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  1. UEFA seem to be gearing up for all international fixtures this year being behind closed doors to prevent some sides having an advantage and others not. I would imagine that this may be the case in their club competitions too.
  2. Yeah. It's three interruptions of play. Half time doesn't count towards that.
  3. Fourth Official this weekend. Is this the first time he has been involved with us since?!
  4. I have absolutely no idea why they don't just have a check box instead of the confusing number nonsense
  5. I think '1' just means refund for all season tickets/match tickets that you have. It's a pretty poor/confusing way of doing it.
  6. Craig

    Corona Virus

  7. Norwich away title winning season. The only game I missed and Jeff scored
  8. Craig

    Corona Virus

    Thanks for this. Exactly what I've been looking for whilst out of work over this period.
  9. Geoff is there to speak to Kasper at the moment? I doubt that'd be going ahead.
  10. Craig

    Corona Virus

    We've also got 3000 of them coming over to Liverpool tonight, and I doubt they've had any checks at all. it's madness.
  11. The ignorance of some is staggering.
  12. We've got a space or two in our PL squad haven't we?
  13. I went in The Griffin prior to their home game with Cardiff and there were plenty of Cardiff fans in there.
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