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  1. Probably because their from Leicester.
  2. Think he needs some back up time to call the Baby Squad and Headhunters down to save his honour. Joking aside that's why i don't go out, it only takes one prat to cause mayhem, get well soon Danny
  3. 13th May 2014, 07:39 PM#4 NorwayFB The elderly, irritating relative at weddings Join Date May 2012 Location Norway Posts 9,938
  4. 13:09 SKY BET: MAGUIRE SPECIALS See Sky Bet's other Tweets
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOz_z531RNw
  6. In a bit, and don't let the door hit you in the slabhead on your way out.
  7. Just 1 big give away before FIFA 20, can't be arsed to even play the weekend league, fun sucked out.
  8. Someone banged a overhead kick top bins with him against me earlier, he had him on loan.
  9. Yeah i brought Mahrez for 65k MOTM and sold my OTW one for 40k, i play on PC what platform you play on that was cheap.
  10. i got Serg Gnabry rated 91 and someTurk named Belozuglu rated 88 from my two picks
  11. What weekly rewards do most pick, i take option 3 now as my clubs loaded now.
  12. TOTS players going cheap brought Moutinho 24,000k and AWB 25,250k and Maddison TOTS 20,000k Just got Lacazette TOTS in pack from futties voting day sbc.
  13. This is boring i'm going on fut fifa 19 an see if Maguire values gone up then sell him and buy Dunk on the cheap. wrong thread
  14. Oh his name is iheanacho Leicester's number fookin 8 Yes he cost a f@k!ing fortune But he misses goals so thats alright with me Loved the Ulloa song sorely missed , or could just sing the Ulloa song in tribute our title winner just like eg United fans sing about their old players on any occasion.
  15. Got 14 wins in my last game, in the WL, i swear about 8 games are wasted due to connection, sunday also seems the best time to play it.
  16. Perfect timing, got bored with my squads so i just built the Belgium one and this pops up, nice get rid of the KDB i just brought.
  17. Just do it, a few players always come in score an own goal and leave happened to me 3 times and a rage quit, done weekly objectives just now, last one being fut stars assist now for 1 game of draft.
  18. Yeah i did it and got Emmanuel Petit 88, he's bang average.
  19. Ref said puck the weather an puck this match and blew early.
  20. BREAKING NEWS Aston Villa have announced the signing of Manchester City’s Douglas Luiz, subject to a work permit. Sky Sports News understand they will pay a fee of £15m for the Brazilian.
  21. BREAKING NEWS Aston Villa have agreed a deal worth more than £11m for Club Brugge midfielder Marvelous Nakamba, Sky Sports Newsunderstands. Nakamba had been refusing to train with the Belgian side after Villa's first bid was turned down last month.
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