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  1. I watched him a few times in the u23s and he was good but he didn't blow me away. Hopefully Rodgers helps him make the successful transition to the first team. His name sounds like a romanic latin american take on Leicester so what's not to love.
  2. Does the loans manager have any say who is loaned, or just manages the players once they're loaned out? I've never known who makes the decision to loan a player out.
  3. Nothing in the first and then 45 minutes in the second match only to be subbed and didn't get a look in today.
  4. Sad but true. The defencd is shit but with hamza protecting them we could have scraped through and got fairly far. Sacked from Championship Leicester. Sacked from Premier League Leicester. Sacked from Championship Derby. Sacked from Belgian second tier OHL. Widly believed to need excellent deputies and faith through downturns to shape an entire club to succeed. Still, I would still support the appointment on the off chance he smacks a journalist or opposition coach.
  5. I once dreamt we released Tyreese Shade. Woke up angry.
  6. If Congerton buys someone and we play both him and Gray at the same time who should I criticise first?
  7. He's definitely more comfortable and scores more playing the u21s. And the fan base is more than willing to jump down his throat at the slightest mistake. Anxious players are rarely well performing players.
  8. Great news. One of our own and a city fan. Needs loaning out though. Prising himself into CB this season will be tricky.
  9. I'm not sure. The Posh's manager mentioned how much our academy rates Knight. And he's been the standout performer in the u23s since Hamza and Barnes graduated. Pasc does have more international experience but that is, with all due respect, with Romania. Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to our pre season. I'd love to see Knight in action. This isn't a horrible situation to be in but I wish we had these kinds of problems in positions other than CH...
  10. So far we have Maguire, Morgan, Evans, Benk and Soyuncu as centre backs. That's five players playing for two spots. (Not to mention Amartey can play CB) Given Morgan's retirement next season and possibly selling Maguire we'll have three playing for that spot eventually. There's enough room for one more and it'll probably be Knight. Hopefully we can get Pasc on another contract and loan him out to a Championship club and see where we're at next season. But if his contact is up, and it's clear we're absolutely stacked in CB, that he's not even the most favoured U23, and Bren is already a fan of Benk, I can see Pasc trying his luck elsewhere.
  11. Wouldn't appose it. It seems fairer than our rich get richer system.
  12. 25 minutes to see if we can keep a lead and if we decide to bring Barnes in the last minute. Beer time!
  13. Real shame. Maddison is pretty absent. Gray is playing well enough but nothing amazing. And I doubt we'll bring on Barnes to protect a lead if we're still ahead or level towards the end.
  14. Damn shame. He was our best player after Foden.
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