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  1. Watch him put in a brace like he did against the Clarets on his debut. We were over the Moon then.
  2. The big question is whether Villa are the side they appear to be, or if they will come back down to Earth and be who we thought they were when the season was yet to start. I'm predicting a tight match with no clarity until the final minutes as to who the winner will be, or if there will be a winner at all. 1-1 draw. Feels like we'll have addressed some of our issues at the back, and have sharpened our teeth going forward. New signings should provide some chomp off of the bench.
  3. With any luck, this is episode 7 of 9, season four, the final season.
  4. No surprises there, really. Might have thought we'd see the reintegration of Slimani, but that ship sailed long ago by all accounts.
  5. I'm assuming it was due to the stairs he climbed to reach that point, but he did look extremely uncomfortable. I would not be surprised if he returned to Walter Reed in worse condition than before in a few days, primarily because I believe he went against the wishes of his medical team when he left the hospital for the White House. Hubris is a helluva drug.
  6. I think it's very human to wish someone else the same amount of compassion and grace that they have given to others, frankly. Sinful? yes. Understandable? 100%.
  7. I was in this camp until it started spreading across the Republican Party. It's not through. There's a developing line of transfer.
  8. Antonio *has* been extremely dangerous - and unlucky - to date. I could seem them scoring a brace.
  9. Who, if anyone, is he likely to displace in Leeds' Starting XI?
  10. It was nice to see Mendy play well. He's exactly the type of player every club needs. Willing to put in a tough shift when called upon. Very Albrighton-esque in that regard.
  11. Treat it like a competitive training session, which is what I fully expect will happen. Run out some fringe First Team names and U23s, as others have said.
  12. Would not be shocked to see this end 4 or even 5-1, maybe 4 or 5-2. We definitely have another goal in us.
  13. Glad to hear that you've made a fighting comeback - I hope that your wife has as well! My wife and I had it in July. In an ironic twist, we contracted it from my sister. She and my parents live in a very rural area of the country; one that had roughly 150 confirmed cases out of a population of 350,000 or so in the sparsely populated region. We'd been strictly quarantining ahead of the trip, which was a very personal one as it was to say goodbye to my dying grandfathers. Otherwise, we would have stayed in the Carolinas. We took every precaution on the drive north and I was able to s
  14. You had it as well? Sorry to hear MPH! I know you're just north of me by about 20-30 miles or so.
  15. Even the blindest of squirrels finds a nut every once in awhile. WBA looked like they had some life in them at the onset but withered pretty quickly in that second half. We weren't anything special, though.
  16. Vardy has no one to run towards today. Hope he pretends they’re there and does it anyways, should he score.
  17. This forum can’t seem to decide is Mendy if absolutely rubbish or if he’s a functional piece of the squad. I tend toward the latter, but he’s not much more than that.
  18. Lace up your shooting boots at half-time boys. Johnstone is going to be bruised if you don’t.
  19. When was that, though? First half of last season perhaps - but before that, the complaint always seemed to be that we were boring and predictable.
  20. That was nearly disastrous by Justin. Could still be. Pereira is a specialist of notable skill.
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