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  1. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Exactly. I met the guy after Watford away that season and he 100% wanted us to win the league, no doubt about it.
  2. Man City - League Cup

    Don't clubs have to agree on pricing? £13/£18 is still very reasonable for a quarter final.
  3. New Management Set-Up

    A brave, brave username.
  4. Stoke away - 12.30pm, Sat 4 Nov

    I emailed and got this reply..
  5. Danny Drinkwater
  6. I imagine this may get deleted but.......

    Given what someone was banned for earlier, it's incredible that @Thracian is still here. This isn't the first time that the bigoted fool has embarrassed this forum and it won't be the last. He'll be loving this. Send him packing to Bentley's Roof. The reaction to his posts reflected well on the forum though.
  7. The Italian perception of Leicester City

    I wore my city shirt in Sorrento a couple of weeks ago and it was fine.
  8. not socially! Not intentionally anyway!
  9. Why? It's part of my job. It's concerning.
  10. A definite link. The criminals are fully aware that the Police don't have the resources to cope, they tell me as much. The Police here (Northants) seem to be recruiting heavily at the moment so hopefully that will help things. Worrying to see the Met writing to retired officers asking them to come out of retirement though!
  11. Arsenal Away 11 August

  12. Arsenal Away 11 August

    When the hell are they releasing the details for this?
  13. Alan Young in hospital

    Can't say I've ever found the BBC responsible for a stroke...