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  1. JJ has improved at a stunning rate. Don’t want to jinx things but the only player that comes to my mind for a comparison is Vardy’s rise. JJ is becoming a remarkably complete player as his confidence level grows. His attacking ability is beginning to show now and he’s on his way to being a top class player. I just love the way he never hides in a game, he’s always looking for the ball and to see him surging forward and totally scaring the life out of the left side of Brighton today was a joy to behold. The sky’s the limit for this kid!! Our scouting team!! Take another bow guys.
  2. To me this is our biggest game of the season by far. We need to win this game and show some real guts and fight whilst doing it. If we bottle this one we are really in danger of blowing our season and losing players in the summer. The rot has to stop.
  3. Newcastle’s midfield shape when they don’t have the ball is non existent!! Add that to an awful back four and the result is pretty predictable. What the heck is Bruce thinking!!!!!!
  4. We are utterly relentless these days. Every player just never stopped closing them down and winning back the ball. When we have the ball we look total class. What a side we have and Brendan take a bow!!!!! Never thought I would see the day when we have so much quality in the side. This team is making our title winning side look average. Cannot believe this!!!! We’re going to do it again!!!
  5. Andre Silva, cuz I’m sitting on the beach and still getting a fat check every week😎
  6. Fantastic and perfectly legal challenge in my opinion. We need a player like Hamza to be willing to put his foot in and make opposition midfielders a little nervous. Have thought we have been short of a player like Hamza for last few years in the side. Ritchie clearly saw Hamza coming and bottled at the last second.
  7. Potter is by far the most vulnerable manager this season. A bad start and he will be gone by October. Hodgson is second for me as Palace look awful. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Hansenhutl on a short leash if Southampton have a bad start too. Think all the newly promoted sides will sit with their managers until at least Xmas. OGS will probably survive to the end of the season and then be gone as there are rarely top quality managers available during a season. Our getting Brendan during the season was a total master stroke!!
  8. Looking for two tickets for this one. Annie and I are flying in from Maui for the first three games of the season. Longtime city fan.
  9. Looking for two to three tickets. We are coming over from Maui for a few games. Raised in Birstall in the late sixties.
  10. Wouldn’t worry too much about the 0.06 assists per match last season. Let’s face it his options to pass when in attack for Newcastle were pretty awful or non existent!!
  11. My wife and I are coming from Maui to Leicester this August and are looking for two tickets for the opening game with Wolves. If there are any season ticket holders out there that cannot make the Sunday game, we would be delighted to fill your seats.
  12. Think he was gone by the Ides of March, if my memory serves me right.
  13. I would rather take a chance on Gerard or Lampard rather than Rogers.
  14. Sadly I remember that moment all too well! At the time I was about eleven and on the front rail at the Filbo end right behind the goal. Still an agonizing memory?
  15. We need Barnes and Simpson, push Ricardo forward and to attack them down the wings. Plenty of time to salvage this.
  16. Think Danny would be worth another year, solid defender and clearly he loves the club. We may find him useful late in games from now to the end of the season ( and next year) to help close out games when we have a lead. Next season I think we are going to be very good and possibly in the Europa league as well and Danny would get some game time for sure. It’s all going to come down to him taking a pay cut and Claude’s opinion in the end. This probably will go down to the end of the season unless Fulham really make a move for him.
  17. Wolf has not gotten worse since last year, what has changed is the inclusion of Mendy next to him. We now win the ball a lot because these two work excellently together defensively. The problem is we are getting a lot of opportunities for quick transition and now a lot of the time Will is getting the chance to make that transition pass and this is where he is woeful. He just cannot weigh a pass or shot at all. If anything we should try playing Madison a little deeper so he can collect a short pass from Wilfred or Mendy as he has the ability to pick a pass. When you look at us defensively in ga
  18. His key problem is that he has absolutely no turn of pace at all. Classic example was when Chilwell broke free on the left at one point and Nacho made no attempt to move towards the near post to get in front of the defender in order to show for Chilwell. Instead he just stays ambling along into the middle of the box and made it simple for the defender to intercept the cross. In that situation you have three choices as a striker, attack the near post , pull off for a pullback pass towards the edge of the box or look for space at the back post. He did neither of these, the guy make Jeffrey look
  19. Fantastic post and great thread!! The way I am going about letting Vichai affect my life is to have a silent voice asking myself “how would Vichai act” when facing difficult or challenging situations come up in my everyday life. I already see how it is changing things for me and others around me.
  20. Kasper, Vichai would be so proud of you.
  21. My wife and I are planning on flying in from Maui for the Burnley game to pay our respects to Vichai. If anyone has two tickets and is unable to attend we would be hugely grateful to be able to buy then from you.
  22. My wife and I are planning to fly in from Maui for the Burnley game so we can pay our respects to Vichai. Question , are we eligible to get tickets via the returned Burnley allocation? If not, if anyone has two tickets and they cannot attend we would be hugely grateful to be able to purchase them from you.
  23. Annie and I have been on here constantly since Saturday night. Could not imagine what it would have been like without this forum as a support mechanism. We are half way around the world and yet this site has made us feel right there with you all in our shared grief at the loss of such a special human being. So many tears.
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