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  1. gerryn

    Mahrez to .......................?

    What about Jack Wiltshire and £20m would you take that? Still don't get why we let Will Hughes Go to Watford for £4m and as far as I know didn't bid. appreciate both have injury history but so did Huth and he's done ok with our medic team
  2. gerryn

    Troy Deeney

    Reminds me of the time that cheating little barstool from Blackburn signed for us. Nobody wanted him but what a great player David Speedie turned out to be. Could be a repeat with Deeney, and at least he scored fair and square.
  3. gerryn

    Cambiasso to stay? It depends on the Mrs

    August 15th will he be in leicester shirt or West Ham shirt. Either way he should be applauded not slagged off. Let's show respect to a great player
  4. gerryn

    Toughest city players

    anyone remember Bobby Roberts got stuck in