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  1. Leicester 2-Liverpool 3 post match thread.

    Really sick of hearing that we 'deserved more' - sure, we might have done with better results, but the pattern of margin-of-error outcomes continually swinging against us suggests that we're getting precisely what we deserve. I'm profoundly frustrated. Better sides find ways to win; we find ways to lose.
  2. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    First half lethargy has gotten me changing my tune on Shakes... Serious questions need to be asked.
  3. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    I think that puts us in the relegation zone?
  4. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    I feel like other teams manage to break us down in a heart-breaking fashion all of the time. How sweet it would be to see the tables turned.
  5. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    That pit has become a stone!
  6. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Please, God. Let us somehow pull a draw out here.
  7. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

  8. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    My stream is pitifully behind. Henderson was scoring as Vardy was putting it home in reality.
  9. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Henderson, you bastard.
  10. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    This match is leaving me with a pit in my stomach, strangely.
  11. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Aye, he is.
  12. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Shinji has what - 5/6 goals this season? HE ONLY GETS BETTER.
  13. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Shinji! My man!
  14. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Not optimistic after seeing that lineup. I realize that's just latent disappointment from seeing King starting when it should be Silva.
  15. Pre Match Thread - Liverpool Home (League)

    Andy King, starting. Ugh. Silva where are you?