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  1. Vardinio'sCat

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Suella Braverman, another junior Brexit Minister, has also resigned. 1922 Commitee should be boisterous 2moro.
  2. Vardinio'sCat

    Change of career

    Brexit Secretary, I hear there is a vacancy.
  3. Vardinio'sCat

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Junior Brexit minister, Steve Baker, has now also resigned. Leaves Fox and Johnson in a tricky position...
  4. Vardinio'sCat

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    The Brexit Secretary, David Davies has resigned. What an absolutely disgraceful shambles the whole thing is. Must be a tough week for Brexiteers, but at least we might get rid of TM now.
  5. Vardinio'sCat

    England v Panama - Match Thread

    Free Tommy written on an England flag on a car in the Range car park. I knew the day was going too well. Every country has it's bad apples, I guess.. Apart from that, we look good. The heat made our ball retention a blessing. Isn't it funny that whenever I have seen us play with a 3 at the back, over the whole of my lifetime, we have suddenly looked like a decent outfit. Robson, Hoddle and now Southgate. Did El Tel ever play with 3, I can't recall?
  6. Vardinio'sCat

    Nigeria vs Iceland - Match Thread (22nd June, 4pm)

    Lionel Musa. Wedge-tastic day for LCFC.
  7. Vardinio'sCat

    Mohamed Elyounoussi - Gone to Southampton.

    Gosh, it's bit like the buses. You don't see a number 10 for ages, then a load turn up.
  8. Vardinio'sCat

    Marvin Plattenhardt

    Surely not...
  9. Vardinio'sCat

    Poland v Senegal match thread

    Leicester rejects game, Gueye and Niang beat Milik. Kudos to Senegal, they do look like the best African side.
  10. Vardinio'sCat

    Solomon Kvirkvelia

    Right, so the devil went down to Georgia then. Is he looking for a soul to steal?
  11. Vardinio'sCat

    How many on here aren't ITKs?

  12. Vardinio'sCat

    James Maddison

    Ring 999, cos Rudkin is on fire.
  13. Vardinio'sCat

    Kasper Schmeichel

    Hats off to Kasper, quite an emotional read. He finally has his chance to shine on the world stage, great to see him picking up the MoM. Players Tribune is a splendid thing, straight from the horses mouth. No Kane jokes during the WC, thank you.
  14. Vardinio'sCat

    Aleksandar Dragovic

    Absolutely this, obviously that wasn't so clear from my post. All the others mentioned are/were great players for us, but none were that comfy knocking it around. I guess the Bloomfield sides would be one instance when we might have played like that, but although I saw a few games in the 70's, i don't remember much about the games tactically. I want to keep that style if possible, more than I want Drago (much as I like him), hopefully Evans will craft a similar understanding with Maguire.