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  1. Albrighton picking up exactly where he left of, invisible and useless
  2. Can’t really pin this on Madders tonight. He’s quality, but Liverpool are world class and gave him no room whatsoever. We couldn’t even string 3 passes together ffs
  3. To a large extent I agree. But there’s Quite a few teams who I’d say we were superior in quality too that will give Liverpool more problems than we do at Anfield.
  4. Awful at both ends right now...
  5. I think most of us were expecting results at those teams anyway, so you could easily tell the players likewise. After the good run we’ve been shown we’re not all that, similar to last year when it went tits up
  6. Be interesting to see if Rodgers can pick the lads up from a pasting this time.
  7. Can’t count the amount of times an attempt to pass or shoot was blocked by the first man. We were outclassed massively, player through to manager
  8. Considering we never get anything at Anfield in way of result or decisions a defeat at Anfield I can sort of deal with but not like that... that was a complete write off from everyone on the pitch. Manager has to take the flack for that embarrassment.
  9. Poor from the players to the manager. Shocking. Must be the worst team in the league at defending corners
  10. Always the same vs Liverpool, bit of a bogey team. We shit our pants, get some naff decisions against us, Liverpool get the rub of the green, we lose
  11. Albrighton needs to switch on .. invisible on that right
  12. I think I heard it right, Liverpool have a lot of injuries?
  13. So is Fofana expected to miss this game? apologies if it's been clarified previously..
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