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  1. Well certainly not if you’re stood in completely the wrong position and then fail to jump more than one inch off the ground
  2. There were numerous choruses of 'Ginger Mourinho' spread across a number of games. We knew he was a complete tool, but we still gave him a song - even in jest Nothing for Claude, though, which just about says everything.
  3. Who exactly does this 'style' of football suit, then ? Iheanacho ? Okazaki ? Gray ? Maddison ? Ghezzal ? Any fecker at all ? Is Ndidi thriving in the middle of the park in this great new system, after showing so much potential ? He is, ever so slowly but surely, sucking every living breath out of the team
  4. Nobody with a market value close to £90 million is going to come to Leicester City I'd love to think they would, but they won't, no matter how much we offer them in wages Selling Vardy right now would be pure insanity, as Claude will know full well
  5. But that's not an accurate reflection of what precisely happened, and why you were banned, is it....?
  6. Yet slightly more grateful and showing more respect than Kante, who simply couldn't wait to get his arse out of the door as soon as he possibly could, but people are more responsive to him than the Leicester City PFA Player of the Year who played an equal role in helping us to win the League ? How strange They are ALL Legends for what they did that season - but while they continue to play football elsewhere they are simply opposition players , so stuff 'em
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