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  1. Where's the old one? I want to contrast and compare. Congrats although two wives sounds like hell but I hope they are happy in that hell but christ I find social interactions in morrisons taxing imagine having two wives you mad mad bastard.
  2. We call ourselves civilised because of the rules we abide by, and the values they spring from. If terrorism makes us ignore our laws and values in favour of unchained force and lawless targeting it destroys our civilisation - we revert to the barbarism we fight.
  3. Just saw the Metros headline about 'they kill our young children'. Evoking anger about a horrific event seems irresponsible especially the pronoun 'they' - who is the Metro helping except their own circulation?
  4. [Edit] The formation fits better but whoscored says their on 53% possession this season but then you can't except them to have our level. Sounds decent.
  5. Haha, just reading the first paragraph I thought you had just posted what I copy and pasted from Wagner's tactics. Schmidt and Wagner's tactics don't sound massively different then.
  6. He's got a season of managerial experience bringing a fairly unknown team to previously unknown heights and is known for creating a great team spirit. On paper he seems to be a great fit. His tactics seems like they could suite us: However: So if he did come, unless he's willing to be more counter-attacking than gegenpressing, then we'd have to have loads of new possession based players. But there is pressing and there is counter-attacking so it'd hardly be a whole apart. He does have more managerial experience than Shakey and if you view the pre-athletico matches as a post-raneri boost then Wagner seems like he could be a better manager. If Huddesfield get promoted though, I suspect they'd be a lot less chance especially since his team are Gegenpressers.
  7. If we're going to loan him out there's no point in sending him back to the league where he's already succeeded. Send him to the Championship if we are going to loan him out. Then sell him unless he really shines in which case we should bring him back and test him out again. We need to wait until we know the futures of Gray and Mahrez before doing anything like that I reckon.
  8. So I guess the point of terrorism is cause division and fear. The news should emphasize the heroic acts of the people at the gig, homeless people helping the victims, the people donating blood, the residents offering the houses to the victims and the police work. Focusing on the terror seems to do nothing but sell papers and help the whole point of terrorism.
  9. When things go to shit it's good people pull together.
  10. I know what you mean for what it's worth. I'm not a fan. I just worry people are looking at one of the symptoms rather than the cause. I loved playing soldiers, cops and robbers, cowboys and indians and various war space games - all without any real relation to their implications. There's probably something evolutionarily beneficial of having this tendency when your life is generally being attacked by other animals, yet less so in societies where protection is outsourced to a relatively small group. And there were undoubtedly those who played those games but were a little /too/ enthusiastic and who use them to imagine real life versions and wish for them to happen including the death involved. But I would guess the reason for the second group lies elsewhere than the games themselves.
  11. It may be a small factor but since so many mentally healthy and emotionally stable people play violent computer games it would be very hard to differentiate. Playing such games does not guarantee they are isolated from their peers and community and are as such emotionally vulnerable and therefore open to being taken under a "friends"'s wing and influenced towards a particular end. We don't know if this man was influenced directly or indirectly or simply mentally unstable though.
  12. I always wonder how much the families want their loved ones all the front pages or how useful it is. I hope they've asked the families although at this time it seems unlikely.
  13. If you're thinking how to deal with it this at least deals with how not to turn the ****er into some kind of anti-hero.
  14. No one has confirmed if it's a nail bombing or what. Party leaders Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron also expressed condolences. Campaigning for June’s general election has been suspended.
  15. It did not strike the tone of legitimate ISIS or whatever but some mentally unstable ****.