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  1. Some train with the first team. I think they're instructed to play in a similar style.
  2. Two keeper mistakes for our goals. Wakling, Wriight and Suengchitthawon look promising. Wright looks a lot less lightweight.
  3. Callum there with the socially responsible celebration.
  4. He's hardly played any minutes. Stupid to let him go atm.
  5. No player will be happy to wait in Vardy's shadow. Few players could withstand the pressure of expectation. Like others, I've come around to thinking about Barnes. His finishing has improved greatly. He's fast. He'll still be our best winger. And he's been watching Vardy from the best viewpoint. If Bren can ready and coach Barnes the striker it would be remarkable and wonderful for the club.
  6. Gray Slimani Kramaric Choose any.
  7. Was injured last match
  8. Foxxed


    He'd just broke into the first team under Puel. Fans were excited how he'd started--and it was a tremendous and unexpected jump--and were excited how he'd improve. But then he never got the game time. And Mendy and Ndidi improved massively under Bren. You could see Bren wanted Hamza to play in a more advanced role, in which Hamza never quite shined, but then he never got a prolonged chance there. It's sad to see an academy player leave but I really doubt Hamza will get the game time to improve with Bren. He's a loyal player and said before he prefers to fight for the first team but I can't see
  9. Some wonderful photos from tonight Sterling's about the take a runup to a celebratory piggyback
  10. No schlupp, no chance. No zaha, no sh... Look... they’re ****ed.
  11. Man City second then. Just need them to draw with or beat Aston Villa to keep Villa off our tail—nine points behind, three games in hand and already a better goal difference.
  12. Harvey had a great Championship loan. And Whoscored rated Harvey slightly higher, 7.24 compared 7.1, with more goals. And it still took Harvey at least a season to adjust to the Premier League. I agree we could use KDH if either Maddison or Tielemans get an injury but KDH will need time to adjust. And let's face it, he's not going to get loads of minutes here if Tielemans and Maddison are available. For KDH's own development I'd leave him at Luton where he's starting to score regularly.
  13. I hope not tbh. Don’t want the pressure. Just getting a CL place will be a massive achievement with Utd, Man City and Liverpool in good form, and with Everton, Spurs, Chelsea and Villa all vying for fourth, and potentially another team. I think we have a good chance at fourth but I’d prefer to be under the radar. Better for the players. Raineri deflected 15/16 pressure superbly.
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