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  1. Hard to make excuses with that much talent at your disposal.
  2. I'm hoping it is sign that we are a bit more vigilant than other clubs, although I accept that may be wishful thinking.
  3. I've heard it is a lot worse, although mostly that is hearsay. Of course comparing us to a town with known issues doesn't really mean that much. It is hard for those of us who pass for 'locals' (even if like me you come from immigrant stock), to know what gets said to those who visibly have different heritage, unless we witness it. Hats off to commenters on the thread, FT still has the ability to surprise.
  4. Seriously though, when we won the title I didn't see a polarised city. And when we celebrated on Viccy park, I saw everyone together sharing the joy. I'm not saying Leicester doesn't have issues with racism, but the rapidity of the changes are bound to promote clustering (nr places of worship, community resources etc), we see that in many of the great cities of the world. And there are many mixed areas inbetween those more notably unmixed (and higher profile?) areas I'm not sure that geographical polarisation is the same as psychological polarisation anyway.
  5. We aren't that discrete compared to some other towns and cities, afaik at least.
  6. I guess the patio slabs and 3 feet of earth does have an effect.
  7. Funnily enough I didn't really like this when it came out, yet now it sounds brilliant. Maybe I've finally forgiven Sylvian for his cheekbones after all this time.
  8. s'gonna cost a lot more than 26 dollars!
  9. Shuffling the goalposts, perhaps? You said previously: Since their job title became 'head of recruitment' I suppose. That is where the buck stops with recruitment, obviously I can see this becoming circular, so I'll leave others to judge any contradictions that may be apparent.
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