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  1. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    No one's claiming Barnes has flair but no stamina though. To avoid the sweat on your brow yet perform what's asked of you, all without the lauded shift, is something I suspect makes some players difficult to love, especially in a physical game where heroic gestures add emotion and intensity. It seems he's that kind of player so far, the criticism of his work rate while ignoring his goals and assists, but the premier league will be a different level again, one at which he can again hopefully succeed, and of he can do that without the shifts and grafts then I'd be over the moon.
  2. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    King's hardly been consistently asissting and scoring though in the past two seasons. I wouldn't mind his anonymous nature if he were asissting and scoring in most appearances. It's great being a team player but when your main objective is to either score or help score then that's what you need to be doing.
  3. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    Everyone's always saying Albrighton "puts a shift in" though. One poster who played with his dad after his dad left the league said he was great at getting in the right place without running his arse half way around the pitch. I wonder if Harvey will be similar.
  4. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    I've watched a few games and I can see how fans could be slow to warm to him: he's not a typically heroic player that's so easy to love in English football. He doesn't come across as a 'grafter' or someone who 'puts in a shift'. You don't see the kind of heroic sliding tackle that Vardy pulls off, or the kind of heroic tackles Ngolo threw himself into, or Mahrez's duels with defenders. All those lift the team and fans and add emotion. But the lad seems to be intelligently reading the game, quietly finding space for himself and quickly finding his team mates for an assist, all without the blood, sweat and tears so rewarded by fans but giving the fans the one thing they want: an attacking midfielder who consistently scores and assists.
  5. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    https://www.whoscored.com/Teams/142/Show/England-Barnsley According to Whoscored he's their fifth best player with the most assists and only one goal away from joint top scorer. He's fast becoming the best player in a mid table championship team. And he's 19, getting first team football, after forcing his way in the team, will surely improve and we're not even half way through the season. I suspect the Barnsley fans saying he's lazy and only turns up win matches are the same kind who voted Mahrez down in our title winning season. He will surely be top championship side quality by the end of season, and then careful management at the start of next season could see him fitting in to the premier league. Gray, Barnes, Ndidi and Chilwell could give us an incredibly exciting and youthful future.
  6. Iheanacho

    He needs someone to supply him with opportunities. We simply don't have that.
  7. Man City Match Thread

    Ndidi Iborra Gray Mahrez Marc Vardy? I like it.
  8. Man City Match Thread

    Who or what's led you to believe that? Albrighton, Iborra and Ndidi in the middle and Gray, Vardy Mahrez going forwards?
  9. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    I think it would be madness for his career if he says tbh. I mean, he's won the Premier League with us and got the Champions League quarter finals - what more is he going to realistically achieve here? But I agree: I would love for Gray to allow us to punish teams for double marking Mahrez. In my fantasy world we also have Barnes casually popping balls into the top bins as well.
  10. Next up . . . Manchester City (Home) thoughts?

    I'd be surprised if we get anything but we've nothing to lose and nothing to prove and the club seems to have some life injected in it so who knows - I'd like to see Mahrez floating in the middle again and Gray and Chilwell on the wings again.
  11. Vardy in the jungle

    SHE'S MASTURBATED A PIG? I take it all back. We're pushing the bounds of culture. Edit: by pig are we talking an overweight gentleman or the animal an overweight gentleman would eat? I need to know.
  12. Vardy in the jungle

    It's the steep decline of civilisation when simply having penetrative sexual intercourse with a footballer raises you to the point where millions of Britons are chomping at the bit to hear your wit and wisdom.
  13. Claudio Ranieri

    I object to your bold face text and will not be cooperating with your thread sir.
  14. Perhaps you can be patriotic within your region, your country and your continent. Proud of Leicestershire, proud of England, proud of Britain, proud of the UK and proud of Europe. They all intermingle. The idea you can be proud of some but not of others is nonsense, often very useful nonsense to some, but nonsense nonetheless, and something Nige also doesn't subscribe to.