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  1. I only saw him in HK7s but he looked good and had a great work ethic and attitude, judging from a video we posted. Why did he go?
  2. He’s having work permit problems, the last I heard on this thread, and is worried about it. He grew up here but has a Portugese passport.
  3. It’s been a rubbish time for him and no mistake
  4. To be fair, if someone with underlying conditions dies because I’m missing the football it would seem rather hollow
  5. I loved his football. But then I realised his personality is maybe not so top-class. Some muslim chap who went to his mosque told me this too. He said Ryiad liked too show off his wealth which was big no-no in the community. But why are people so upset about Mahrez? It's an honest question. Why does he boil people blood after so long? Why can't people let it go?
  6. Mahrez, the high blood pressure gift that keeps and will keep giving for generations to come
  7. Oh I forgot about him. I’m not sure where he’s from. The captain of the u17s. I was hoping for a loan tbh. I think he’s the only u23 who’s got England experience, apart from Ndukwu’s brief u16/u17 experience.
  8. He's a bit of revelation. I never rated him in the u23s. He seemed anonymous. But since Bren gave him his first team action he's gone from strength to strength. I've not seen him play but he's scoring some crackers. He just went out on loan, and it's only league one, so I'm not sure about first team action. He needs a championship loan next season. And apparently there are suitors. Been with us since he's been 8. Born in Shepshed. There's three Leicestershire born players looking decent now: Knight, KDH, Hamza and Barnes.
  9. Villa. There was something about the diminutive Dyer hurling himself at that ball for the winner. A three goal win from two down coming into the 72nd minute. Showed we had the passion, determination and fearlessness needed to win the title.
  10. A man who thinks the world is run by Jewish lizards and a man who looks like a elephant would make a great midfield duo. I’d have joseph as the box to box midfielder personally. Gok looks like he’s got the speed to be a tidy winger. Serge and Tom from Kasbian deserves spots on the bench. Ben Ayres from Cornershop (Yeah I had to look up his name...)
  11. Foxxed

    Corona Virus

    Oh wait. It makes sense. Avoid blame by pointing the finger of blame. Side effect: death.
  12. Foxxed

    Corona Virus

    So, global pandemic. You need international coordination. Trump stops funding the World Health Organization. Why. Why condemn more people to death.
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