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  1. Vardinio'sCat

    The OH Leuven Thread

    My sympathies, all I can say is our owners learnt pretty quickly here, but we did have to suffer some early mis-steps, such as Sven.
  2. Vardinio'sCat

    Helicopter crash

    So where was the grease isn't quite right. Thanks. The bit about the outer shaft doing 5000 revs kind of blew my mind really, but then I'm very much at the limits of my understanding, engineering wise.
  3. Vardinio'sCat

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    That's the irony, I would be expecting to say that about Wes or Harry. If you read the Chilwell interview, he admits he was making a lot of mistakes last season, and look at him now. I think we can see that Soyuncu has the necessary attributes, and Puel isn't afraid, so I'm pretty confident he is the future. I also like Evans, and thought Evans/Soyuncu looked like a decent pairing.
  4. Vardinio'sCat

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    Caglar was positively buccaneering last night, reminded me of the QE2 when he launched himself. We have a young, talented squad and we are struggling for consistency. It's not that surprising really.
  5. Vardinio'sCat

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    Nacho might possibly benefit from staying out of the gym for a while, and finding an extra yard. He's neither fish nor fowl at the mo.
  6. Vardinio'sCat

    Helicopter crash

    Here is part of another post from Rotorheads, my bold. Maybe I can help clear some of the confusion, which I think comes from the report referring to both nuts involved as ‘the castellated nut’ and part of the servo link as ‘the carrier’. I will refer to the nut at the spider/ duplex bearing end as ‘the big nut’, and the nut at the servo end as ‘the smaller nut’. The carrier is not to be confused with a bearing carrier. It is actually a hinged block of metal arrangement with a hole in it that the pitch control rod passes through, 'a pin carrier', and forms the attachment of the pitch link rod to the servo feedback link. The tail rotor rotates anti-clockwise (looking from the righthand side of the aircraft) at about 5000 rpm. It is directly driven (no clutch) by two engines that can provide in the region of 1000 shp each. The big nut is at the spider/ duplex bearing end of the pitch rod, the smaller nut at the servo link end. Both are cotter pinned, and the smaller nut is also locked with locking wire. They are both conventional RH threads. The pitch rod doesn’t rotate, as has been explained in previous posts, but the tail rotor and the spider are rotating around it. The duplex bearing in the spider (the pitch rod/ spider interface if you like) enables this to happen. The tightness of the two nuts at each end is what prevents the pitch rod from rotating freely under normal operation. There is no key, or other method to prevent it turning if there was enough force. What the report is saying is that the duplex bearing failed, for whatever reason, and stopped doing its job of allowing the spider to rotate freely around a stationary rod. The rod then started rotating with the spider. Because the rod would rotate anti-clock wise, it tightened the big nut up as far as it’s cotter pin would allow, and then the big nut would continue to rotate with the rod. At the smaller nut end, the effect would be the opposite. The locking wire and cotter pin would prevent the nut from undoing, and the smaller nut would turn with the rod. This caused friction against the carrier, eventually welding the smaller nut to it. The nut is now part of the fixed servo link. The rod would be turning against a cotter pin and locking wire, which it seems, from the report, that it sheared, and wound itself out of the nut. The pitch change rod would now be no longer attached to the servo link to provide feedback of its position, and the servo would continue to move in the direction of its last flying control input.
  7. Vardinio'sCat

    Helicopter crash

    I went to Rotorheads to read the thread on the crash. I think they are saying the bearing failed, and then the outer spinning shaft turned the inner shaft, which is not meant to happen at all. If I understand what is being said correctly! Here is a post with a reasonably coherent description, as an example of what they are discussing. Even they seem to be taking a while to understand quite what the reports are saying, but they do seem to be focusing on the bearing failure as the start of the problems, with the nut failure as a consequence rather than the cause. Maybe your question now could be, where's the grease gone? Note that TR is tail rotor. Airsound, as I understand the system, you have two shafts, one inside the other - one just goes in and out (control rod for pitch change) which is the inner one and the other spins around it to transmit the drive from the TR driveshaft to spin the TR. The duplex bearing allows the inner (control) shaft to move longitudinally in the outer (driving) shaft so that you can superimpose pitch change inputs onto the spinning TR. If the bearing seizes, the driving shaft starts to turn the control shaft and that is what broke the split pin and allowed the castellated nut to undo. Presumably the extra drag on the driving shaft is what caused the spider end nut to tighten too much.
  8. Vardinio'sCat

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

  9. Vardinio'sCat

    Watford (H) Match Thread

    If the stadium was a bit closer I would s**t on their pitch.
  10. Vardinio'sCat

    Watford (H) Match Thread

    I hate rugby, should be on Radio Leicestershire really.
  11. Vardinio'sCat

    Watford (H) Match Thread

    Better back passes?
  12. Vardinio'sCat


    Clearly an emu is faster than a giraffe, but neither are as fast as an ostrich apparently!
  13. Vardinio'sCat

    Daniel Obi - One for the future.

    Daniel Obi-One?
  14. Vardinio'sCat

    The Foxes - nickname change?

    We are the Foxes, not the hunters, so I can't really see the problem.
  15. Vardinio'sCat


    Champions League last 4 at least, he gave us such great balance. Pays more tax than Amazon or something, what a man.