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  1. He needs to get down to Ron's to sort that dodgy barnet out. Kasper can't see much with all that hair in the way.
  2. For me, it's a question of whether our obvious vulnerability in the air is outweighed by the extra goals our more mobile creative players can get. I'm expecting a lot of goals for us, but that we will be on the limit against big sides like Watford and others of that kind. I was more for Benko for this reason, but Soyuncu certainly did more than enough to keep his place for now. New song?
  3. There's a Sarrman, waiting at the airport
  4. It's on the twitter thread at the mo, seems legit.
  5. Sexier than Lewis Dunk, I must admit.
  6. Bumped on the news we have bid for him. So many names to remember, is good he good in the air, quick across the ground and loves a tackle?
  7. Rudkins dead to me now, it's all about Susan Whelan from this day forward!
  8. Wanted out after a year, only here for 2. He is obviously a decent bloke but I'm not really feeling a great sense of loss, especially at that price.
  9. At least we have some knowledge of who actually brought the deal home, for once. It is an amazing fee, so she clearly had the nerve to maximise our revenue. Can we slate Rudders again now?
  10. Imagine not wanting to know if a £50million 5'11' centre back is any good in the air.
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