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  1. Or they could start them themselves? Not that those that sing often now don't use them already.
  2. supwihyoh? - something is up with someone. gerronwihyit - often heard when an opposition player is time wasting down the kp. hospikkle and bokkle instead of hospital and bottle should be a recognised crime.
  3. I'd imagine it has a massive effect on all pubs other than Blues bar tbh.
  4. He never truly suited our system but he does have potential if you play to his strengths. I'd take his Newcastle move with a pinch of salt as he was banned and injured for most of that. It's all too easy writing someone off if the fit isn't right, I just hope we get a decent fee for him.
  5. The state of this thread It's a free ****ing scarf, nothing more.
  6. The TV games for March are expected to be announced today
  7. It's one thing the amount of protection keepers get, but the Wolves player has been penalised for standing up there
  8. delay tactics often help with penalty saves though
  9. It's like the time West Ham drew at Chelsea and Mourinho was moaning about them playing a negative style when in reality if they'd gone toe to toe they'd have lost. It's on the 'top' teams to break these 'lesser' teams down and if they can't they should be looking at themselves rather than slating the oppositions style.
  10. I can't believe Newcastle are 4 points off 5th
  11. I'm pleased he improved on recent showings and for as long as he's picked I'll back him and won't boo etc, but he really is limited.
  12. Let's have a big effort tonight everyone
  13. It's one thing BT sport promoting wrestling during a live game but that large screen of Luiz watching the closing minute was next level
  14. Love this. Just please get us to Wembley, whatever the outcome in the final
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