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  1. Yeah, we can't be having a defender who was keeping clean sheets away in the Champions league anywhere near this side when he's out of position and we've had the likes of Rufus Brevett on the books
  2. Fantastic idea. I'd love to see this happen and for it to go locally to UHL hospitals and staff.
  3. I really enjoyed Safe, with the dude from Dexter nailing a British accent. Easy to binge on and just the one season.
  4. Military involvement could be to support the paramedics, nhs staff etc who are likely to be effected if there is a lock down with schools closed etc. It doesn't mean they'll be digging trenches outside Iceland cus someone is taking too much turd roll.
  5. It comes across as sensationalist in the wording and there is zero source or reference involved, but I could see it happening.
  6. I love this, I love him and I love how I'm on this clip celebrating his last goal for us legend.
  7. For me, completing this full season is far more important than starting any new season. Not saying Norwich will repeat what we did but imagine this happening in 2014 when we were rooted to the bottom. It has to be fair.
  8. Well if the Daily Mail have confirmed it..
  9. Yeah let's just hope our 3 worst players have this virus
  10. But where do you draw the line with mental health, if that is even the reason he is acting this way? I'd imagine a large number of the prison population have some kind of mental health problem, it's not always an excuse for someone's behaviour and shouldn't just be dismissed because 'he's a footballer'. He's out of order and his actions have been for a while by the looks of it.
  11. Fair, but consistently? Like I said, I know it's only one game for Justin but the mind set is completely different.
  12. I genuinely believe he did on the night. When has Chilwell produced that many forward passes and positive runs with an end product?
  13. Barnes has taken to the top flight quicker than Vardy did. Did you know Vardy would score close to 100 PL goals when he was on the bench before the great escape started?
  14. Not to get carried away by one great performance, but that was better than anything Chilwell has produced for us and that's before factoring in it being his first start and out of position. Barnes benefited the most by his inclusion, but as a whole the team were so much more fluid and had purpose in their attacks down that side.
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