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  1. To the media he will save face and say all the right things about being a tough place to go to etc etc But the reality is he will know he has got it completely wrong today, if not that's the biggest worry.
  2. Oh thanks, I didn't know. Maybe he was right to start then and his performance was just a one off.
  3. I'm not sure how he's gone from being rightfully dropped to one half decent substitute performance to STARTING. Absolute joke.
  4. Stopping the game when we're on the break because a United player is down even though no foul was given.. Shocking
  5. Not much of a cider drinker but think I'll give this Watford a gew.
  6. It's probably been covered in here - BUT this match day beg culture of fans making over the top signs asking for players shirts
  7. haha it sounds so obvious but I was the same to start with! makes the biggest difference and will stop you getting blisters straight away
  8. I'd be more than happy with anything under 2 hours this time, in fact maybe even 2:30 my prep has been that poor! Good luck with the runs before, I'm sure they'll set you up nicely for the Leicester one - sound sensible to step down this time from the full. Have you got yourself some decent running socks? they make a massive difference.
  9. It's been announced on the site now
  10. Terrible idea for this fixture. I can understand when it's a large away end when you're not expecting many to turn up but this will just cause problems. It baffles me how this is deemed safe, as it encourages people to stand in an area that isn't designated for them - yet safe standing is still to be approved. doesn't make sense to me.
  11. Anyone doing the Leicester half ? I'm really struggling to motivate myself this time round. Hasn't helped that my diet has been terrible
  12. I can't quite work out some suitable lyrics (I've barely tried to be fair) but Munich by the Editors came on my Spotify shuffle earlier and that tune could make a decent and catchy chant.
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