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  1. r f Sorry some of our fan base don't match the intelligence of the tactically inept Rodgers, but what support does Chilwell need, was he touched as a child or a victim of domestic abuse, the lad is paid well and needs to be dropped to get his head straight and back in form and yes he's been bang average, maybe my football standard are a bit higher.
  2. Atm he's bang average, needs to be dropped for Fuchs
  3. 30 seconds in Chilwell first touch to pass the ball out of touch, the kid needs a break and Fuchs must start.
  4. I wish i saved up for the Icon pack or Roy Keane.
  5. Yeah done em a couple of hours ago, squad battles was the worse, proper chore,bagged Giggs last night and he's poor even at 89 rating, regret it now.
  6. This is the season Top must put his foot down an say no one is going anywhere this summer especially if we make top 6, even if they have a hissy fit, tell United and their ilk to puck off.
  7. Only got one token to do win 5 squad battle matches with Mls team and it's taking he piss.
  8. Not sure just wanted an icon and needed a LW, my first icon just got to exited.
  9. Got Ryan Giggs for 9 tokens, nothing special, should have saved up for an icon pack.
  10. Tell your mate he's puckin clueless.
  11. Aubameyang SBC, no thanks.
  12. Got 6 more games to play to get loyalty for the puzzle master hybrid league an nations SBC, annoying as puck, fluked two wins with this team last night after getting peppered.
  13. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7560541/Chelsea-lead-chase-Leicesters-Ben-Chilwell.html
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