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  1. browncraig131

    Team Vs Sunderland

    We struggle against pace. I agree. I rate Mahrez as well. Was a great fantasy league pick last season at times.
  2. browncraig131

    Team Vs Sunderland

    I'll ask in here, if a mod wants to make it a new thread by all means, hope you all don't mind. Just looking to get some opinions. What do you think of Ranieri so far? Opinions if any you have of how Advocaat will do with us? Where do you think Leicester will finish this season? Where do you think Sunderland will finish this season? Which of your players should we look out for on Saturday? Who do you think our main threat will be? Will Nigel Pearson be a big loss? Similarly Cambiasso? What do you make of your transfer window leading up to the game? Any areas still need improvement? What do you think the score will be on a Saturday? Any opinions on Sunderland and it's fans as a whole? I'll appreciate any responses you can give me. Thanks lads.
  3. browncraig131

    Team Vs Sunderland

    Hi, Sunderland fan here. Don't have permission to start a new topic on here but could I ask you all some questions about Saturday, I'm doing a match preview?