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  1. arguably not.. Chillwell connected nicely for his however
  2. I'm always questioning why the ball manages to find its way to his feet and not youri's at the boxes edge. His passing range has come on a long way this season, I think Rodgers has done some good there but his shooting sure as shit hasn't
  3. both Ake and Zaha are good shouts. Fit the bill for me. Ake puts in 110% every single game and Zaha has a bit of magic that we're desperately missing top end
  4. Work on his attacking game and he's going to be a top player! He can hold his head high this season!
  5. Perfect cocktail of poor management, bad luck, bad form, low confidence had us where we are.. won't see a collapse like that in a long time.. Incredible scenes
  6. I couldn't agree more. At least 4 or 5 times a match we break up the opponents attack and we get the ball out of defence quickly, but we let them get behind the ball and re-organise before we even think of attacking. ****ing annoying. That has to stop for me. We need to find ways of breaking quickly like we used to. Mixing it up throughout the game. We are far too predictable.
  7. Have to score to win football games.. and we're awful at it.. the collapse has been nothing short of catastrophic
  8. Feel like we need about 20 good chances to get a goal these days
  9. We've gone from one of the most clinical teams in the PL to one of the worst in the football league in under 6 months... ****ing crap the lot of them
  10. What is it with giving penalties away in every big game..
  11. Imagine being told around Xmas that you'd balls CL qualification that badly that Man U were on joint points and GD was non existent. And we were playing a must win game vs spurs with mendy, praet, hirst, bennett, thomas, justin all on the pitch
  12. This is the hardest Leicester team to watch in a long time.. we just look ****ing clueless, no urgency, no direction. Turning off now..
  13. We aren't playing well at all this half haha... spurs are just content for us to piss around with it side to side..
  14. Honestly.. we just cant score anymore?!? Our luck is beyond rotten
  15. Reiterating most people on here but what the **** is Bennett doing.. ushering them to take a pop shot on their strongest foot. Those goals are literally inch perfect but still.. ****ing plonker
  16. I agree.. we get into some good positions but the amount bad decisions, slow thinking and scuffed attempts you just know we aint scoring shit
  17. That's what happens when you spend most of your possession pissing around looking for the perfect barcelona goal. We can't even score 1 let alone 3.
  18. Why do we do it to ourselves!? Are we just really really unlucky.. I cant tell anymore haha
  19. Looked great. Excited to have him amongst our ranks. Fully expecting a Man U interest news stories any time now.
  20. Leicesters 10th? last chance saloon-must win game!
  21. Barely an important link, role yes, but he’s far from pulling weight. Not that the other are mind you. I’d say he’s lingering around the edge of people’s patience
  22. Never confident that he’s going to score. Or pick the right pass. Twice yesterday Praet made a decent run in behind and he don’t spot it. An OK all rounder but nothing special
  23. This team had so many opportunities for redemption handed on a plate, one after the other. But they continued to throw it away. I'm just gobsmacked, It really does take a perfect cocktail of bad management, bad form, bad luck to get the job done. They get what they deserve - unfortunately it's us fans who stick around the club the longest.
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