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    Maybe we don't just want to go around hastily throwing 20M, 30M, 40M around as it drives up other players prices when clubs know we are willing to do it. I reckon we will get him, and probably close to their valuation but it'll drag out a bit longer so we look like tight arses
  2. United cock up so many times it's hilarious pure panic mode
  3. I agree that he intended to shoot, and hopefully work the keeper at best
  4. What does it mean?
  5. He's desperate?, but he knows he will place it in the top corner, could get the golden boot with that ability, low percentage would convey some fortune for it happen..not denying it was a fantastic effort - it was a class goal, but unless you drill it in the top corner more often then you miss, then it is indeed lucky. We all know that he's missing that 99 times in a row
  6. Man City have had the rub of the green all season mate, Kompanys goal, penalties vs us in the cup, non penalty and an offside goal to knock out Swanseain the fa cup. It's been their year but I doubt that kind of luck will continue.
  7. Watford letting midgets win headers all over the park leading to 2 of man citys goals edit* now another. Watfords right back has been awful
  8. Agreed, Maguire was fantastic before the world cup (& during) but I feel he's been found out a little bit, teams know that his positioning is often wayward and players can get goal side fairly easily. Of course his attacking prowess is brilliant, and that's probably all the matters for teams like United and City etc who just want fashionable players. Maguire won't be able to carry a United team going through turbulence that's for sure, add to the fact teams are going to step it up even higher in hopes of getting a result against Manure. A great player for us and would love him to stay and for him to WANT to be here. But if he thinks he's too good for us then GOODBYE
  9. They're ****ed. Just shows without a proper vision, throwing billions will get you nowhere. They've got to shred off so much deadwood before having anywhere close to a title challenging squad - could take the next couple transfer windows, and that'd be with a top/intelligent manager
  10. Indeed, the most spectacular boring club ever. They've had everything go in their favour the past 2 seasons - scraping through cups on penalties, robbing Swansea with offside goals, goal line technology saving them, Kompanys goal, etc etc etc.
  11. For many reasons, a game too forget for both teams. A shocker! Thanks Okazaki and Simpson! club ledges!
  12. Agree with Jimmy. That transition from defence to the midfield needs to be quicker, much quicker!
  13. Agree, since his World Cup limelight he hasn't looked like he's been enjoying his football here one bit - maybe arrogance? (who knows). He's not looking sharp, gets caught out at least 2/3 times a game. Evans is making him look poor most games.
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