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  1. Maybe we want to ease him in rather than throw him in the deep end?
  2. No ndidi or hamza so three at the back. Fair enough.
  3. I find it hilarious that he left us for CL football. But he sulked in an airport after four seasons with us. I find it difficult to slam my fists against the table: you should have sulked at home!!
  4. I remember him saying he was happy at lcfc “but who knows what the future holds” or similar over the summer. It’s very likely we’ll sell. His one of Europe’s greatest. Never out of form since his quiet start. Any team would bite their hand off for him. I think he’ll be attracted by PSG, Madrid etc and we’ll take a profit of about 40 million. If we finish the season on a high, looking ready for a solid Champions League campaign then maybe, but I expect to see Justin at right back next season.
  5. I’d rather us throw an academy kid in the first team for the sheer unpredictable hell of it all, but adam fits all the hallmarks of an uninspiring Bren signing, let’s face it. Is the player available? Is he okay but nothing special? Will it fill the ranks without dramatically improving them? Then bren’s chequebook is already open.
  6. Maguire left after two seasons. Kanté left after a season. Mahrez stayed for four seasons: the championship win, the great escape, the league win, the champions league season. Gave lcfc some of our greatest moments. Filled our coffers with gold. But threw a mardy in airport when he wanted to leave. The monster.
  7. He's childish, mardy and wanted to leave. He helped us win the league. I find it difficult to get too upset.
  8. Thought this thread was about if I’d welcome him back? Yes. He’d score goals. I like goals.
  9. The wage should be enough for most. But greed exists in the most comfortable when they run side-by-side with players earning a ref’s yearly wage in a month.
  10. Foxxed


    I had a somewhat unpleasant dream last night. Hamza he was training as usual but he’d cut his hair. It didn’t look good. I felt really sorry for the kid.
  11. Yes sure. He’s mardy and childish. But he’s a world class winger. He’ll score goals. I like goals. I’m not bitter enough to hold a grudge.
  12. https://www.whoscored.com/Players/391256/Show/Kiernan-Dewsbury-Hall The academy games are on whoscored too. Didn't know.
  13. Christ. I’ve not watched in a while but I wasn’t overly excited before. Must watch again soon. I think the club have given him academy player of the season before.
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