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  1. I did think having Chil and Ricardo exposed to approaching wingers and full backs was a downside of 442D but it gives us more counter attacking opportunities against sides who’d want to sit back and absorb pressure.
  2. So, Boris claims victory over the expelled critical heart of the Tory party. I miss the old one-nation Tories. But Thatcher murdered them. Now Boris’s point and blame party, his new politics, his new devotee MPs, replaces her lot. Thatcher had some political ideas, however. I’ve yet to see Boris’s. An opportunist. The Tories stood for responsibility. Now Boris’s party blames and blames and blames. When his abandonment of May’s backstop aligns Northern Ireland with the EU and Ireland, who will he blame? When we have the next economic or EU based problem, who will he blame? What will he demand he's entitled to? Whip up a bit of fear, whip a bit of anger, cause a bit of outrage against the immigrants, against the EU, against whoever can be found. The new and very successful heart of the Tory party. Is there anyone in any party who is strong enough to take some responsibility?
  3. King, Moore, Hamza, Chil and Barnes are a very poor record of being young English talent through? It’s easily up there with the best in the league. And you’re upset we’ve got one promising Belgian?
  4. “Harv, just relax when you’re in the penalty area and do whatever. Vards and Ian will sort out the goals” and he’ll be on a double hatrick by the time we sub him off in the 85th at Norwich. Sorted.
  5. He was still injured at start of the season so I can understand no one taking him. He’s looked decent so far, the most skillful of the strikers I’ve thought.
  6. Here's our average position for the 442D. We're bunched up on the right but then again so were Villa.
  7. Yeah I’m with you on this. Knight definitely benefits from Peterborough. But apparently Ndukwu asked for a loan ages ago, was repeatedly denied and eventually sent to the Southend trainwreck.
  8. Hopefully their great run of form will get them some loans in Jan unless Bren fancies a direct route to the first team.
  9. One of my favourite things to see in a match these days, a Soyuncu interception, dummy and tackle - right up there with a Ricardo dribble, Ndidi tackle, Tielemans through ball, Praet pass, Maddison free-kick, Vardy strike, last minute Nacho shot and Barnes superman sprint and dribble. Quite good, this team.
  10. Brendon Rogers is his pet name
  11. Let's not pretend they're good people. Graelish reminds me of the little crunt who overtook Winterfeld in Game of Thrones. Imagine if Alli and Graelish combined their cruntiness. We'd have to eject them into space.
  12. Crimes against decent sporting conduct. I can imagine one of our players overacting in the penalty area. I can imagine someone dragging someone’s legs. I’d be annoyed if one did both in under 30 seconds. But he also hits Ndidi. In the back. Because he can’t play fair and win. The man’s a nasty little child. Once villa get relegated () Graelish will join Alli at Spurs, and then I can cancel my netflicks subscription because Spurs will have two skin crawling villains that would surpass any work of fiction. And when they drag their studs across Maddison’s tendons in an England match and protect Mount right there starts a blood feud.
  13. It’s a level beyond dives and dubious penalties. Grabs and pulls Ndidi’s legs, then hits him in the back and then has the gaul to act the victim in the penalty area. He’s a child and a nasty one at that.
  14. Is there a chance that he’s fit and ready but Wes is keeping him out of the matchday squad?
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