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  1. Great news out of the club today. Future England international and, I suspect, a Leicester fan favorite.
  2. Will have the crowd almost entirely on their side. I like our chances.
  3. Yeah, but acquisitions and Shakey last season give indications that the winds might be shifting to some degree.
  4. The Mercury is reporting that this is as good as completed. Let's re-focus then - do we think he'll slot in behind a Vardy-Silmani pairing? Looked like a 3-4-1-2 was a potential formation today.
  5. That's a cool £90 million or so.
  6. Albrighton and Fuchs are so important to the way we play.
  7. That Iborra is a handsome one. Hopefully he plays that way too.
  8. Ohhh Benny so close to Slim.
  9. Those two balls from Mahrez just now
  10. Mahrez will be out there to start, methinks. Been in training and the club might want to put him on display. If he plays well, it's a reminder of what he can do. If he plays poorly, it's a reminder of what he can do. Can't hurt either way.
  11. Is this the same as our sean from enderby?
  12. Huth out for many weeks. What now?