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  1. Would be good if we showed we could be creative when we sub Mahrez. Barnes seems our only other option currently which isn't amazing.
  2. You see a player. I see valuable advertising real estate. In future we'll obviously need fatter players to maximise profits.
  3. Got caught but got away without even a warning from the ref. There is clear improvement.
  4. This is a very good point. Give Shaun some credit. He's gone into a court, told the judge he entered someone else's house looking for valuables to take away AND he avoided jail. If anything, he's significantly better at his new profession than his old.
  5. This assumes he'll have a choice. Anyhow, good to see some youngsters in the first team!
  6. Edit drunk:
  7. If we get rid of a player we've only really played for 45 minutes (unless he turns into a sicknote) and our best goals per minute striker we'd be mad. I'd like to give Kap and Musa until Christmas though.
  8. Image rights? Are they worried about our shade of blue? Or is this an elaborate version of "I know how to use the courts to shaft you. Cough up some money dickheads. My third yacht won't pay for itself"?
  9. I quite liked having Germany's number two as our number two but I couldn't ever see him or many other keepers ousting Kasper. How's Kasper's protege coming along these days?
  10. He's going back to Le Havre for 500k. Heard it here first.
  11. Wonderful use of font. I'm imagining you shouting it through gritted teeth.
  12. Haha, quite like the top, although it would feel more at home on a Tour de France cycler.
  13. Play him in the friendlies and in the cup games before Christmas then decide. If we lose Mahrez we'll only have Albrighton, Musa and Gray anyway. And Gray is arguably best suited to be a striker and don't want to even give Musa until Christmas. We may need him unless we sign another winger.
  14. He's not allowed to poach for a "certain period" according to that.
  15. AWOL how?