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  1. Caraboa Cup is ripe for upsets when teams play their academy i.e. Brighton v Villa. Odds change rapidly and I had to be quick. 13/5 quickly changed 1/28 on, then I could set off the draw at 10/1 and Brighton to win at 40/1, so all bases were covered. I did not trust Villa enough to put more than I could afford. Lots would have cashed in.
  2. Connolly scored the first goal. Returned from a loan when he hardly played at Luton because of an injury. Brighton have got at least ten players in over 20 (under 23) age group out on loan to second tier clubs, which seems a bit over par (most PL clubs have about six, Chelsea have about 15). And at least one youngster not playing in contention for the League Cup game. PL2 is like the fourth XI of each club. 25 man squad, first and second teams, third team players out on development loans. Only about three players per PL club make it through to the first team squad.
  3. Retiring journo Andy Naylor from Brighton quotes over £50m only (his opinion). The point is with TV money, 3 points to avoid relegation is worth more than £100 million to Brighton. NB: Dunk was not a Houghton signing (and Poyet wanted to sign Van Dijk instead) and Houghton's style inhibited Dunk (as slow as Maguire) and both not quick enough for a CL side. Sell Maguire to Man United and they won't be a top six side anymore? Unsure how good or bad Dunk is, but he doesn't make too many mistakes and Brighton turned down £15 million bids for him from Fulham whilst in the Championship and before prices went very silly. To play in the opponents half like a top 6 side and both Maguire and Dunk seem too slow. Play deep defence and counter attack and they both seem ideal. And both Maguire and Dunk seem capable of scoring goals at home when the dross sides sit deep. Maguire is better because he is influential to others in the defence. Dunk is better seen in conjunction with his partnership with Duffy which together is better than the individual players (until they meet Man City).
  4. Maguire speaks to his partner defenders and Dunk does not. As a covering defender it helps of there is verbal exchanges. Bruno is the one did the verbals for Brighton and now he has retired. Latest word is that Dunk is accepting the challenge to be more influential in defence for Brighton which might be beyond his ken. Technically, Dunk is quite good at passing out of defence, and is about the same speed as Maguire (which I think is too slow for a top six side, or any side that plays in the opponents half and has to beware of breakaways). Status quo seems the best bet for all clubs in this fantasy. Dunk has got a lot of experience and no longer makes individual mistakes. He might not be such a lynchpin for Brighton. Not a Houghton acquisition and may play better under Potter. Houghton was the revelation in Dunk's career, when BHA signed Duffy as an emergency replacement (because of an injury to Goldson) and the partnership worked. Waiting for a twist in the story. Overall, BHA need a new right back.
  5. Lewis Dunk is advertising the Brighton kit for next season. I don't think Maguire or Dunk are moving this summer.
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