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  1. There were certainly a lot of tourists in our end (particularly that block which was mainly general sale) on Sunday. The final straw, after the stewards had walked up and down the aisle and most had quickly sat down, was when a group waltzed in on 25 minutes with popcorn (wtf!?) and started complaining about those remaining standing as they couldn't see. I doubt they even supported us, or even really cared given the amount of time they spent on their phones. Had to move for the second half as it was so pathetic over there in the first. Sad.
  2. When he came back from Barnsley he'd been in and out of a poor side hadn't he? He's been smashing it this time around and looks like he's improved physically. This time it's very different to the last. His confidence will be sky high, and I can't wait to see how he gets on tomorrow - even if it's only off the bench. Anybody that wants him banging them in for West Brom rather than playing here needs to give their head a wobble.
  3. 'The French wankoh, why is he playing 3-5-1? He don't have a clue'
  4. But you can't check for a corner decision, can you? It's all a bit wishy washy!
  5. So if he lets it go, a corner is won, and then a goal is scored from a corner - is that VAR'd off? If so, how long do you let play go on until there can be no VAR on it?
  6. It's also probably going to have one of those purple SCB patches on it too. Brilliant.
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