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  1. Vardinio'sCat

    New training ground approved

    good points. There is going to be a clear marginal gain in air quality, for example. Regular heavy exercise in somewhat dirty air is bound to less beneficial than the clean, sunlit uplands of Seagrave. How far from the Motorway is it again?
  2. Vardinio'sCat

    Croatia v England Nations League Group A4

    Am I right in thinking Chillers will start against Spain as well? This has fallen really nicely for him, it wasn't so long ago he was complaining about playing time. What is truly remarkable is seeing Southgate's commitment to youth at precisely the same time that LCFC are pushing in the same direction. It's adding millions onto our squad value...
  3. Vardinio'sCat

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Maybe the plans are just so exciting that, well... you know... sometimes these things just happen. Spontaneously.
  4. Vardinio'sCat

    Maddison named in England squad

    Verging on unparalleled for us... I would have expected this to have come a touch later, given he is still settling in to PL life, but it is funny how things fall into place, or not. The contrast with Demmy on the floor in such distress last week demonstrates how volatile fortunes can be in footy. Congrats to the young lad, and to everyone at the club. Shows the wisdom of our new, youthful approach.
  5. Vardinio'sCat

    New training ground announced

    Bulldoze the village, that'll learn em! It isn't what I'd call a reasoned response. Hopefully the planning dept will take exception to the insulting tone.
  6. Vardinio'sCat

    Hide Mendy

    As it stands, he is the guvnor. Obviously Wilf is the great destroyer, but we should be more than happy with Papy. Increasingly impressed as the good performances continue. Iborra and Silva must be have been devastated when Papy turned up for pre-season training, 50% wider than last season! Footballing glue.
  7. Vardinio'sCat

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    Happy days, 3 big points. Brandy's all round, tell Josephine not to bathe. We are massive.
  8. Vardinio'sCat

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    My other half would stop the car, then kill me, if I did that. She hates my driving anyway, so she does most of it when we are together. That way she moans about other road users, rather than my road positioning, following distances, brake usage etc
  9. Vardinio'sCat

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    Keep up the quality work. Hopefully 'Puel out' will cease to be a thing soon, under the weight of events. Like Brexit.
  10. Vardinio'sCat

    Newcastle Away Pre Match, 29/09, 15.00pm

    Sort of 3-4-1-2 with the ball, and 4-2-3-1 without. Very roughly.
  11. Vardinio'sCat

    Why Caglar Soyuncu has not made his Leicester City debut

    Chat Soyuncu, get sidetracked.
  12. Vardinio'sCat

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Ricardo isn't a right back, from what we have seen so far.
  13. Vardinio'sCat

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Outstanding effort today, coping with playing in front of MIA. Was a bit pants going forward, but the defending was probably the most important thing, and the peno was class.
  14. Vardinio'sCat

    Wolves post match

    It was certainly more justified than last time. Because we are playing a lot of youngsters in the PL, our 'B' team had a lot of experienced pro's desperate to make an impression on the manager. Best of luck til next time. The PL is the really important bit, especially in the crucial first year. Just look at Gray tonite, losing important players to long term injuries in the cup is no joke, when you are just settling in the top flight.