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  1. Lamptey being out is good news, we do really need to win in any way possible. Getting Kel close to Vards from the start would be my suggestion, we must be positive from the off. I guess the defensive organisation won't be as good as with Johnny Evans, but the recovery pace will be epic!
  2. I think Brendan has really got him focused since he has been here. World class tonight.
  3. I was thinking that too, it would take some of the workload off Wilf (who has looked tired), and then put him back in midfield for Brighton.
  4. If it's true that Tavares is 6'2" then it's a yes from me.
  5. Nice result, Antwerp must be pretty worried with their form.
  6. Being in the top 4 for most of his time here suggests he can.
  7. Slavia rested 7 the game before, Arsenal played their expensive bench players. I think managing fatigue is a factor for all the top sides.
  8. Great to have so many medical experts on this thread, the ligament stuff was very interesting, even if it was completely wrong.
  9. They were going to relay the pitch over the summer bit it didn't happen for obvious reasons. It might just be an aggravating factor on top of our squad limitations, lunatic schedule etc.
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