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  1. God knows why we've not tried to change things sooner here. Offered nothing up top
  2. I wonder if the club use his injury as an example to new possible signings as some sort of sales pitch. Some kind of 'we look after our own', 'we even extended the contract of a player who was out with a long term injury'. I know it would influence part of my decision if I was choosing a new club with very little between my options. This whole 'LCFC family' image. Just a thought.
  3. Would you celebrate if we won this cup?
  4. He helps meet the diversity quota, is popular on social media and he's pro Man United. He's here to stay.
  5. Why do they keep referring to 'Zaha's return' as if it wasn't five years ago and he hasn't played at Old Trafford since?
  6. Great thread with some great posts. One of the ones for me is time, as in how moments are closer than we realise to other events we might not think about. For example the USA is only 86 years older than Notts County.
  7. Some plum on sky saying we still haven't replaced Maguire Only a year behind the rest of the world.
  8. I don't think I've seen a sky sports news 'breaking news' bar sum up modern day football more. First one says Macclesfield Town have been wound up in the high court because they owe £500,000 and the second one is about Spurs being linked with re signing Bale who is reported to be earning that amount in 7 days. Something has to change.
  9. He's an overpriced squad player for me. We need someone with more pace and who is less predictable on the ball. He just doesn't do enough, too much of a luxury player.
  10. Natural finishers don't always need to look up before shooting because they should know instinctively where the goal is. He clearly needs to work on his finishing in training more. I feel most of his problems stem from confidence. His body language is often negative, even when he's done something productive.
  11. Harvey Weinstein would be proud of that Praet touch
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