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  1. Foxxed

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    Page 6 deals with Kitch calling everyone crazy since some were positive after the united game. Page 8 deals with Puel failing to succeed last year, having poor rapport with players and making too many changes Page 11 deals with playing Amartey over Simpson. Page 13 deals with the fact Puel fails to adequately engage Sharpe's fox and the fact Puel isn't handsome enough but hey ho we scored a goal. Page 18, a real treat, starts with a very promising story about his time in Nice. Then someone claims, using their apparently extensive French football knowledge, that he only succeeded because the players ignored him. Then someone claims we won't win against London teams so we're getting relegated. And finally someone calculated his win ratio so far and claimed we won't improve and so claims we're getting relegated. To be fair, with the exception of some posters who see Puel as the devil incarnate out to destroy everything good and pure in the universe there's some mildly sensible posting.
  2. Foxxed

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    If we don't use him we definitely have to buy a new left back anyway. He's seemed capable when I've seen him play.
  3. Three defensive midfielders and two full backs who won't get forwards and a winger who's occasionally looked good in the u23s? Are we aiming for a draw? So many people choosing people to play again after Saturday and four days before the next match? Christ we need a new striker come Jan if we're going to play both Vardy and Ian. Who can play with Shinji up front? Shinji Marc Ghezzal Richardo Iborra Silva/Hamza Fuchs Soyuncu Evans Simpson Ward
  4. Foxxed

    benkovic injured in warm up

    They're playing on Wednesday and Saturday so we can see how he's doing. What's their sports science like up there? Perhaps he'd enjoy a season long loan...
  5. Kind of fair though. I thought we were doing wing backs now I'm fairly confused but as long as we're getting the results and playing well. And he probably watched MOTD highlights, saw the free kick, add him into his team selection then went to the post office with his invoice...
  6. Foxxed


    Mendy is better than Ndidi currently. I wouldn't mind making Ndidi fight for his place amongst the better DM passers on the bench. Ndidi is great but giving the ball away at DM will and does leave us vulnerable to counter attack.
  7. Chilwell misplaced one pass all game, was defensively solid and was threatening going forwards whereas Amartey had a few scary moments first half. Mendy was about 7.5 for me. Otherwise fair.
  8. Apparently Puel used to counter attack like our third goal at Nice. It seems to be Puel's preferred type of counter attack. Hopefully we can continue to play like this.
  9. Foxxed

    The OH Leuven Thread

    So who's this saboteur? Filbert? Rudkin dressed as Filbert? Rudkin dressed as Filbert in Pearson's nightmares? Who you going to hire if you sack him? Is Sven available? Sousa upto much? We've got loads of premier league winners kicking about up here. Perhaps try one of those as a temp manager?
  10. I'd like to see Soyuncu play finally. Hamza in midfield but maybe Silva and Iborra will play instead.
  11. Open letter petition to have the win overturned? Never stop innovating.
  12. Foxxed

    Söyüncü Signs

    But not even to get on the bench? Our CB cover was Fuchs.
  13. Foxxed

    What to do about the defense?

    I hope Evans stays and builds a partnership with Maguire. Prolonging the Morgan Maguire partnership doesn't seem so forward thinking.
  14. Foxxed

    Söyüncü Signs

    Anyone know why he can get in the Turkish national team but can't get on our bench even when one of our CBs is suspended?
  15. Started to doubt Puel after the selection and start but you can't argue with the result.