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  1. It might be safer to assume it is possible to be racist about any ethnicity or nation, and you won't go far wrong. I thought most people knew that already, but (as you say) that's no problem. Your dislike of 'sensitive fellas' does join up a few dots though. PC gone mad is it? Bit of liberal baiting on a Saturday night, marvellous bantz.
  2. I'd prefer Dennis over Hamza to start.
  3. Err dunno the road names involved, more like Evesham Road after a quick look on the map. The wider roads slightly farther out of town would be better but tarmac-ing a bit of Aylestone Meadows would annoy people. Even if they only used it on match days it would help. I can't remember where I picked the idea up from, but I don't think it was my original thought. I guess my suggestion is a teensy-weensy bit self serving really, rather than particularly serious. I've calmed down about the prospect of extra trains. My other half pointed out that outside commuter hours they would be pretty infrequent, as the demand on that route is mainly going to be local. Having looked around the campaign has been going for ages, so it is far from a done deal. If it does look likely to happen we would think about selling then, depending on how busy the line would be going forward.
  4. I know I will be accused of nimbyism, but it is hard to approve of something that could cost us a small fortune personally. We already sacrifice all our street parking when the footy is on, and some of the late arrivals just dump their cars all over the shop. I can see the benefits for almost everyone else in reforging our rail links with the thriving metropolis of Burton, obviously, but park and ride through Rowley Fields would be cheap.
  5. Oi, that line goes along the back of our house! When arguing for it, it might be worth acknowledging that thousands of Leicester home owners are going to get shafted if we get a vast increase in traffic. It does depend how much more traffic there would be, of course. A doubling of traffic would be barely noticed, but if it quadrupled (or more) we might well be looking at losing 5 figure sums on the value of our property. I'm a big believer in the value of an effective rail system, and I'd be prepared to take some extra traffic, but we live and sleep about 50 feet from the train line. Going from 1 train every 4 hours, to 4 every hour would be an absolute disaster for me personally. I always thought a bridge and a route through Rowley Fields would be better , but I bet some-one who lives there would be doing their nut at that idea!
  6. There's no comparison. we've got James Maddison
  7. Would rather die in a ditch, as some comedian said.
  8. 2 points ahead of 15/16 results, having arguably played tougher sides.
  9. Imagine, for one minute, the hype train if we beat Liverpool. Thanks
  10. I kept half an eye on him all game and I think he was very good, less flashy than Youri but still very high level. We looked fluid and imaginative when he was involved, but then I do like an intelligent midfielder... with good composure, movement, workrate, decision making, tackling, aggression and quality on the ball. And he showed some steel to get up after that challenge. Our midfield is boss now, I reckon Denis could play in any one of our midfield positions quite happily. Brilliant recruitment again. Youri also did very well, although you could see he was pretty tired at the end. I think he has been behind on fitness, but he is there or thereabouts now.
  11. It's becoming apparent that he is still at the peak of his powers. This run has proved yet again he is one of the top strikers in the PL, and therefore probably in the top dozen strikers on the planet.
  12. Ahh, I completely failed to remember or check that. My bad.
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