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  1. If you add the points about the whole team coming off the boil since mid December, and the lack of service, and I think we have a reasonable explanation. I think his missus said she been in hospital a few times in that appearance on loose women, the lawyers are involved, and she has presumably been taking a pounding on social media since the big hoo-ha. We have all seen how difficult it can be to be in the public eye when you are getting slaughtered in the press, in recent days. I reckon Vards will improve soon, but obviously the sooner the better.
  2. It's worth bearing in mind that there is almost certainly going to be a pay to play element to any offer. With his recent injury record anything else would be risky. I'd take him, but we do need some extra height and physicality at some point over the summer as well.
  3. We are the saviours of modern English football, which is nice.
  4. I'll keep crossing them over, you keep knocking them in.
  5. I think this looks like a smart bit of business now the dust has settled. We are going to be playing a lot of footy next season...
  6. Anyone on here who can cut and paste the Athletic article about fancy software we might be installing at the training ground? The first few paragraphs seemed promising...
  7. I think I can safely point out that Chilwell and Madders have spoken up on homophobia in football in the recent past. As society has become more tolerant, football increasingly looks shamefully backward, and I'm sure that younger players see that more clearly than players in the past. I think it is worth remembering Justin Fashanu when discussing this issue. Surely his tragic death had a chilling effect on improvements in the English game, even if it was a long time ago.
  8. Hugely impressive bloke, it can't be easy not seeing your kids for long periods. The sports centre looks like it needs another season of PL wages to secure, imho. Not that I'm biased...
  9. Full backs i can understand, and I guess CB's really get to stretch their legs at points, but try and find a faster recorded speed than Cags. I reckon it might be the fastest CB ever recorded in the PL (ie since 2013/2014), at the very least. This article is 2018 and claims to be reporting the fastest 'ever', and everyone in that is slower than 37.49km/h which is Soyuncu's figure. https://www.sportbible.com/football/news-the-top-10-fastest-players-in-the-premier-league-since-2014-20180324 As an aside, do you think that some of the advances in running shoes which are shaking up distance running are coming through on footy boots? because everyone in the top 10 this season is faster than the figures in the article I have linked to. I'm a bit confused now. something isn't right! Note that Barnesy and Hamza are also were the top 10 from this season (at least in December), at 6th and 8th, with the numbers in km/h for comparison with my other link in this reply. https://talksport.com/uncategorized/666533/fastest-sprint-time-premier-league-leicester-manchester-united/
  10. Love Vards forever, but slower than Soyuncu? Of course, it turns out that the whole PL is slower than Cags.
  11. How often are CB's the fastest in the league? I remember Big Wes putting in some top 10 numbers in our special year, but this is amazing. I think I read it was against Palace, but it isn't mentioned in this article. 'The six fastest recorded speeds in the Premier League have been revealed and Leicester City's Caglar Soyuncu tops the list.' https://www.fourfourtwo.com/news/revealed-six-fastest-players-premier-league
  12. Christian Fuchs is a pinko, is a pinko, is a pinko Christian Fuchs is a pinko On away days! It's much simpler to just hate on the reds, with the added benefits of both historical accuracy, and up-to-date PL fear and loathing.
  13. Although CF is looking very fit this season, I wish he would play at more than a Trotsky.
  14. Note to self: remember all the reasons that endurance running is different to footy.
  15. I take your point, the medical/sports science folks should be all over it, although I would imagine the players opinion was also taken into account. I often have one theory or another floating around my head about specific playing issues, which are often subsequently disproved by further info. I was saying Kelachi was too heavy last year, so I am coming off a rare occasion of having had a fair point for once.
  16. Good point. I did pluck that out of the air, and having looked into it, a half marathon would have been a much better comparison in terms of energy used. The top runners in football are up around 9.5 miles, apparently. I guess that would be box to box midfielders.
  17. Much better at Chelsea, and given that BR says we have been running on empty since Xmas, the reasons for him coming off the boil seem pretty clear now. I think BR should have (with hindsight) rotated more after the second string performed so well in early January. But a more general point is that I have heard it said that Youri is always first in the gym, and presumably that strengthening work is partly a response to the physicality of the PL midfield battle. He naturally has that Beckham like width/stockiness to him, which is presumably part of the reason for his excellent passing range, but it also means he is not a natural runner. Now we have already seen this season that Kelachi is at least a stone lighter than the season before, and quite possibly more. Someone has convinced him (or instructed him) to lay off the weights, and it is surely part of the reason he has been transformed, looking much more mobile and actually being able to hold off (some) defenders in a foot race. Interestingly he is still holding the ball up well, so his reduced strength has not hindered him too much. Now Youri is an absolutely fantastic technical footballer, but I reckon he is paying the price for carrying quite a lot of muscle for a player who, like most footballers who are not CB's or stay-at-home FB's, is running close to the physical equivalent of a marathon every game. He is still new to a full season so I hope that he will find a better balance next year, when he will also have a little more stamina due to him approaching his peak years. Whatever he gains from the extra strength and muscle, he is losing over that crucial first few yards, imho. Like with Kelachi, I am not saying he will ever be quick, but it would help if he was a bit more mobile. Bear in mind that what might help you over 10 or 12 games largely played weekly (ie last season), may be unsustainable by mid-season when you are playing every 3 -5 days. That's my take on him anyway.
  18. Biggest comback since Lazarus. To my mind the moral of the story is that time in the gym is not always profitable, for your modern footballer. Kelachi is much leaner and more mobile this year. BR should tell Youri to put down the dumbells next.
  19. Praet gives you a bit of everything, perhaps our most complete midfielder. I think if he was playing more regularly his level would be more consistent, and imho he would get in most PL first XI's easily.
  20. What? Samatta... hey. Nacho should start, thankfully Sean has set my mind at ease.
  21. Are you worried we might be bussing in plastics from Thurmaston, or something?
  22. BS reactionary thread, so many reasons this will not happen.
  23. looking forward to supporting Turkey (when other loyalties permit) next summer. Apologies again to DavieG. I know its wrong to do it, but I just can't get my head round this blood and soil philosophy.
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