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  1. Still, it’s not like the rest of the midfield was bad. Far from it. It had two England internationals and one Belgian international. I’m putting it down to “Villa were better”. I still concerned we’re not working well as a midfield, which is odd looking at the quality of the players.
  2. He's regressed under Rodgers. I think a loan might do him well.
  3. A midfield of Youri, Mendy, Barnes, Perez, Praet and then later Maddison really should be better than that. Our midfield was largely turgid. Little Wes looked great.
  4. I'm looking forward to Soyuncu, Fofana, Ricardo and Castange as our defence. I hope they all stay fit, injury-free and covid-free.
  5. Big Wes and Fuchs looking their age in those photos!
  6. Wycombe Wanders have scored their first ever goal with Josh Knight in the team. They’re going to win the league! Is anyone watching? Josh seems to be playing in central defence, rather than defensive midfield. Interesting. Interesting.
  7. Depression, frustration, anger, general malaise and lashing out wildly to the rescue!
  8. We’ve churned out three prem players and two England international just recently. Saying the academy system is a failure is crazy frankly.
  9. Players like Vardy, Mahrez and Kante are definitely outliers. But it bothers me that these academy graduates have spent more than a decade with the club, worked with the coaches, the trainers, worked with the physiotherapists, turned up day in and day out, turned from pre teens to young men, suffered injuries, knocks to the confidence, have had countless lcfc staff hours pumped into them and fans are eager and happy to bin them off as soon as possible. If nothing else it’s hugely financially irresponsible to invest so much into players and then bin them off without even a half arsed attempt to
  10. It’s all a bit weird. Fans seem to enjoy shout biiiinnnn after a player reaches 22.
  11. I can’t think of a single time when we’ve played Fuchs in a back three and played well.
  12. He was initially there because of injuries and covid suspensions. Those players are back and he's down the pecking order. He'll need to continue to impress to climb a bit further up the ranks.
  13. A bit arcane I know, but OHL have a player called Mercier and play on Mercierlaan and the old name for the Anglo-Saxon kingdom in the midlands was Mercia. I am a fountain of useless knowledge. What do the OHL fans think of Iversen?
  14. There doesn’t seem to be anyone in the staff page related to a sports psychologist, only a sports scientist. And I don’t know if we’re advertising for one. We don’t seem to have a dedicated guy from my brief and half-arsed look. How many clubs even have sports psychologists?
  15. Best thing I’ve read about it. In business, firms get bigger and bigger and people, generally, benefit through more jobs, and advanced industry. But in football, a few clubs get bigger, sell more shirts abroad, but at the expense of the other clubs, and the fabric of football.
  16. Even the project name is arrogant. Let the big boys deal with the big picture then you pleb clubs can get on with it.
  17. Nothing will match the magic of 15/16. But aside from wanting us to win, I enjoy watching the club’s academy prospects struggle, develop and prosper. I’m happy with the club developing youngster too. I’d prefer that than watch us splash the cash and buy some existing big names.
  18. Yeah I recall his lack of game time after injury. But before that Posh fans were all “enjoy him while he’s here. He’s destined for bigger things”. And they did try to buy him iirc. And he is highly rated by the club. For my money, he was the best player I saw in the u23s after Hamza and Barnes when I was watching a year back. After getting Fofana, and the return of Amartey, along with Hamza and Mendy I reckon he’s found all his opportunities blocked. Pity really. I don’t think Knight is better than any of the above, and I’m not even sure he’s a CB anymore, but I always prefer to se
  19. 44k seems unlikely but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were offers. Posh fans said he could easily play in the prem. Let’s assume they’re wrong by a league, then he’s a promising young lcfc academy player, already good enough for the Championship, from an academy that keeps pumping out Premier League players and England internationals. (I was a bit non plussed why he didn’t get much time pre season. A dm who used to play cb would seem attractive to bren surely )
  20. Yeah, I recall the same. I really don’t understand the logic of this transfer to us from his perspective tbh. Seems like he’d have been better to stay at PV and try to impress bigger clubs. He spent a fair bit our u23s which seems strange. Unless he was trying to find a way into the first team. Ho hum
  21. Legit question. Do you think the FA wants this? Why? I have no fondness for the FA. But being an FA yes man means he plays players at big clubs?
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