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  1. Every post you make Every story you fake Every gran you hate She'll be leaking you?
  2. Every post you make Every story you fake She's be leeaakking you
  3. Eleanor Rigby Co-leen Rooney Posts on a stream in the app where a melodrama has been Lives in a stream Looks at a paper Wearing the face that she keeps for a rage in the 'bloids Who leaked the story? All the ****ing stories Where do they all come from? All the ****ing stories Where do they all come from?
  4. Oasis - She's Electric Sheeeee's connected She posted things you've never expected But Reeebekkaaaa knows She wants a babbyyy In fact she wants a girlyyyy The doctors canny tell her But Reeeebekkaaaa knows
  5. Three were under Steve Walsh. Two were helped by Puel. That still leaves a decent a very decent five. I hope our skills in this run deep rather than being dependent on Walsh, Macia, Congerton... etc.
  6. As he's just turned 22 I hope he gets a loan for a championship club come the new year. He's doing really well especially transitioning to what I think is more central midfield but he is after at playing in league one.
  7. He's incredibly versitle. I think he could get in as a utility player. I hope he does better. Loughborough, Oadby and Countesthorpe all in our first team would be incredible.
  8. Josh played Wycombe last week and scored Posh's second from the right edge of the penalty area after connecting from a corner. Posh ended up drawing 3 - 3. They played again yesterday and won 2 - 0 against Lincoln winning in the last 10 minutes of the match. They're now third in league one. Here's Josh's goal against Wycombe. He has two assists and two goals after 12 games. In other news, Ndukwu is a permanent bench warmer in Southend return to losing ways after a brief new manager bounce. In fact he didn't get in the squad last match and was an unused sub previously. Hughes is starting for Salford City again and helped them to a clean sheet against league two's Cambridge. And Loft is seeing the odd ten minutes at the end of matches every so often but didn't get a look in as Crewe hammered four past Carsile yesterday. Iversen helped Rotherham win their last two matches and kept a clean sheet against 10 men Coventry as Rotherham creep around the middle of league one.
  9. Bet she was leaking the team selection to Sean too I think Rebekah deserves to be in a chant for this
  10. It's an awful way to lose but there are positives. We played, strangely without width, against the best in Europe and took them to the wire. I felt Cags came of age keeping Salah relatively quiet. I honestly prefer him to Maguire now. Ndidi had a strangely quiet match and I would have preferred Hamza in addition to stamp some authority over the midfield but fair play to Praet - he had some great attacking moments. It was great to see Tielemans getting stuck in too. Chilwell was probably the most sketchy but there's some truth to the argument that without a defensively minded winger in front of him - and that's not Barnes or Maddison - he's too preoccupied with covering a counter attack than making sensible attacking decisions. He's been a bit shakey since Barnes and Maddison started playing in front of him and I don't think that's a coincidence.
  11. I dunno. If he's a defensive midfielder then he'll do okay in the u23s. Hamza did well with the two or three seasons he was there. Sherif looked okay but admittedly is only league one bench level now.
  12. Sounds like the more indirect u18 is better for the midfielders than the u23s. I'd still have the defensive players moved up to the u23s asap. What did you think of Taveras? I can't decide what I think. There was a lot of hype around him but the last time I watched him read in the Hong Kong 7s and that wasn't his best competition.
  13. Massive knee jerk reaction. So we lost to the league's best. Now it's knives out for the kid we developed since a kid to the highest level in English football? He's had a poor run of form but selling an England international without any replacement would be insane. Besides we'd have to blow most of the transfer fee on his untested replacement.
  14. Haha, great to hear. Do you think the u18s is a better platform for attacking midfielders than the u23s? I know Barnes was there for a season but his, and his footballing dad, seem an outliner.
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