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  1. Feel a bit more forgiving today, he was better than previously but I'm confident Perez would have given more in that game. All of them want to play, it's pretty much a given. BR (bless his tiny cottons) has gambled that Madders will deliver us to a higher level rather than just letting Perez see the season out (in terms of the starting 11). BR has said as much himself, and lets hope it comes good in the end.
  2. Having said that, BR picks the 11. With the benefit of hindsight, brilliant as BR has been for us, starting Madders when half fit has pretty much done us,
  3. As BR said, it's Catch-22. For me, Madders has 60 minutes to prove himself, and if not get Perez on sharpish. If he is not producing, he doesn't have the workrate or pressing ability of Perez, which usually does create a few chances here and there. Fingers crossed, eh.
  4. Most folks are twitchy about tonight but I think we will turn up. Madders has to start delivering for sure.
  5. Scoreboard pressure. It's a cricketing term, but I like it.
  6. Defo some fatigue in the Southampton game, BR mentioned it after, 4 in 13 days. I think Madders was definitely struggling to do 90, but should improve. Also think we would have probably have won if Perez had started, but a fit Madders is better still. Other teams who are busy will be having to juggle a bit too, and form seems elusive for many teams right now.
  7. We look better when we aren't playing. Points on the board are a wonderful thing right now, even if it is squeaky bum time. I think the pressure is really on for all the competing teams bar the Mancs.
  8. I think he has been unlucky, going on loan during covid is tougher than normal, and the market volatility makes him look quite pricey compared to alternatives. Look how Kelachi's career has been shaped by finally getting a good run in the team. I'm sure Cengiz is quality, but sadly it won't be for us by the looks of it. Those assists for Vards (when Under first arrived) were fine moments.
  9. Painful to miss the opportunity, but getting the point is important. Waiting for Madders to click is painful.
  10. Think of it like Chariots of Fire, perhaps it's a bit old-fashioned for our sensibilities, but the resolve and control displayed is quite a contrast to some of our English starlets recent frolics. I do think it would be scary if half your team wanted to do it though. No liquids must be super tough in really hot places like the Middle East. I'd crack at the first sound of a soft drink can being opened!
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