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  1. Didn't see Djokovic getting the book thrown at him for his crazy tennis tournament. Signing a player who is in prison would be quite special, so it's a yes from me.
  2. It's funny that you bring Goebbels up because I thought that recent Mount Rushmore gig seemed a bit, well, Nuremburg-y. Only needed Leni Riefenstahl and a few burning crosses to complete the effect. God knows what happens when Trump burns down the Riechstag/White House, just before the election. Anyway, it's the wrong thread for this, dirty Arsenal need to get their own house in order, poor Jamie barely touched him.
  3. It's one of the Donald's favourite tactics too. Along with 'look... squirrel!' diversions.
  4. But that's the point, the VAR people never give a penalty, they look for a clear and obvious error. I'm all for moaning about the about the decisions, as it's working really badly (even considering this is the first season), mainly because they have set the bar to overturn decisions too high. But they are looking for an error, not a foul.
  5. Whilst he isn't the finished article, I have been impressed with him defensively. He has taken an absolute battering physically, but I think he will only improve. His flexibility is a great asset for us.
  6. Vardy is just trying to shake himself free of the Dirty Arsenal player and wasn't being held as much as he thought, very unfortunate. Despite his all-action style, there are only a few times I have seen him overstep the mark. I think he is widely respected in the game for the way he takes his physical punishment without rolling around and constantly moaning, which is the Arsenal way. Dirty Arsenal have a terrible disciplinary record, and ours is very good, so I'm not taking lectures from them.
  7. The extra FA cup game for the others will help us, I do love a bit of extra time.
  8. Sorry, I just didn't want to put up stuff and call it gospel unless I know the source was good. Some fan-sided article's I have seen were not great, and I do tend to notice that kind of thing. Also, if you say you think an article is great, people become motivated to pick holes. My record on threads isn't the best tbh, although I've never quoted Sean from Enderby! Kudos because it was the first article I had seen about the new formation, although the Mercury has mentioned it repeatedly. Stringer and Piper were obviously unclear post-match, because they mentioned that BR told them it was 3-4-1-2 in the post match interview. Obviously JJ was wider to cope with Zaha in the first half, which is maybe where the confusion comes, although I could be wrong. I think getting your articles referred to on the forums is a good sign that you are asking the right questions. I actually did newspaper journalism training many years ago, so I've just re-read it with a keener eye, and it is proper detailed analysis, with many aspects mirroring what has been said by others in this thread. The use of the word sagacious in the second par was particularly pleasing. It's great that FT has been a conduit for some advice and support, when I trained the internet was very new, and I found good advice on the specialist press hard to come by.
  9. Does anyone else in the league play this formation on a regular basis?
  10. Definitely less square pegs in round holes now. Tielemans sparkled again, and Perez looked like quality, Wilf appreciated the help, and we started to find our confidence. I liked the solidity on set plays that Bennett added, although with JJ and Cags either side of Evans we did have a lot of pace in the back 3 before. I wish BR had done it a bit earlier really, but hey, it is easy with hindsight. I suppose that losing Ricardo might have pushed us in this direction. The concern is that we will be slaughtered down the wings, but it didn't happen yesterday. We are the new wingless wonders, hopefully.
  11. Really lean and mean at the moment, in excellent form. You can see how much football and the captaincy mean to him. There are some great keepers in the PL, and he is one of them.
  12. I had a quick read of this article, and it might not be that brilliant, but I wondered what others think. Are we done with wingers? https://foxesofleicester.com/2020/07/05/leicester-city-palace-3-4-1-2/ 'For only the 11th time in Rodgers’ career, he chose a starting XI in a 3-4-1-2 formation. Throughout Rodgers’ entire managerial career he’s only picked a three at the back formation 64 times out of his 400 games (16%). The two key points of reasoning for why he made this decision, are to ensure that firstly, the Foxes had three central midfielders whilst also providing a partner for Jamie Vardy upfront. Ordinarily, teams would have to sacrifice one for the other.'
  13. I think this must been part of the problem, the PL knows you can stop our conductor by pressing him, but if he sits deeper the vision and passing range come easier to him. Ironic that he did get forward for the assist. I wonder how he feels about sitting deeper.
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