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  1. He’s struggled to play in a two before, but I suppose even his struggles have not been consistent 😏
  2. We'd have ready made cover for each of those positions, too - with the exception of striker.
  3. Throw his mug into the FaceApp and let's see what it looks like!
  4. I know it’s just an analogy, but - what kind of person would ever consider selling their loving pet? Monstrous.
  5. Until we win the FA Cup, footy isn’t completed.
  6. Could this be another Joe Dodoo? Maybe. Could this be another Barnes or Chilwell type? Hopefully! All that I know is that I was impressed.
  7. This would be quite underwhelming. Would rather not spend the cash than spend it on him.
  8. I’m all on board with your strategy of maximizing on pitch players - though the concern that was just raised about Mane’s likely absence against Norwich makes me think that you may want to just use your wildcard early and plan for the first 5-7 weeks accordingly.
  9. I think this is where I’m settling, for the moment: Will likely end up using my wildcard sometime around GW4 in order to rebalance and retool once we’ve seen some early trends play out and Leicester are through some of the worst of their schedule. Bench is horribly weak (will swap out for whoever is actually starting come GW1 or whenever there is clarity) but with the plan to use the wildcard early I don’t see it as being much of an issue. Edit: Mane. I see the issue now. Swapped Maddison for Perez; Salah for Mane; Lloris for Leno. Will have to use my transfer GW1 for another goalie - probably Fabianski.
  10. In that case I would go with Perez or Tielemans rather than Ricardo or Vardy. Can always go back to them once striker values and midfield values get sorted out.
  11. Perez will likely score more goals but I think he and Youri are nailed on to finish within 10-15 points of each other given Youri’s assists. Barnes is a distant 3rd for me. I wouldn’t even think about Vardy or Ricardo until after GW 4-5 and using your wild card.
  12. As I said earlier, he’s got a touch of the Shinji in him.
  13. I seemed to recall you being seriously sick a few years back. Just checking!
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