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  1. Watford (H) Match Thread

    Not quite sure what you mean, mate?
  2. Watford (H) Match Thread

    Albrighton clearly lacking confidence these days
  3. Watford (H) Match Thread

    livetv.sx, mamahd.com
  4. Watford (H) Match Thread

    The Albrighton Formula -> get the ball on the wing, run between 10-20m and pull it back onto his right foot and cross it without looking.
  5. Watford (H) Match Thread

    Good god Albrighton unbeleivably one dimensional
  6. Liverpool A Match Thread

    making Mo ****ing Salah look like Messi all game
  7. Chillwell has be ****ing atrocious
  8. West Ham post match 1-1

    So frustrating to see that whenever we have the ball in the midfield on the wing, we always pass it back. Albrighton was a little pussy today, had so many opportunities to play it in forward and he bottles it like a mongole
  9. West Ham post match 1-1

    Albrighton is a disabled, apart from that goal he done F all.
  10. King offers basically nothing, didn't even close that down on the edge of the box..
  11. Huddersfield away match thread

    well that was really bad
  12. Drinky out for rest of season

    Drinky hasnt been great this season but not awful, i do believe that he reached the ceiling of his ability last season! He definitely puts in a shift and runs around a lot but for a midfielder to be scuffing nearly every effort off target and playing so negatively when ever he gets the ball hes far from a top class midfielder. Hes just a good fit ethic wise thats all. And he cant win the ball back without fouling. A good but frustrating player!₩
  13. Sevilla post match 2-0

    Fuchs was world class out there tonight! good job from all the lads!
  14. Still feel we are overly cautious in the middle of the park, drinky tends to either hoof one forward or pinball it between himself and the back 4 for 3minutes, normally going for the latter. Shows the lack of movement in front of him. Amartey and himself are too alike for me, one needs to be more attack minded and willing to beat a man. Yesterday just seemed a little off pace and with a little lack of confidence. Southampton were good mind. Maybe we play a little too wide?
  15. Great game today, thought the lads played their hearts out. The grit and determination was immense. A few possible areas of note: - As much as I thought Drinky had a good game, there were times when the obvious ball to play was forward instead of going back and allowing the opposition to orgonise, I'm sure last season there was more risk with the quick counters. He still had a very solid performance! - Amartey was great, and cut out some critical Porto moves, especially that backpost header from open play, What was even doing there?! I feel he still needs to work on winning the ball more often instead of just covering space. Good game he had mind.. - Thought the ref was a bit poor today, for and against us. Buying into to peoples reactions too much. I guess thats the CL for ya. Top night!