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  1. Burnley match: I hope Burnley and their shithouse football get relegated Man City match: Shithouse football!!
  2. Poor bastard. He thought he was rid of Chilwell refusing to pass
  3. But where? I don't think physio rooms have a transfer market.
  4. No one can better whoever suggested Big Wes, Little Wes, Filbert Fox. Any attempt would naught more than a mindless folly as opposed to my personal preference of drilling home the absolute shining wonder of the Silva transfer.
  5. I wonder what the end fee will be if we sell Benk. It still feels like Benk could come good but I’m a little bored of waiting tbh.
  6. Foxxed

    Adrien Silva

    I enjoyed his wholesome instagram posts however
  7. He was born there. But it’s impossible to listen to him and not hear a Leicestershire accent. Same with Hamza. I’ve not heard Thomas speak.
  8. I'd like to echo the superfluous "Popular post" thing. Popular posts already have a gold border; adding a bit more text makes it needlessly busier. But apart from that minor thing, it looks a lot better and was great before. Congrats on the work.
  9. Internet videos make middle aged men excited shocker
  10. Keep. We’ll need a back up. I assume Benk is an expensive playmate for Matty James.
  11. We have plenty of inane stereotypes for the welsh and cornish too. We are very even-handed with it all. I agree stereotypes are rubbish. I mean, it’s not like the British drink beer, start fights and try to tell jokes constantly. (Ps you have a nice country )
  12. Foxxed

    Adrien Silva

    Did he play well in 1989 then?
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