see the point they've got Man city & Arsenal to play.I don't think they'll go down because the other 2 are worse but if they did Pearsons the man to manage them in the Championship.
  7. Absolutely,wouldn't it be lovely just to go out today and win easily!!
  8. Your right the Refs couldn't give a toss about Managers comments as there is no comeback on them.
  9. would love to be in Champions League but not too disappointed if in Europa as I think we'd have a decent chance of actually winning it.
  10. I'm not one for getting on new players backs i think everyone deserves time and chances to prove themselves but i am sure he has been here long enough for us to be able to say he just isn't good enough for our side and needs to move on,for his own career more than anything.
  11. They reckon this will come again 3 or 4 more times in the next 12 months so can't see any mass gatherings happening in that time.Maybe we could resume this season in 12 months time and then start the next as normal in Aug. 2021.
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