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  1. Well done Kel! Thoroughly deserved!
  2. Leicester through and through! I enjoyed watching England when I was a bit younger, the Sven era and prior but now it is a complete drag. I'll watch the knockout games but I've not tuned into a friendly in a long time. A predictably comfortable win in all friendlies, then narrow defeat in tournament.
  3. Kaspar only really seems to saves shots he has no business in saving. Anything bread and butter to average usually goes in. Said it for a while, legend or not he needs competition..
  4. Lot's of blame for pairing Hamza and Wilf. I watched Hamza closely and he has such poor positional sense for a CM. Ghosts himself out of passages of play
  5. Well if we both don't understand your point then there's no hope
  6. Great idea.. so to get into europe we need to crash out of europe
  7. To not score in 2 legs vs these requires a different level of shite
  8. He's banked enough cred over the years but Vardys form has been diabolical the last few weeks.. nothing coming off for him at all
  9. Take f'ing hamza off, put youri next to ndidi .. like it should of been in the first place. Never have them paired up again.. dog shit
  10. It's having Hamza next to Ndidi which made us look absolutely clueless. He's regressed so much in the last couple years. Actually makes N'didi's job more complicated thinking about not stepping on his toes. Not to mention the ball barely ever moving forward.
  11. bang on, we don't look half as a good when Youri is further up, Mendy/Hamza can't do the same things, would rather try under as the 10 and at least create chances.
  12. Indeed. I always thought he would be a top player. Had all the attributes. Maybe not as quick as he has though
  13. All those looking to hook madders praet would of took that into row z if he wasn’t even there
  14. Still celebrating league 1 promotion are we
  15. Yep poor. No final bit of quality, wish we could play top 6 every week. Only teams we see, to turn up for
  16. Marc needs hooking. Must be the most predictable player in the league going forward. Proper kick up the arse job at half time.. fed up of this laboured patient build up shit
  17. We have a habit of making bad teams look decent and well organised. Poor use of the ball apart from the first 15. No words for Marc ‘let me try one of those disguised flicks which never ever come off’ Albrighton
  18. United are the most loathsome team in the league. They have perfected the “throw enough shit at a wall and some of it has got to stick” method of business.
  19. Probably along the lines of grays btech cr7 knuckleball technique to get the dip given the short distance
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