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  1. The nearest test centres are not Birmingham. The club have just badly explained it.
  2. Nope. Villa on the Sunday hasn’t been rearranged as far as I can see?
  3. Yeah, I’m one of those. I don’t think it’d punish anyone that regularly travels away as everyone would be in the same boat. It may push some members further up the queue and subsequently some slightly down, but they’d have put in the work to get there. The club seem reluctant to change it though so I suspect it will stay as it is.
  4. They play Sunday Tuesday Thursday. They will prioritise winning two games over winning one, particularly when one of those two is a hugely significant game for them.
  5. Essentially you should get a point per game you attend, home or away, on say a three year rolling basis. Maybe there’s an argument for two per away or something, but it should be based on matches attended and across the board. That way members (and general sale) get rewarded for the games that they attend equal to STH who attend the same game. Cup games included too.
  6. Also, not sure if it’s been posted in here but there will be no charter trains. This is from EMR... EMR Advice for 15th May
  7. If it’s anything like how Man City managed it then you’ll have to purchase your train ticket at the time of purchasing your ticket. Chance you could get stung twice by doing it now.
  8. You did. I’m expecting them to use the same pool of people for the final. There must have been significant interest (probably from Spurs fans for the Carabao Cup final as they’d been told they had more chance applying for both) as I missed out in the ballot for the semi.
  9. It does say that home testing will be allowed, but doesn’t specify which groups
  10. It’s not, there were no FA Cup final details on there yesterday.
  11. https://help.wembleystadium.com/support/solutions/articles/7000064584-events-research-programme-faqs All in here
  12. 12500 split between the two clubs.
  13. Sure some are West Yorkshire too?
  14. There were a hell of a lot of area codes included - not just M. M, SK, BL, OL, WA, WN, PR, FY, BB, LA, CH, CW, BD, HD, and HX.
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