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  1. Nampalys Mendy

    Well, I guess it would be better if our names gave a clue. Kitch, for example, could be misery fox!
  2. Nampalys Mendy

    I think there is one poster on this thread who follows French football, and another who doesn't.
  3. Escorted out

    Bloody rubbish cars by the end, a shame because the early ones were decent. As an interesting side note, Clarkson (quite rightly) killed it with hate, so they built the Focus, and got the old git back on side.
  4. !! shock first offers in, sends all reeling

    Come on guys, read a few yer man's posts and you get the drift. If you wanna be pedantic find somewhere else. He is clearly trolling the trolls. Some on here might as well be fans of other embittered local clubs, just here for the wind up. Simples! If you read page 1 of the match thread, it is pretty much garbage, apart from when I post on it, obvs.
  5. Watford (H) post-match thread (2-0 home win)

    Shocking to see 2 CB's passing it round with patience and composure, for us. I guess some of the old guard will get back at some point soon, but if this is the direction Claude wants to go, he might want to wait for mistakes before changing anyone. Decent performance today, showed we can compete with a really physical side. We can't play like Brazil against everyone.
  6. Defence

    The old guard are bound to be getting twitchy watching all these clean sheets. There are some interesting decisions for Claude to make. I bet Wes is cycling his balls off, so he can get back in before we get any more strong defensive performances!
  7. Jonny Evans

    We have more depth at CB since Drago got his chance. Reasonably happy to leave another CB til the summer, when we will know more about Drago.
  8. Watford.. Score predictions:-

    2-1 to us. Iborra hat-trick.
  9. Leicester City v Watford. Premier League.

    Good post that, I think you are right about Iborra. Also, there is that Ndidi fella. It will be really interesting to see what Claude makes of it, he always seems to throw in an intelligent curve ball on selection
  10. Okazaki

    He's like a shorter Japanese version of Dirk Kuyt, at least for us. How many times have seen him winning balls high up the pitch, tackles which help to create good quality chances. I think he has been a massive success here at Leicester, despite his critics.
  11. Aiming for 6th or 7th realistic now?

    West Ham are starting to worry me, but I'm very relaxed about Burnley, they have lost a lot of momentum over the festive period.
  12. Dragovic

    The good thing is we have a few more games to assess him before he is challenged for his place. With all due respect to Wes and Huth, this is good news for LCFC, we have much better options at CB than last season.
  13. Crazy Stat Time!

    Jon Moss and LCFC, history makers!
  14. Dragovic

    More and more impressed as time goes by, seems relatively tidy and composed, and the clean sheets are piling up. He has got another few games to impress, and they are crucial for his future role. I was worried he wasn't big enough, but he doesn't seem to be suffering, and the rest of his game looks pretty peachy.
  15. Puel

    Cool, well I think it means that he keeps a low profile compared to some, which is not such a bad thing in this hyped up PL.