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  1. The "do they mean us?" thread

    I agree with most of the above, but think you're being a bit dismissive of the general consensus. How are the media being dismissive, for example? Everybody rates Mahrez - it's only the big clubs who've been wary about shelling out for him so far (largely based on last season, when he was the pits for a lot of it). It'll change in the summer. Same with Vardy: who is actually saying these things? Most clubs won't want to pay huge money for him because he's beyond 30 and our style of play is suited (tailored, even) to him entirely. Priceless to us, certainly - but not necessarily undervalued by everyone else IMO.
  2. 14th Richest Club in the World

    Yeah, don't get too excited: anyone saying we're the 14th richest club is just bang wrong. It's only taking into account one season, in which we were in the Champions League and made more from that than any club bar Real Madrid (because everyone else in England got knocked out early, giving us a bigger share of the prize pot). Plus revenue is just that - not expenditure.
  3. Simpson out til February

    Don't what you've got 'til it's gone and all that. In this case it's true: Simpson has his knockers but he's hardly let us down in two and a half seasons, and is a perfectly solid defender. Amartey terrifies me, and Dragovic is just simply a CB. I agree we need an upgrade to move forward - a full-back rather than a right-back who could make us more flexible - but I think this spell will demonstrate why Simpson is no player to groan about. He's just not going to transform into Cafu all of a sudden.
  4. What's going on with Kaputska?

    Yeah, I'd chill out about this one. The lad's young, can barely communicate with his team-mates yet and will be nowhere near ready physically. He's come from an incredibly inferior league whose champions have already sacked their manager thanks to a terrible start. Just look at Musa - lots of experience, Champions League too, but even he's not up to scratch yet. These things don't happen overnight.
  5. Arsenal Pre-Match Thread

    Trouble is, you're trying the impossible in attempting to replace NG like for like. It was always going to be a difficult proposition, though I admit it does look like we're lacking defensive depth in central midfield. King, god bloody love him, is clearly not the answer over the course of a 38-game season. We don't know whether Mendy is yet but he seems more of a passer and controller. He wasn't brought in as Kante's replacement though - that was always just tabloid nonsense. We wanted him last summer and kept on wanting him since. We still need another midfield to *actually* replace Kante. Personally I think Ranieri goes back to Okazaki for this one. We're not going to see much of the ball and his defensive efforts might just help us have things our own way a bit. His relief work is a vastly underrated part of his game (even simply winning fouls).
  6. The "do they mean us?" thread

  7. N'Golo Kante - Confirmed - £32m to Chelsea

    Didn't he thank everyone like, a day later?
  8. N'Golo Kante - Confirmed - £32m to Chelsea

    But you're missing the point - we're talking about anomalies here, for both ours and Chelsea's 2015-16s. Going forward he's going to be getting the kind of high-level football he wants season upon season. Next season is the exception for everyone. Clearly he's not a one-season wonder - anybody with a brain can tell NG is a staggeringly good asset to have in a team, and Chelsea are lucky to have him. Financially they can compete with anyone and there's no good reason why they can't be a Champions League-winning force in the years to come. Personally I feel like there's more to it than football even. If he was never truly happy here I wouldn't be surprised if there were family considerations too - perhaps it was just the lure of London.
  9. Allowing players to leave......

    Trying too hard to keep certain players sets a dangerous precedent, though. Say you give three of them £100k per week just to stay for a few more years. What's that saying to Wes Morgan, Danny Drinkwater, Christian Fuchs? The results wouldn't be good, and we know it. Squad harmony is so important - as if we need reminding of that - and by obliterating a structure you risk upsetting that equalibrium. Walsh is a bit different to that obviously, as someone in an important position of his own. I'd do what we can to keep him, but again you're just dealing with a human being. If he's unhappy, you're not going to get his best work. Money will only get you so far. You can say what you like about showing more ambition, but the truth is that players know the more traditional big clubs offer a greater chance of regular long-term success. And at that point, there's only so much you can do.
  10. N'Golo Kante - Confirmed - £32m to Chelsea

    Good grief, the bitterness here is blinding. Not sure why I expected to find sanity here, but curiosity got the better of me. I bloody loved the bloke last season, and we had one glorious year together. (*stops mintage music prematurely*). I always said Kante could have gone anywhere he wanted to. The timing has confused me, that much I admit to. I've never really understood why he seemed so keen to get a move on, but surely people can see what he's doing here? Calling him a mercenary is ludicrous. We all wanted to see what would happen if the team stayed together. It didn't happen, but then we knew it wouldn't last forever. Kante knew it too. He's just turned 25 and could go on to play for Chelsea for years now - lest we forget a club that will be almost guaranteed to qualify for the Champions League every year from now. He's thinking about his future, like we all do. He owes us nothing - we got one sensational year from him, and a £25m profit in one year. We're all gutted he chose not to stick around a bit longer, but take off the rose-tinted specs. He's gone for the long term.
  11. Martin O'Neill

    And what has Di Matteo done but underachieve nearly everywhere he's been and massively luck out for that Champions League win?
  12. These lads are going in the sea, can't really see how there's a way back for them. You want an orgy? Fine. But **** me, don't run your mouth and then send it on. Bet they feel delightful today.
  13. Jamie Vardy included in Englands squad for upcoming friendlies

    He's going to provide something completely different to what we've got already. It's not like England are so settled that we can do without someone like him. Welbeck is Euro 2016's top scorer ffs. He won't start but I suspect we'll be able to enjoy a 20-minute cameo of eye-bulging running like it's his last act on earth.