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  1. Wasn’t aware of that - interesting! I would think they are aware of his Championship experience, however.
  2. It’s an attempt to stay up, and if not, to prepare for life in the Championship. Contingency for relegation and bounce back.
  3. They really suffer whenever Martial is injured or goes quiet.
  4. Lovely. Great time for those in the states, as well.
  5. Keeping Watford up will be a difficult job, but if anyone can do it -
  6. Rodgers being the reason, potentially, that Liverpool doesn’t win the PL...
  7. The congested fixture list complicates things, though. Looking to decrease injury through squad management, etc.
  8. Also disappointed that they have Mousset on the bench. He's their most dangerous attacking threat.
  9. Start this one with Praet in for Youri, Gray on the pitch, Nacho for Perez, Chilly back on, and Justin in for Ricardo?
  10. Sometimes you have to fight a war of attrition, and we did that today. Broke them down by continuously pressuring them and defending resolutely when they tried to return fire. Not pretty, but pretty good.
  11. Post Malone is so uninspiring, but man can that guy do a hook.
  12. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen two players who were largely on the outs (Nacho and Gray) make decisive contributions as substitutes that assured points or secured victories. Happy days going in to the happiest season of all! If you look at his performances in the League Cup and today, Nacho has done well. Fingers crossed that he gets opportunities to prove his worth, and does so. We’re about to hit a fixture run that will provide those opportunities.
  13. Would have liked our chances more if they’d not sacked the manager - that said, on paper Watford are a desperate club who’ve looked terrible all season long. We should batter them, new manager bounce or not - 3-1 LCFC.
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