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  1. UPinCarolina

    Irish Foxes fans

    Hello all, I'll be traveling in Ireland over the next week. We arrive in Dublin tomorrow morning, will drive cross to Galway on Monday, drive from Galway to Birr on Wednesday, and back to Dublin for a single evening on Friday. Given our travel plans, are there any must see / do / recommend things for an American couple who aren't really interested in checking the "must see" boxes - but rather interested in tapping into a bit of the daily life? Thanks!
  2. We'll see 3 - 4 leave in January, I reckon. Imagine we'll only bring 1 - 2 in at most. Target man, as many have said - and perhaps cover at a wing spot or for the no.10 role as we would be short handed if something were to happen to Maddison that resulted in an extended injury spell. With a number pushing from the fringes, we ought not to buy unless we are certain there's no one who can come up from below and do the job.
  3. UPinCarolina

    Claudio to Fulham

    Leave Okazaki outta this - unless he gets regular minutes there
  4. UPinCarolina

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    I already miss him and he's not even gone yet.
  5. UPinCarolina

    Post match thread Leicester 0-0 Burnley

    I remain dumbfounded by our inability to put any of those chances away.
  6. UPinCarolina

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Love him as a no. 10.
  7. UPinCarolina

    please forgive me

    TBF that was an epic thread.
  8. UPinCarolina

    Post match thread Leicester 0-0 Burnley

    I might have had a coronary, to be honest.
  9. UPinCarolina

    Post match thread Leicester 0-0 Burnley

    Also - I might be a huge fan, but how good was it to see Okazaki out there?!
  10. UPinCarolina

    Post match thread Leicester 0-0 Burnley

    TBH the neutrals I watched with thought the same. As a no. 10 he was electric at times.
  11. UPinCarolina

    Burnley Match Thread

    Sean From Enderby is now a confirmed ITK 🤷🏼‍♂️😂
  12. UPinCarolina

    Burnley (home)

    Good eye. I guess somewhere deep in my mind I knew that, but didn’t pull it up. Oh well. Would only have been fitting to have him on the bench, seeing as he’s practically part of the furniture around the club!
  13. UPinCarolina

    Burnley (home)

    I think Andy King will be in the squad today. Just a hunch.
  14. UPinCarolina

    Burnley (home)

    Come on you Foxes, shrug the weight of the world off your shoulders and deliver the performance we all know you're capable of! 3-0 to Khun's, Claudio's, Shake's, Nigel's, and Claude's boys.
  15. I hope the boys are up to it. We need a win here in the worst way. Cathartic won't even begin to describe it.