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  1. Are you worried we might be bussing in plastics from Thurmaston, or something?
  2. BS reactionary thread, so many reasons this will not happen.
  3. looking forward to supporting Turkey (when other loyalties permit) next summer. Apologies again to DavieG. I know its wrong to do it, but I just can't get my head round this blood and soil philosophy.
  4. Welcome to the forum. One tip, just try and scroll down when DavieG starts banging on about local clubs for local people. We don't really do other languages round here because we think the sun shines out of our gammon-y arses, so you are a language god compared to most of us.
  5. Does he say it in a piss-taking comedy way, or slip into a borderline racist accent at the crucial moment? If not you are probably just being a reactionary bell-end.
  6. But can he press? Luxury player feeding of the hard work of others.
  7. We might get a few burning crosses now we are going down the right.
  8. Bugger, yes, good point... best run in the top flight then.
  9. Another 'struggling' team that weren't as poor as expected, but we got the job done again. Best run of my lifetime, sensational stuff.
  10. looked in fantastic shape, and played really, really well.
  11. My Austrian grandparents were refugees in 38, father born 18 months after they arrived. My first and last names are the same as my Austrian grandpa. I can make dodgy jokes about the Irish people, Jewish people, the English and Austrians. The joys of immigrant stock eh!
  12. I bet it is.Thank you for lightening my mood, I'm defo a bit crabby today. My grandma used to ski to school as a nipper, in present day Hungary probably, but maybe she was in Austria by then.
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