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  1. I think it's to do with his persona. He covers ground well enough, but he's not particularly quick. Also, he's often already decided he's going to ground when he's received the ball and the tackle is about to be made so you don't often see him in full flow actually running. He needs to stay on his feet more. He's not going to assist or make positive forward passes (his biggest strength) when he's constantly on the floor. He's a great talent but he needs to find some consistency or for the team to help to play to his strengths. I genuinely would take a bett
  2. We lack physicality and they're as direct and physical as they come. They're desperate for points and if we don't get going early the game could quite easily be a repeat of tonight. Rodgers will have the travel to Ukraine excuse lined up if we lose and likewise use it for popularity if we win. I just want a performance that shows we're TRYING hard to win games and to be on the front foot, whatever the outcome. Kasper Ricardo Fofana Evans Justin Ndidi Under Youri Maddison Barnes
  3. That would be absolutely perfect for everyone in my opinion. Provided they were given time..
  4. He wouldn't stand out in a Championship team. There's still time on his side but lets be fair, he's an extremely limited footballer right now.
  5. I just wish he'd tell it how it is sometimes, but his ego comes first unfortunately.
  6. Terrible really. You should never take an away win in Europe for granted and we should stop overrating the quality of our squad depth.
  7. He still seems to be trying too hard at times. I feel as soon as he gets his first goal he'll chip in a lot more often.
  8. This ref has told his mates to lump on over 10 bookings, no other explanation for it.
  9. We need to find a way to get Justin in the team when Ricardo and Castagne are back, he's done a great job filling in, being shifted left to right and especially with the step up he's made. He should be rewarded and not dropped imo.
  10. I agree with every word. Hamza and Ndidi in the middle lacks a bit of creativity but there should be enough out wide and ahead of them to get the job done.
  11. I mean, this is fairly tame and I've got no affiliation to Wycombe whatsoever but I'm about welling up haha. I'm going to be a right state when we're back in a packed out City end.
  12. I hope this book includes Bruno Mars and the Fan Cam track.
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