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  1. Compare that var decision to manes dive against us
  2. Pawson is going to ruin this game I can see it
  3. Have fun watching it in reality later!
  4. I hope Amazon blow sky and bt out of the water and undercut them all. I would pay good money to have all games every week available (in 4k if poss).
  5. Thought Everton played ok to be fair, sidibe was getting acres of room and they caught us out and positionally had the upper hand quite a few times. Thought Tielemans and Madders (especially madders) had quiet games by their standards which is why I think we struggled to break them down for large periods. Not a vintage performance but a gritty win. Definitely take that in our pursuit of CL!
  6. We have all the pundits and "big clubs" in hysterics at the minute
  7. Think our best hope is they draw a few whilst we win a few
  8. One in about 200 attempts haha
  9. Took spurs as far as he could, bottlers down to the core.
  10. Never any in between, sway from he's one of the best LB's in the world to he's completely overrated in one game. I bet he has a stinker against Brighton and I'll watch all these overreactions again.
  11. Might buy a few and start my own team
  12. Stood next to him in Tesco once - he was buying some Kellog's Frosties. Skinniest legs I've seen in my ****ing life!
  13. Would love big wilf to retire here! Doesnt strike me as the magpie mahrez type
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