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  1. embarassingly? your spelling pretty embarrassing kid.
  2. Hindsight, could have dropped him for a game earlier and he might have regained his form quicker and we may have won a few more points or Fuchs has a masterclass and we beat United and Liverpool, no scenario is really wrong.
  3. So if his form was poor for the next 6 games and he cost us points, you'd have kept playing him and i agree Fuchs is class, especially the season we won the our only league title.
  4. You tit who said he was pucking average, i said his FORM was bang average.
  5. Just completed all icon task, now watching icon reviews, to see who to get got 15 tokens, picked Giggs before, might get Roy Keane.
  6. **** me, beating a 63 rated team on SB legendary, with my championship team 1-0 and then turn into prime Barcelona and lose 3-1.
  7. Not sure which icon to get from Pirlo, Keane and Rivaldo?.
  8. Got Barella as well an got 11 wins from 26 games in the weekend league, also got Kingsley Coman road to final in pack sold for 340k.
  9. I skip squad battle until, their are teams rated less then 70, it' a bloody chore. got 5 icon swaps plus 3 from before.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYpYEH9WU4U Claude, Ty and Kevin Campbell compare City v Arsenal first elevens 3:00 min onward. Aubameyang has a better resume the Vardy? but has he ever led his team to a league title.
  11. Only if you got a lot of spare time.
  12. Sarcasm you numpty and yes as good as Maddison is the media go on like he's prime Modric.
  13. I reckon around 70k, but i did have quite a few PL players stocked up, best to get Man City, Liverpool, Norwich and Sheff United done, before price rise.
  14. Any idea if their's a new league SBC today, brought first elevens for all PL teams a few days ago before their's a prices rice. https://www.fifauteam.com/fifa-20-league-sbc-guide/
  15. I never said Chilwell was crap i said he was bang out of form, which he was and Maddison is a good player but overrated in my opinion. Yes i rate Kelechi Iheanacho.
  16. What's road to the final.
  17. Just completed it time to get the Vardy party started.
  18. Anyone else think he's a bit overrated an been over hyped by the media.
  19. Who said his head is turned.
  20. Yeah, you can play a few players out of position an have 95 to 100 chemistry brought a cheap silver Scott Carson for Man City, i can also see Sheff United and Norwich players prices rise when the SBC arrives.
  21. Did the same but brought every PL teams first eleven for future PL league sbc, cheapest eleven cost me less then 70k although had a a few players stocked up.
  22. Got Mike Smalling and Kostic from Gold 3.
  23. Atm he's bang average, needs to be dropped for Fuchs
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