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  1. To me this is our biggest game of the season by far. We need to win this game and show some real guts and fight whilst doing it. If we bottle this one we are really in danger of blowing our season and losing players in the summer. The rot has to stop.
  2. Newcastle’s midfield shape when they don’t have the ball is non existent!! Add that to an awful back four and the result is pretty predictable. What the heck is Bruce thinking!!!!!!
  3. We are utterly relentless these days. Every player just never stopped closing them down and winning back the ball. When we have the ball we look total class. What a side we have and Brendan take a bow!!!!! Never thought I would see the day when we have so much quality in the side. This team is making our title winning side look average. Cannot believe this!!!! We’re going to do it again!!!
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