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  1. After sitting through the droll and boring past few matches, I have to go and miss this one with some unexpected family issues. Glad that we were convincing in victory!
  2. Palace and Arsenal up next, two clubs that have been thorns in our side since the title winning season. Right the ship or we're going to capsize.
  3. Everton are trying to hold on. We need a breakthrough soon to capitalize on the energy and pressure we’re putting on them, otherwise the moment could easily be lost.
  4. Never heard that one before, but it’s brilliant.
  5. Pretty much the worst start possible. If you have to spend that much time looking at VAR, you should err in favor of not calling the penalty.
  6. Fernandes is a brilliant player, isn't he? Best signing of January for any PL club, I'd say.
  7. His moments of brilliance have been exceptionally bright, however.
  8. Talk of Rodgers leaving is madness.
  9. Will second this. Only felt that we looked dangerous for a handful of possessions today. Other than that, I was never confident of success.
  10. We’ve got the cutting edge of a rusty old bayonet plowed up in a Belgian field.
  11. Thank you. Mendy is blamed for a myriad of reasons, not least of which is that he is one of the last Claudio signings post 2016 that has held on and done what they were asked to do. Puel's favor poisoned him for a huge lot of you all and it's frankly embarrassing what has transpired since.
  12. Definitely want to see Nacho and Vardy on pitch together more than we have this season to date. Nacho is not the player he was last season, mentally. Seems like he has really improved there.
  13. Sadly enough, came here to say this. The past 3 years it has felt like we concede set piece goals at an astonishing rate.
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