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  1. Wilf still out for this ?
  2. Chillwell is something else at the minute, first 70 mins he was pretty much a pub league player. Add to that Madders, Barnes and Perez lacking form and we're struggling!
  3. quicker we forget about this game the better. Absolute shocker all round.
  4. Brendans need to sort out these shower of shites asap. terrible performances week in week out
  5. Just control the ****ing ball... in about 30yards of space and he heads it forward..
  6. Strange how chillwell can go from top lb to looking completely out his depth in weeks
  7. He's been at fault for a lot of our bad form lately. At fault for goals, nulling our attacks with no end product. Definitely needs to get his act together and pull his weight.
  8. Chillwell has been nothing short of shit for the last 5 games
  9. His lapses of concentration kill his game at the minute. Affects his positioning, his final ball.
  10. Not a disaster but a good opportunity missed, another flat performance in a big game!
  11. I have no idea what you are talking about so no
  12. Drag tielemans off for the love of christ
  13. Absolutely no penetration, no movement, and when there is decent movement nobody spotting it. Absolutely shocking.
  14. Tielemans absolutely useless tonight, can't do anything productive
  15. He's been poor for a while, only turns up against crap sides, but not even that today
  16. Tielemans having another shocker. Can't get a pass right
  17. Ofcourse kingy is a ledge, although he's nowhere near the starting lineup anymore I'm sure he has a big impact on the team behind the scenes!
  18. Liverpool are just irritating. Everton's first team couldn't even dispatch liverpools kids...
  19. Thought you were gonna say for the last 2 years 😂😂im surprised its that much!
  20. Well chilly, Ricardo would cost 90m + each this window. Kin 30m haha
  21. bfox


    Actually think he's a good player, just didn't work out for him here in the PL. probably do well in a league where he gets more time on the ball
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