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  1. Hope we do it tonight! A bit cliche but this is a must must win if we want that top 4!
  2. Difference for me is we seem to lose every 50/50 ball in the middle of the park at the minute. You almost get the feeling or anticipate they are going to score because of the mistakes we stack up during in one move alone. Ricardo for as good as he is, he's got a habit of over committing and completely running past the ball, did it twice in the last 5 minutes yesterday!
  3. Not sharp enough over 90 minutes. I know he’s not the smartest but the kids brain just seems to switch off sometimes. Needs dropping.
  4. Barnes was at least consistent, lots of runs with no end product. Strangely still one of better players tonight.
  5. That performance has got to be close to rock bottom for this team. Hopefully we see some response, maybe a glimmer of attacking football. Perhaps a goal.
  6. He’s not the sharpest, even when he’s in form he cocks up basic control more than once a game. His biggest attribute is his pushing his team forward with his runs. But he doesn’t even look like he has the ability to do that at the minute.
  7. Rather start with JJ and drop chillwell. Perez can get ****ed too, he’s literally got nothing about him, slow, lightweight, not a goal scorer, average passer
  8. Absolutely abysmal. Really have gone from brilliant to poor to downright awful I’m a couple of months. No idea on how to move the ball effectively anymore. We’ve been outfought, outplayed nearly week after week. Alarming form.
  9. What are you talking about. He clearly did pass back when Maddison was in acres. Jog on Stanley
  10. We are so easy to play against. Brendan do you have any other ideas????
  11. The most impotent attack in the ****ing league. Gobsmacked at how shit we’ve become. weirdos the lot of them. Hamza passing back when were 1-0 down when Maddison is in about 20 yards of space. Stupid moron
  12. This team is not even capable of the most simplest of football moves. It’s awful, Perez needs dropping, just terrible.
  13. This team is absolutely dog shit. Perez is awful and I mean awful.
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