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  1. Got to try and get Bardsley sent off he looks rattled.. we are the better side no doubt but anymore mistakes and this game over !
  2. Burnley are wank, we can cause them problems, just no more mistakes and keep the ball!!!!
  3. Lets stay properly focused now, catch them on the counter and get a 2nd
  4. Important we don't let our heads drop, high work rate, focus and wait for an opening
  5. Optimist thought, maybe Burnley are going to try and pass it through now and we can catch them on the counter??
  6. Sort of agree. I get the impression he just wants to look good, wouldn't be surprised if CR7 is his idol because he seems to imitate him a lot, his shooting technique etc. He can certainly come up with moment of brilliance but a lot of the time his game is very predictable. Not a bad player to have around, maybe Brenda can turn him into a superstar??
  7. Yep, nice refreshing performance at home. But it was Fulham, and they passed it round us for fun in spells. Any good side would of been all over us in that game. Showed some nice forward play but we still lose shape when teams one touch pass it in the midfield.
  8. Some decent performances, Vardy, Tielemans, Ndidi, Barnes. Scoreline doesn't really paint the full picture, dominant start then the obligatory gift of letting a team back into a game. Probably deserved to win that (Fulham were Wank) but we have major issues with our focus/intelligence. Nice win though
  9. Why did Shinji smash it waist height and not on the floor????????
  10. Good goal, Shit performance, probably deserve to win because Fulham are so bad
  11. Played off the park by Fulham, another good day for LCFC
  12. Christ Chillwell has been dog shit today...
  13. We don't have a winning mentality in this team. Any one who turns up and strings a few nice passes around we instantly roll over and lose any kind of confidence. However, I'm actually starting to believe that we aren't we as good as we think we are.
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