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  1. Easily the best player in our squad
  2. Lampard has galvanised them. But I really have no idea what our plan is. Two DMs and Maddison on the left frankly looked better under Puel.
  3. Let's play Barnes a bit sooner if we're still unable to hit the target. At least he won't have the problem of Chil not passing to him..
  4. Chil not even on the bench - must be injured else he's joined Gray in the naughty corner
  5. I hope we loan Knight to a championship club over Christmas so I can watch him play. He was the most exciting player in the last academy batch. A good defender and fast. We seemingly haven't decided on his best position yet.
  6. Ah you're right. I was reading the wrong column. Assisted a blocked shot was his only attacking output from reading the live text.
  7. I saw some tweet saying he was at the bottom of a midfield diamond. Where's that screenshot from? Edit: I see you can get them on flashscore https://www.flashscore.com/match/QRskjVdh/#match-summary So we've moved him from CB to DM to the right of a midfield diamond (at least flashscore claims the right...). With Morgan retiring I still think he'd have a better chance at CB. We'll only have Evans, Soy and Benk.
  8. Is Josh playing DM? From what I can tell he is. I can see him being loaned for a long, long time with Ndidi, Hamza, Praet and Mendy in front of him. Probably have better luck reverting to CB. Ndukwu was again an unused sub, this time in Southend's trashing by Lincoln.
  9. If only we had some kind of reputation for sports psychology
  10. I could understand two DMs against Chelsea at home. Besides the fatigue of the season is yet to set in. I just hope we bring on Barnes sooner if we're still unable to hit the target.
  11. Error of judgment on a late night by VAR? It's a simpler explanation. Allowing her error of judgement to persist wouldn't be helping her.
  12. What makes you think it's bias rather than error of judgement?
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