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  1. That's been said every year but at least 2 of 'archaic' big 6 have poor seasons. I don't think next year will be any different. I think arsenal and spurs will struggle again at least.
  2. I think Rodgers is thinking, that is exactly what the opposition manager will expect will happen. So I will double bluff and keep the same formation. Genius.
  3. With you on that. While we're there let's have a different team play the first 80mins then bring on the boys
  4. Ah yes we revert to the, play decent for the last 10 minutes act. A definite fav ..
  5. Same reason these players can't manage an expectation to win when it matters and is needed most.
  6. Defined a new low here lads well done BR and the team. Spurs can finally hand over the bottling medals
  7. **** off Rodgers you absolute scrote. Cannot manage expectation one bit.
  8. Mate were playing newcastle not man city
  9. Wasted 2 mins passing it around the half way line. Great job you morons
  10. He certainly has been for a while. Not buying this fitness bollocks.
  11. If they miss out on CL this year then everyone including Brendan deserve a big pay cut. Useless
  12. Worse than spurs and than takes some ****ing doing. Catastrophically bad performances when all you need is a half decent one
  13. I really can't be ****ed with this team anymore. Useless clowns. Rather they just float around mid table than just get everyone's hopes up every season.
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