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  1. It’s like having Gray on the pitch when he plays. No where near good enough for us.
  2. I never said that, I’m an avid player. Dyche is just very strange.
  3. Hoddle doesn’t have a knowledge of the player as he doesn’t play for a “top six” team, sees he’s black and thinks... yeah he’s got to be fast.
  4. That’s happened before as I’m sure we all know, they deserve to have it go against them.
  5. Up there with the very best deep lying playmakers in world football.
  6. Only no broken bones because Azpilicueta didn’t plant his leg. Robinson didn’t know if his leg was planted or not so he would have made this type of challenge either way. Red card is the right decision.
  7. Reddit. If you go on there and search football highlights there should be links to the full match.
  8. I pick and choose, if there’s nothing else on tv I will watch England friendlies or qualifying but I won’t make time for it. Southgate has killed my interest since the end of the group stages of the World Cup. I’d rather watch neutral games and enjoy them than be disappointed by England (Southgate).
  9. It’s so much more boring than club football, major international tournaments are fun apart from that it’s very dull.
  10. He still chose those players to be part of his team what makes you think he would choose the better players for England?
  11. I don’t think Eddie Howe should be anywhere near the England job. He was given plenty of money to spend he chose to sign terrible players this argument annoys me so much. £25mil on Jefferson Lerma, £15mil for Jordan Ibe. He’s a joke
  12. Never played them what kind of argument is that
  13. Tadic wouldn’t fit our play style and neither would Mitrovic, plus tadic is 4 years older than Ayoze.
  14. Glad he noticed but he said more about the Vardy red than Maddison’s performance in the comments.
  15. I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 91 seconds  
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