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  1. Better Chilwell than Ricardo, I agree. Fuchs offers us more than Simpson at this stage, but neither inspire the same confidence that they used to.
  2. A little worried by reports of Chilwell and Maddison facing late fitness tests. While I think we can win this without Maddison, I'm less optimistic when it comes to our chances without Chilwell.
  3. Perhaps Silva is what they need, and Tielemans is what we need. Not all situations are the same. Doesn't mean that our collective eyes deceived us.
  4. I believe that we can most afford to lose Maguire of our young players - so if he were to go, while I would be disappointed (who wouldn't?) - it would be a blow that we could absorb without upsetting the whole project.
  5. I don't know if he's consistently our worst player - that seems a little harsh - but he's a lot of movement without an end product (most of the time)
  6. Hasn't stopped them in the past, IIRC
  7. Don't fret too much. Last year is last year. We're not who we were then, and they're not the same either. New season, new year.
  8. Not keen on getting rid of Mendy. At least we know he can be a credible starter in the PL.
  9. Hamza should be on the bench, and I expect he will be. Gives us the option to change shape if need be. I'm of the mind that we need to go out with essentially an unchanged team, other than to move Gray to the wing, Ghezzal off the bench and Vardy on the pitch.
  10. A profit is anything past £1.2 million pounds I believe? Something quite small like that.
  11. Hamza will take Mendy's position on the bench, and he gives us some options as well. Future is bright.
  12. Foolish me, I wasn't thinking that my phone was showing me CST because I was using the app in Chicago! 7am sounds much better.
  13. Okay, sure. The state of you.
  14. I’ve not told you otherwise, but I think their situation and ours are quite different so the comparison isn’t the best. They’re getting demonstrably worse for reasons that just don’t make sense to the layperson.
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