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  1. Becky Hill singing too.
  2. Shame that all the busses to Wembley and back are not open top double deckers. Busses looks weird,
  3. Are they having an open top bus parade around the city this year too?
  4. How many Leicester fans could have gone if it wasn't for this Covid shit? 25 thousand or more?
  5. If my mate buys a big frock and a wig and puts on some lipstick could he get in on my daughters season ticket?
  6. Cup Final or Tottenham game, can't go to both. Think I prefer the Tottenham game after reading all this shit..
  7. Why are they still selling Blue and White FA kits?
  8. Kids can go next time. Hopefully not another 52 years.
  9. Any tickets should go to Season Ticket holders who actually watched Leicester's last FA Cup final live.
  10. Super Duper Premier League is a lot better.
  11. Force the other 6 to wear a gold top 6 badge on their shirt.
  12. Every team that finishes in the top 6 any year should have a top 6 badge on their shirt sleeve for the following season. That'll show the bastards.
  13. They should just scrap the Europa League and have the top six qualify for the Champions League every year. Then, we'll really know who the top 6 are every year.
  14. There are owners and there are owners, we have the best. We have to look after them.
  15. I'd pay my £87 refund back to be there on Sunday. A draw could be enough anyway. Come on you Dingles.
  16. Have to play Fuchs for the remaining games, he never gives the ball away.
  17. When did Ndidi last have a good game? He was crap today again. He needs dropping. New contractitis.
  18. May as well play 5-5-0 and have 95% possession. Let's see how boring we can be if we really try.
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