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  1. But it’s not a mistake is it? Hitting reply all by accident on an email is a mistake. She broke the law, when called out on it she lied to the police that the guy was threatening her specifically calling out his race. Whilst the outcry online is over the top a company has a right to sack someone who’s lied and made stuff up, if I were her client I wouldn’t want to work with her.. and it’s entirely justifiable that she should be sacked for this alone.
  2. We lack tempo and rhythm.. don’t know if it’s the lack of atmosphere without the crowd, or a lack of confidence but our build up play is pedestrian.. we don’t break quickly with Cags, Evans and schmeichel fannying it about side to side.. can’t remember the last time we turned the ball over and broke quickly. The impact of this is it lets teams set up against us.. being so 1 dimensional it’s easy to nullify Vardy.. Barnes and Perez seems to have no confidence and are rarely 1 on 1.. we need a bit of luck.. a fluke goal or a dodgy red card against us to give the team a lift.. Rodgers doesn’t seem to be able to motivate the team right now or seem to make any decent subs.. I know we’ve got a small squad but not putting Nacho on was criminal with 20 mins to go in a quarter final.
  3. He also made the right call at half time, Brendan’s subs and general motivation seem to pedestrian in comparison.
  4. It’s ok.. remember they’ve had 6 weeks off, they’ll be a little rusty. on the closed doors, the fact of the matter is unless something changes drastically this is the new norm till Sept/Oct.. it might not be the football we want but it’s football at least.. not sure I can take re runs of crap sky sports are churning out. Also as the games go on, they’ll at least get a bit more interesting with European spots and relegation to play for.. it would be nice if they could just play some crowd noises though.. surely they’ve got it all recorded for Fifa...
  5. Whilst it would work for the top two of the championship you'd still have those in the play offs challenge it, arguable there's enough games for the top two to be caught, and they still have the chance of winning the play offs (as well as the nearly every team down to 10th). If they decided for any promotion/relegation it would really need to be definitive across all leagues as a number of teams would argue they could have been promoted/safe with remaining fixtures.
  6. One issue on this is time, the rush will come from Uefa, they'll want next season to happen, most likely with European competitions, all needing to finish in time for the delayed Euro 2020 tournament.
  7. Just my take on it but I’m sure a lot of clubs are probably looking at the legality of contracts around wage cuts. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are clauses in contracts that mean if players do take a cut (and the wording will be vague and nowhere close to the current situation) that they could leave on the cheap/ free etc.. morally it’s a hard to not think they’re out of line, but the support staff won’t have such clauses so it’s pretty easy to do this. When we come out of this we don’t know what the scenario will be, the premier league will have to pay back a lot of money if the season doesn’t finish so clubs are probably trying to figure how best to face the different scenarios. Again, morally wrong, but clubs could argue they’ve been paying taxes so they are entitled to claim the furlough if it safeguards jobs. A lot of players are doing things, I’m sure there’s more than we know as well as some clubs, but it’s a tricky tricky situation. There are a number of other industries that could help also, those tech billionaires who give £1 million when they’re sitting on £4bn or the actors who sign imagine from their mansions, who earn £18m to dress up in spandex in front of a blue screen..
  8. Ultimately I don’t see an issue with the top 6. Not that long ago it was the top 4 till Man City and Spurs expanded it. Our goal should be to be breaking into it like a top 7 or replacing someone in it. They’re the top 6 because they consistently finish at the top end of the league (ignoring a few brain fart years from Arsenal, United and Chelsea). Our goal should be to regularly challenge for those spots over the coming years to break into it, right now we’ve had one amazing season and a good start. We need to build on it. If we can do that we’ll grow in terms of a place players want to play and a wider fan base. We get as much positive coverage as the rubbish, and a look at Twitter shows just how many people enjoy eating us play who aren’t our existing fan base.
  9. So say Hamza’s fouling Salah, or say Evans earlier today?? Let’s not point the finger at other clubs and managers when we do it just as much... fouls are based on merit of the situation.. there’s no way anyone would have know Gomes would have got his studs stuck in the turf. Physical contacts part and part of the game, sadly the odd serious injury will happen..
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