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  1. Only if we sign another left back. Aint noone else in the squad who can play the position.
  2. Foxxed

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Sam Hughes is back from injury. Darnell and Knight are promising centre backs. Yohan is kicking around for support. And Soyuncu doesn't seem to be breaking into the first team. That's five potential centre backs excluding the first teamers. And Benk may return. So surely, surely we should be loaning out one of Darnell, Knight or Hughes. Someone suggested clubs were lining up to take Hughes on loan before his injury. If we keep all of Knight, Hughes and Darnell in the development squad I'll start to think Beaglehole has abandonment issues.
  3. Foxxed

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    He's talented but I'm not entirely convinced by him. He's never reached the kind of consistency Hamza, Chilwell or Barnes showed at that level. But we're seemingly not loaning him out. And he is young. Perhaps a spot on the bench will help his development.
  4. I know we love him but is there any indication he wants to come back as a coach? He did turn down a deal to stay with us.
  5. Sounds like either Silva or Iborra will be off and Hamza will step in for cover. I can't see us selling Elder since Fuchs is off unless we plan on buying a replacement left back.
  6. Foxxed

    Macia to Villa

    So is this rubbish then? A random local journalist on Twitter quoted a newspaper article that can't be found online, and then his Tweet was subsequently quoted as a reliable source by loads of semi reputable websites, and then his Tweet was resurrected after the club was bought. I sometimes think the only that separates Sean from Enderby and most journalists is Sean's self-awareness.
  7. Foxxed

    New chants and songs

    For a few, the Vichai chant gets lost in the middle. The meaning is solid gold. But fair enough, it's a bit wordy. Here's an attempt at keeping the meaning, but improving the flow.
  8. Foxxed

    15th biggest wage bill in world football

    Didn't we all give massive wage increases to the title winners? Or am I imagaging it? Huth and Ulloa would then probably take a sizable chunk off the wage bill, more than compensating for Soyuncu, Ward and Benk. And Mahrez must have been on enough to compensate for Ghezzal and Richardo. We're still probably paying loads but I suspect the title winners skew our bill a fair bit. And I don't care about giving our youngsters a pay increase. We're trying to become the best team in the country for youth development - you don't get there by skimping.
  9. Foxxed

    15th biggest wage bill in world football

    Please for the love my ocd edit the title to say wage bill.
  10. Foxxed

    Claudio to Fulham

    He's a great bloke and I really hope he succeeds there. But I hope we beat them!
  11. Foxxed

    Macia to Villa

    That article quotes a tweet that's about three weeks old, tweeted much before the takeover. It's possible that the move was held up but it seems like baseless speculation turned into ad revenue to me.
  12. Foxxed

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    He seems, from a few matches I've watched, better going forwards than Darnell too. *pray for some January loans*
  13. Foxxed

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    I have a completely unfounded feeling that Puel may use them anyway as I'm not sure how keen Puel is on our first signing who was loaned out immediately and the other who's seen little action, admittedly with a language problem. It looks like Hughes and Knight are in a better position currently since by all reports Darnell hasn't had a storming season. How did Knight play?
  14. Foxxed

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Sorry drinking and posting again!
  15. It fits in to our investment in the academy. And the fact we tried hard to win pl2 last season. And when Puel came on board he talked about this as a 'project' more than a job - it's possible that was a phrase he heard from his employers. After we won the league we were partly gutted with Walsh, Pearson, our psychologist and Kante gone. Undoubtly we had to rebuild, and it seems that we wanted the academy to be central to that and, despite his other flaws, why not go get a manager renowned for youth development on board? He's got our young players on long term contacts and he's turned one into an England intentional and we bought the championship's youth player of the year. We've even had Vichai and Top asking us to be patient. We're not punching as heavily as we want but these could, just could be the beginning years of a successful Leicester City with a booming, attractive academy, one of the best best in country with a team to match. Here's hoping.