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  1. Foxxed

    What's in the news?

    I love it! Labour was the ying to their yang, and now there's only yang, far too much yang for one country to take. I might take up the same reasoning: "Yes, I drank too much and embarrassed both of us. But who let me?" To be fair, I already use that argument.
  2. Foxxed

    Mendy and ndidi

    Not sure why he didn't play Hamza. But then Ndidi is fantastic in the air and is more likely to score. Mendy gets around more and is a better and safer passer than Hamza. And Iborra was too slow and Silva too lightweight. Puel prefers to develop youngsters anyway.
  3. Foxxed

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Knight, I suspect, will get some time - or at least a spot on the bench. When I watch the u23 games he reminds me of watching Barnes and Hamza: when either got near the ball they looked a class above the rest and you felt confident that something positive would happen. And the same is true for Knight. Hamza was, however, at that level and still playing in the u23s for ages before becoming a first team regular, so it may take a little more time. But if we're looking for a fast centre half who's happy on the ball then you can't go far wrong with him, barring the obvious lack of experience which Puel should remedy soon enough.
  4. Foxxed

    So, what's your plan Puel?

    Congratulations for holding back your opinion for so long. It's always hard to swim against the tide on this forum but you've managed it magnificently and should be commended for such.
  5. Foxxed

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    He did not start with three DMs. We all knew this was the best tactic. And so did he. But he chose not to. And it's insane, and a mystery unless you fit it into his previous combatitive behaviour.
  6. Foxxed

    Barnes coming back

    So happy for him. He looked and will continue to look a goal threat. Something we are truly lacking.
  7. Foxxed

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Puel, I think, is insane. Insane because, barring player problems, he knew the correct tactics to play against Wolves. We all did. We saw them against Chelsea and Everton and Man City. And we saw them work, spectacularly. But he chose not to use them. Instead, he played exciting, attacking football, the kind of football most of the fans wanted him to play, but knew were the wrong tactics for this game. But he played those tactics anyway. On purpose. And I'm starting to think he's more than insane: I think he's also a bit of a bastard. In the last few weeks he's come out fighting. He's fought, in the press, with this critics. And he's got straight to the point and he's tried to win no friends and he's been blunt. I'm starting to think he played the wrong tactics as a middle finger to his critics: "You want exciting, attacking football? Well: here it is. And we're not ready for it yet. Pipe down." He's truly wonderful for young players, but for everyone else, under that ribbed gilet waitcoast, there truly is a combatitive, stubborn bastard who will fight his critics but not how they want and not how they expect. I was entertained today, sad we lost but most of all surprised, after being constantly surprised this season, by our mystery of a manager.
  8. Foxxed

    Wolves A Match Thread

    No matter what happens we have looked exciting today and we have looked like scoring and we have been passing it around well. The team spirit has been impressive too. And make no mistake, as bizarre as it is, Puel set us up like this: the formation, the tactics, the belief in Gray and Barnes. I half think he's actually trying to change. Why, oh why, he got us to change in the wrong game is truly beyond me.
  9. Foxxed

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Why we didnt play the system we know works, and works incredibly well, against an obviously attacking Wolves side? It's almost like Puel took the criticism about boring football to heart and tried to play attacking, exciting football purposely at the wrong time. And we have looked exciting. And it's been a pleasure to watch. And Gray and Richardo have been excellent. And we're hitting the target. We're moving it around well (except when it's near Morgan and Simpson). And it's great that we're using Barnes. And we're losing. I have no idea what's going on Puel's head. He will develop an excellent young side, better than any other manager, but his decisions are frankly crazy at times and may cost him his job: and for us as a club to retain any credibility that can only be after an incredibly poor run with us pointing towards the relegation zone. Otherwise, any player and any manager with the slightest sense will avoid us.
  10. Foxxed

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Certainly exciting football! Just a pity we're losing at it.
  11. Foxxed

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Well, people wanted attacking football and this is it...
  12. Foxxed

    Wolves A Match Thread

    The players still look lively. Why we didn't start with three DMs against an attacking Wolves is beyond me.
  13. Foxxed

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Nothing to be ashamed of, my prudish friend.
  14. Foxxed

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Me too. I'm starting to think Puel is trolling the forum, fanbase and the sense of predicability in the universe. But whatever. I'm excited to see Barnes.
  15. Foxxed

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Evans is injuried.