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  1. Vardy, Kasper and Morgan are some of the most important figures of the win and the most influencial in the dressing room who know they shocked the world playing their own way. They'll be around next season. And two of those are irreplaceable financially and in terms of impact next season. Rodgers will have to keep at least two of those happy with his selection, tactics and style of play. I have more faith Rodgers will try to accommodate their wishes than I had with Puel.
  2. I hope he improves his game better then Puel did. Puel seemed to stretch his game too much and it knocked his confidence. It's hard to say whether Ndidi would have turned the corner eventually with Puel but I'm glad Rodgers is trying to improve him in a perhaps more modest way, at least initially.
  3. It's a shame that his 'construction' didn't coincide with better results and that he didn't manage to lessen the resentment from the older players. I hope Rodgers can continue to help us develop technically. I feel like Rodgers'll manage to get the older players on side better.
  4. Chilwell was a liability last season and now he's a cast iron England regular and one of our best players. You have to respect the turn around.
  5. Tuned in to see them concede a third. I know we're blooding in youngsters with Tee, Taveras and Thomas but can this awful run of form be good for their development? We looked so good a couple of months ago but now we're three down in under thirty minutes. Taveras looked decent from the 10 minutes I watched - but what position is he playing? He looked like he was at centre back at one point. Tee looks incredibly young. Thomas didn't do that much but he's young. Ndukwu looked decent but I can't help but feel he'll not progress much in the u23s but he'll also not warrant a first team place yet there's definitely untapped talent there.
  6. Farage is riding into employment again on the frustration and anger he helped to create. He's saying he wants to put the "fear of God" into MPs. His previous financial backer said he wanted to "bloody the nose" of MPs. He's cleverly got Mogg's sister to stand - a great PR move The people he targets probably know this is more venting frustration than planning a reasoned politicial and economy strategy. The fact he's a serial liar will be irrelevant. No one will vote for him or his party for his integrity. He's a "strong man" leading the weak and frustrated. Any politician who creates a moderate, reasoned solution to Brexit will come up against Farage's firebrand rhetoric - one appealing to the reason and the other to the emotions. The winner is almost always the latter. He may not win an election but he will continue to carve up the country based on the fear and frustration he's worked his whole life to inflame.
  7. I went to school with some distinctly average girls who are now really hot and married. Andrej Kramaric.
  8. Newcastle are two Cardiff victories away from a relegation fight. Rondon will be dangerous. I'm confident we can break them down with Tielemans, Maddison, Barnes and an inform Vardy. But they will be dangerous on the attack.
  9. Got a bad feeling about Solskjaer. He had some really favourable fixtures when he took charge and rode on his new manager/not Mourinho bounce. A good manager should be able to pick up a team after bad results. Will be interesting to see if he can do that.
  10. Really hope he makes it. It'll be great for the city to have two local lads who were born in the county, worked through our academy and then made it in the Premier League. Would make me proud of the city and the academy. People keep calling Taveras our Portguese youngster. But the kid's been in the city before he was double figures. He was playing for a local side before that. He's another local lad. Hamza must either get game time or be loaned out to another Premier League team. Don't get me wrong, I'm more enjoying our attacking football now, but with Puel's three defensive midfielders Hamza had a real chance of breaking through. With the way Rodgers is playing now, Hamza would have to outst Mendy on the bench then get oust Ndidi on the pitch. That's a tall order. Either sell Mendy or loan out Hamza to a Premier League club.
  11. Hamza always looked great in the u23s. Him and Barnes were the only exciting players a season or two ago.
  12. He wasn't forced out. He decided to follow Pearson. I've heard the academy is success despite Beaglehole too. I've seen no proof he's the monster he's claimed to be though. But people do love to hate him. I'm more interested in seeing the next generation of Chilwell, Barnes and Hamza, players I first say in the u23s.
  13. The academy has produced Barnes, Chilwell and Hamza. It can't be that bad. I doubt Rodgers has been here long enough to have an informed opinion yet. Regardless of the results, are any of our players looking decent? Luke Thomas and Taveras have been playing a bit. Shade looked to have potential when he was last playing. Umghelumba looked very good albeit in left back where we put Luke Thomas. A fair few others were gaining speed, skill and confidence before this downturn.
  14. Anyone watched us recently? Such an appauling run of form since we loaned out Darnell and Knight, put Luke Thomas in at left back and played Ughelumba elsewhere. We're not even scoring anymore. We were looking the best we've been in a while before that.
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