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  1. Ultimately I don’t see an issue with the top 6. Not that long ago it was the top 4 till Man City and Spurs expanded it. Our goal should be to be breaking into it like a top 7 or replacing someone in it. They’re the top 6 because they consistently finish at the top end of the league (ignoring a few brain fart years from Arsenal, United and Chelsea). Our goal should be to regularly challenge for those spots over the coming years to break into it, right now we’ve had one amazing season and a good start. We need to build on it. If we can do that we’ll grow in terms of a place players want to play and a wider fan base. We get as much positive coverage as the rubbish, and a look at Twitter shows just how many people enjoy eating us play who aren’t our existing fan base.
  2. So say Hamza’s fouling Salah, or say Evans earlier today?? Let’s not point the finger at other clubs and managers when we do it just as much... fouls are based on merit of the situation.. there’s no way anyone would have know Gomes would have got his studs stuck in the turf. Physical contacts part and part of the game, sadly the odd serious injury will happen..
  3. Reading the article, they did it because they needed to replace the seating as they're at end of life.. All they've done at an opportunistic time is gone for an option that means they have a bit of flexibility if the law changes. Key being the laws actually have to change to use them in the standing capacity. Would refitting large parts of your stadium at cost for a law that isn't past be worth it, when the existing seats are ok? I'd assume our club will follow suit if we need to change our seating for similar reasons or the laws change rather than hey look at Wolves really being listening to their fans.
  4. I’m sure busquets, Rackatic and Suarez are all on the Brendan’s summer shopping list, but yeah the whole team need a Rodgering up the backside in general
  5. Vardy’s our best natural finisher if not one of the best in the league. The problem is to play to him means nullifying a lot of the other players. There work to do in how we combat that but hopefully good mobile support striker will help in the summer. btw he’s ugly as shit but someone like Deeney would be ideal, work rate and ability was superb. Although Kasper ****ed up Deeney coming back to win that ball is something we need to work on.
  6. He did indeed but that that kick in the 92nd minute was absolutely inept. His kicking is really poor and someone with his experience having won the league as you say should have had the game management nous to just get it up field..
  7. Entirely Kasper’s fault.. look forward to daddy blaming someone else again..
  8. One training session isn’t going to fix the problems we had, but we created 2 clear goal scoring opportunities and took them. That was the difference.. hopefully the confidence and Rodgers coming will lift us now, once Barnes scores, he’ll get a few.. looks a real talent. Crap performance but 3 points, confidence and a new exciting manager sums up a pretty good day! up the foxes!
  9. Right decision given the circumstances. Puel’s philosophy about taking the club forwards was the right one, but we just don’t have the squad to get there quick enough. Whether it was him or the board we didn’t get the right players in and he was far to stubborn to divert from his plan which cost us againts teams we should have beaten. i don’t think the players helped, rumour or not the players seem to fall out with all our managers. We seem to be in a cycle of sacking managers regularly and that has to change. Massive summer ahead, we need to have the manager in early to overhaul the side, and build something.
  10. Or vardy could have kept his gob shut or done it behind closed doors....
  11. Fraustrating result, decent performance. If if the senior players don’t like Puel then what do we do swap managers again, this cycle since winning the leagues is just on repeat. Get a new manager, slight improvement, players dislike the manager, crap performance and then back to the start. Whilst I’d prefer Vardy to play he also has to adapt, if he was dropped for abusing the manager that’s his own immature fault. As a senior player he should be setting an example to the younger players in the squad. Puel is fraustrating but he is building something, phasing our Morgan seems to be an improvement and if we replicate the performance today we’ll pick up some points. Players like Kasper, Wes and Vardy have done a lot for us but if we keep pandering to them we’ll just repeat the same thing over and over again
  12. Yeeeeesss! how many passes was that? Lovely goal
  13. Usual brain fart by the defence but... Generally play and set up has been great. The balance of the team looks much better.. swap Vardy for Gray..
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