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  1. If I could keep my friends but just have shameful small parties and get togethers where the world felt like it was ending - I’d be fine. i like having hours to devote without shame to my books, and my dog taking a nap with me, and my wife and I cooking.
  2. I'd call us out. We've absolutely dropped the ball on this one and will be seeing things in April that could make the most bitter and hardened among us weep. Our national psyche isn't ready.
  3. We're getting a one time stipend that's about a week's wages for most people. It's all shite.
  4. If it makes you all feel any better, at least Boris isn’t hoping to mark Eastertide and Christ’s resurrection by likely sending sending thousands of the faithful to meet Him.
  5. Are any of you teachers who are running class remotely? If so - how is that going? Our first day was today.
  6. A World Lit Only By Fire by William Manchester
  7. I’m seeing a lot of shitting on Millennials by Boomers (typical) over COVID-19. It’s the Zoomers and Gen X you want. Not us.
  8. I like this topic. Great post, OP. I’ve got a long list of classic movies, shelves of books, significant albums, and projects relating to my academic interests that I can be working through. These are all things that I will be pursuing. The mind needs to remain active. I can keep running. I can practice yoga. I can take my dog on longer walks, and spend time with my wife. I’m not going to stop dreaming about the future, and I’m going to make it a point to stay in contact with my social network through whatever means necessary.
  9. Our grocery employees in the States are feeling the same way. There’s a dourness and gloom that’s palpable. People are shaken. On the plus side, the utterly incompetent leadership of President Trump has all but ensured that he will be entering the summer not as a heroic protector of the realm but as an utter buffoon and clueless moron.
  10. I’ve heard of going off the boil but this is pretty drastic. We’re all huffing and puffing and there’s just no blowing the house down at the end of it.
  11. He's becoming a hot commodity in the fantasy football community for this very reason.
  12. Am slightly concerned by the slump in form but not to the point of questioning Rodgers, etc - The slump that I am worried about is Youri's. He's really gone off of the boil and seems to be half the player he was a year ago at this juncture.
  13. Wasn't much of a cross but that was a beautiful finish.
  14. File this under "Things we haven't said for a couple years that we're saying again" or "Never thought you'd say that again, right?"
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