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  1. Foxxed

    Corona Virus

    Like blaming the person in charge? Or shirk responsibility and redirect anger elsewhere? Don't go out and get it. What did Boris first suggest? Go out and get it. Don't shake hands. What did Boris say? He shakes hands happily. Don't go to social places. What did Boris's dad say? He'd happily go to the pub. Who have people followed? I have a friend at risk of death and if she goes into intensive care she may die. You can schoolboy grin and post voting intentions all you want mate.
  2. Foxxed

    Corona Virus

    The state of this thread: desperately trying to direct anger at China.
  3. Foxxed

    Corona Virus

    Yet Bojo repeated it. Bojo said he still shook hands. His father poo-pooed the importance of taking precautions. Bojo failed in his responsibility to lead. We are seeing the repercussions.
  4. Joint club ambassador? We’d have an excellent good cop, bad cop strategy there.
  5. There’s a really worrying Snow White and the seven tiny Wasilewskis story lurking somewhere there
  6. Wonderful video, that. Reminds me if what an incredible journey it’s been, from Shinji joining, to the magical title winning season and the incredible players involved with those goals Vardy, Mahrez, Drinky, Kante, Shinji, Maguire, Ndidi, even Gray looked amazing with his assist. It’s incredible when you look back at it all.
  7. Foxxed

    Corona Virus

    The first government murmur was to risk lives of loved ones for the economy. We’ll need international cooperation for as long as this lasts. I doubt we’ll try. I suspect we’ll revert to risking loved ones rather than attempt a temporarily economic change. Trump was making those murmurs while his health experts abandon him. I think we’ll follow suit.
  8. Looking at the pic, so has Rodgers
  9. Foxxed

    Corona Virus

    I guess you're not including Boris's dad in this? Or maybe it's what happens when the Boris's dad essentially tells people to ignore the PM. Boris is the most important man in the country. People look to him for leadership. He can't control his dad from putting people at risk of death. Leadership. Leadership. You can attack people all you want. But they're being led by a man who's helping to lead them down the wrong path.
  10. Foxxed

    Corona Virus

    Or they think it's fine to catch it because they were initially told it's fine to catch it? Aren't we suppose to get behind each other now, rather than attack each other?
  11. Foxxed

    Corona Virus

    This is what happens when you muddle your message.
  12. It's a good question. In these trying times do we play by the rules or go apeshit and play injured players?
  13. He started out as a striker.
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