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  1. We actually also defended the 8 million corners with some degree of confidence
  2. Perez and Maddison don’t work together .. occupy the same space and there’s no one up top. Get Nacho on..
  3. 2020 we’d have lost that. We didn’t win, we were far and away the better side and at times we were all over them.. would have loved 3 points but a points a point and let’s be honest there was a gulf in class between us and them. At times the intricate play was great to watch.. we’re on the up. Take the positives.. also I love the fact we’ve nearly given up putting corners in direct due to how bad we are!
  4. We’ve not been terrible, the front 4 just haven’t clicked.. Perez needs to stop dropping deep and lead the line more. We’ve got 5 players who haven’t played much over the last few weeks. Need to give it a bit of time to shake of the rust
  5. Can we count that as scoring from a corner
  6. All for PR.. be interesting to see how strong Villa are for the next premier league game.. Klopp’s being a pr*ck.. playing a strong side to try and take some moral high ground. If one of his players gets injured today he can stick his moaning about games where the sun don’t shine...
  7. The FA should insist the clubs play their fixtures, whether it be with youth team players or smaller squads. the clubs can sort out fines and bans which you’d assume they will do. They’ll get fined by the government which covers breaking the law.
  8. How do we actually set up defending corners.. why is Under on a striker, it’s insane.. same thing first half with someone else..
  9. Need to take some risks, lumping it up the field isn’t going to get our midfield involved.
  10. Credit where credits due, whatever he’s done he’s brought confidence to the squad and the movement seems to have improved a hell of a lot since last season. We’ve got some great young players playing atm and he must be doing something right to get what we’re getting from Thomas, Fofana and Justin.
  11. Exactly.. I actually don't think it's entirely a bad idea.. If this were a breakaway i kind of feel like people would get bored of it.. the reason Bayern V Liverpool works is because it doesn't happen that often.. also the format would be much more interesting than the expanded champions league.. If there was a way of promotion/relegation that would be interesting.
  12. That's the PHE projection, yes..
  13. It would have been interesting if the voting model and distribution model had been split across all the premier league teams rather than 6+3, personally I think all the premier league teams would have agreed to that. In the end the truth is every club across every league is out looking after themselves. I’d say the leak was sheer opportunism.. if it had been passed Liverpool and United would have benefitted, even though it’s not passed it gets the question on the table and a negotiating position for them, as well as everyone else to start from.
  14. When you say 10, does that include 10 random households together or groups so 4 from 1 household and 6 from another? when you live on your own and far away from family this makes a massive difference. Today we had to swap and change people to meet the rule of 6 even though every one of us well under the age of significant impact (at least 2 people have had mild symptoms and tested positive for it).. i completely understand the risk but the people I see and those around them are not in the at risk category.. should we have to limit how we see each other purely because most of us live
  15. We don't know that though.. a few more months will have lasting damage longer term (especially if the vaccine doesn't work).. Mass unemployment, Mental health issues across society, Operation backlogs (and deaths) and then finally to top it all off it'll need to be paid for primarily by those people who were at little to no risk of having longer term issues/death..
  16. Exactly.. in no way should we forget or leave them, but realistically we get a vaccine or we don't. We can'y keep going into these lockdowns.. the longer term impact to society as a whole would be more damaging than the impact of the other (IMO Only... there's no science, graphs or pointless soundsbites to prove this)..
  17. ummm.... that implies solely on there being a vaccine.. what if there isn't one?
  18. The younger generation seems to be the flavour of the month, cases are on the rise across a lot of different age groups, they’re also the second hardest hit (factoring those poor souls who passed away). Part of the problem with the 3 month lockdown was it was inevitable that as soon as it was eased there would be a spike. Mentally and physically the effects of it have hit everyone and people do want to get back to some form of normality. For me if there is another lockdown it needs to be short and specifically focussed on giving hospitals time to prep, actually ring fencing care homes and gett
  19. Thomas has been great going forwards, but he’s lost the ball twice allowing them to counter.. Think he’s as equally to blame here.. he’s young.. it happens but those mistakes at this level have cost us.. Bennett should Just know better.. annoying because we’ve been the better side.
  20. We have to judge him on the whole season, we can't just say because our form's dropped the entire seasons a right off. If we finish top 6, would we have considered that a good season at the start? i'd say so. We have to give Rodgers time, the next transfer window's crucial. We need a bit of raw talent and experience imo. We've got a young squad, and confidence seems to be a major factor in that, which is normal with quite a few youngster. I'd hope we also have a plan b going into next season. Whilst Rodgers decision making hasn't been great, it's tricky with a few players not showi
  21. But it’s not a mistake is it? Hitting reply all by accident on an email is a mistake. She broke the law, when called out on it she lied to the police that the guy was threatening her specifically calling out his race. Whilst the outcry online is over the top a company has a right to sack someone who’s lied and made stuff up, if I were her client I wouldn’t want to work with her.. and it’s entirely justifiable that she should be sacked for this alone.
  22. We lack tempo and rhythm.. don’t know if it’s the lack of atmosphere without the crowd, or a lack of confidence but our build up play is pedestrian.. we don’t break quickly with Cags, Evans and schmeichel fannying it about side to side.. can’t remember the last time we turned the ball over and broke quickly. The impact of this is it lets teams set up against us.. being so 1 dimensional it’s easy to nullify Vardy.. Barnes and Perez seems to have no confidence and are rarely 1 on 1.. we need a bit of luck.. a fluke goal or a dodgy red card against us to give the team a lift.. Rodger
  23. He also made the right call at half time, Brendan’s subs and general motivation seem to pedestrian in comparison.
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