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  1. Am slightly concerned by the slump in form but not to the point of questioning Rodgers, etc - The slump that I am worried about is Youri's. He's really gone off of the boil and seems to be half the player he was a year ago at this juncture.
  2. Wasn't much of a cross but that was a beautiful finish.
  3. File this under "Things we haven't said for a couple years that we're saying again" or "Never thought you'd say that again, right?"
  4. Tielemans has been off of the boil for nearly as long as he went off the boil at Monaco prior to his transfer here. Seems to be mired in poor form.
  5. He had the only gilt-edge chance of the match to date. Chelsea's GK saved it with his foot, IIRC.
  6. What a save by Ward, only to be nearly wasted just down. We're in danger.
  7. Hopefully it goes as well as it did when Hamza made his debut in a similar situation.
  8. Been in bed feeling sick and down. As such, haven't tuned in yet other than to check the score the last time I woke up. Trying to get moving now. What's the consensus on our play so far?
  9. This is why we went out and brought in Perez. Perez / Nacho / Barnes with Gray and Albrighton as supporting options off of the bench ought to see us to the other side. Chuffed for Nacho to see regular time on his present form.
  10. I hope that you're right. I'm inclined to say that it is not, as asserted by some pundits, that we've been "worked out" but rather that we've lost the keystone of our midfield in Ndidi and as a result teams are able to work against us with relative impunity through the middle of the pitch. Mendy is a capable deputy but he's not able to do what Ndidi has done for us.
  11. Might get some flack for this, but I prefer Mendy to Hamza for the Ndidi role. He's done it before, he's a little savvier on the ball, and we can't afford to lose possession in the middle of the pitch.
  12. Nacho ought to have started, IMO. We just haven’t gotten anything consistent going today, but we’ve also been exposed a few times by an absolutely cooking Danny Ings - so maybe that would backfire.
  13. VAR and the post are the real stars of this match.
  14. The universe is clearly working against Ings this afternoon. We ought to be 2 goals down.
  15. Like I just said, Vardy has gotten so much better at facilitating!
  16. Vardy has gotten so much better at facilitating others through timely passing.
  17. Underlying advanced stats suggest that a healthy Danny Ings really is as good as or better than Harry Kane, surprisingly.
  18. I think that we'll need Nacho on the pitch, as the interplay between him and Vardy might help us to breakdown their press. Either way, this will be a stouter test than we might have expected after the absolute drubbing we put on them earlier this season.
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