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  1. My working thesis for the rest of the season is that Castagne is the most important member of the Starting XI.
  2. Son has been largely silent today. Credit where credit is due.
  3. Maddison was robbed of a vintage, 2015-16 kind of goal.
  4. Aurier's absolutely treated Fofana like it's the NFL.
  5. We're jammy but none of this is inspiring any confidence.
  6. That corner flag absolutely disintegrating into splinters when Vardy booted it was the best visual of the season so far.
  7. I like the way that Nacho and Vardy play together, but I’m not sure that Perez shouldn’t feel slightly hard done by that substitution. Perez has been involved in nearly every positive move we’ve had today.
  8. Our corner defending has become every bit as bad as it was two seasons ago.
  9. What’s happened to Sheff? The stalwart defending they made their name on last season isn’t quite there. BUT WE FINALLY ARE
  10. Downright depressing, really. Now my Fulham supporting mate is blowing up my phone with texts. I don't need this on a Monday.
  11. When he inevitably goes, I wish him all of the best. He's still young and has, hopefully, many years of top-flight football ahead of him. Just because we were not the club whose structure or needs were an ideal fit doesn't mean that he's necessarily not cut out for significant PL minutes. He's one of those in-between players who may never start 90 minutes on a regular basis but whose level is above the Championship.
  12. It's too bad, but I suppose if it has to be someone it may well be Mendy. He's a massive factor in our season to date. I don't know if I'm out of pocket when I say this, but I think many of us had a horrid, sinking feeling when Ndidi first came up injured. Mendy has been very capable in that role.
  13. May I present to you half of my country?
  14. Kasper has been the MVP of the season so far. Where would be without him? Not looking at top of the table, that is for certain.
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