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  1. Lindeloff got his arm around samattas neck.. nothing made of it.
  2. Leicester are never getting that pen, not against anyone
  3. VAR didn't even look at it.. they went straight up to the build up?
  4. What is Neville even on about? He stops the ball and stands on the defenders leg
  5. That is the softest penalty I've seen in ****ing ages
  6. Good point but Arsenal were abysmal in that second half. Did they even get a shot away? They left so much space for us to pass and run into .. wish we’d capitalised a bit more but not bad
  7. Agreed, his touch was poor in his early days here. You just feel more confident when the ball arrives at his feet now
  8. Honestly drives me mad. They do all the hard work in getting the ball through the middle quickly and catch palace off guard but then it just get slowed down and passed back...
  9. Just zero instinctive passing and movement in the middle. Nobody knows what to do other than pass it around from side to side and hope
  10. I’m not his number 1 fan but he’s getting the ball in the opposition half way too often as there’s nobody with space in the middle. He’s dangerous when we’ve got the ball in the middle and Ben is making that run in behind his opposite number. BR fix it please.
  11. Got to try something different here. Find a formation which frees up space for Youri/Madders if they play. Give palace a problem which they aren’t prepared for.
  12. Teams took a while to adjust and ended up giving Youri the time he needs and Madders the space. Now they just put men on them most of the game and In turn it gets channeled out wide.
  13. The pressure is certainly on for him
  14. In a way I feel sorry for Chilwell, he’s being fed much more than he should be. But that’s a problem with our tactics or maybe lack thereof.
  15. Been like that for months. We were playing well when teams let madders and youri have space in the middle and let us play it through. Now and it’s a pretty standard blueprint every team is adopting to tackle it and it’s just force it out to Chilwell or force it back. Not sure Or I at least can’t see anything to counteract it from BR. Ricky P is a big miss as he at least has the quality to create from the wing regularly.
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