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  1. Remember when he was linked to us under Pearson in the Championship and everyone was kicking off?
  2. Got nothing but respect for Sheffield United and what they're doing this season. I hope they make Europe this season, it'd be great for English football. We need to be at our best on Thursday
  3. You should work for Babestation.
  4. Not sure if it's been mentioned but this game is on Pick TV free to air (channel 11) aswell as sky, so might be worth saving any Now TV vouchers for the other games
  5. Let's just wait for official confirmation from those undertaking the review and take it from there.
  6. Kane is looking up to find Kane and he's not there! Dion Dublin: July, 2020.
  7. Dublin and Cahill spot on with their assessment on MOTD in regards to the penalty given against Villa. I needed to hear pundits calling it out for what it was.
  8. The burger I had genuinely tasted like a Maryland strip burger but for an extra £15
  9. Sheff Utd, Norwich, Liverpool and Wolves. Tricky.
  10. That sums it up. If you're going to say you can understand it, atleast explain why? Not then start banging on about the second goal as if, because they've scored a respectable goal afterwards it's overshadowed the first so 'it doesn't matter anyway'.
  11. They do this in Rugby, clearly explaining the decision they have made, you just accept it and get on with. Atleast before if that **** Moss gave something dodgy it was a split second decision but to then not even double check with the use of technology is unforgivable. VAR has ruined football.
  12. Dissapointed in Neville on this one, he's usually more honest than that. Criminal decision, made ten times worse with the 'benefit' of VAR and seeing it back. Unreal.
  13. Foul the other way if anything he jumps into him.
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