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  1. Looked tired, which is not what we were saying a few weeks ago
  2. Yeah, if I lived 2 streets away I'd be all in favour. If they, for example, doubled the current traffic it wouldn't be a problem, so it might be that the proposals won't change things too much. We have a bit of evidence of historic movement and cracking in the property, possibly from before the line was re-bedded (10 or 15 years ago I think), which apparently improved the impact of the heavy quarry trains. I'd say the line is about 10m from the back of the house itself. The temp bike lanes are a bit random, for sure..
  3. Hmm, manager improved contract syndrome? Let's hope not. Up the Leuven.
  4. Check out the England vs Brazil 70 game if you really want to see a bunch of lazy. unfit players. The players couldn't even run properly, probably because of rickets and the war.
  5. Brilliant stuff, classic FT. Keep it up everyone.
  6. 10 days, then it's one cryo chamber each, apart from Cags who gets 2.
  7. Us too, how much do you think it will cost you personally. I've got a figure of approx 5% in my head, so that's a 10kish loss. Aside from the obvious benefits of train transport generally, it is a net transfer from property owners within the city to those outside. It reminds me of the constant whinging from residents of elsewhere about cycle lanes in Leicester, which benefit local people but inconvenience visitors and commuters.
  8. Snap, than god we sacrificed ourselves for the greater good. I'd had enough of Kasper's potty mouth anyway...
  9. Fair enough, it looks like I'm a bit out of date, things must have improved since the Mclibel case.
  10. Maybe I am out of date, I guess Mcdonalds hated the term being used, and in fact the Wikipedia entry bears that out.
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