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  1. Aussie Foxes thread

    Didn't go to that one in the end.. Few beers before bed wasn't a good idea if I was planning on getting up...
  2. Aussie Foxes thread

    Think I'll be making the early trip to The Star to watch the match in the morning. Anyone been before?
  3. Aussie Foxes thread

    Currently in Sydney.. Anyone here watching any of the next two games out anywhere? Only been here for a few days so not sure where to watch them. There's a 24 hour casino near me so if there aren't many more options I can always watch it there. But do any of you guys ever meet up and watch us?
  4. Football Manager 2016

    Played first season as Leicester, finished 8th, Schlupp with a rating of 7.69.. Sold him to Monaco for £30m.
  5. FIFA 16

    Fifa is serious business
  6. Festival Thread

    Going down on the Wednesday, like you say, line up ain't great but it should be a good few days with the lads!
  7. All black English football team

    Why would anyone think anything of that? I don't see the point in the thread.
  8. FIFA 16

    Are they not updating squads and giving players form on Fifa 15 now? Makes the last month without the new game a bit stale.
  9. Premier League Predictions 2015/16

    1st- Chelsea 2nd- Arsenal 3rd- Man Utd 4th- Man City 18th- Norwich 19th- Sunderland 20th- Watford Surprise team of the year- Stoke Top Goalscorer- Aguero FA Cup- Man Utd League Cup- Crystal Palace
  10. Team Vs Sunderland

    3-4-1-2 Kasper Huth Morgan/Moore Wasilewski Schlupp LWB Albrighton RWB Drinkwater King Mahrez Okazaki/Vardy Kramaric
  11. Lurkers

    Would say I just lurk too... creepin' pretty much daily though
  12. Danny Simpson Guilty - Avoids Jail

    What an utter moron.
  13. w brom v chelsea

    Well he seems an excellent passer of the ball from what i've seen, he would be a good addition while James is out I think. But seeing as he is getting the odd appearance with Chelsea, I doubt he'd come to us or if they'd want him to.
  14. w brom v chelsea

    Loftus-Cheek looking very comfortable on the ball.
  15. What gigs are you going?

    Ben Howard on Monday in Birmingham.