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  1. Yeah, it's awful how they are trying to renege on the withdrawal agreement. Oh, hold on a minute...
  2. I hear the south of France is very nice Daniel, lovely weather and all.
  3. Amartey or Benkovic? Claude just can't decide...
  4. If we sell him and he shines as a CB, we only have ourselves to blame, although that isn't a given, obviously. His versatility hasn't really helped him during his time here... the curse of the utility player.
  5. It's worth remembering he has put in some good performances for us, and I think his height and strength are things we are a bit short of at the mo. I really don't see why he can't become a quality CB at this level. But he really needs lots of games, so if he went it would be understandable.
  6. Classy again today, it says a lot when he can play like that and not be assured of a start. Regardless of who starts our midfielders look good enough that we can rotate without worries, and injuries can be managed intelligently.
  7. 5000 limit in the ground, but in some games at least, they are all in one stand! At least we have our world-beating response to take comfort in. I'm off to shoot some grouse...
  8. Once is not so bad. Stringer made reference to it having happened before, but with no further detail. Let's hope it wasn't too traumatic or serious, because the lad is on fire.
  9. although our youthful players are great prospects, there is something nice about watching experienced, mature players showing their quality.
  10. no, but our first 11 get smaller every year, so it does look that way.
  11. Castagne popped his shoulder. Stringer mentioned something about his injury record, presumably he has done that shoulder before.
  12. I'm not going to say this many times this season, but I think we need big Wes on.
  13. Perez knows he is under pressure now, it's perhaps not helping him.
  14. Castagne Nice to see injuries for them, they are paper thin now.
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